La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, September 30, 1910, Image 1

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Campaign Platform of Republicanism
Vf ill Depend Largely on What Pres
Ident Taft has to say at His Key
note Speech, the Only Important
Speech He Will Make This Fall
Leajrne Meets, Every Two Tears.
palgn. "The ritual of tha league Is
the party platform. As individuals,
members of the leaeue mav take
part In preliminary differences of
opinion. After the issue has been
decided, the league member Is bound
to give his whole-souled Influence to
the success of the ticket.".
New York, Sept 30 A little .cry, a
call to arms was sounded today by
the leaders of the republican hosts
assembled In the metropolis for the
biennial convention of the National
Republican-League. It is admitted by
all that the army of the Democracy,
wnicb. seemfed two years ago to be
making la last vain stand in the final
ditch, bis recovered wonderfully and
has gain become -a menace. The re
sult in Maine and-6ther republican
strongholds 'bodes ill ' for the repub
lican majority In congress, unless Im
mediate action is taken to stop, the
A advance of the enemy. That sucn
steps will be taken by the league's
convention today and tomorrow, is
the declaration of the arouaed party
leaders It(.ls ' asserted -tharine
. herents of the 0. 0. P. policies .are ,
A0a a 'hut tleenina-. and that only
11V71 ww
a clarion call Is needed to turn back
the Democratic advance.
President Taft haa been chosen as
the man to sound the alarum and
awaken the republican sleepers, and
his address, the oniy qibuucuj ,
lltlcal .'speech he will make during
the campaign, is expected to be a
masterpiece. The President's address
-in k th feature of a banquet
Indians Observe Feast , ' '
Albuquerque, N. M., Sept. 20 This
is a great day for the redskins of the
soon-to-be state of New Mexico. It; Is
the feast of San Geronlmo, which ' is
celebrated on September 30 of each
year at the quaint and ancient town of
Taos. For many days the Apaches,
Utes, Navahos and Mexican half-breeds
have been trailing toward their Meo
ca In their annual pilgrimage to .the
famous Indian shrine at Taos, From
the moment a black-robed Indian de
Hvei a long harangue bt the assemb
led hosts this morning, until long 'af
ter the setting of the sun tonight, ev
ery hour will witness some Interest
ing ceremony or rite reminiscent of
a century ago. Fantastically clad fig
ures of braves and sauaws will flit
Vtfc mr -tfcltfc In wtlril llancM
while fleet footed warriors will de
cide" their supremacy in the annhal
foot races.. ' ;
- v-l ...
Duke to Return Home. A
New York, Sept. 30 After an ex
tensive tour of the United States,
1 IlllflU IL GIW
American Troops at Manila and Naval
r Fortes Also at Manila are now
Ready to Sail for Honk Kong and
Shanghai, Where tne seal oi me
: TrnnhlA Lies -Conditions are the
Same as Before Boxer Riots.
Radical Law Forbidding Gambling In
State f Nevada Great Wealth Rep
resented in Paraphernalia That Will
be Useless After Todaj Contrary
. to Expectation Last; Day Is Quiet
liames uose tanyj , . .
Duke Frans Joseph of Bavaria, return
ed to New York today and will sail
shortly for home. His trip extended
as far as San Francisco and other
coast cities.. He expressed himself
Manila, Sent. 3d A strong force of
American troops are held In readiness
tf embiark to Hunan, province of Chl-
"na, to 'protect American citizens who
are endangered by. a reported upris
ing of Chinese. - v J., i-
'' Missionaries Alarmed, i ,
London-EnKllsh missionaries In Chi
na are flooding the foreign office with
demands that steps be taken Jmmedl
to hope against hope that the new law
will be repealed and the stae of Ne
vada return to the "good old days" of
naushty devllishneas. but there Is
1 unall chance that such a dream will
' never be realized. V
Under the old system ' of licensed
Rambling, the city realized vast suais
frcm 'he f.oijrfsh'n , tndus'ry.- The
keeper of a gambling resort had to
P8y 100 Initial license for the year
am" a monthlv toll of S7a for each
ame. noker excented. on each rou
lette wheel! crap table, or faro layout
operated. At times when business was
brisk, some of the larger places bad
as nilfry as eight games going at ona
time Involving for each place so eqlp
ted a monthly fee'of $600. With it all
!t haa .been the proud boast of Reno
"sports" that the game here was on
the square, and this hs apparently
be n true of a majority of the places
Tli players have been given a run for
their money with the percentages, of
course, favoring the house. -
Today many places which have been
open since the Bret Hart days are
making their last turn. There Is . very
little playing, today although it was ex
peCted it would be a big time. A nnm
ber of games are already closed.
