La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, November 03, 1910, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Don't forget that we are the home of the
rr. elf CMAlir HDICT It is the one BEST FLOUR in the
Try a Sack of SNOW DRIFT Northwest Snow Drift waiaw.
eda COLD MEDAL for HIGHEST QUALITY at the AttP. Exposition
iminm bell phohe Waters-Stanchfield Produce Co.
Hot Drinks
Dftfrn of Carlo; tbe Drink HaMt
We are honestly desirous of curing
all who are addicted to drink, and if
you are interested in any one needing
Orrlne, we invite you to write us.
Our correspondence is confidential and
our replies are tent in plain sealed
envelope!. Orrlne No. 1, is the secret
treatment and No. 2, for those who
wish the vlnatary treatment, fl per
bo. Write for free booklet on "How
to Cure Drunkenness." The Orrlne
Co., 274 Orrlne Building, Washington,
D C. The leading druggists endorse
Orrlne. Sold in this city by Sllver
tborne's Family Drug Store.
Oct. 31, Nov. 2- i.
Want ads par. one cent a word.
Will Trade
for La Grande
Ou r 4M) arret of land located
Mnffi La Grande and BaCcr
City. 75 acn-s under plow, a
turc land. Wood water. Will sell
for $12.50 an acre or trade for
I.n ftrande rrojM-rly.
Call at
Office v
4 v.
5 Look After That Eve 1 rough
aW v
( Rainy weather will set in soon. We t
K have plumbing fixtures of all kinds. 5
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Oyster Cocktails
Beef Tea
01am Boullion
Tomato Flip
Both Speed and Effective.
This indicates tbe action of Foley
Kidney Piles as 8. Parson, Battle
Creek, Mich., illustrates: "I have
been afflicted with a severe case of
kidney and bladder trouble for which
I found no relief until I used Foley
Kidney Pills. I was troubled with
backaches and severe shooting pains
in the sides with annoying urinary
irregularities and a sense of Incom
pleteness in the act. The steady use
of Foley Kidney Pills rid me entirely
of all my troubles. They have my
highest recommendation." Hills Drug
Notice to Trespassers.
Positively no hunting allowed on
our premises. Do not aik for permis
sion. Blockl&nd Bros.
if you are not a customer of
Cherry's New Laundry we urge
you to give us a trial. We guar
antee all work to be satisfac
tory and will re-laundry any
article not so found or cheerful
ly refund your money.
We want to build up a home
laundry employing American
labor, which will be a credjt to
tbe town. We merely ask a
chance to prove that we c&ii sat
isfy you. Can't you grant that
Ail work called for and
promptly delivered, i t ji
There Is enough laundry work
In La Grande to keep a good
sized force busy and keep the
money at home. Are you a
booster for home Industry?
We are now comfortably
housed In our new building, Just
a few steps from Fir st. We ari
safe from dust and dirt and are
easily found if you want to
carry a bundle down town. But
we'll gladly call in our wagon.
Cherry's New Laundry
T7 T7 Y ni
S elders
Boy wanted to carry water. J1.5
per day. As?! to felenn Smith, ditch
foreman oa sewer construction.
In Imimr a conch medicine, don't t
afraid to get Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
There it bo danger from it, and relief is sure
to follow. iciilly recommended for
eocgLs, coldf and whooping cough.
Soo-Spokane Route
. EQUll'JIEM: Electric-lighted
Observation Cars and Standard
Sleepers, the most up-to-date
Tourist Cars and through din
ers. Through tickets to all ponts
east are on sale by your local
agent at lowest current fares,
Details Berlin Literature
0. M. Jackson, Geo. A. Walton,
Trav. Pass. Agt Gen. Agt
11 Wall St, Spokane.
Terra Cotta
Well Casing
Call or write
for Estimates
and Prices
John Melville
1428 Adams Avt
I!ariaia; XrBtraIp far Bfgia
Jif af Sew Fntrrmal Order Here.
Grande Ronde homestead of Broth
erhood of American Yeomen ru per
Btasectly organized last eight and
c Seers installed. The Homestead op
ens wita twenty-eight charter mem-
thriving little homestead for a begin
ner. C'f Deputy Yeoman McNapp
installed the officers and the Institu
tion la now In working order.
A Flea for Majority Bale.
E. E. Fisher, ex-mayor of Eaverton;
T. EL Hills, ex-state com.mar.der G. A.
B; Hon. J. R. C. Thompsin of FuaLi
tin. Tbeo. Pointer, George Stitt and
300 other legal voters and residents
of the portion of Washing a count
proposed to be annexed to Multnomah
have signed a remons:nmr. and atk
that the boundary lines j- not chang
ed. Less than 300 votis within the
strip signed the petit'oa and the re
mainder of the county is practically a
unit against it. Let the majority rtile.
