La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, October 09, 1909, Image 1

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urn FM1S11
Farmers Already Discussing Policies For
fcxt Year's ExposWon
With a whirl of glory and :hie
ct Buccess in the ears of the pro
jtarlprs, Vnion County's 1909 faV
v'll pass into history tonight at mid
right when the fair, which has lie-m
unanimously declared to have bean a
stupendous, success will be over.
L'ven today tte keynote of dlvua
sicn' among the farmers, hundrelJ oil
whom are present, is, what will be
done next year. The public will de
mand and support a repetition of this
venture In some shape or other, tad
idans are now being laid for the cn
' suing year. - ' . . '
The fair, with all of Us buccal f;
the fruit of honest, hard work on the
pnrt of hundreds but more esyefla'ly
so on the part of the directors . of
the Eastern Oregon Agricultural ps
sociation and the Executive Commit.
ee from the Commercial club ot this
2ity, which Btood sponsor for thd fair.
The attendance today was not Quito
; up othe receips of yesterday and the
'day previous," jartly -.-due to the. fact
hat the local people who have at
tended day and night since the fa's
flpened, have not turned out in so
great numbers teday.
Among the , guests being present
those from Elgin predominates. Pret
ty girls and boys with heaps of mon
ey to spend have "taken in" the last
day of the fair. ;
Tonight the funpath and the am i ;e
She Fair She fair
(Jreat Sample eCne of
Now open for your selection In aUthe select styleshaving purchased our
we are able to give you values. .
Jur Coats
All styles and
beaver, coney,
etc .
We are especially strong in
We want to do It
Boys fjuits
B ly, we want to see you In our
etyllsh 'and durable clothing. .
Juvenile sulU. . , ,$15 to $5X9
Boys suiU $2i0 U $&0
Youth's sulU....fL0O te $15.00
ment "places will be conducted on a
larger scale than ever. Free enter
tainment is the order of the evening.
riay For Biff Prize.
LONDON, Oct 9. Captain Cod v.
the aeroplanist, has made his final
preparations for his flight from Lon
don to Manchester, a distance of ct-e
hundred and ninety miles, for a pri.c
or fifty thousand dollars which has
been offered him by . the Daily Mall.
Ths Captain will start today If tin
weather will permit He says that he
is going to adopt new tactics in aero
planing and will' travel at a great
height in order to avoid the earch
air currents, '
San Francisco Promoters Milling to
Fay Bi? Sam for' Marathon
SEATTLE, Oct, 9.- Tim McGrath,
the promoter of the $10,000 marathon
fWJohylll be; here on,,. Oct,
17th, received the following rroro
Jack Gleason the San ; Francisco
sporting man: "Will give you $15,000
if you bring StYves, Longboat, Hayei
Marsh, Swanberg, Wada, and McLean
to San Francisco." After the receipt
of this message McGrath conferred
with the local race supporters. They
agreed to let the men go south after
the marathon had ben run here.
- shapes, mink,
: fox, squirrell, '
Soys and tfouthf's Clothing
this line of our apparel! department.
' Just what you have been
wanting, the Military coats In
the new clothes, prices ..... .
$100 to $12.50
Ages 12 to 18 years.
Come before the selection Is
broken. -. . ;
V'onld Result In Br'-tcii? The Isf
lands and Home Country Closer.
(By Hazard, special foire.ipoudeat
for the United Press.)
ident Taft has decided to take a trip
to the . Philippines in . the summer of
1911,' unless' some unforseeh " situa
tion arises which will prevent him
from so doing. He also announced he
would make a personal visit to both
Alaska and Hawaii next summer and
take .particular note of the condition
of those countries, for himself.
His visit to the . Philippines, how
ever will be of far greater magnitude
than has ever been attempted by any"
former American president Taft ex
plains that he would go on a fa3t
cruiser and arrange beforehand ; to
meet a representative party of con
gressmen in the Orient and would
then proceed to the Inlands. He be
lieves that this trip would be of great
benefit to both of the countries by
bringing them closer together and
by causing them to arriTe at a bettor
CHICAGO, Oct 9.A. J. Kearns, a
F.urllngton engineer : was Instantly
killed; Kirk Eastman, Miss Fannie
Lynn, Edgar Miller, J. II. Robertson,
Injured, early today when their au o
mobile skidded Into a tree. Robert
son will probably die.
r Engine Arrives.
