La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 09, 1910, Image 1

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With Jess Parker standing in the
dim, gray twilight of an August day
holding his little four-year-old boy
clinging fast with his arms about his
father's shoulder; with the wife., of
Parker's choice pulling at the little
tot's feet to get him away from his
father; with Mr. Porter; father of the
wife, eomlng at Jess Parker holding
a gun and making bold threats; with
Jess Parker's hand hurriedly grasping
a pistol in his belt, and with a quick
but accurate- aim, the tragic scene
In a melodrama at Elgin reached Its
climax when' the flash of the Jess
Parker gun sounded the death knell
of his father-in-law,5 and Jess Par
ker still holding his only child, Baw
the father of his wife fall to the
ground pierced with a fatal wound.
This in all probability will be the
final scene put up to the Jury by the
defense In the trial of the State vs.
Jess Parker. At least all evidence
now being introduced by the defense
strengthens this picture and goes to
show the Parker side of this unfor
tunate case.' , , -
Out of the eighty or more witness
es several have been examined, who
like a painter adding touches to a pic
ture, have added a 'little testimony
here and there to depict this touching
yet terrible scene, that took iplace at
the Porter home near Elgin last Aug
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Defense Forms its Chain. .
The expected happened in the Jess
Parker trial last evening when the
state rested its case, the defense be
gan firing in, witness after witness
who testified to Porter, the man who
Parker killed, : having not only car
ried a gun but that he had a gun on
his person the fifth day of August
when the quarrel between Parker and
Porter resulted In the death of the
latter. ' :-: .r...:.
Not only did the defense have wit
nesses to show that Porter had a gun
but also that he had a, pair of . brass
knuckles.' - . - ; , - ,'....
A H. Stone was the first witness in
the trial to state that Porter carried
gun and brass knuckles. Following
Ter a Thousand GalneJ bylnsisUng
on a Eecount of Census. -
Tacoma, Wn Dec.. 8 A recount of
Tacoma was announced today by
Chief Statistician Hunt 0 the cen
s bureau and shows, following ' a
complete enumeration, a city of 83,743.
Tb original announcement was first
Riven out th rpnaiis bnrureau
Wve tha population as 82,972. When ;
we enumeration was first given out
Toma citizens protested and it was
nown that 33,000 name had ben
cl,PP4 from the. count While di
PPolnted probably, tlw cltlzena will
Uk o further actloau: v
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this statement came Dan Graham who
had also been aware for some time
that Porter was carrying a gun and
,...... ..... ...
uut;u.. Airanam discovered
this Important feature, he said on a
trip with Porter from La Grande when
the Parkers were discussed and, Por
ter made threats on the life of. Jess.
George Barnard was another wit
ness who in riding to Elgin with Por
ter on one occasion observed that Por
ter waa a gun toter. He felt the gun in
Forter's pocket. Frank Brasbius stat
ed that at one time Porter had show
ed him a gun saying, "I got It for the
Parkers." He also displayed the brass
knuckles saying he might have to use
them also. .'. j '. ' . "'
Oscar Swikert,-a former son-in-law
of Mr. Porter's said ,he had worked
with Porter day after day and saw
the gun and brass knuckles in his hip
pocket rfequently. j ;; , . ; ;
In the estimony of 'Woodson Gray
It Vas brought out that Porter said
to Gray, "111 whip Jess Parker if It
takes me five years." '
! Wm. Furman told of riding In a
wagon with Jess Parker when the
two men met Mr. Porter on the pub
lic highway. Jess at the time was out
of the wagon fixing the brake block
and as Porter rode by on horseback
h held & gun on Jess until he passed.-.
,, , "'; '';''. ; ,' y:: -.
; Grant T. Gray was another import
ant witness for the defense. , He re
called his neighborly relations with
Mr. Porter, now deceased, and told of
several conversations they had had
relative to the Parkers. On one occa
sion, according to Mr. Gray's recol
lection, Porter said, "I will give $10
to get either of them (meaning Jess
or his father) to .touch me. All I want
Is for one of them to even touch me."
, Mr. Gray said he had later told Sam
Parker of this statement of Mr. Por
ter's. Another talk with- Pdrter was
recalled In which he said, "I will get
even" with Jess Parker If It takes me
five years to do It." .
The witness said he advised Porter
to drop his , malice toward., the Par
kers, stating thai Porter's daughter
had married Into the Parker family
and there was no use carrylngi It fur
ther. , On Friday before the killing
Gray and Porter wera, talking ' and
Gray advised him agjaln' and again to
stay away from Jess Parker or he
would get" shot. Porter replied, "Two
can work at tha.t frnme." ' . '
- State Scores a Tolnt
In the cross examination of Gray,
Col. Ivanhoe drew some, points from
the witness apparently favorable to
the state's cause. On . one instance
from Porter or he would get snot
Gray said he told Porter o may away
"as sure tas hell's hot." 'i Gray , told
Porter inasmuch as Jess had drawn a
gun on him once the next time he
drew it would quite likely go off.
