La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, February 22, 1911, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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Til WffiW.
frequent Snowfalls Brings Mountain
Siww ,Xear Danger Mark Again.
Hro huge passenger engines for use
a the O-W between Portland and
S attle passed through the city thia
afternoon en route to Portland where
bey will be put to wort They are of
tbe latest type and large enough to be
msf.d s the mountain service.
Snowplow Still Idle. ,
Tfrongh there have been frequent
snowfalls of three or four inches thia
nuDtfi. there has not been any' need
Jbr the rotary so far this winter. To
day's snowfall added to that already
fallen will bring the depth in t he
mountains up to the danger mark and
Hie rotary will be held Jn readiness.
Conductor Returns ;'
ronductor Krr is again on his Joa
ft rnn after a lay-off of a month
while in the east.
MT Coaches ETery Day.
The gradual change of 0. R. & N.
'to O-W Is showing up here almost
daffy for several diners and many of
he-old-Or R.-dbN.--coaches are now
coming out as 0-w property. The
change in numbers and title takes
placo whenever there is occasion to
send one of the coaches, to the car
shops at Albina. - '-
Pendleton Girl Becomes Wife of O-W.
Brakeman John Hastings. .;'
John Hastings, the well known Oregon-Washington
brakeman, will end
his career of single blessedmss to
night at 8 o'clock at whicn hour he is
to be united in marriage to Miss Sarah
Nolln of this city. The young couple
have been keeping their approaching
nuptials a profound secret and did
not secure a license until late this af
ternoon and it Ib probable there will
be a cerebration in honor of the ev
ent which neither bride nor groom
which neither bride nor groom antici
pated. The young couple will take the
night train for Portland where they
will spend a short honeymoon, Pen
dl ton East Oregonian.
When jo; vv a cold a bottifc oif
. linujuviimu kiwi', jtm will
wn fix you up all right and wt2 of!
av tendency toward pneumonia. ;.
nuMy contains no vtn'im or oilier narvot,.'
i nU may be given as confidently to a baby
7Ecro io Only- One
IA ' fill
mam Emmm
.. , . . .... .i .4 . Vv. ; -.;
Most Fashionable Function of
Tear Occur This Evening.
jtlways remember the full name. Look
far this signature on every box. 25o.
Burnett's Extracts
We have added this line
to our assortment of high
grade groceries and rec
ommend it to Be the best
ojtKefmket. We guar
antee every; bottle.
With afternoon trains bringing in
guests from out of town, and more
to come on the night trains, Elkdom
of Eastern Oregon lsnaking j La
Grande its mecca tonight' The annual
Elks ball and 1 banquetby far the
most elaborate of any social function
attempted during tbe year occurs to
night and not only are the orators
primed to perfection but thii decora
tions are as near perfection as human
hand can make' them and the banquet
will be ready for the diners at ,the
proper hour.' ' . , V".;
The spacious dance hall under the
direction of Mr. F. B. Conners and as
sistants has been turned into a won
derland. The walls are adorned with
beautiful and rare Elk heads, pic
tures and Elk robes; The stage has
been converted Into a miniature for
est from which protrudes the head of
the embl;m of the order, And the cen
ter of the dance hall, is occupied by a
life size Elk ' surrounded by minia
ture pine trees.
The following committees have had
th j arrangement for the ball under
hand: jj-J "... : ;" ;
Oeneral Committee H. E. Coolidge,
Wm. B. Sargeant, J. II. Pea re, F. B.
Conner, H. J. Ritter.
, Invitation J. H. Peare, A. B. Rog
ers. Forest Ivanhoe, E. D. Seldtrs, C.
D. Goodnr;:ri, Frank Smith, Ed. Wel
lington. '- :':-:,
Music T. J. Scroggln, M. B. Dona
hue, Dick Jones, C. T. Bacon, J. O.
Fnodgrass. . ' '. '
Ref reBhments H. J. Ritter. M. .T.
Alton. P. A. Foley, J. C. Price, Arthur
Curtis, Fred Dutli, Geo E. Good, T,
.?. Ormond, Chas. Miller, John Dordan,
W. C. Hesse, Chas: Bartimss.
Decorations F. B. Conner," Chas.
Panford. Leo. Herring, R. L. Duignan.
d. W. O'Neil, R. J. Zweifel, B. W,
Noyes, Frank Bay, , W G. Francis,
Npte Zweifel. Gso. Abeg, Harry Pat
tison, B. V. Baasett.
Floor Wm. B. Sargent. A V. An-tfr-w.
J, B. Thorson, C. J. Forstrom.
Oscar Jackson, Wm. McMahon, H. V.