The engine and giant smoke stack
of the Nibly-Mlinnaugh Lumber Co.,
of Wallowa, were ehipped through
this city today, They will arrlva Jn
Wallowa In time to be Bet up early
in the week. ' v ' . , -'
She fair
stock before the prices advanced
i We carry - all the popular
I makes ot fur coats all lengths,
la all the stape furs. We car
ry especially a strong line of
the ring muff In the different
shapes. :,
You want to dress the boys right
CuniuUt Batted out of the Box Eurly
and Willis Goes n to Finish tti
I.oing Game Enormous Thrui','
' J'resent Considerably Large? Hum
lfblerday -Wagner Falls l-i jits
. Batting Today IMroit Slam Out
Mne Safe lilts. -
1 H IS 8 1 8 9 '
Detroit 0 2387 0 0 0 0-7
Pittsburg 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-2
ctoi ; a 3
I'itlFburg .'. . .... . , !. Z t
9. Before a monster crowd of 33,000
Pittsburgers and 6,000 Detroiters and
other miscellaneous delegations, the
Detroit "Tigers" walloped the "Pi
rates" to the tune of 7 to 2 this after
noon. Wild BUI Donnovan was Invin
cible,'''; : f.
- First Innlnit.
Jones singled to infield. Bush sac
rificed. Jones out sealing third. Cobb
out on grounder. ' ' '
Byrnes" walked; Leach doubled.
scoring Byrne. Clark sacrificed. Was;
ner fanned. Miller doubled, Leach j
scoring. Abstein fanned.
Second Inning.
Crawford fanned. Delehanty oui Jn
field. Moriaty Blngled. T. Jones' slnK
Ieu Schmidt , doubled. Moriarty
and Jones : scoring. Detroit rooters
wild with Joy. Donnovan fanned.
Wilson out in infield; Glben walk
ed. CamlU fouled. Gibson-stole Sec
ond. Byrne fanned.
.:; Third Inning. '
D. Jones safe on Byrne's low throv
Bush singled and Cobb walked. Pei
eharty singled and Crawford t filed
scoring Bcorlng D. Jones and Bush.
Willis replaced Camtt In Pittsbur-i's
box. Cobb on third sel fans wild by
ieallng home. 1 ' '
tloriarty walked. T. Jones forced
Delehanty at third. . Schmidt. Hied,
Leach doubled, Clark filed, Wagner
tor led and Miller fanned '
Fonrth Inning. '
Donnovan out lnflel l; D. Jones the
s;mej Busn ianea.
Abstein singled, Wilson fouled;
Gibson filed and Willis filed.
v Fifth Innitg. ;
Cobb out Infield. Crawford doubled,
l'e1ehart?l walked; Moriaerty fltrt
and T. Jones walked. Wfth bases f-ili
Schmidt singled, scot lug Crawford
and Deleharty.
T. Jones out steal'iig third. Dvne
filed. Leach out inoutflId, Clari out
it. field. J ' -::) ':'::(:.
, Sixth Inning,
Donnovan out ; Infield. D. Jones
fied .T.iush walked but went out steal
,. second.
Wasner safe on Donnovan's throw
to first. Miller Sacrificed. Abstein
fanned.' Wagner out stealing third
on Molarity's beautiful stop of
Schmidt's high throw. v
; : Seventh Inninir. ;
Cobb Singled, Crawford put Infield
Cobb out In trying to reach third. Del
ehanty tanned. .- -
Delehanty fumbled Wilson's stop
Fast double play by Petrolts elitnin
ated Wilson. Gibson and Willis fan
ned.' ' .' ..
CLEVELAND, Oct. 9. It is po":
slstpntly rumored at the court ho f ?
today that the grand Jury will indict
Tyrus Cobb, Detroit's "national ball
player during their session tomor
afternoon. The outfielder It Is chv :
ed, stabbed Wschman George Stan.
field at the Hotel Eurlld. while the
Tigers were playing here recently.
On account ot ths world's champion
ship series at Pittsburg th t :
Seattle Exposition to be Bun Several
Weeks Later.
SEATTLE, Oct 9. Post exposition
season wlll .be started on October 17,
the exposition running for several
weeks longer than was planned in
the ,flrst. place and , will be continued
during the time that the exhibit are
being packed for return shipment
The directors, are promising the
people -a good show . for a reduced
price. The admission price for the
extra season will only be 25 cents for
adults and 10 cents for children.
here allowed Cobb to leave the city.
It Is rumored that the Georgian will
be arrested when the rain from Pitts
burg, carrying the . Tigers iaiss
through the state of Ohio tonight.
SEATTLE, Oct. 9.-Flve prominent
busmen men of this' oity and of Ta-
coma, each In a digerent line of trade
testified before the Interstate com
merce commission today that the dis
crimination of the freight rates rom
eastern points had limited their ter
ritory to. the Columbia . River on the
Great Northern, to Walla Walla on
the O .R. & N.. and in some things
they could reach as far as Pendleton
on the Northern Pacific. -;
They also.5 alleged that there had
practically been no freight reductions
made to Seattle and Taeoma- from, the
east for the past twelve years. They
said that all the growth that their
business had was due entirely to lacnl
growth of the country and the Alas
kan trade.
KOSLYN, Wash. Oct. 9. All hope
of finding the entombed miners still
alive was lost today when the res
cuers found the bodies of Tom Mar
solyn and Philip Pazarlch. two track
men, , at the bottom of thelshaft ot
the Northwestern .Improvement Com
pany's inlne, where the explosion and
fire occurred last Sunday. The finding
of the bodies of the Vest ot the Im
prisoned men are looked for at any
time now. ' ,
Sid ; Macon of Summervilie , this
morning plead' guilty ; to stealing
aooui azt wortn or wheat from a
farmer near his homo and Monday
was set for tho day .. when sentence
will be passed. ' . '. '. . ', , .