. But the most "important statement
Gray made on cross examination was
tq the effect that after he had remon
strated with Porter on one occasion
for the trouble Porter had said. 'I
won't hare Jess on the place. I had
nothing to do with the separation of
him and his wife, and I don't want
Jess to bother, me and won't let him
bother me." ' ' , : ;
Attorneys for the state seemed sat
isfied with this statement and the wit
ness was soon excused.
lodg-es Tried to Heal Breach.
It has been shown in the trial that
members of the Woodmen lodge and
also prominent Odd Fellows in Elgin
iad goai to, both Jest Purler antf ETr.
in U 1 H H
Porter and urged that the family feud
bo dropped. So strong did the lodge
brothers bear down on the "two men
that promises were exacted and for a
time' all seemed peaceful. ,
Like the McCoy-Hatfleld ' feud in
Kentucky however, it smouldered on
ly to revive with itnense fury. And the
story of this fearful tragedy, us told
piece by piece on the witness stand,
calls to mind one of those hatejtul
Kentucky feuda .which lasted for gen
erations. The playwright eeeklng a
plot for a drama that will make the
hair rlBe every time tha curtain goes
down could do no better than tike the
Elgin case for his ploC .... . ... . .
Mrs. Martin Must Stand Trial for the
Murder of Daughter. :
Newark, N. J., Dec. S Mr4. Caro
lina Martin is sane .and must stand
trial for the alleged murder of her,
daughter, MrB. Ocle Snead, according
to a decision of Judge Teneyck here
today. The rial halted in 1909 on the
plea of insanity. Mrs. Snead's nude
body was found in a bathtub in her
home In East Orange. It was allegied
In an Indictment against Mrs. Martin
4hat she murdered her daughted to
secure 930,000' life insurance. : ,
Register's Trip to Portland Without
I ' Avail on This Account ;.v
Government - proceedings against
Dr. W. J. May, well known in Eastern
Oregon, has been postponed until Ap
ril, according! to Register F. C. Bram
well who returned' this morning from
, Portland where, he. was called as a
. witness but did not officiate in that
I capacity because the case has been
' 'postponed on account of sickness of
the defendant The government , is
bringing suit to recover S1600 , which
Is the value placed on some wood cut
New York, Dec. 8-Indivlduals and
not corporations will be benefitted by
the revivified government in Califor
nia,' according to the assertion today
of Governor-Elect Johnson of Callfor
nia who Is here. "For ten years,", he
said, "we seemed to have gone crazy
protecting tne property of the cor-
poration and the Individual seems to
have been a minus quantity. This is
au 10 ue cnangea. fiereauer m uaur
rorma, at least, the Individual, will bo
considered and not the machine. Oth-
er states will follow our lead. .... V
: San Francisco, Dec. ; 8 Pending
early returns of Chief Immigrant In
spector Keefa from Hawaii, rumors
of the biggest shake up In the Immi
gration bureau at San Francisco Is
rife. It la reported Keefa will lnves
tlgata the chargest that Chinese art
tmuggSed to. Honolulu in Bailing Tee
eS cad then reemugrled to the Un
flUWRSV C M! limmrwr tim w
from government land by Mr. May
near Durkee. Ills wife was supposed
to have filed on the land, but neglect
ed to do So and in due time the land
reverted back to the government. In
the meantime May., hi alleged, to have
cut wood from the tract.
Bryan Warns Democrats.'
Lincoln, Neb. Dec. 8 Protesting
against the "Btupid" policy of winning
the victory of retreat the "Common'
er,' Bryan's sheet, warns the Demo
crats against forming a combination
with Wall street He writes "Demo
crats are being asked to accept Wall
Street, not because Democratic prin
ciples are advanced but because a vic
tory is promised. This promise of
victory is not 'new. In 1892 the party
was victorious on tha tariff issue." .
Christies May Reunite.
V Zanesvllle, O., Dec. 8-Mrs. Howard
Chandler Christie, wife of the artist
is expected here next week to spend
the Christmas holidays with her hus
band and daughter. If is rumored that
a reconciliation between the es
tranged couple has taken place. They
separated two years ago. It is under
stood the daughter brought them to
getHer again. . . v .
'The initiative,' referendum, recall,
and absolute control of public service
corporations and ', a comprehensive
Jemjvlcers liability law, abolishing
the fellow servant clause will be
among the measures to be considered
and undoubtedly they will' become
laws. We don't intend to pass confis
catory legislation.1 Large property
owner And rirnnrfltfKnjn will ha nrn
tected. We simply go back to the ori
giual plan of. the . nation that the
peqple shall rule. . We shall compel
corporations to respect the rights of
ited States via the Pacific Mall boa
whenever , these vessels touch at
When the .'thop docked at : San
Francisco they were only searched
unsystematlcally because they came
from a domestic port . The govern
ment agents have been digging Into
the muggllag for nix montha. .
rfla ? Wi 1 ,. 1 !,. H . ,1 li
I, TAIiliLhi im 1 II I I m,di)id : iWil
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" ' J ; ' ';...'' ' ' ' ' .( ' . ' ;- ; ;
Pvepresentatlves of an organiratlon
of 1236 men of Oregon whose com-
bined Investment totals more than
$6,000,000 were called to order by tha
gavel of President A. F. Flint Shoala
at 1 o'clock this afternoon In the I.