Pinehart, Lou , Standley, C. A. Gallo
way,' G. C. Scheurer. Albert Hunter.
P. D. Gakell. W. B. Bach. Harvev
Bay, J. D. Cbspv; Guy J Glenn, E. O.
Wilson. J. C. Smith. S. 0. Rees.
Peceotion Exalted Ruler and all
members of the lodge.
' (
The Pacific
Telephone and
Telegraph Co.
An Extension Is an additional tele
phone connected ou the same line as
the main telephone.
It may be located in any part of the
It may bo a wall or desk typ,;.
It may have a bell or may not have
a bell, as the subscriber may wish.
When i bell is installed on the ex
tension it will ring whenever the bell
rings on the main telephone.
An extension will save many steps
In ruunlng to the main telephone to
send or receive calls.
An extension will save the climb
ing of stairs.
An extension telephone will save the
climbing of stairs.
. An extenslot telephone will be
found to begone of the most useful
appliances In the modern household.
Let us suggest a convenient exten
sion service at a low cost. Consult
our local manager.
European -powers." Ambassador Bryce
Is the first of European statesmen to
respond." k 1 v
When asked for a statement of h:s
views regarding the tanal the Am
bassador declared that he could not
violate his rule, adopted when be be-1
came . Great Britain's representative
here, of never giving an interview
He added, however, that at a recent
dinner in this city, he had presented
his views on the Panama canal. Quot
ing from memory, he repeated his re
mark as follows: '-'
: "On my recent visit to the canal, .
where I was shown every courtesy by
the officials there, I was profoundly
impressed .by the grandeur . of m the
work and by the amount, not only of
labor, but skill which had been ap
plied in its construction. :i ,
' "All of the appliances at work for
digging and building the canal wen
striking instances of modern science.
and of the extraordinary capacity of
American engineers that have devel
oped for the turning the results of
science to the best advantage.
' . "All England admires the zeal and
energy with which the United States
is devoting herself to the completion
of this magnificent work, which stands
alone in the annals of the world. It
may have most important results in
its effect on the great lines of inter
national commerce." '
Winner of Novel Competition at Ball
Tonight Will Get Rare ,Prie
Roman gold pendant and chain,
studded with a large diamond, forms
thr prize to be awarded to the lady
guest at the Elks ball tonight who is
gowned with the best and handsomest
taste yet having expended .the least
money. This Innovation Introduced to
curtail the lavished expense for gowns
for this annual occasion, will not on
ly be popular but lucrative to the
winner for the expense of obtaining
tie prize runs up to natures that Indi
cate its sterling value. Th' pendant
is slmnle yet expensive, adorned with
p'n Elk's head and studded with a
diamond. The judges who will award
the valued prize will remain Incog
nito." '
, How many readers of the Observer
know that in Inland Australia where
the mightiest of eucalyptus - trees
grow in abundance, that there is no
consumption," catarrh or diseases of
the respiratory tract. "
The refreshing balsam thrown out
by these tree3 fills "the air and is
breathed Into, the lungs by the Inhab
itants and all germ life is destroyed.
' If you have catarrh you cannot go
to Inland Australia except at great
expense, but you can breathe right
In your own home the same pleasant.
soothing, healing, germ killing air
you would breathe Xf you were living
in the eucalyptus district of Austral
ia. . ,: .""
Just, breathe HYOMEI; It Is made
from Australian eucalyptus and scien
tifically combined with thymol and
other antiseptics employed in the LSs
terlan Bystem. , ,
Pour a few drops of HYOMEI in
the inhaler and breathe It. As it par
ses over the catarrh infected mem
brane it kills the germs and heals
the raw, inflamed surface.
HYOMEI is guaranteed to cure ca
tarrh, colds, coughs, croup and sore
throat, or money back. Complete outfit
including inhaler $1.0. Extra bottles o?
HYOMEI cost but 50 cents Sold 'by
the Newlln Drug Co. and druggists ev
erywhere. .
Feb. 17. 27 March 10.
;. :-irowtter. have'always;
to produce a cKeap baking
at the sacrifice of qcty:
Royal Baldng Powder is made
cure crape cream of taitar, a
the embodiment of all the excellence'
possible to be attained ini the high
est dass baking poer
Royal Baldng Powder costs only a
fair price, and is more economical
at its price than iany other leavening
agent, because1 of the supedatiye
quality and absolute wholesomens
of the food it makes. 'lit
Mixtures made ra imltatjon of baling povdcrt, hut containing alum,
are frequently distributed from door to door, or given away in grocery
stores. Such mixtures are dangerous to use in food.- In England,
France, Germany and some sections of the United States their sale is
prohibited by. law. Alum is a dangerous mineral acid, and all
phyacians condemn baking powders containing ft. j ;
Tbo label of alum baking povrdera must
Chow the InQPOdlents. ' '
give instant relief but talcen for a fe.v
days drive away dizziness, headache,
nervousness and biliousness. - , , .
