La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, March 03, 1911, Image 1

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TRniPP nnmn (. .... : 1 1 ' 1 " ; 1 1 1 " 1 i : ; .
i mi i a v I'fc; rvr m
n rh H I H r .."-:.-
.ll!m.: uunuu id
fyrftrd Forthcoming: In Nav-
!PIroirlat:n Bill This Time
a IS Is Probable Date of the Ex.
esslon Friar Land Charges are
,en Fiitrne and Officials Exon.
Vjhington, March 3-An agree-
meriwas reached In th
' He this morning that a vote on the
roming. If the agreement i3 al
to the tariff bill will become
rlt has already nasal
' loit and a majority of the senator
far If..
Another Night Session.
;v tempting to fllllbuster out of ira
..;png vote on the bill Senator
Strand Senator Overman kept the
se' .ln session until this morning
an-hen surrendered, wh?re there
, wajo Quorum present. It is believod
: thj?hate will complete nractteally
allstness saye the reciprocity asree-
. ; Jen the senate reconvened this
nbg Stone Berved notice that he
lure at the close of con-
stoeref Jfo
n the naval appropriation i
which Biries $25,000,000.
.? An Btfa session Is regarded as 4
ertalitrtoday, following Taffs 01H
cW atoljsion that he favors March
15 forjthe opining day. The date rei
Tesentia'compromise at the RepaMi-can-Democratlc
conference of. lead-
rr4Ui jw believed all chancf of
a vote on Ticlproclty this session has
vanished. .
larjr Reward Bill Killed.
Senator Lodge's amendment to the
naval "appropriation bill Introduced
to reward Peary for his polar explor
ation was killed In the senate today
' on a'fjoint of order. It was decided
the subject was not proper for he
naval bill.
. . , Friar 'Charges Untrue
A najority of the house commitfee
tin liisular affairs today repo trd the
chafges of graft In the sales cf PrUr
lanfli in the Philippines to lhi ifiar
: trust was unproven. A mlnor'ty ie
port will be filed later. All Republi
cans apd two Democrats, Pucker and
Perots, signed the majority , report
which 'exonerates the nnd
recommends changes In the la'v re
moving the burden of limitations from
"Bales of lands. .
lndr Passes Away This Mornlm? Aft. r
Jhort but Painful Illness.
Itarf ReS"nS Q thClr ". Pratory . Grande in automobiles. In the party
MTth7. STw r?tilD Cl8lnS la th8k'man nt were Ooorge Pennington who wu
11' 1 It IV W! "r!!! U ! an 81rcadln " out t0 Burroundlr g nessed the shooting. Messrs. P.arsc.
What Is Belleied to be MemWr of
Xotorloas Gang Canght Here, .
Nabbed this morning by Chief Wai-
den and DetecUve Woods of the 0-V.r
a man la In the city Jail today charg
ed with' being one of a gang of box
car men that have been menacing the.
railroad company for some time, and
made their headquarters here. The
being sweated today though Defc- territory simultaneously, officials In
...v ..uuuo 1U i-eututwn, mienains I commond of the army of posses comb
to return this evening -to further in-1 lng the nllls and dale9 forth6 mr.
vestigate the case. , ; ders of Ed. McCollouch at Haines
wrnmrwp'ift.p'"' thl 'to have less
STIDEMS nrtR PR9BK faith ln tht tl;cory ttat the men ar
; ' ' : "'' in the immediate vicinity of Ifa'.n b.
rppr Classmen Who Administer d . That th, men caught some tValn out
J""Mnf tresmes m ironuic .from n?ar Telocaast twentv-fn.,nin,s
ago ana tnar iney ;r? aireaay neyona
local posse' r ach has come to be
Several upper classmen of tbo fcih
school are said to be ln dire danu:
of expulsion on account of. connec
tions with thj dazing, ot & couple of
freshmen who appeared In schcot ih'i
the prevalent theory In Haines ?s
well as ln La Grande.