O. O. ; F. auditorium-Hlelayed . be
cause. of, the lateness ; of , trains.
These representatives standing
aside from the enormous capital In
vestment, for the fathers and chief
promoters of the recent amendment
to the constitution providing for bet
ter roads, wasted no time In com
mencing their program of deliperta
tlons and Immediately after the op
ening exercises, the matter of good
roads and other -legislation bearing
on the threshennen's' Interests was
commenced with a vim.
I, rrayer and Address of Wellcome
Doctor W. S. Seeman opened v the
regular procedure of business with
Invoking divine blessing and' Mayor
F. L. Meyers enthusiastically and
warmly welcomed the guests to La
Grande. His wprds were warmly re
ceived, j ' .? ' , "
The two day's session will be an
energetic one, for aside from inter
ests which they "represent Individual
ly, the association as a body has an
enviable reputation to maintain. Bar
ring none, the Oregon threshermen's
association la the strongest west of
the Missouri river. Measures which
: the threshermen have initiated and
j succeeded In placing on the statute
books of Oregon are being copiously
.Imitated. In the east and the entire
;Unlon Is looking toward Oregon for
pointers advice and example In good
roads and threshermen's legislation.
With such enviable records already
theirs, the delegates got down to
good hard business. !
Yamhill's Crowd Big.
Aside from the : representation
from Union county, Yamhill sent the
largest number of delegates, five be
ing registered In from that county.
Men of prominence throughout" the
state are here. The presidentSecre
tary, Phillip S. Bates, former presi
dent and now chairman of the execu
tive committee, Willllam H. C. Flet
cher of Coos, and several others be-)
ing In this class. . ' " . ; A
Anti-Han Law Attacked. -"
Less than an hour after; the con
vention same to order, a concerted
action to have' the bridge planklug
law 'stricken from the statutes came
into being and when the committee
of legislation reports tomorrow it Is
evident that this clause will be In
culcated Into the grist of reports. Hi
Chambers of Cove held the floor for
nearly an half hour and deplored the
fatal accident at Cove last year. In
cidentally he paraded the fact that
he had not been elected to the legis
lature at the last election, blaming
the fact to his being a member of the
farmers union and the Threshermen's
union. ,
W, H. Fletcher of McMinnville, was
one of the speakers on this Issue de
claring the law Is a nuisance. E. I.
Berry of Heppner delivered an In
teresting address on the useleasness
of the planking law. It is violated
continually and of no real value as it
is the structure anr not the decking
that gives in. President Flint drove
home tha fact that bridges are al
lowed to be too near the breaking
point at til times, and legislation to
NUMBEtt 37
create bridge inspection at stated
intervals was brought up.
Hi Chambers came to the floor
again and outlined hor he was de
feated for the legislation. ;
the "baoquet tonight at, 9 o'clock
at the Foley house will be one of tha
important features of the convention.
The "visiting threshermen are anxious
to meet more of the people of east
ern Oregon and the best way to be-'
come ' familiar Is around the festal
board. . '
Antl-Trust Law -FonghV
Tacoma, Wn." Dec. 8 In a letter to
a local newspaper today Mayor Faw
sett declares that he has information
that a fund of " approximately $50,
000' Is being subscribed by the Royal
Arch In an attempt to defeat the antl
treatlng ordinance which passed Wed
nesday by council. Tacoma saloonmen
are greatly wrought up over the
measure and allege that 75 per cent of
the saloons will be put out 'of busi
ness If the law obtains.
Girls Escape From Fire.
Los Angieles, Dec. 8 Eight women
students of the college of fine arts of
the university of Southern California
were driven to the streets in their
night clothes this morning by a fire
which destroyed, the college build
ing adjoining the dormitory. Loss Is
; New Altitude Record Set A
Eau, France, Dec 8 Aviator La
Oagneuzx, in a Bieriot monoplane to
day broke tthe altitude record, going
10,400 feet. It Is unofficial as the In
strument has not yet been verified.
' Returns From London.
London, Dec 8 With . 199 more
seats to be voted on the election in
Great Britain today! stood as follows:
Conservatives 206, Liberals 156, Na
tionalists 56 and Laborltes 29.
Protected by Cnwrltted law In Kill,
ingr his Wife's Assaulter.
Vlncenhes, Ind., Dec. 8 Menlo
Moore, the theatrical manager was
acquitted today on the charge ot mur
dering! Charles Gobson, a millionaire
whom it Is alleged by Moore's wife
assaulted her in a barn la which, ha'
persuaded her to enter by the alleg
ed statement that Moore would be
found there with another woman
Moore's wife was on tha stand and
testified to this and said she told Iter
husband shortly before the shooting,
which, occurred at the depot where
Gibson was buyfag a ticket Moor
pleaded the an written law.