La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, January 26, 1910, Image 1

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S Plnchot, Taft, BaJUngeiy got.
mint et aU,fracas pat before the
C(gresional committee for 'bear-
Ink today Committee will gvto
'lrthHest In the coming summer to
InlPKtIint ',. .i 1
'OJII'.''K H
W'lshlngton, Jan. 26. AeWal )robleral years, tv'w)
lag i th4 tetnoaa BaHihgefPrnchrtt
cont oversery began todaf. .whed''L:
R. U avis, who was removed from the
offlci of'-chlef of the field division
of tl a land offl',byiPreldnt',Taft;i
was alleo" before the joint committee
of c ingress to begin his testimony.
It l notxecWa'ithajt airily eyn!f
denci wfllW olitalie4 tfcd Jl rf voi& f j
Bubnlltted before next congress.
The ' taking of evidence "will place
on record the most minute details of
the manner In which the disposal
of public land: has been made uner
the direction of Ball lnger, and every
phase of .the famous . Cunningham
Alaskan coal cases with a vast
amount of derail regarding the other
cases, closed,' proposed or . pending,
In addition to tearing evidence here,
Ah c6mnlttee4Willriaake f trip to
the Northwest tnls summer and will
6 to Alaska Where they -will tJ ' TaeQ tV n lT-y! r,rcult
go to Alaska, where thjy will afctf . f ep a laf , ; riL
ually investigate at - flrfit hand' thet. i -.V v it. ' S v
. .. .. . . In which both parties tried to be
charges .that the government hasi . , . ,
. . ; . . , . , ! separated. Both filed a plea for dl-
coal deposits.
Great public interest is shown by
the enormous crowd that throngs the
committee room and all the.adjaclent
halls, anxious to .hear a-word jof ' tlie
testimony or see the leading ;jpartl-,
clpants in the affair which, caused
so much 'confusion1 In high places'.- '
It is believed the Investigation
will proceed somewhat slowly at first
as the committee evidently intends
to go .into the matter systematically
with the purpose of clearing up ev
ery phase under discussion before
fasslng on to the next feature.
Attorney George Pepper, of Phil
tatfelpala, appeared as I counsel for
Gilford Plnchot The public expects
that Plnchot will appear In person
and gtv voice to his complaint
against j;h.e interior department and
the expression which led to his dis
missal akd that of his subordinates.
Glavls d attended by attorneys L. D.
Brandelsl of Boston, and Joseph Col
ton, of Blew York.
Inmate olf tenderloin dies suddenly of
heart disease yesterday.
The bdy of Grace Jqhnson, one
of the ' Girls of the row," making
her heat quarters with Mable Mon
tague, wtio died suddenly yesterday
of heart disease, will be shipped to
Port Tomisend, Wash., tonight by
Undertaksrs Henry & Can Word
from relatives of that town was re
ceived to da by wire by the under
takers, and the remains will be ship
ped tonight
The three states to elect United
States senators this year are Miss
issippi, Maryland and Virginia.
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1 Tl'hpieTerMlg baseball deals
talked about the. name of Charles Wj
Matphey,'wner bf the Chlcaao! Cabs
Is sure to crop nu He Has
rlHH VAt'H
0 ' i
Both sought separation
but were
foiled by today's decree.
.J-. IW- !
Orangq Mcbmber aid adiej M-
Omber bot 'bf.J'erry, must contlntte
to Uve as i!n" aAA wlfe following a
V a m 1 . a
Tufv;n uu i.uio buuio any, several
months ago, and recently, the gearing
was heid. In refjififtg togram,.legal
separation.- to- the two, th court
points oui..inaiuiey uvea xogetner
after (the iim.a that alleged cruelties
were practiced upon each other. Con
flde'able family matter cropped out
In the hearing.
I ... I Ko Bank FaIlBre.8.,
There has not been a single fail
ure of a national bank In Washington
and Montana daring the past three
years, according to 8. T. Wilson and
T. H. Luce, government examiners
who cover the two states. . -
Holiday la Australia.
