La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, February 20, 1911, Image 1

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saiem, D. zo Among , tne - cms uiarKe. j. u. streeter ol Joseph, a
which were railroaded through the member of the opposing faction which
housa Sunday morning before ... thej In turn lost in the house tut won In
senate adjourned at 1:20 o'clock, were 'the senatiy was the only member ot
four good roads measures and an ap- j the , Joseph-Lostlne-Wallowa delega-
propriatlon; bill for $340,000' which
brings the total appropriation for this
, session, up to $4,892,000. , The j good
roads- association will hold a Jubilee
In Portland, tonight- as a, celebration
of their success. There are four of
thtiri, pretty much as originally de-
"signed and fought against. There was
no ceremony at the. adjournment r of
either "of the two houses other than
'that attending the uproar and disorder.
Legislation dealing pre-eminently
with Union and Wallowa counties
marked the closing hours of the leg
islature'and lobbyists returning' from
Salem today enroute to their homes in
Wallowa county tell of stirring scenes
wiacted in the houses, last' Saturhay
. night Others returning from Salem
say that the'mws despatches from Sa
leia were lnsufflclent and Incomplete
the story of rot and uproar cannot
well be told bn paper.
For Four Years Tnlon nnd Wallowa
Counties? Will be E.ffipt.' w
' j The till providing for a county at
" torney "for each county Jo. the: state
'passed and is up to the governor. TTn -
Ion and Wallowa however will re
main a district under the law until the
clcse of F. S. Ivanhoe's term wh'o the
' district will be divlded. ,T' unt then
.Mr1. Ivanhoewill retain both , counties
, at an Increased salary, unless the veto
axe is used. The salary now is $21C'i
but the) Increase brings it up' to $3,000.
Under the provisions" of the new law
' the . county attorney 1 draws $1800 m
Union county arid $900 In Wallowa
county. It' is the general opinion that
the bill will be repealed by the gov-
., . ernor's veto. . " v
Mm Interested Return to Their Wal
Iowa County Homes Today
A greater portion of the two lobbies
from Wallowa county at Salem to se
cure and prevent the 'passage of the
bill placing the county high school
question on the ballot at the solicita
tion of 8 ptir cent ot the voters, pass-
ed through the city thls morning en
route home. The entire- Enterprise
lost in tne aeoaw is compose or .
F. Pace, Jay H. Dobbin and "Van
v, Matters of Much Importance to Come
np at County Local Session.
Farmers from every section of Un
ion county are meeting in North Pow
der today where a county meeting of
the Union county locals of the Farm
era Co-operative Union la in session.
President McAllister, A. S- Norrls and
other prominent men of this end of
the county went to North Powder this
morning and irtrfi Joined at Union by
still others. ' .
Matters of much Importance will be
considered before the meetlrug Is ad
journed there tonight This meeting
has been announced for some time and
A large attendance was promised.
11 - 1 1 M. ' ' I ; I
tion to reach here today. , -t
To relieve the emharasslng condi
tion on" the" floor of . thj house , when
lobbying waa'arried to the Individual
members; seat men from each faction
were called on the floor of the ho'ise,
and Frank Clarke spoused the En
ttirnrie causA whilo Prof. Ant.phT
r Smith of Lostlne appeared for the op
position. One of the hardest flghti In
the house was over, this same bill.
Report from Sandpoint Erroneous Say
; Officials of That Town.
Spokane, Feb. 20 The young wo
man at Sandpoint Is neither Dorothy
Arnold, the missing heiress or Dora
Falk, the police declared ehre today.
They do not know, who she is.
Marlon Thompson, Donne Graham anj
, .Others -Ch!ef Aspirant "
'1 Chicago," 111.,'; Feb., 20-One of th
liveliest' mayoralty i campaigns ; that'
Chicago has seen Jn years entered up
on the whirlwind stage today, with
but one week remaining before the
candidates ot the two parties are chos
en at the direct primaries. The elec
tion will take placo early In April.
The primaries are attracting a vast
amount of public attention. The can
didate favored by the Republican or
ganization is JoUn P. Thompson. Be
sides him the two strongest Republi
can candidates ae John Fv Smulskt,
; who has long b:en a prominent fig
ure In Republican city politics, and
Alderman Charles E. Merrlam. Mr.
