La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, November 02, 1910, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Try a Sack of SNOW DRIFT ue
t Nnrthurvtt
ed a UULU MLUAL tor
tMWfor, beu phone
Hot Drinks
Desirous of Curing the Drink Habit
We are honestly desirous of curing
'. all who are addicted to drink, and if
you are interested in any one needing
Orrlne, we invite you to write us.
Our correspondence Is confidential and
our replies are sent In plain sealed
envelopes. Orrlne No. 1, is the secret
treatment and No. 2, for those who
wish the voluntary treatment, $1 per
box. Write for free booklet on "How
to Cure Drunkenness." The Orrine
Co., 274 Orrine Building, Washington,
D C. The leading druggists endorse
Will Trade
for La Grande
Over 400 acres of land located;
between La Grande and Baker
City. 75 acres under plow, pas-t
tare land. Good water. Will sell
for $12.50 an acre or trade for
La Grande Property.
Call at
None Such Mince Meat
in Packages
Tea Garden Mince Meat
in Glass Jars
'A . J
Look After That Eve Trough
Rainy weather will set in soon. We
have plumbing fixtures of all kinds.
Izzzz and sec 2: -
HlUHLdi iUALii i at
Waters - Stanchfield Produce Co.
Oyster Cocktails - n
B e idle irs)
Clam Boullion '
Orrlne. Sold in this city by Silver
thorne's Family Drug Store.
Oct. 31, Nov. 2-1.
Sotlce to Trespassers.
Positively no hunting allowed on
our premises. Do not ask for permis
sion. Blockland Bros.
When the digestion is all right, the action
of the bowels regular, there is a natural crtr
ing snd relish for food. When this is lack
ing you may know that you need a dose of
Chamberlain 1 btomach and titer 1 ablets.
They strengthen the duretive orinns. im
prove the appetite and regulate the bowels.
If you are not a customer of
Cherry's New Laundry we urge
you to give us a trial. We guar
antee all work to be satisfac
tory and will . re-laundry any
article not so found or cheerful
ly refund your money.
We want to build up a home
laundry employing American
labor, which will be a credit to
the town. We merely ask a
.' chance to prove that we can sat-"
lsfy you. Can't you srant that
All work called for and
promptly delivered.
There is enough laundry work
in La Grande to keep a good
sized force busy and keep the
money at home. Are you a
booster for home industry?
We are now comfortably
housed in our new building, just
a few steps from Fir st. We arc .
safe from duet and dirt and are
easily found if you want to
carry a bundle down town. But
we'll gladly call in our wagon.
Cherry New Laundry
Snnw limit lira c nwarrl-
Snow Drift was award-
tne A.-ivr. Exposition
"The Grey Dome" First Sight.
Commencing Monday, Nov. -7th, MIsr
Laura Winston will open an engage
ment at the Stewar dtheatre for e
v eek changing plays nightly. The
first of (he. series is a comedy, the
Grey Dove, a piece well calculated tc
please even the grouchy man who has
rot smiled in years. There is s
laugh in every line in every act, ye
absolutely nothing but good clean
J wholesome fun of the kind which
causes those attending the perfor
mance to go home with smiles and a
feeling jof good-fellowship, with a
. . ...
www, w ts otfbuu auvbuei evouiug
such companionable players. - w
Miss Winston will make you laugh
even if you never knew how before.
Her own laugh is spontaneous, whole
some and infecteous you Just can't
help Joining In with her see if you
can, Not only is Miss Winston mag
netic in her laughter but equally so
In her manner of presenting the char
acter she represents with such con
Bumate ease and naturalness that one
forgets it is acting, feels in truth the
character is a living, breathing be
ingand it la. .
In but In a eontrh mMtoTn Pnn't ha
afraid to ret Chamberlain's Conoh Rjmtv.
There Is no danger from it, and relief is sura
to follow. .Especially recommended for
coughs, colds and whooping cough.
Its Convenience
an d Economy
will Surprise
Let us tell you ail about i
light and Power
Terra Cotta
Well Casing
Call or write
for Estimates
and Prices.
John Melville
U28 Adams ve.
Humor and
9r VVfCAi ''ft. SMITH .
TF the average person worked only
when he felt like it the world
wonld starre before Christmas.
The man who Is miserable because
a black cat crossed his path Friday
always did hate, cats anyway, so be
excuses himself for bis superstition.
Marrying seems to be a religion with
some people.
The spider vYh trlwl seven times
In succession lau'i m it with the ex
ploiter who scents a rich graft t
Getting away with a He would be a
much simpler matter If It were not for
the numerous persons who are always
around keeping tab.