Melbourne, Jan. 36. Australia's
national holiday, the anniversary of
the first white settlement, was cele
brated today as a public holiday
throughout the commonwealth. Bus
iness was suspended and programs of
uports. and festivals carried out in
all the larger cities and towns.
Sixteen Years In Prison
' Toronto, Jan. 26. Sixteen years In
prison for pocket-picking, besides
many short Jail sentences for minor
offenses is the record of Jessie
Thompson, perhaps the most cotoi
Ions woman thief In the world. The
woman : has Just been returned to
Jail for three months, after convje
tion of pocket picking.
Youthful Sailors Missing. '
Everest, Wash., Jan. 26. Much
anxiety Is felt here today for the
safety of a party of five young peo
ple of this city who set out to sail
on a pleasure trip yesterday In a 16
foot sloop and have not been heard
of since. A search Is being made to-
'day but no trace has been found, and
as last night was very stormy It Is
feared the sloop may have flounder
ed. ' .
Divorce Grn?;tM.
Judge Knowles today granted a di
vorce to James B. MtKennon from
Mary E. McKennon, on grounds of
desertion. I
a ffrr
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Higli Watc ..' Pilovcs Suck ' Big
fe'r' -Tliat
Hi:' S1
iParl8, Jan.,i 26r-Tt dawn "today
thousand of . ifieod' victims, many of ,
i .
dlvs.i were---Btandinc lmr iboudi iftnt'
breartlhea 'leading to -public kiN,
. . -. . .. -. '
chens. established with rellfe funds to.:
wmeh many wealthy
tTirlsana' are
Us i?
jjrhe city today is In I wretched
state. . ;!;,v
following the heavy rCll of isnow
lMt night, warmer .wea itr prevails
tcgay which is netting 1 1 j snow and
swelling the floods that ujp sweeptag
ddwn the. Seine. The F ika weather
bilreau offers no immedls w relief. In
dications pointed to mora . rain and
show during the day. Two hundred
thousand houses were rlq&dered un
inhabitable in the Inundated districts.
-Although the water jjstands five
feet deep in the basement' of his res
idence, Robert Bacon, tjnlted States
Ambassador to France, j in sticking
manfully to his post today. His
house, which is in Avenue Gerber,
is almost surrounded by. water from
the river. Its heating and lighting
facilities are put out of commission,
and telephone connections are sev
ered.' Y
People, are preparing to flee and
almost every citizen, with the val
uables he cares most for,! is holding
himself In readiness for any emer
gency. A situation of such terror
and anxiety has seldom been known,
except in the city about to .be sacked
by an oncoming army. The military
today was compelled to , resort' to
resort to actual cannoadlng . In their
battle against the oncoming ' flood,
Leading every county In the state,
including Multnomah, which for sev
eral years hjis carried off that honor,
County Cleijk; Ed Wright yesterday
won for himself the distinction , of
being the first clerk in the state to
turn the tax collecting roll over to
the collecting' department. The ev
ent proceeded by three weeks the
earliest tlmijl that the roll has gone
to the sheriff In Union county In
the memoryjof the present officials.
As stated the turnover was previous
to custom lb this county and also
outdistanced all other counties In
the state.
County Clerk Wright and his corps
of assistant are to be congratulated
and complimented on the alacrity
New state if Southern Oregon be.
, coming uiopular In sections.
Eureka, Cillf., Jan. 26. The move
ment to mawa a new state to be cal
led "Slsklyqu" out of 14 counties,
half In Northern California and half
In Oregon, Comprising the richest
part of the pacific coast, is growing
still more today.
Yreka, the! county seat of Siskiyou
county. Ut f.tvored for the capital of
the proposed commonwealth. Great
Interest Is being manifested here.
Another Xatl In Cook's Coffin.
Chicago, Jan. 26. Another nail
will be driven In the coffin of Ex
'Vi.Ji'T ..., . . ;-. ..
