La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, March 04, 1911, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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    PAGE 8
; r
5. Cent
II r3 m nl
2 Days Only
FJarch 4 and 6
25 c
,1 lb 60c Bakers
Chocolate .... .
315c curtains, -wds,
this "sale
65c Granite Coffee ( OC
Pot this aale '. ZOC
55c Gilt rrame wall '.;"' ri?
mirror, 12xlC, 4DC
1 & 30c Coffee
tnj sai
9 bars good Laun
dry Soap, this sale.
J Bars, 5c Toilet ' Of
Soap;' this sale ..... mDC
40 regular 2 for 5c .OC
., postcards, ., ,. Vd&OC'
4 Bars, 10c Tar OC
Soap this . sale .... mDC
4 tart 10q Glycer- . . , qC
ene soap, this sale . .' mOC
8 5c Water an '
Classes, this sale ... ;OC
2 -25s vDrlp ' , nj-
.' ' Pans .. dStOC
2"--25c Smoking
npes . . . .
2" "Be Shaving ,
- Ernshe
'. .TTaailes-: ...
'? ric.s.; 5o Carpet
:y T&CltS -.,. ' . i
f.'e' Steel ; ' ng
Fry'Pana fciOC
2 ?0rs Steel
, Try Pans ..... .
3 15c White Cup
,.; 25c
: 25c
' and Saucer
3 15c Lamp
Chimneys .. OC
15 Be Mouse ,
Traps n.. ...
2 25c Preserve'
S 15c Drl ..
5 10c Pot '
2 25e Pair Boys ;
Overalls .... . . .
i yards 12 l-2c Out
lng Flannel . ... . .
Me Mens' Work
Shirts .... .. .. .".
35c Whips ... ,,' .. .
5 10c Tea
Strainers ... . ..,.
8 Yd. 5c' .'
Lace ........ . .V
0c Corset Cover ' .
Embroidery .....j..
25c MenS Wool
Sox ....
2 25c Mens
Neckties ........ ..
i p(r 15c Mens
Hosa ...,...... .
Children 40c
Underwear ...J,i.i, . .
35c Ladiea' '
Xlose ',, .
33o Ladlee
. Collars ......
50c Mens L - ;
Caps ........ .. ..
40c' Infants
Shoes i
35c Shoe ; ; . ; , - o r ,
Soles j. .. .. . LOC
I H 1 I ,,
' ' ...I Ml. ! ,.. .f(! ZLm-m-i
Tailored by; Michaels, Stern & Co., and sold
to you through our system of Very Sniall Ex
th; n you can get equal Values elsewher?
We offer f c r the approval of those men who are
particular about clothes and who know Quality
and Value when they see a large range of All Pure
Wool Worsted and Blue Serge Suits at from $20
to "30. ; ' - v'- :
The r.iw. Browns, and Grays are here in great
: bunance. See these goods with your own eyes
and satisfy yourself that YOUR NEXT SUIT
Society and Clubs j
Lenten Is here society ires!s a bit.
With one dancing party and the rou
tine card and club parties as practt-
Jcally the only attractions held out to
those attached to functions, the week
has been quiet. " ,
4 ,
Henry Schoenfeld and Frederick
Bullard's most difficult pieces were
subjects cleverly handled at "a Tu .s
day musical program given Tuesday
afternoon under the direction of Mr3.
E. Polack. The btgraphles of these
two composers opened the program
and the difficult pieces were excep
tionally well rendered by the people
handling them. The only variation
from Schoenfeld and Bullard waa
when Miss Gertrude Moore rendered
a solo, "The Telephone." The pieces
were composed for male voices but
the soloists came up to requirements
nicely. The program follows:
Life of Henry Schoenfeld
Mrs. C. J. Scrlber
Life of Frederick Field Bullaid..
........ "..Mrs. Hatti; McDonald
Solo, "An Indifferent Mariner" ..
, Mrs. O. E. Silverthorn
Duet, "Stein Song" . .
I Mrs. Corbett and Mrs. E. C. Moore
Solo, "The Telephone"
i Miss Gertrude Moore
Solo, Hunting Song
".. ..Mrs. T. J. Scroegln
..'. i
Iutendeed as a review and resume
of what has been done during the
year, the Iyle Tuesday Muslcale is
planning a superb program for March
20 to be rendered March 20. at th i
Arcade theatre. The program, still In
Uie embryo but roughly outlined, will
Include seveial prominent soloists of.
th: club, chorus renditions, and oth
er various members that will go to
make up a program of exceptional'
value. The numbers to be rendered ,
will be a review of th; work covered
during the winter months and will
give the best talent in the club an
opportunity to express itself to the.
fullest ability. The chorus Is already
drilling and the soloists parts are nH
but ready, To vary the program of
music, a reading or two will ausment
the numbers and musical circles are
looking forward to March 20 when
th public will be given an opportu
nity of h?adlng the recital.