Guy Hobson, Indicted Jointly with
Young Chatten of Imbler on a charge
of stealing cattle, entered a plea of
not guilty. Chatten made' good his
escape and has not been located, al
though the alleged crime was commit-
mited several months ago. , . .
Ralph . Atkinson ' plead not guilty
to the charge of. selling Intoxicating
liquors In violation of tho .local op
tion law. '.. :' ' ,
Wind Too Strong. 4 ,
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 9. With the stiff
breeze that Is blowing today the avia
tors here declare that there Is little
liklihood that a flight can be ' made,
3?ttch of Serond Team In Mneup
- Against the Elgin High SihooL
The Ii Grande squad went nep.iuat
the Ptiii ih' aibo l team this after
tioou, many of the ceond tearaa ink
lug turns at upholding the local
team's honor. The Elgin lineup is a
followsl :, ". . - . .
Glen Barnes, c; M. Barney r; LI
B.unes lg;. W. McCulley, rt; Hilgarth
It; R. Austin, le; R. Frazler, re; C.
Rhodes, rh; Monte Whitley, lh; O.
Scott fb; J. Henderson,' nb. 1
R. Morros, coach; Ben Shaddler,
Elgin's official; average weight 1 10
pounds. . '"
Eleven Entries Entertain Large and
Enthusiastic Crowd with Feats of
Skill and Ability In Riding L
Grande and rnlon Count) fs Best
Equestrian Ladies Represented 'h
' the ' ContestTlny Lady" CaptnirV
Third Prize win Darin r Ridln?
. Feats. V;':
With a real live Indian to act as
the Judge of the event, the contest of
lady riders was pulled off at 1:30 this
afernoon. Although "Tall Pine's" In
dian nature was with him, he" did
admit that he had a hard Job picking
the winners. The first prize went to
Mrs. Ed, Hall, second, to Miss Myra
Glenn and third to the four-year-old
Miss Ruth Hill. :
Tho contestants were Miss Gaskell,
Llllle McDonald, Ruth Gaskell, Little
Miss Ruth Hill, aged four, Mable
Oesteriing, Myra J. Glenn, Mrs, H.; W.
Riley, Miss Mifleld, : Grace Curtly,
Miss Edwin Hall, Miss Zoe Bragg and;
Miss Barteniess. ,
Each rider was made to ride be
tween the cheering crowds first in a,
walk, then in a trot and in a gallop.
Prior to the Interim of the decision it
was amusing to pass through the
crowd and "hear the vaiious winners
picked out.
Will Officiate at Both Masses Tontor
' row Horning,
Rt. Rev, Charles J. O'Reilly, bishop
ot Baker City diocese, will officiate
tomorrow morning at both masses, at
8 o'clock and 10:30. This Is the first
visit the Bishop has made La Grande
since his recent trip abroad, and it
goes wlthou saying that he will be
greeted by 4 large audience on this
occasion, -' ..
Winners of the blue ribbon in the
dog show were as follows Ess. C,
ters, J. F. Dordoa, Luellen Setter
Peter Biever; Eng. Coach, Qus Levy; '
Eng. Coach, J. A. McArthy; Great
Dane, Mrs. J. Taylor; Pointer, L. Mas
terson; Pug Pups, Jack. Rogers; Ja- '
anese Poodle, Mrs. . F. Fox; Scotch
Coolies, L. A. Russell; Fox Terrior-
(male) F. R. Brown; (female) Louis."
Smiley; F, W. Jolly. Spitx; Will
French, Bull Dog.
' Cocker Spaniel, Arthur ,'uu,,I' leet,'
second,".; .V',-V. ' -
Spitx, Sister Klrtley; Cocker Span
iel, A. T, I11U; Boston terrior, Dr.
Hall; Cocker . Spaniel, Dr, Richard
son. ;v .'.
Red ribboners were: J. A. Peare, ,
Eng.: Setter ; " J. A. McCarthy, - Eng.
Coach; Great Dane, Mrs. Eckley; Fox
Turrlor, Mae White. Dr. Pill. Boston
Terrior, " ; ;;''.- . ' ' ''vv :':''
Xarow Escape.
SEATTLE, Oct 9 Five children
were Beverely cut and brul3ed and
more than a hundred persons .mostly
women and children were slightly
shaken up when the Green Lake car
smashed the rear end of ft trailer ot
- ithe Wallingford Avenue car on West
Lake tressel. llany of the occupants
j had a very narrow escape from be-
ing crushed to death. If the Impact
had been a little harder both cars
would have gone over the tressel and
the harvest of death resultant from,
this would have been Blmply awful
as the trestle Is an exceedingly hlgli
one and the car were crowded.