La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, January 28, 1910, Page Page 3, Image 3

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SoUce of Street lmprmetti
- Tomato Okra
Celery .
. Mulligatawny
Herbert Pattison
Every family hu need of a good, reliable
liniment. For sprains, bruises, soreness of
the muscles and rheumatic paint there, is
none better than Chamberlain's. SoM by
II dealer i ' ' -
Question Asked
when buying or
renting a house,
; the ONE ques
tion of the modern
renter or buyer
invariably runs
this way:
Is the house
wired for
saasssiBiBssssssssBSBBSissssssiisiisssss- -is--
has come to realize
that electric light v
is not a luxury
they want, but
a Necessity
they must have.
light and Power
.A A A A A A , V A A jk
To Whom it May Concern: Notice' LOCAL TuXATKLS
Is hereby given that la pursuance of a' O " - O
resolution adopted by the common VVvOvvOOvvO
council of 'the city of La Grande, Ore
gon, on the 27th day of October, 1309,
creating Improvement District No. 8,
and "designating 2nd street, as such
district, and In pursuance of a reso
lution adopted by Baid common couu-:
ell on the 18th day of January, 1911,
whereby said council determined and
declared its Intention to improve all
that portion of 2nd street, in Bald
Improvement district as hereinafter
described, by laying thereon Macad
am, the Council will, ten, days after
the service of this notice upon the
owners of the property affected and
benefitted by such improvements, or
der that said above described Improve
ment be made; that boundaries of Bald
district be so Improved are as fol
lows: All that portion of Second street,
from the North line of Adams avenue
to the Soqth J::i of Palmer street.
Notice la hereby given that the coun
cil will levey a special assessment on
all the property affected and benefit
ted by sifch Improvement for the pur
pose of paying for men Improvement.
That the estimated cost of such Im
provement is the sum of $6,660.00.
That the council will on the lit day
of February, 1911, meet at the coun
cil chamber at the hour of 8 o'clock,
p. m., to consider said estimated cost,
amnine levy oi saw sseatunt, wuen
a hearing will be granted to aay per
eon feeling aggrieved by anch assess
ment. V ", ;
"" La Grande, Oregon, Jan. 20th 1911. "
. OREGON.' '
By C. M. HUMPHREYS,' -Recorder
of the City of La Grande,
Jan. 20-31
Big Bill Tonight '
An exceptionally fine programme Is
billed for tonight and Saturday at the
Isis theatre. The management hag se
cured the beautiful "Edison film" de
pleting the great dramatic actress
Madame Pilar Morln In the emotional
drama, "The Greater Love," a story
telling of a mother's devotion to her
wayward offspring, ending with the
triumph of love over wickedness. A
feature of this number will be the
incidental music specially arranged by
Charles E. King, of the IsIb theatre.
Including excerpts from "The Lov9
Tales of ' Hoffman,"- "De Provenca'
and "Cacallerle Rustlcana". There
will be presented a "Vltagraph" film
entitled "Water Lillles," the story of a
dancing girl, introducing the equbIc of
"Anitras Dance" from the Peer Gynt
suit of the Norwegian compbaer, Ed
ward Grelgg, ' , r
"Pathe Freres" are represented by a
double film showing a French comedy
"Marguerite's Birthday" and a master
piece In photography and acting en
titled "Saved by Her Prayers."
; Orphenm Change Good. ;'-',
' The new change which went on 'at
the Orpheum last night has been de
dared by all to be of exceptional
quality and for lowers of a little vau
deville and moving pictures combined,
Mr. Gardlnier has a good number at
the week end. - '; ' " ; '-' .
would do credit to a professional com
pany and the finale last night was
greeted by hearty applause from those
ho dropped in whila awaiting the
basket ball game.