Bad dreams and tossing about in bed
are caused by out of order stomach
and Mi-o-na will remove the c.
and put your stomach in splendid
ditlon In a few days. v
Give Mi-o-na a trial at tho Newlln
Drug Co. they guarantee it to cure any
stomach trouble, or money hack. Ml-c-na
is a fine tonic, it builds up run
down people in a short time. , ,
The Newlin Drug Co. and druggists
everywhere sell Mi-o-na at 50 cents a
large box. Write for free trial sam
ple. Booth's Mi-o-na, Buffalo, N. Y. v,
Feb. 16, 28, Mch. 9.
Whnniilnir Coinrli Claims Victim
, , South La Grande Last Xlirht
A six-months' old child of Mrs. Gpo.
Hoskins. a widow at Second and C.
street, died last night of whooplnp
conch. The funeral arrangements
have not beon announced. The widow
1 a newcomer in this city and lost
her husband by death only a short
time aeo.
Bryce Commends Canal
Washington. Feb. 22 Enthusiastic
trlbuti' not only to the skill of Ameri
can engineers In the Panama Canal
but to the United States for its de
votion to the vast project Is found in
the recent words of Ambassador
Bryce- of Great Britain. The Ambas
yador .ironounced the canal." "A mag
rifle Tt work which sands alone In the
annals of the world." .
With the approach of the time for
the opening of the canal and the dis
cussion of the part It Is to play in the
future history of the world. Washing
ton has been listening tsgerly for
some expression of opinion from the
The Newlin Drug Co. Sells a Prescrip. ;
Hon That Means Vigor, Yim, '
Because MI-O-NA causes the blood
to get better and more nourishment
It is at all times a valuable tonic, It
puts vigoif into the muscles, clears
up the improp irly nourished brain
and makes strong nerves that will
stand the severest test.
Men who feel that their vitality Is
slipping awayj that the vim and en
ergyt hat they formally put into all
their work Is lacking; that ambitious
Impuls and celever Ideas do not
come as they used to are the kind of
men that need MI-O-NA.
Besides being a weiless remedy for
Indigestion MI-O-NA Is a most pro
nounc d tonic -
If you have that blue, discontent
ed feeling through the day and pass
restlessnl ghts, trying unsuccessfully
to get a refreshing sleep, take - a
month's treatment of MI-O-NA Bto-
mach tablets, and bring th sunshine
Into your life. , , , -,
Md-O-NA vosts but CO cents at the
N'ewlln Drue Co and druggists every
where. Guaranteed to cure Indiges
tion and Immediately-relieve all sto
mach misery, or monsy back.
Feb 21 to Mch 12. ' 1
Takt Mi-o-na and Quickly Got Rid of
Co to the Newlin ..Drug (Jo. todav
and get a fifty cent box of Mi-o-na sto
mach tablets.
Take them as directed and notice
how quickly distress, gas and heavl
nesa will disappear. ,
Ml-o-na Stomach tablets not only
The Heart of an Ind'an Sqaw
Vncle's pirthday Gift Edison.
i i
A Father's Love Lubln.
Song Curley H ad.
-. X..'.
Admission 10 cents
'. -iji'..-.-,-; t--.
To Cure a Cold In One Day '
tablets. Druggists refund money if
it fails to( cure. B. W. GROVES sig
nature on each box, 23c. "
mc 1UU YY Cllil
Too cannot be well groomed
with your shoulders covered
' twltli dandruff, you can he rid of
this disgusting, loathsome ail.
nient ' ' -' '
Is guarantct d to cure the worst
form of dandmff, or eczema of
9 tl s"'l i 10 fajs your mon.
ey hock If dissatisfied.
'A lt . ;
Wright Drug Co.
Ckrtoads of perfect building material, cut to a
hair, to fit lfi he paper on the wall, shipped dally
, Our 5-croaa im"1 $1.50 Door Is the best value
evr offered anyw'nere tor this remarkably low
price, and It ta only a sample of the many good
thlnva and prlce-eavers contained In our catalogue.
. We own and operate Our own mill la Seattle and
Send In it of what you need and let us show
Vou In ACTLV. " FIGURES what we aave you.
We Bell everp jy and ship anywhere. Save
middlemen's profit 'FOR THE CHILDREN."
end for Catalogue. " One price to everybody
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This Catalog
wm i.i i n i ! amain ri - rn.x. -w'.wswa- . t.t--'
I li
1 1 w