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TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1909.
NU1IBER 209.
111 fOUM PLACES HIT IS Villi TO DIE till
t mait
Coe Will be Mecca For Farmers And
' Educators Next Saturda to Attend
pipntn Withicombe Prominent
Outsider Secured Yonng Unlver
gltr Timber Will Participate Et
erj Corner of County Represented.
COVE, une 22. (Special) On Sat
urday. June 26, Cove will be the mec-
ca for the grangers of Union county.
Extensive preparations is being made
t,v the local grange of Cove to, give
the visitors a royal reception; The
grove at Geo. Miller's home Is being
forked in picnic attire and the com
mittee's who have the work in charge
are sparing no pains to make the oc
casion a grand success.
All parts of the valley will be rep
resented on the program.' Mr. Ed
ward E. Jasper, of La Grande, will
ncAk on "Organizing the Farmers,"
and Mr. Robert Withycomoe 01 me
rnlon Experiment Station On, "The
Sew Agriculturists." Other addreses
will be Riven by John wens, 01 im-
Mnr. C. D. Huffman, Ben Grout, of
La Grande, C. C. Clark, of Union, and
.T. K. Lantz, of Cove. Orations will
be delivered by "members of the La
Grande and Cove high schools, and
.thi? Weston Normal school. Special
tnmlc Is being arranged, and a good
im 1s assured.
All farmers Interested are Invited
to bring their lunch, basket and at
At 5 o'clock this afternoon the polls will close and
.we will then soon know whether this Joke water sys
tem Is to continue In La Grande. Have you done -your
duty to your city and your family today? If
not, go now and do that duty. When you are asked
If you voted to ge't pure, sparkling water from snow- ,
r?.i rioUuUlua aua crystal springs, thereby making
the sanitary conditions in La Grande more cleanly
and healthful, what will your answer be? It Is not
too late yet Go to the polls now and show that you
stand for a cleaner, greater and better water supply.
The government has done Its part, now you do yours.
This is the last chance that we will have to get wa
ter from this desirable source. Do not let It slip by
as it has on a former occasion. The department. has
long since issued its edicit that tU will be the last
opportunity" we will have to get unadulterated waters
from Beaver Creek. For three years Uncle Sam has
held the water sheds and we. must now again chow
our appreciation for the boon. ,
pure water have labored long and
hard to get out a Btrong vote at the
polls today there is evidence of
apathy In most of the precincts.
Those . wlq have followed the trend
of voting closely, affirm that there
is only one precinct which is likely
to go Into the opting column and.
that Is No-4, the nQfiU 8ld.9. It 1b
said by some that there Is a little op
position there,, but If there is it is
kept quiet and little Is being said
openly. There Is no open antagon
ism to the new charter anywhere, a
phase of the 'question which has led
La Grande Is working In perfect harmony. We
have outgrown the day of petty Jealousies, i-Uques
and factions. . Not only are we working for the up
building of this, city but tor every portion of the
county. This was exemplified at the Commercial club -
imnquet last night when Attorney W. B. Sargent in , .
his address called attention to the efforts of the Cen
tral railway people to procure a road from Union to
Walla Walla whereby the Hill road might tap this
valley and the applause that followed his remarks,
certainly was a revelation to those who paused long
enough to recall the effect such remarks would have
provoked in this city a few years ago,
; La Grande has outgrown the past and fully realizes,
that her future growth not only depends upon r
own efforts but Vpon the general advancenjwut and
devlonment ot the entire county, and ijtands ready
to asslBt In the development of every- sectton truly
a new era has made Its appearance Rnd adopted per
jnanent habitation In La Grande, i . . J
WltucNS at Inquest in Elsie Si if-1
Murder ' Trial Breaks Down An4
Confesses That he Saw Crime Com
mittedDent - : i, .
Strangulation. With a Handkerchief
Two were on Intimate Terms
Says Witness. ...
all to believe that every precinct in
tha cltv will favor the charter. In
No. 2 and No. 3 especially, it Is be
lieved that the new charter will carry
with large , majorities. The trifling
opposition of the Fourth ward la not
likely to change the total vote.
With, less than 250 votes cast, ex
erted effort could defeat the treasure
at the last moment and it bhooves the.
city to be up and doing. '
The Votes Cist
At 3 o'clock this afternoon the total
votes cast stood as follows:
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In the annals of commercial his
tory ot this city or in the history of
commercial progression can be found
no entry" half so pleasing socially,
commercial or any other way, as. the
annual banquet of the Commercial
club last evening at the K. of P. hall
when more th.RU a hundred men, rep-i-
-Una vrv business venture In
the city, every profession and every
calling, assembled at 7:?Q to partake
of the "viands prepared for the Inner
man by Mrs. Grace Barrle, and to 11s
tn to. wit, humor and the audible ex
pressions of the braniest men In La
Grande. . Truly It was ah evening of
pleasure and of business profit From
the Beating of the guests to the bene
diction by President Collier of the
Commercial club, ' there was not a
hitch, not a feature to mar the en
largement of goodfellowshtp, but
rather, a firmer and more solid ce-
mentinir vf the business Interests In
this city. La Grande talent In' after-
dinner speeches, was heard at its best
Mayor M.-K. Hall was the first post-
grandlal talker to response to Toast
Master F. B. Currey, and In his UBual
expressive manner, dwelt at some
length on the virtues of the Beaver
NEW YORK, June 22. -Break'.ng '
down under the terrible examination
by the police, Chung Sin, a Chinese,
today coutesaed he saw his room mate
Leon Ling, strangle Elsie Slget, the
mission ' worker, to death with a
handkerchief la his room at midnight
of June 8. Chung say? h witnessed
the murder through a keyhole.