Comfortable opera chairs have been
placed In the auditorium so that it
has 473 excellent seats all commana
frig a fine view of the stage uv!
the stage lteelf will be- fit to repre
sent the quarterdeck of an old fash
ioned battleship and Uon this deck'
and in a scene carefully portraying a
ship in the harbor, this pretty opera
will be performed complete bot'i
evenings as a formal opening of the
new auditorium. Nothing that could
have been more Interesting- to an au
dience or more beneficial to those
engaged In it presentation could
havei been decided for the ODenlne.
for so worthy object as raising funda
for the purchase of pictures and dec
orations for the walls of the new High
School building, no doubt , the audi
torium will be packed both nights.
Don t. forget the date, Friday an i
Saturday, Feb. 3 and 4. and plan ta
go both night as It will be the best
local entertainment ever given in. La
Grande. . .' ,. ." , '
s -
S. A. GARDINIER, Prop, and U-
DeGrav and BeGraw
Par.tominical Ccmedy Acrobats, in Bumps Galore
Adults 1 Sets.
Children 10c!
Dr. Nolte, 8th. and Race Streets, Phil
adelphla. It will tell you about some j
of the wonderful results from the Or- f
Xotice for Bids.
Notice Is hereby given that sealed
proposals will be received by the May
or and City Council of the City of La
Grande. 'Oregon, until Wednesday,
February 1st, 1911, at the hour of 8
o'clock p. m. for the purpose of audit
ing the city books, papers, documents
and finances. . -: '
Bids shall be sealed and be marked,
"Bids for Auditing City Books," The
Council reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
La Grande, Oregon, January 20th,
1911.- , ,
C. M. HUMPHREYS, City Recorder.
Jan 20-31 . .'.' " ' ;
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that letters
of administration have .been , issued
by the County Court of Union county
Oregon, to Angus Shaw upon the
estate of Isabella Shaw, deceased, and
all persons having claims against said
estate are hereby notified to present
the same with proper .vouchers to the
said administrator at his ' residence
at Summervllle. Oregon; ; within six
months from the date" of this notice.
Dated this December 30th, A. D
... VrTTO OtlHTff
Administrator of the estate of Isabel
la Shaw, deceased. '
Dec. 30, Jan 6, 13, 20, 27. - ;
There ?,- Are Many; of You
That we appreciate your pat
ronage, yonr lojaltj and stead-'
fastness, tolly as much as yon
appreciate its help we have at
times been able to famish you,
goes without saying. '
HOWEVER, we want to take
this public method of thanking
you for past patronage and,
with full confidence that this
patronage will eoutinue, we
pledge yon oar best endeavors
-- be future as. you have had
".Jem In the past '
: Wishing yon an"lncreased
measure of Happiness and Pros
perlty for the year 1911, we are
Sincerely yonrs,
:; The United "States
National Bank,
The Oiniax."
"The, Climax" which comes to the
Steward next Wednesday is a simple
and pretty play that never falls te
make an impression on even the most
indifferent theatre-goer. It Is partic
ularly attractive to lovers of music
as the heroine is a girl, who has a
gonderful voice and has the promise
1 !
Piles Cured in h to 14 Days.
Pazo Ointment Is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching, Blind,
Bleeding or Protruding Piles In 6 to
14 days or money refunded, BOc,
The quicker a cold is gotten rid of the
less the danger from pneumonia and other
serious diseases. Mr. B. 7. L. Hall, oi
Wnverly, V.,savs: "J firmlv believe Cliam
beriain's Cough flemedy to be absolutely the
best preparation on the market for colds.' J
have recommended it to my friends am?
tiier al agree with me." For sale by "
dealers!-.-,.'; ,--- ..:.. .
rlne treatment.
"I ha vie had a remarkable case of
inebrlacy under my personal obser
vation. The patient drank heavily for
fietfen years and reached a degraded
condition, which caused the breaking
H ...
Give Orrine and Destroy all Desire for
Whiskey and Beer. Can be Given
Secretly. Try it at Our Expense.
We are In earnest when we ask yon
to try Orrlne at our expense. We will
glveyour money back, If after a trial
you fall to get results from Orrlne.