Tariff Revision to be Attacked In
Planks to be Adopted by the Demo
cratic Convention Roosevelt Comes
In for Tongue Lashing by Prominent
Democrats at Contention Roose
velt Himself DlssatlsSed.
as amated at the extent and greatness j ately to protect jugllBh subjects In
Tfinir rhftll and
Fnse Ignited and Then Put Ont Indi
cating Careful Plot
China, provinces of King cnau ana
Shangsha. It Is reported the condition
Is critical. Chinese are ready for an
uprising. i i
' Manna Fleet Ready. ? ' f- ;
Manila. Sept. 30 The Asiatic fleet
of the United State la. ordered to be
m rMfltness to sail aVonce for Pong
Kon and Shanghai. Ofjlcers art astir
hut wont admit the orders were Is
an from Washington. The situation
in China resembles closely that which
proceeded the boxer uprising. Socle-
ties are organized and it Is understooa
the nurnose is the overthrowing of
NaiiMiii dvnastr reinstating the
Mongol regime.
Chicago, Sept. 30 What is believ- Baker
which will terminate the sessions of ed to be an attempt to dynamite the
. . . iti (Via la . nnuAM 1 Da1mni . tha
ti. tm tniiaraTruin luul iuo i nnmR in mi s. ruimi . aiuivi ,
tne league. - - . . . . .
wealtnr socieiy leaaer, wa wauo yuu-
He today. Fred Waplenmyer, aged 26, !
o.r.t has iwrestled with this ad
dreBS.ifor many weeks, and that u
wUl elactly represent his ideas and
policies,' on which heN is willing to
sund or fall. Beyond all , doubt It
will be the most Important political
.... t,a vBftr. and will be
Is under arrest under suspicion of be
lne a maniac or plotter to kill a mem-
her of the family. He was arrested
on the norch of the house last night.
A bomb filled with nitroglycerin was
Meerlv'read and discussed through- found ln Ala possession. He rang the
h nUnn.and ln foreign lands
John Hays HammondoT Massa
..., la nrealdentf of the league
and will preside at. all the sessions.
President .Taff tops a list of disting
uished .speakers, which includes
some of the' foremost republicans of
the nation. WfllUto-- B, McKttley.
chairman of the Republican ' Natlop
Pmnmittee. will out-
bell and when the butler answerea
he told Waplenemeyer Mrs. Potter was
.Mr Th fellow hUnz around the
place and the : police, were notified.
Aftei- a struggle they overcamei him.
New Embassy In Berlin.
' Berlyin, Sept. 30 Uncle Sam's head
quarters in Germany, after today, will
h at No. 16 Rauchstrasse, In the tash-
ai uongres-iuui-i v"""""--' . .
line various phases of tne campaign jonable Tiergarten section o Berlin
. M ttiaa itph i .itAA a rrx naaaanrir nni tv ill av
9m nrtntfnl CT r(ILlK.l CDO. I tv a. o
Connty Farmers Anxious
Shake Off Contracts.
The farmers gave F. W. Gaines of
1'endleton another jolt -this morning
i yat fltrht in circuit court to f'e6
.hemselves of certain contracts undr
which Gaines' claims they must 1.87
him a . large sup for securing reduc
tion in freight rates on grain between
Buker county and Portland. A second
demurrer to Gaines' compiaim win
this morning sustained by ' Judge
Smith and it; Is probable that this will
be tne end of Gaines' attempt to make
this collection, as he has once before
been ruled out of court and now that
he has again failed to make a case ftt
driubt ho will not again be heard from
Baker City Herald.
Reno, Nev., Sept. . 30 For sale:
Hundreds of perfectly good roulette
wheels, faro layouts, crap' ' tables,
poker outfits and other devices util
ized by professional' gamblers to en-
I hln their natrons to' woe the fickle
goddess of chance.
"After today, all the gambling pliar
aphernalia within the state of Ne
vada will become only ao much use
less Junk, by act , of the state legls
itin.. in other words, Nevada nas
put the ban on gambling of all kinds
anil varieties and the new law will
be in full effect tomorrow. The last
stronghold of tne gambling clansJs
lost to them, and nought 1slet$ lor
the sporty Nevadan but to get runk
or a divorce.- , . -. '.' ..