All county divisions should be decid
ed by the wishes of the people offected
By not voting at all you give half a
vote or the measure. Multnomah, all
powerful, does not need one-fourth of
Washington county to further increisi
her power in the state. The loss of the
territory will practically ruin Wash
ington, which is already small in area.
We ask you to vote 339 X No. W. D.
Wood, Chairman ' Anti-Annexation
! Committee. Hillsboro, Oregon.
A Safeguard to Children.
"Our two children of six and eignt
years have been since infancy subject
; to colds and croup. About three years
ago I started to use Foley's Honey
and Tar, and it has never failed to
prevent and cure these troubles. It is
the only medicine I can get the child
ren without a row." The above from
W C. Ornsteln, Green Bay, Wis., dup
licates the experience of thousands
of other users of Foley's Honey anU
Tar. It cures coughs, colds and coup,
and prevents bronchitis and T)n?'iir.o-
Want Meat Inspectors.
Washington, Nov. 2 Uncle Sam's
Bureau of Animal Industry is in need
of a number of men competent to serve
a1) meat inspectors and examination of
applicants for the Jobs will be held to
day In various cities. All of the tests
will be held in western cities, with thj;
exception of an examination at New
Haven, Conn. i
No applicant for this post will be
considered except he has had at least
j five years' experience In the packing
curing or canning of meats and can
, give satisfactory assurance of such
training, besides answering a host
of questions of a practical nature
men wno nave Deen employed as
butchers or meat cutters or in weigh
ing or clerical work at packing houses
will not be considered.
Why She Was Silent.
A very silent old woman was once
nskod why it was she had so little to
say. She replied that when she was
a yountf frirl she was very ill and could
not talk for a bins time, whereupon
she made a vow that if speech were
given her otu e more she would never
again say anything unkind of any
body. And thus she was as they found
her. Exchange.
Thi Soft Question.
Mrs. Nuwcd, Sr. (to son after fam
U7 ja:-; Dou't fori;:, aoa, tlmi "a soft
answer turm-th away wrath." Mr.
Nuwcd. Jr.-Well, I know a soft ques
tion of mine brought a lot of it on
me. Smart Set.
A Sotable Care.
Justis Warner, LaFayette, Tn.. was
completely cured after two years of
sufferisg. "My kidneys and bladder
bothered me severely for two years
making me suffer intensely. My kid
neys were weak and sluggish hile in
my bladder there was const nt mis-j
ery. I was run down, tired very easily J
and anoetlte noor. Four bottle ot Ko-I
ley Kidney Pills cured me completely.
My appetitie is restored, I sleep rest
fuily and feel stronger and health
ier than ever before. I gladly r-cotn-men
Foley Kdney Pills." HiU's Drug
Good Attractions ext Week.
Manager Steward announces that
after the sample last Tuesday even
ing of high priced attractions he
will present this season the next of
fering, though much less in price
of admission, will be equally as merl
torous. He figures that Miss Winston from
(he criticisms is in every way as fine
an attraction as any that will come
SHINING Fruits, Cigars, Can
PAPI HOC dies, Tobacco
TflRLmyj I TomKapella,ftop.
Next Door to Electric Light Office
Y : 1
TheGeorge Palmer
We solicit your orders for Shingles, Rubberoid RooVng
Deadening Felt, Building Paper.
We are prepared to furnish and deliver material,
promptly. Phone Main 8.
B ?H4WK y I
H I . i I
Qrandview ,
Is now
This will be the most sightly addition of La rande. " f
The only addition to La Grande wila building restrictions.;
The lots are large nearly a full acre in each lot
We are going to set out some nice apple and cherry trees
- s; on each lot v
Wa are going to mak e the prices reasonable, and moat fav
orable terms. No in terest No taxes.
Coma to our office and look at the plat, then get into our
Htrannhlla .n4 lout tk rn4-
. La Grande Investment Co. .7
Owners, La Grande, Oregon
tc his house If the patrons will com
pare with, unbiased judgment
Miss Winston holds the reputation
as the best leading; woman now touring
on the west coast and feels positive
that he will please the patrons and re
ceive their hearty support by book
ing only such companies as have
"made good" in the other cities.
Miss Winston will onn an en fo
ment for one week next Monday ev
ening in a comedy entitled The Grey
Dove. The characters are said to be
exceptionally funny, the company well
cast and an excellent performance
assured. These facts are vouched for
by several papers in the many cities
where the company has played. It is a
pleasure to receive such reports for
nothing displeases more than to anti
cipate an enjoyable evening- at the
theatre only to find a poor company
in a poorer production.
The selection of plays Miss Winston
intends playing here is well made and
with the supporting company of such
excellence one may feel Justified In
purchasing tickets well In advance.
on the