This Is a very generous offer. It gives
the wives and mothers of those who
drink to excess an opportunity to try
th Orrlne Treatment, It also shows
out confidence In the merits of Orrlne.
Orrlne Is recognized as, the best and
most successful remedy Che world has
ever known for drunkenness or the
so-caiiel Liquor Habit it is a very
simple treatment, can be given in the
home without publicity or loss of
time from business, and at a small
price. Read the following letter from
his wife. Every hope waa given up of
evw eaving the man from his strong
desire for drink, and only a motor's
interest finally persuaded him to vol
untarily take treatment for his dis
eased condition. It was my pleasure
to recommend Orrlne, your liquor
habit cure, and the treatment was
taken faithfully. This was two years
ago and the patient , Is now, in a
healthy condition and still abstains
from the use of 'stimulants. I have
sold Orrlne for a number of years
and have always found it to be satis
factory. I believe you have an excep
tionally good treatment for this dis
ease." ' ': :, v . v';
i . Orrlne is prepared in two forms.
No. 1, secret treatment.; a powder,
abBolutelely tasteless, and odorless,
given secretly In food or drink. Or
rlne No. 2, in pill form, is for those
who desire to take the voluntary
treatment. Orrlne costs only $1.00
a box. Write for free Orrlne booklet
(mailed in plain sealed envelope) to
Orrlne Co. 674 Orrlne building, Wash
ington, D. C, Orrlne Is recommended
and ia for sale In this city at Silver
thorne's Family Drug Store. v '
Jan 23 27
The Queen of Hearts Sells.
The Fugitive Biograph.
Who Is Nellie? Pathe. :
Finland ' : - . :
" - ' i '. .
Song Tell Me Once Again,' You
Love Me. ,, ... . ... . . , .
j n
3 i
Admission 10 cent
ladles desiring Facial Kassage,
Shampooing, Kanlcuring or Scalp
Treatment should Tisit the Paris Hair
Store,-:" :H:??..:y: :.':y-
Switches, Curls, I'nffs and Comb,
logs made to order can also supply the
trade with Hair Goods and KovelUes,
Massage ' Cream and Facial Remedies.
i is Wm
ii)9 fit Street . La Grande, Ore.
The Noted Clairvoy
ant, Palmist and Healer
gives life readings and J
advice on al affairs of
life, Past Present and
Future, cures all chron
ic and nervous diseases
without ; drags. Satis
The Climax Scene at Steward Feb. 1
of a great career. Her dream Is rude
ly, cruelly broken, and that forms the
big dramatic moment of the story and
Is told in a rarely sympathetic and
appealing way. Of course It ends
happily, but there is never a minute
when the play is not natural, absorb
ing and well worth while.: The char
acters are drawn with skill and move
in an out of a very buman story.
There Isn't a grain of trash In a sin
gle line of "The Climax."
Rehearsals Held With Good Results
Cast to be Strong One. ;
; The rehearsals for the comic opera,
H. M. S. Pinafore, which are being
held every evening in the new High
School auditorium are beginning to
I show the effect of the hard study and
faction guaranteed 1 Or gl application on the part of those en
- " ' ' . ' ' mj L I At I nttA.M n
as careful and painstaking on the part
of the director. Mr. Robinson. It does
not seem possible that a company of
students and amateurs can become so
nroftclent in the worda, music and
action of such an opera as "Pinafore'
in so short a time as is being de
voted to it here, bu.t the result of last
night's practice showed, conclusive
ly that with a few more rehearsals
both the large chorus and every mem
ber of the cast will have the opera let
ter perfect. The chorus already ban
no fee accepted.,-Call
ana consult xnis guveu
medium and healer at
once, she can and will
help you. i ' Extraordin
ary low fee. Office hours
10 a. m. to 9 p. m. daily
and Sunday.
OiSce and Residenco
$1423 Adams Ave.
v' r1 tyvsk-Vi1
30 -H. "P; 191.1, Clialmero
Just Received by Dittebrandt Auto Co.
Call arid Have Demonstration
Hudson Roa
dies the first act In a manner that