In the arrest of suspects at N'ortfc
their, hair cut to a style retained tnl .; Powder , heid in conflnementi 1; ,8
for upper classmen. To ?un:sh the . bdleved w,n be found tw0 men who
violations of class regulations, 'the left tne tracka leadlg tha posae3 na
freshmep were seized and shorn cfa wnd goose chase throurt tt. mu.
.-.r ?ci loci. 1 -Mui--'' between Telocaset and North I'ow
bers. Members of the faculty are fer-jder Some tool8 nad bEen Btolen a. R
eting oiftiffalr today and it 1. 8awmlll not far froni Korth Powder
though several of the offenders will be ; and u ,8 thouht that the men whc
suspended. ' : -J stole, them, are, the ones who made
1r - , """ ; . I the tracks leading the posses on lattr
and also are two of the men in cells
!at North Powder, They correspond to
this however, as many still malnttln
that the posses wca-e on tha rUht
trail but did not catch the scent
soon enough and that the murderers
caught a train near Telocatiet.
. With big rewards already ofCeriJ by
' ' . Baker county, and the stat-3 at large,
-"t . detectives have rushed to the aceue
SOCIETY AGOG OVER DEtELOF. Jftnd tti. ork will aflW .W
is determined to eventually accomplish
the feat
Ills tiavels through the barren lp.uai
of Wyoiitag ere graphically toll r.
an -ismr article a fuw days since,
and the fellow undoubtedly has an t -
terestlng story to tell of his adven
tures mom his lome town in Kai.--K
to this point. He alms to remain Ucm
ovr Sinday. In coming from Tik,p
'.o Ln Grande he walktd eight m'.e
farther thau necessary on account r
jutgdhti Hons as to the highways.
HEhEY gloats
Lady in Waiting was) Being Blackmail.
... ed by Army Officer.. . -' -
i Rome, March 3 Queen Helena is
prostrated today as the' result of the
killing of Countess Glulla dl Trlgoha,
her lady in waiting by Lieutenant Pa
terno and the King is reported to be
Inclined to censure the queen for al
lowing the scandal to run bo long be
fore Its bloody finale. It developed to
day that Paterno, who' is reported
dying, has tried to blackmail the coun
tess when she demanded that , their
relations be broken off. Two letters
were found In, her corsage signed by
him saying he would cease his atten
tions If she would pay his $400,000
to pay his debts, and intimated he
would make the scandal worse if she
refused. He would not talk today.
On Seventy.Xinth Ballot Helena Leg.
Islatnre Picks a Senator. ..-:,
Helena, Mont., March 3 Chosen on
the last of seventy-nine ballot, when
his name had been mentioned prev
iously, Judge Henry Meyers a Demo
crat was today namid successor to
Senator Carter of Montana. His elec
tion came just in time last night to
prevent the . legislature exphlng by
constitutional limitations. He Is a well
known lawye' ' . -
The .theory that home talent did the
crime, advanced yesterday. Is not
generally given much consideration
though the notion la . stl.ll taking root
Late this afternoon ' the decision to
spread the search, maintain the pa
trols throughout the surrounding! hills
and that the bandits are hieing them
selves to distant cities summarized the
latest developments, v :' : i
Two prisoners being taken from
Northern Idaho to the state prison at
Boise' created something of a fur
orethis morning when Number Six
arrived, many believing they were
the suspects wanted at Haines.
Posse Reaches La Grande.