Merrlam is a, professor in the Univer-
, ,u of Chlf and , f .,
i tlcal gclence. head of the weaned
Merrlam comra;S8lon he has laid bare
s ftnd brought ihQit the removal of w
;epa,;. cfflCiai8 . -
Th v Dtwocratlc contest bj-Ings to
life a?ain the old rivalry between for
mer 'Mayor Carter H. Harrison and
former Mayer Edward F. Dunn.'? Mr.
Harrinon. who was mayor, for severs
at t ring, Mowing m the footsteps .f
his father, 1g again a candidate ou an
Independent Democratic ticket., . .
Ex-Jlayiu Dunne's campaign' has the
slopan, 'Nobody "wants him but the
people." Mr. Dunne Is a lawyer. When
Mayer he ninde a good record.He low
ered the telephone rates, and. although
he vetoed seventy-five cent gas an or
dinance was passed giving the peoole
a reduction from $1 to 85 cents.
Another leading aspirantv for te
Democratic nomination is Andrew J.
Graham, who is tha choice of Roger S.
Sullivan, member of the Democratic
National Committee. Mr. Graham Is a
private banker and Is nf&hei with
corporation leanings'. His opponents
for the mayoralty nomination allege
that he has spentupyards of $300,000
in the ante-primary compalgn. v
' Among thi Issues figuring more or
less prominently In the campaign are
graft and vice, cheao gas. lower tele
phone rates, subways, nd universal
transfers, the smoke nuisance and cold
can. .'''.''''.
S ills:
Richmond Hobson, the Hero of
v The Mcrrimac, as' He Is Today
, 1
V Washington,!), 20 War with .Tap.Bv within the next ten months Is
predicted by Reprei ntatlve II obson in the House today. Dnrln? a
speech favoring definite construction of a police of defense he said
Japan Is financlnally preparhi g for war and this country will be
compelled to moke an exhaustive strutrgle to be prepared too.
Washington, Feb. 20 Following c
conference with Pres'Ideut Taft, Sena
tor Bailey, the chief leader of the op
position to the reclyrodty agreement
announced this afternoon that - he
would not fll.Tjsuter against the meas
nre. Many senators today believe there
will be no vote on the reciprocity
agreement at this session of congress.
Farmers and Reciprocity
Washington, D C, Feb. 20-WhlIe
President Taft. does not believe that
the opposition of the farmers of this
country to the proposed reciprocity
agreement with Canada Is nearly so
dr.tep rooted or so wldespead as some
persons are endeavoring to have It "be. he nevertheless re;og-
tlzes the fact that such opposition
exists and is likely to .prove . very
troublesome in bringing about the
consumation of the proposed agree
ment 'unles R to overcome. Conse
s r
1 i i
4 .
quently his most urgent appeals and
his most persuasive arguments In be
half o f the measure are now being
directed to the American farmer.
; In line with the Presidents recipro
city campaign will, be the trip, of Sec
retary of Agriculture Wilson to Buf
falo tomorrow, where' he Is to deliver
a Washlngtons Birthday address' be
fore the Elilcott Club of that city. Sec
retary Wilson in hie address will pur
sue the same line of argument in e
gard to reciprocity ustd by the Presi
dent In bis recent speeches In Colum
bus and Springfield, hut will go mora
into the detail of the )lan and the
manner In which It may be expected to
anVt thi Interests of the American
farmer. His speech Vwlibe a direct
reply to , the arguments going the
rounls that the farmers and farmer or-
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... V
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County Juda:e Persuing String of pe-
tttiuns This
-"n Preparatory
, orraw Some
ns Show all
to Naming tt
Time Last' .
sis Inter.- v
ally Even Ba
With apolntmr, rot a successor to
T. A. Rlnehrt V county assessor to
y Judg.t Henry, the race for positions
for the last lap has been Bplrited lhls
afternoon and the man with the ap
pointment; under his hand Bpent all
the afternoon today sizing up the sit
uation. As the race narrows down
there is on:. Republican and Flv Dem
ocrats In the race, and though the oi
fice to be appointed was left by a Dem
ocrat, It la optional with the couri as
to whom Is to he named. . . '
County Judge Henry will announce
his selfctlon tomorrow but until the'iii
six men will occupy the anxious seat
' The Petitions Filed.