There is no more ridiculous spec
tacle than to see a slow, stupid man
trying to be a sport
The Book of Nature.
' At tlmea of books I weary,
For reading makes me full
Of twisted, warped ldeaa
Not ripe enough to pull.
And then I turn to nature,
Ttfl rtn bright in mnn
Or to the crowded city
I read the book of man.
The sprightly printed pages .
Present In full to me ,
A vi y nne Irtea
Of life as it should be,
But In the other volume
That men before me act
I get life stripped and naked
And as It la In fact
The very fine romances,
1 The tale of love's young dream.
May start off with some trouble.
But end with pie and cream. .
In life the paint and powder
Are very apt to rub. ... ,
The dainty little maiden
May finish at a tub.
Between the frames and covers
In fiction and In art
' Tou got a race oC people
Who live a life apart.
But In the book of nature.
Where truth on facts must wait
For all of Its adornments.
They give It to you straight
The Reward of Perseverance.
Where Is little Willie?" ,
"Alas, be has
gone from usP
'How did it
"He found an
old revolver."
"And he tried
to shoot it off."
"Tear '
"But it would
not work."
"So he tried, tried, tried again."
- Striking an Average.
"Why does a handsome man always
marry a homely woman?" '
"For two reasons."
"What are they?"
"One Is because he wants all the
compliments that come to the family."
"And the other?"
"Because he wants to even things
up." .
"Who goes there, friend or foe?"
"You must be one or the other."
"Not necessarily. Why should I bs
your friend? I can't borrow any
money from you. And why should I
be your foe? I don't owe you any
Little Else.
A London attorney named Else, rath
er diminutive in his stature and not
particularly respectable In his charac
ter, once met Jekyll. , "Sir," said he,
"I hear you have called me a pettifog
ging scoundrel. Have you done so,
"Sir," said Jekyll, with a look of con
tempt, "I never said you were a pet
tifogger or a scoundrel, but I said you
were 'little Else.' "-Westminster Ga
zette. They Felt Hungry.
She Well. Clarence, dear, the sit
uation Is not quite as rosy as It was
pictured to us before marriage, is it?
He Well, not all together so, love.
She-I wish-or-I wish- ne-What
do you wish, dearest? She-I wish we
had the rice and the old shoes they
threw at us when we were married.
He Lumped It.
"My coffee is not quite ' sweet
enough," remarked be.
"Well, If you don't like it, I suppose
you'll have to lump It," said she, with
a smile, passing the loaf sugar his
Fixed Far the Future.
Friend -Haven't yon named the twlw
Proud Mother No; we must be very
careful to give him a nice one, be
cause there will be so many named
after him when he Is president.
llice lot Squash and Pumpkins
Citrons for Pickling
' Vegetables of All Kinds
Hew lot Sauer Kraut and
Dili Pickles.
Swift's Premium Hams, large and small
" TheGeorge Palmer
Uim EDB (CflDo
We solicit your orders for Shingles, Rubberoid RooVng
Deadening 'Felt, Building Paper.
We are prepared to furnish and deliver material,
promptly. Phone Main 8.
For Joint Representative Union and Wallowa Counties
1 NoYninee on Democratic Ticket
25 years Resident Union and Wallowa Counties
Stockman and Farmer
President Farmers Union Enter prise Oregon
Two Terms Sherifl
Two Jems County Clerk
Supporter of Direct Primary and Statement No 1
Will work and Vote for the Interests of this District
Chrloads of perfect building material, cut to a
nalr, to fit like the paper on the wall, shipped dally
Our 5-croas panel $1.50 Door Is the best value
ever offered anywhere for this remarkably low
price, and It is only a sample of the many good
things and price-savers contained In our catalogue.
We own and operate our own mill In Seattle and
Send In a list of what you need and let us show
you in ACTUAL FIGURES what we save you.
We sell everybody and ship anywhere. Save
middlemen's profits "FOR THE CHILDREN."
i ;(v;j bb Mutt ai
i i! ;.
Is now
This will be the most sightly addition of La rande.
The only addition to La Grande wla building restrictions.
The lots are large nearly a full acre Id each lot
We are going to set out some nice apple and cherry trees
on each lot
W are going to make the prices, reasonable, and moat fav
orable terms. No in terest No taxes.
Come to our office and look at the plat, then get Into out
it r it . .
i-a urginae investment !Uo '
. 1 -.- 6 I.. . .... ...
Owners, La
1 ' .
vne price 10 everyooay
1 W -fO
sr.: f ' ri j r, ; t
w w
on the
Grande, - Oregon