Last evening a posse of four reach
ed here In ait automobile. They were
accompanied from Haines to Union
by Sheriff Rand, deputies and the dis
trict attorney, but these met left tne
party there while four came on to La
Case and Mitchell. Their principal
duty was to watch trains,, and ih's
they did minutely. They laid partl-
cula. ftress on a freight train pulling
out.y&et shortly aitfr th? fast.mVi
had gon. through here. . The stvlnc
of car? were carefully Inspected hera
ait! Mr' Mitchell rode on top of te
train to Kmela to see that no one
boarded It. n route .or got off any
where. -When, the train reached the
sjtviiU It ' was again thonwvjily
ssuvl.eil trd Mr. Mit:n: 1 ret'rnea
t La Cnwde, unabl o v;r.te
the slightest clew. He and most of
his party returned again to Haines
this morning. "
;..- j. TTnl,nr. v-. '' - "-'
It Is said that the fast majl was not
given the thorough Inspection that it
should have had for six tramps beat
their way to La Grande on that train.
It halted at Union station very briefly
last evening, awaiting to get In the
clear and It !s possible that the men
sought may, have boarded the faBt
mail there and gone on.
. tosses Still Out.'
Through the trail yesterday held
up as the most tangible conclusion to
their discovery, failed to materialize
In that it was rua down to the rail
road, track and there Vanished again,
Jt was picked up after considerable
stanch, where it was lost yesterday
at the ranch baf a but 06B lead to the
track where, of course, It would be
Impossible to continue It. '
Believing that the men may have
again taken-: to the hills, possea con
tinue their search today through the
foothills about North Powder and
Haines though there is apparently lit
tle hope ln Btore for them. The men
are more ln the nature of patrolmen
who would prevent any dash from
possible hiding places to the tracks
again In time to catch an outgoing
train. - ', . : :? .
Many Stories Afloat
Every hour unearths some new sen
sation in the case. For a while this
morning popular rumor had the men
anresttd at Pendleton and brought
back this morning; another said the
men went through .; La Grande last
evening and made a successful ,geta
way on No. 85, the west bound freight.
1 ; " Trust Suits Med. ;
- Cleveland, March Bis federal
trust hustlng suits 7 led here to.
day against thlrty-f 7
trlcal supply many
ii) nnl eiec-
1.1 lh-.,
, coninlt?i
It' la nlleped
f ninety-seven
I ouslr.ess af J
' rtra'n i'io
' .
United States couf
are located ln Oh
the companies h 3
per cent of the co Jo
that t"? ar8 ron
trade.' ' '-' ' C
"5 '
Chile Ri-t...
Valparlso, Chile, March i: It ,1?
authoritatively stated here today that
Chile has refused a seem otter by
Japan to buy Easter Island for a for-
the Island for naval yards. If U in the
Pacific Ocean, west f tha roast cf
Chile with an area of fifty swart
miles, mostly volcanic.
Schmldti Case Shows How Court'Abld.
ed by the Feeling of the Times Then,
and Ruef Incident Points Out the
Change in Sentiment Criminals of
all Stations are Being Punished
These Days,
Points Out that Carnegie was Prompt
' . ed by Gold and Devil.
Suffering several days iri the most
ftxoruclatlng mannSr, , Mrs. Hannah
Kelley wife of George W". Kelley, St.,
Hving at 2006 First street; died this
Norjilng. She would have,attatnet fne
flge of 65 years had she lived until
the 20th of this month. '
Mrs. Kelley was taken ill Friday
morning and suffered severely r'sht
to the jast with bowel complications.
At her side were her son. B. A. B?n
liamj and her daughter, Miss Kelley,
, ho' ministerd to the lady's wants to
the mit of their endurance.' She if.
urvive'd by her husband, and p!x
cnildren, B. A. Benham of. this Ity,
,. B, Benham or Philomath. Ore
Jessie Terry of Orlando, Florida., who
not attend the funeral. TV. A.
Benham. G. W. kelley, Jr.. M'hs Ber
tha KelUy. all of La Crande. Furt?r
8' er,lces will be co.vMrtol frra
th home Sunday at 1 o-lock. Fev.
rnton h. GIbbs and Vv. 3. S?cftmann
NEW TRE ASCRER ELECTED ' , ',. o . n ," ; A
- . 1 ,. ; I Chicago, March 3 Roasting Andrew
Dodendorf Is, Treasurer .of Locl Carne'e t0 a brown turn, Richard
; Trainmenrs urotnernooa.