When--the Johnson-Jeffries argu
ment of last - July attracted inous-
anda of visitors to Reno, the ; town
wan wide open and (hundreds of
gambling places sought to separate
the credulous tenderfoot from tneir
rash. That occasion was the last great
saturnalia of public gambling.. Reno
win become ' tame and respectable.
Reno's ireat white way. the most bril
Uant of Its size in the world, will be
come a thing of the past without the
.Miatance of the myriad lights which
streamed all night from the doors and
windows of the "gambling halls." City
improvements will also suffer, since in
the past' the money derived from the
eramlne- license enabled the City coun
cil to conduct municipal improvements
on a large scale. The splendid pave
ments of Reno streets and the many
other modern Improvements which at-
ra,,i th attention of the tourist
it H v .
were all nald for by the gamblers or
their victims. Many citizens proress 10
believe that the city will now go to
the bow-wows, but . public sentiment
generally favors the strict enforce
ment of the now anti-gambling law.
The events of last July provided Reno
nth 'ita last ereat fling at license
wickedness. After today, the devil a
saint will be, despite the protests of
those who would prefer to cling to
their sins. Some of the latter continue
President Taft Names Negro to Im
. portant Office In Government
Washington, Sept. 30-Presldent
Taft today appointed J.- E.' Napier, a
negro of Nashville, Tenn., as regis
ter of the treasury, Napier's signa
ture hereafter will appear on the
new currency. .
Additional Sektlng Capacity Ordered
for Convenience of Guests. ,
. Rochester. N. Y.. Sept 3d-Charles
Murphy, democratic boss of New York (
and Judge Alton Parker, temporary '
chairman of the democratic state con
vention and Chairman Dlx, of tthe .
state central' committee, carefully -conferred
today on the chief plan of '
the platform. Planks on the Payne
Urlff bill and high cost of. living,
and other national lssuea will be the
strong arraignments, of the republican
party. The tariff plank will be partlc-'
ularly radical It la said. As it could
not agree on a candidate for governor. r
the convention adjourned until to-r
night, f;'-.-. "--: . ; ; -p "v
Herbert Btasell, permanent " chair
man of he coaTfaiitlon stltlvour dutxr
Is to present the. plain facts. I do not
believe the people's attention will be
diverted by claptrap tumultously relt- -erate
by an uniquely Interesting Hon
hunter who lathe wiles of Africa,
seems to have been able to forget his
share of the responsibility for a car
nival of extravagancre And dishonor
in tariff revision." . J.
Pendleton, Sept; 30--Special trains
are today pouring in visitors from all
parts of the northwest who came to
witness the second day of the north
west round up. To care for visitors Is
becoming a problem. All , hotels are
full and private homes are now being
thrown open. This afternoon carpen
ters completed arrangements so that
fully two thousand more persons can
be seated in the stadium where , the
cowboys performed. The show is un
doubtedly a success. . , ' '.'.:.
dent Sherman will also speak. Nich
olas Longworth, of Ohio. Is expected
to announce some of his distlng
Ailohed father-in-law' policies In hlB
home in the future. The lease on tne
Aia rnlted States embassy at No. 68
Unter den Linden expires today, and
official nossesslon of the Rauchstrasse
building will be taken tomorrow. The
1 ' r'i, rt,iipnn League n0w hntn of the ambassador Is a com
meets every two years and its ses- mod0Us. three-story sructurev and
sions always have an . important win aff0rd room under one roof lor
bearing on the campaign.' The the office' of the embassy, the prl-
league'haa played an Important quarters .oi t the sadorjud
in all congressional and presiaeuwa, u, Bl0rinK oi tuo ' L " Vt.nd.
campaigns since 1896. orga- ,The new embassy bdlding stand
nized the young Voters of the aloof from . other 'ta
trv 1b a "Drosnerlty crusaae.- nwnw- anguiar dil i --
vetULcTcortelyou and other bonnded by Drake., an' Corneliu
ISTW.1""" the most streets. If ta surrounded by .ma 1
acte and enthusiasUc worker, of but well laid oul : ground, and over
the league The organization has at looks the river Spree. Although the
an S been fcapt free from fac- embassy does not compare in magni-
1 Tn feud., and has worked on- flcence with the t ja,
,y ,or the access of the party at Bador. of European PH
polls. No distinction is mane oe- an impwTtuwui: i-
Can nenuquoi icid iu
Great Vanderbllt Race.