Pre-eminent in the Biheduleo ev
ents In the post-lenten season in thl
city stands that O. A, C. a lnual bull
Comm'ttpea . Mv ( line since Iipfv
reported and Innovations and attrfc
Civs features have been worked out
plready. More Is to come and local
i members of the Union county asso
i elation of O. A. C. students pro'ti!a
those who may bft tavorea with invi
tations something especially good.
Beginning a quiet week following
a seven-day period of social hilarity
the Informal party at the Elks hall
last Monday evening was greatly en
Joyed by about 100 people. It marked
the last party of the duo arranged
by a group of married men and an
speciall pleasing featuie of the ev
ening's enjoyment was the excel
lent music.
The Ladies' Aid Society ofthe Meth
odist church meets at home of Mrs.
C. II. Broughn Wednesday afternoon.
Other Methodist gatherings during the
week were the Foreign Missionary
socletyat the residence of Mrs. Judge
Henryof the afternoon of Thursday
8 the W. C. T. U, gathering at the
home of Mrs. F. H. Green. '
While not precisely under the head
of society the St. Patrick's program
to be rendered March 17 under the
pusplc.s of the local sons of Erin
will be one of the Important events
of the month. Detailed announcement
of the program will be made later.
Lynn Bohnenkamp entertained
about fifty friends last Saturday night
at a dancing party,. Light refresh
ments were served to the guests.
Dancing was the principal amusement
though a shadowgraph was an enjoy
able side issue.
On Saturday, February 18. at Boise,
Idaho, the marrlair? of Llnwood B.
Lorlnier was solemnized In the Meth
odist Episcopal church. Rev. Math
ews officiating, says tha North Pow
der News. Mrs. Russ !1 wa3 former
ly Miss Oertruib O'P.ryant if fu
Judith Rnodgrass was the pr'ze
winner at the Five Hundred club
meeting Thursday afternoon. Mrs. M.
B. Donahue was thu host ss for the
week's meeting.
". ,
The Ladies of th; Methodist church
will hold a social next Friday even
ing at the Methodist church. The pub
lls is. invited.
Mrs. M. K. Hall entertained, hi
Kalfee Klatch fit its afternoon meet
In k Friday.
Mrs. Oscar Jacltson ws Sos'eqs to
"ie Billk n afternoon club meeting
FINDS IXTELTOB S VTISFACTOLY Snodgrass funeral. All members are
. j urged to be present.
Tour over DU rlct Siscl'ws Monet ! ;
Winter Condition.
Will French, ," represeu.!.i:j Wad
hams &Kerr Bros., wnoleaala gioc
t is of Portland, rttunuJ amio la't
! Water Omclul Here
j Hon James Chlnock, water, coru-
missloper for the w;st district of Ore
gon, is In La Grande on igal Imsi-
After twenty years of service all
postmasters and clerks .in Germany
receive a pension from the govern
ment, and after forty years a full pen
sion, in addition to. the regular salary.
t ight from an extended t-ip Into th-yj nes8 today He Geor3, Cochnm.8
:-neilor of the stat-: lu tn imer ,t , runniag mate and the tvo of them
or nis house, air. French ' 'e mo
vrrito'-y as far as Bol3e a ! in sjieak
ir.g of the r'ocery trada says that nil
th"f rjf.ith I'urhs co.i-tv .i-.slv.i'SK is
Mod, stock doing weii '.nit sn:ill
1 b? la r6i -ted by stotki n .'! li
ri!ts beln: f ile to con.ct en.ji.?l:"lo
l-net cuirent bills.. Of
i me of business
tune or tne .'ear ana nj ixti i ;.ro
iits are etui, red but vi -i the vem ti
e breaks u l'uslne.5 .-.'.ll j-.i.'nt
f rush as w rh lmp.': ." :i i . e
nirie all th. i
look after all water ltt!?a'.inf ic the
state. . .' '
In the United States, especially In
the State of Pennsylvania, there is
no union lab:l more counterfeited
than that of the cigar makers.
Of .' Wii! 'I tf ..)!- i,
la n a' zn' '' 'bin
V i
r i
Ti::le Joe Camion, a Lame Duck
who today rapped hi (ravel for the
last time, fiidtnur the re
(rime In (lie house chair, save one,
In the history of the United States.
! : The designs are the newest elections
: : direct from the factory. It i&J&p leas-
t ure to show this line. C'i
Th? United States Steel Cor-.or-t'"n
running full, employs 225,000
Sealed Bids Wuntef
The undersigned will receive sealed
bids for the following described
property In La Grande, Union County
Oregon, to-wlt, Lots One (1) to Twen
ty Four (24) Mlock 143; also Lots One-'
(1) to Twenty Four (24) Block 1
Chaplin's Addition to La Gvande, 9
gon. up to Saturday April 1st. 13'
A cash deposit of ten per f
th amount offered must acf
each bid and the rljht Is rp
reject any and all bids..
Taxes are all paid an'
A.Mr-ss R. L, Sabln '
Strrrt Teem 8, Pot
Mar. f.-Zl.
Fire Meetlntc 'l.
Theie will bt a meet
Hose Company.-No. I tou.
cr.tng to make arrangements
o. R. or I.
k . .
O D-to-date