To fill tne office of H. C. Ludiker,
treasurer of the local brotherhood of
Trainmen, the order has elected H.
W. Dodendorf as treasurer. Mr Ludi
ker resigned his office Just recently,
on account of business matters for
bidding attention to the duties of tint
Predict Blsr Crop.
Dick Smith, one of the prosperous
valley farmers Is In the city today
nd In anpiiklnsr of rrnn rondltions
W'lll "I' d 1 . . .
savs that prospects could not bj' bet-.that gold and the devil urdered
ter. With the all ready large acreace ( to .? . into business. He charged tV
seeded the spring seeding of blue stem KOVernment six cents per pound foi
Crane, president of the Crane com
pany today In the current Issue of the
Valve World, . writes ,a..crltklsm f
the Ironmaster's recent statement that
he was called "from Scotland" to
Am:rican to make armor plate for the
nation! Crane says:
. ' ' X Divine Call There
"Carnegie' entered the armor plate
business to make money, not for pat
riotic motives and not In r'sponpe
to any call from God. He would havs
been more accurate if he had said
wheat will Increase this to a largo
extent. He predicts unusual good
crops this coming season on account
of Ideal weather conditions this, win
ter. ' .
armor plate while the manufactured
Bteel sold not exce:dlng a cent and
a half. Ilia conscience does not even
condemn hli defraudir.v the country.'
Dder Assumed name is able
to dodge arrest.
Finally Found Out and h Xow En
Route to Prison Cells.
Danville, Va., March 3After epr
caplng rrom a ' ssurderer's cell and
serving as chief of "police under an
assumed name of Morris. Edgar Stlp
Hn today Is en route to Harris coun
ty, Geargla, to resume his life behind
the bars. He was recognized by a
drummer who notified the authorities.
Petitions for his pardon ' are already
being circulated. Stripling said he ex
pected to be recognized some time,
but felt that h$ was Justified In the
killing-of Win. Corbett, because the
latter attempted to outrage his siBter.
He expects pardon.
Plans to Remain litre Until After
Sunday Fia? His Companion
Military In appearapce waving his J
toiors o er mm wita the Bame evident
s jirlt that the regiment color bearer
leads his followers on . to battle, J.
M. Smith, the Fort Scott pedestrian
who is walking, around the world
reached the city this morning. His ever-present
flag has followed him ail
the wmand the gentleman hopes to
be able to display th? storm beaten
emblem of the country at La Grande
audience before pressing on. It seems
that the man has met with some mis
fortune due to a change In ownership
of the newspaper which sent him to
ward the setting sun In the hope of
eventually having walked around the
world. For the past six weeks the man
has not h-ard from home ln the way
of nay checks and he U roso'tfn to
making speeches and selling post
cards.' , '
mlth will touch at Portland and
then Seattle and sail across the Pa
cific. There is no sneclfied time In
which c make the lor JurRet but ?
Agricultural College Teaches How to
SaTe Money by Farming Right
, Oregon Agricultural 1 College, Cor
vallls, Ore., March 3 (Special) An
actual saving of over ?1,000 In horse
feed resulted from the Information
gained by a prominent business man
and farm-ir of Salem. Ore., In the
winter short course at the .Oregon
Agricultural college. Last year he
came himself to the course, and this
year, being unable to attend, he s-nt
his ranch foreman. The knowledge
gained In the, course on feeding of
horses alone netted him a saving ot
over $1,000 in his feed bills.' and his
animals are ln finer,,, condition than
ever before.' he says.
Oyer $5,000 would have been sav'd
by S. W. Jamleson of Dell, Ore., he
estimates, if he had taken the short
course two years p.go, Inernerhnce
and lack of training when he came
west two years ago to develop nls
foldings of 4.000 acres of fruit landsi
caused Mr.; Jameson to make the us
ual mistakes of th? beginner. Upon at
tendlnsr the course at the college this
winter he discovered his mistakes,
end made a' careful computation or
his consequent losses, which amount
ed to over $5,000.