A string of Blx petitions was per
used by the Judge this afternoon. The
petitions Include those of: D. M. Clark
of Cov, L?',L. McKennon of Ali'cel," C.
H. Conkey'of this "cltyV McLarin of
North Powder. W. W. Randall and C,
S. Van Duyne of this city. Randall Is
the only Republican In the squad.
The appointment Is being made prior
to the exmlrntlon of Rinehart's terra
for the reason that the new occupanv
la to havd a few days' experience with
the retiring ?sessor, versed In the
business1 ,: v.""-"'-; -'-'.
Editor Kennedy Retires to Recnpcrnw
Health In the Southland.
Baker City, Feb.. 20 After nearly
six years of successful manipulation
ot the business and editorial depart
ments of thel Baker Herald, the even
ing paper here Col. B. E.. Kennedy
has sold hts publication to Messr.
Powell and TInney, two Boston news
paper men. Mr.' Kennedy was force
to sell out due to his failing health
and 'has gone , to Southern California
to recuperate. His editorship has twen
a brilliant one. ' V;
The new owners are young men
well versed In newspaper, matters and
canui west with the same old sprnt
that has animated, thousands in the
past few years. Their experience and
business ability should create for thtm
an, increased business over the suc
cessful career of the Herald during
the past five years.
Ranchmen Elated at Prospects of the
Good Crops at Joseph Next Year.
Joseph, Feb. 20 (Special) A heavy
snow fall has added to th. mantel al
ready covering, the Joseph country. In
suring good crops next year. Tor when
the snow fall is heavy moisture Is suf
ficient during the summer. Ranchmen
In general are highly delighted at the
prospects, though stockmen take it
mora seriously. , , , i
' in race
I I .. .
I if I
nil oil
li La w ,
East Rler to be Filled la and Streets
to Become Rlvr at Nljrht If plan
for Municipal Improvement In New
York Is Carrd Out M ould Ellmlu.
ate the Present Duxt Peril, a Serlou
New - York. Feb. 20 (Special) That
feJJLWe tunUts river to.-.
tretns,-or- tts stroets Into "rivers, ' or r
both, is now indicate by the at
tempts which are being made toward
a satisfactory solution of the greatest
municipal problems which the world
has ever known. A few years ago Mr.
Thomas A. Edison advanced the sug
gestion that the East River be entire
ly filled in, thus affording a largely In- .
creased manufacturing and living area
for the city's congested population
and making the solution of the trans
portation problem now grown most
acute, much simpler. While such an
epoch-marking "undertaking, still re
mains in the future, its eventual ac
complishment is sure to come accord
ing to expert opinion. A new angle
has just. been.a', tha ograpby
making, sug-gestlon, howet.V,. by the
proposal of the head of the street
cleaning . department that iuslead of
making streets where the river now is
that thla stream' should be turn d
into th,e "streets. In other words, jt '
Is proposed tcV do away with the old '
faBhionedtand germ scattering meth
od of cleaning the city's thorough-
fares by sweeping and instead to flush i
them every day ; thus -eUmiaatlng the
dust peril. At first of course -such
cleansing would have to be carried on
by the use of high pressure hydrants."
But so enormous is the area to be -cleaned
dally that, should tha experi-'
ments In we prove successful, a svs- .
tem similar to irrigation methods of
the West be adopted by which water
from the rivers might be turned into
various streets during the early morn
ing hours, thus temporarily turning '
them into rivers. Certainly the slope
of many streets would make such a
plan easy of accomnllsTiment. How
neceesary some . such innovation Is
may be understood from the fact that
it Is now netessary ' clean about
24,000.000 square yards of afreet sur-
race which if laid out In a single ave
nue would make a thoroughfare more
than 2500 miles in length. ; ' '
Local Grower ' Hears From
Shipments in Sonth.
Grande Ronde apples are bringing
twtmty-five centa for six ou the retail
market In Loa Angeles according to
a letter received today from J. L.
Hosklnson now of Los, Angeles but
formerly of this city. The letter is to
George J. Wagoner and states that ha
aw a box of Gano appl; at a' fruit
stand in that city with the Grand 3
Rondo stamp upon it. On looking for
the grower's name he found It to be
Geo. J, Wagener. He states in the let
ter that the apples wer:i retailing six
for 25 cents.