Parisians Flee
To save the little town of Lux from
'immediate i destryctlon the dyke was
bombarded and great holes torn In
' .
Its 'BtrurtnreH'lth cannon ""balls " to
Permit the river and swollen waters
to spread ever tRTsurroundlng low-
an unexpected quarter when enroaoh
tIng water made, Its -way toward a
great gas plant In V'e8t, Paris' Near
ly rte entire city"- uses , gas and the
supply la furnished .by this'' plant
for lighting and cooking. , V ; ,
.An ; enormous trunk sewer broke
at Cllchy . today, setting. loose'.' a Vast
flood of sewage which turned the
national road Into a filthy canal.
The entire city . trunk sewer is in
grave danger of collapse. Basements
In the city contain eight feet of wa
ter. ': . ;'-. . : '
. ';'; Fear Coming KIght
The Paills Chamber - of Deputies
this afternoon went into a special
"Calamity" session, following reports
that the city Is face to face with a
terrible calamity which Is feared will
result daring the night from the rls
ing watQVs.j.The towns ' of Nugent
and ' Saint Maur are completely in
undated. ,,-
. The cabinet this evening estimates
the loss throughout France to be
$100,000,000, with strong probability
that It will reach $250,000,000. The
Seine Is roaring In its fury and in
creasing hourly by a great weight of
water coming down on It from above
Paris. - Tonight It threatens to tear
out all barriers and send its -flood
sweeping through the great city.'
and speed with which the compllc
tde extensions were made this win
ter. It was the strenuous attention
to copying the roll on the part of
Mrs. Bull and Miss Anna Alexander,
the clerical force, and the rapid but
correct computation of the many
special levies and regular levies on
the part" of Clerk Wright and his
deputy, Forest Ivanhoe that permit
ted' the prompt completion of the
' Preparation and extension of the
tax roll Is a far more voluminous
and tedious task than many give It
credit for, necessitating computa
tions untold, and copying and read
ing that Is often discouraging.
plorer Cook's reputation tonight when
the Geographic Society of Chicago
holds Its annual banquet. Explorer
Peary will be the guest of honor and
will be formally presented with the
Helen Culver gold medal which has
been Inscribed as follows:
"Awarded Jan. 26. 1910 to Lieut
Commander Robert E. Peary, United
States Navy, for distinguished ser
vice In exploration and the first
achievement of the North Pole, Ap
ril 6, 1909," ,
Prominent members of the socie
ty declare that the Windy City sav
ants were suspicious of Cook's claim
from the first, and that the Chicago
geographers are the original Peary
Henry Mudge Is. the elected
president' of the 'Chicago, Rock, Island
& Taciflc rallrad, succedlug B. L.
WlnchelU Jof, Mudgc was formerly
second v'ce president of the road. He
Run auto back and forth over his
back te get results.
Tacoma, Jan. 26. Despite syste
matic search by the polite they have
not secured a chn to the Identity
of the" drunken "Joy Riders" who
early yesterday tried to murder John
Menar, a laborer. ,' After they had ac
cldently knocked him down Lemar
declares the driver then deliberately
forced the wheels of the big auto
back and forth over his prostrate
body twice despite his pleadings for
ntercy. -Then, believing him dead
sped-away leaving him lying In the
muddy street . '
The La Grande Commercial Club
has been asked to appoint delegates
to the "Commonwealth Conference"
at Eugene on February V and 12. The
matter9' will come at a subsequent
meeting. Ttfe program to be carried
out there by prominent speakers. Is:
ECONOMIC A Forestry policy for
the State of Oregon. . Procedure to
secure , the earliest and largest uti
lization of Oregon's water resources.
Program for bringing the Willamette
Valley under Irrigation. ' ' '
of the conditions of the
country life In Oregon. Organization
and agencies for publicity In the
public affairs of Oregon.
EDUCATIONAL. Invlgoratlon of
moral education In the publls schools
of Oregon.