These nr hut two of n Hree num
ber of similar casef which have rom
to te attention of bean Arthur B.
Cqi-Mpy nf the collere. It Is a sppclal
lm of the ooll'w not only to enu'n
vonnw mn to rr out eftr rra.dunt'on
r flovplon the n"V Innrfq 't'v
",f1flt rnolt.r. bt to heln tt 'pr.
mers, stocVmen nnd ochrdrnprt
tie tte vrhn are alr'c'v cnrlne fn"
lni f th'lr own o in rhnriro ' of
l,irtri mitta. n p-of th erpn'est. pos
slbl? valuo tet rid of the pests which
San Francisco, March 3 Abe Ruef
tnnv ha kM o ti! 'it ' '-.'""Xt '
ternoon because the boss and his law
yers were clt; d to - appear before
Judge Lawler this afternoon for run-'
ing counter to stipulations agreed
upon to gain a 7-day's stay of execu
tton. :Vy;...;',;,; :'
San Francisco, March 3 Francis J,
Heney, graft prosecutor who conduct
ed the prosecution of Abe Ruef, com-,
mentlng today on the final court order
ending Rucf's fight to escape a it
year sentence for bribery sees In the v
final action a powerful argument, tor
the recall. The etat? auprtra? CQ"rt
In vacating att'6rder granting ft fd:
hearing to Ruef virtually reversen '
Itself after it had been attacked by
the 'attorney general and the legis
lature had started an investigation 01
the court. v ':''r'!; ;"''.
(By Francis J. Heney)
The fact that the lupreme court of 1 '
California ha reversed itself to su
tain th ccfnvkfloa of AbrabAal Ruef
is important chiefly as a sign of the '
times of the new era ln which the
people are beginning to rule.
That Ruef must 'go to Jail is 01 "
relative Importance only. It is im
portant that criminals of all sta
tions should be punished but it Is far
more important that the people them
selves should control the administra
tion of Justice. ' .
There Is a peculiar Irony and a V
tremendous algnlficance In the fact
that what Ruef claims to be a tech- '
nlcality forced the supreme court of
this state to reverse Itself on a pre
vious ruling which granted Ruef a
hearing. On forhur occasions techni
calities have welled only in favor of
graft prosecution defendants. Schmidt
had been freed because the indict
ments upon. which he was convicted
failed to state that he was mayor or
San Francisco at the time his crime v
was committed. The supreme court "
unanimously refused to give the peo
ple of San Francisco a hearing on the
merits of the Schmltz case and gaBed ",l
its refusal on a flimsy technlcaiitr
which was not anticipated and hence r
was not even mentioned In the brief .
accompanying ths application by the
people for a hearing. -y
Ruef had been granted a hearing on '
tci iinical grounds The court reversed"
its action because the attorney gener- : -al
called Its attention to the fact
that one of the concurring 'Justices .
:as out of the state when -the order '
for a hearing was signed,, Why did
T:ur members' of th court first lg- i
tiore. then reckon withthls point?
Because ft fearless public- officer '
demanded attentlon'and because the 1
weight of an awak ned public was 1
rindlhe demand a publtc Interest- ' i
ed Inlts own affairs, demanitinir
Bspeedy and substantial ; Justice, the
right to remove faithless ludees. th '
creation of laws to ston Jury tamper-
ing and .miscarriages, of Justice. ..-
This awakening rnme In time to
work against Ruef. That is all,
fit Is probable - that the bitterest 1
U-ought of all to this formerly powrr .
ful man. is that he must go to JiH V
while Us more powerful and richer , '
coiupan'ons In crlm? go free. Thera
blttermss In that fact to all rti
v i
(Cont!.'', on p" C".t)