New York, Sept. '30 Out on Long
Island today the drivers entered In
the Vanderbllt contest are engaged in
the final practice for the great mo
toring classic. A big field of starter.
is assembled for the race and the two
sweepstakes to be run in connection
with It. All records for number of
entries have been broken and with a
However' Admits Radical Planks ,
. Would Endanger Chances.
. New Yorkv Sept. 30 Friends 'of
Roosevelt today assert that he was
reatly disappointed over the adop
tion of the tariff plank by the state
convention and endeavored to have
the platform according to his per- r
sonaFv,lews. It Is claimed that Roose
velt acquiesced to the plank endorse
ment rather than chance imperiling
the party in November. It Is reported
that the Colonel asserted that a rad- '
leal platform in New York was a mis-
' . Roosevelt Big W V
Albany. N. Y. Sept.' 30-WlllIam
Barner. Jr , in an editorial today urg
ed republicans of New York to sup
port the state ticket nominated at,
Saratoga. "It was Roosevelt's con
vention," he said. "RooBevelt made
himself temporary chairman, Roose
velt dictated the pfatforra and -Roose
velt named the candidates." : a
Flaw In Picture ef MeKinley Will Help
to Identify It
: Mayor Finds Acting Mayor Has Cre.
at4 all Sorts of "Repairs."
tween stalwarts, stand-patters, reB
niora inanreents or progressives.
- 0 -
leaeue officially takes no pan
i jiiA.nn.oa et nnlnfon. but
mil i' II iiiiiri ciiv,vb v i -
acts only after candidates have been
named bx primaries, or conventions.
"All Republicans look alike to the
league," declared Secretary Ather
ton, in discussing the present cam-
Golf Team Matches.
South Hamilton. Mass., Sept. 4 30
Crack Golfers representing BoBton,
fcew York and Philadelphia, commenc
ed today the sixth annual contest for
the. Lesley, cup over the linns or me
Myopia Hunt Club.
Washington, Sept 30 Circulars
warning banks . and people against
a counterfeit ten dollar bill are being
ant nut hv the secret ssrvice. The
wn u s national note on the Pas
adena California national bank. It has
a portarlt of MeKinley on it A bad
break on MeKinley'. left shoulder
, will serve to Identify it.
Seattle. Sept 30 Mayor Gill re-
tn Seattle earlv today, after a
vacation, and immediately began an
investigation of graft charges against
the police department made by Act-
lnz Mayor Wardell. It is understood will reinstate Chief of Police
Wappensteln, who was discharged by
Wardall yesterday afternoon and also
filed chareea with the civil service
commlBS,lon charging the Chief with
gross neglect of duties.
favorable day, it is more than pos
sible that past speed records will go
by the boards. The track and the
country roads Included In the circuit
have been put into first class condi
tion.' !y ;7.
The course la made up or a por
tion of the Long Island Motor Park
way and the adjacent roads of Nas
sau county. The circuit 1. 13-64 miles
in length and the Vanderbllt Cup con
testants will cover it twenty-two time.
the race distance being 278.08 miles.
The big race will start at daybreak,
and all the hotels in the vicinity , of
the course are filled to tbelr capacity
with people who want to be on the
ground early. Dozens of special trains
will be run early tomorrow morning
to carry spectators from this city and
Brooklyn. Interest in the- race is by
no means confined to this section. Mo
torists from all over the country, from
a. far distant as San Francisco, Chi
cago and New Orleans have wired for
box and .eat reservations.
Great HUnols Fair.
. Springfield, Sepi 30 Illinois will
maintain its supremacy as the home i.
of the greatest state fair in the land
with the big institution opened here
today. The agricultural displays are
far and away the best of any fair in .
the United States this year, and the
management declares that the same ;
statement 1. true of nearly all the de
partments. A. no fair is complete thi.
year without an aeroplane meet, the ?
Illinois State Fair haa engaged the
i Wright brothers for dally flights. An
automobile meet will attract some of
the speed maniac tomorrow and, If
weather conditions are propltuous the ;
spectators will see a five-mile race
tomorrow between an automobile and
i an aeroplane. On. Monday, in a Wright
biplane, Hoxey will attempt to beat :
the world's record of 4500 feet.
Speaker's engaged for the fair in- .
elude William J. Bryan, who will de
liver an address Sunday; and Gov. ,
Deneen. who will speak next Thurs-'
day. Nearly all of the leading bands
of Illinois have been engaged for
the fair. . , ., t ,'..' ...