Many Ln Grande fans will get an op.
portunity to see him first time. :
Tomorrow morning on No.-7, If
the ' train Is nearly on time, James
Jeffries and his ' following of ath
letlc stars will appear In La Grande
and many fond admirers of the big
fellow will get their first glimpse of
him., If the train Is late he will
come from Baker City by special
train. It Is thought the big show
will start about 2 o'clock, and not
later than 2:30. (
Aopsj 'ant;::
'VI i
" ' J.l? ii .1 ' '.Til"- .fVMfli'f "
v: u ; ' '' T
'. 'n. i -'..s.!!"; ;'I ,'ii:i:;:':t-5
Herninun quoted as saying Wnat b
the dirTeretice, ' Callahan' Baker -
, City attorney comes aearest tlelng
Urrnianu to frauds than any etl
-deuce- yet produced by1 the 'govern
meut attorucj. vd. v. n
rv. ..i.'Ki . ! i . .--ii m t
' ''i yi" tr(" " Hi .' lJl
Blngeri j.i Her- ui
mapnnwas"'oBected ' directly -with- "
the tT(owlic.!g tj.dt! Mays: and 'Jones' !litl
activities I tu school lands Iff the'Blue'"'-
MouItit';l885rve1Ifo'i,thf flrBt' Urns' a
today by,the -te8(lmdiiy''of Emmett1
Callahan, a'iBakef City attorney.'''' - -1
"Cailalian, '-whyi bothe vaboutfr'it."1 w .
Hermann is. quoted' as 'having ' said I:u'
during vthe conference 'ht'' Washing-' 1
ton iconcerhlng ' the ' Blue Mountain ' ''
reserve;" --i-::--)' , -v -..:
"It-Is only a ma'ttef bf Bome 200,- '
000 acres.: The' state will benefit by l" 1
the transaction ' as 1 well as a few !
men and these men are out friends r
and are . Oregonians," This In sub' " ' 1 -stance,'
was a conversation of Her- ' '
mann with CallahaK;as told by Cal
lahaa at today's trial. ' He contin
ued "by saying that - Hermann had
mentioned. JIays and O'Delb as being
two Oregon;, men who 'would benefit
by the creation of the reserve.
t" t. .-1 '! 'li-t,i j
High school beys will meet the 1. X.
" . A. aggregatleu eae smek
A double header basket 'ball' "game;
will be played at the rink next Frl-. . , .
day night when the high school girl'i '
team will play, the Pendleton Acade
my girls,' and, the boys from, the high.
school play the B. M. A., aggrega
tion. tFast and snappy games will
no dqubt result. rj; The local glrh
have put pnaajr additional ausJI-,
ties since the last game and should '
be able to- be "wlnhersr -' " - " r
f '- ' ' 1 i J V o
Lnnd Congress In Missouri
Sprl.pgad,-,., Jin. SeAreat
exposition ie'slgned Mo -"show"' the
world.the"possibilitles of the undo-
veloped portions of the "show me"
state, was opened ln rSDrlnttflelii to- '
day by the Mlltburl Yanof nd la- '
dustrial Congress. The exhlbitln
and the program df adlre'sse, have
been divided 'into sections' devoted
to mlalng, agriculture, waterways,
live stocky airylpg 'Vore.p.v-yirand
conservat'idtf,' poultry and fruits and
good foads and railroads. Gov. Had
ley and dozens , of r other prominent
men or the state will address the con- '
gress, which will continue through
three .days. . . . . .. ,r;. .,
AlthpugjJi Mlssourijhaathe Iblirth v
largest city in the' Union, andTlsoni
of the few states having thr cities
of more than 10u,00J;;' population,
large portions of the state are pra
tlcally tradeveloped.': ' Springneld Is va
the commercial center, of thjs great
virgin territory of ' Southern Missou
ri, and for this reason was jhosett,r
as the place for holding the big
congress. . '4,, ' ' ,'.'. t
ii. '. ' ,
i : "