Stating he received many love let
te from Elsie Slgel, whose body
Uw Jound Jammed In a trunk over
I his restaurant, Chu Gain, the Chhia
man, testified at the Inquest. He de
clared he never made love to her, but
she made love through letters. He
said he was on close terms ot friend
ship with her and her mother. They
called at his restaurant, and" he visi
ted the Sigel home.
MADRID, June 22. A daughter :
was born to the, King and Queen ot v.,
Spain' today at La GranJa .palace..,.
Both -are doing well. - ""-v
; '; ; " - . . .
Starting on Tour That Will Take Htm
Through The State In an Auto.
;..r .'4 -.
: SAN FRANCISCO, June 22. An
ticipating a long battle of affidavits
before the second trial of Calhoun
actually begins, Heney has departed
today on an auto tour of the state.
He announced he would return as
soon as a definite date for the trial
was" set. ' " '
Heny said: ;'Calhoun. does no
want to go' to trial to' be vindicated.
He IS preparing a battle of affidavits
ventaintng' chaiges which are nnt
tipenly made in the newspapers for
fear of libel. Their fight Is to bet'
me for district attorney." "
Heney. was accompanied - by his
-wife'' and t)r. Beasl ". ' ; 5 ' k
WALLA WALLA, June 22. Entries
in the ocean-to-ocean race see-sawed
for victory and Jockeyed for positions
here last night. Ford car No. 1 which
was ahead in Union county, arrived
last evening 55 minutes in advance
of the Shawmut car, but had to
make repairs and Incidentally both
n.r. in the same garage. At
9:10 last evening the Shawmut pulled
out of the garage, but It was only to
find that Ford No. 1 had Bllpped out
of a backdoor 10 minutes before. Fit
teen miles out the Ford met with an
accident and had to send to Walla
Walla for repairs.' The Shawmut
forged far ahead In the interim.
ELLLENSBURG, Wash., June 22.
The Ford car No. 2 arrived here at
7:40 this morning.
( . .PROSSER, June 22. Ford No. 2
met with a serious accident here last
night that almost cost the leader Its
Identity. While filling the Unks with
gasoline, a bystander lighted a match.
igniting the gasoline. By strenuous
effort the fire was extinguished.'
No. 2 Leads at Yakima.
NORTH YAKIMA, Wn., June 22.
When the Ford car No. 2, still main
taining its lead In the ocean-to-ocean
race, arrived here at 2 ! 80 this Morn
Ing, the mechanic. Charles Smith, Was
asleep in the car. After remaining
two hours for minor repairs the men
resumed their Journey to Seattle via
Ellensburg. The car Is a fairly good
condition,' but Bert Scott and Driver
Smith are nearly exhausted by the
long run. - " ' "
TWO OF B6DIES "recovered
Om? Train Crew Mining And Tramps
Are Alreudj Doad
opENSTioiw 1 1 lim "Sy "
I . . . . ' ' l
. .i. t, j .! . .v ,i i- - v: 'i I i s I
in pi.miWit' Alllll' UTT
NU HtrHAN I SLAIN Itl Walton LegMature Will Have to
Aet Without Recommendations
"': NAVIASHa' ' June 22. Roosevelt I
las not yet satisfied his ambition to
kill an elephant, according to a run
ner who arrived here. today. .:;.
TACOMA. June 22. Attacked by
two colored women Sunday night, and
stripped of all outer clothing, MIbb
Nellie Wood, of this city, Is Btlll suf
fering from the nervous shock. She
was returning from her home when
two colored women sprang upon her,
and ripped her clothing, leaving the
sirl attired only In a thin underskirt
and corset cover.
OLYMPIA. Wash., June 22. The
report of the legislature investigating
committee was completed today and
will be ready for submission to mem
bers of the legislature when the spec
ial session Is called tomorrow. Mem
hom of the committee refuse to dis
cuss the details of the report Chair
man Allen said today: "The com-
win neither recommend lm-
Ulllt, . "
rhment of Insurance Commission'
r srhlvelv. nor abolition of his of
flo The renort is only facts dis-
mvcreA and it will be up to the
r.r,n and thn leaislaturo to do
the rest
Schivelr has been chargea
Jndge Halloway Holds Appropriation
To Be Unconstituti
:-J'- and Wr
SALEM, June 22. L. H. Mc.Mahon special., because it was limited to a
has won In the circuit court by ob
taining an order asked for restrain
ing the expenditure by the state
treasurer, and secretary of state, of
$100,000 appropriated by the legisla
ture for the construction of the high
way to Crater Lake. Judge Hallo
wrv rendered a decision this morning
I in which he holds the law approprla-
withltlng money was surely local as It ap-
anil WAR
misappropriating funds ot the state, 'piled only to two counties, and was
special section for special purpose
Attorneys for the state officials will
carry the case to the supreme court
Notice to that effect was served on
the court I The Judge takes the
ground that the tendency ot the
courts and this and other states
where similar prohibition exists. In
the constitution to place such a con
structlon on the provision as would
make Crater Lake appropriation un
, constlutlonal.
Wrong Train Saves Great Bulk of
Siher Coming West on Another -
VANCOUVER, B. C., June 22. A
Canadian Pacific express, No. 97, to
the toast was held up by five masked
men at Ducks, near Kamloops. this
morning. The men had evidently
mistaken the train for No. 5, carry
ing a large quantity of silver io the
coast When the error was discov
ered, the bandits escaped In a boat
in Shuswap lake, a large posse Is
pursuing. As tar as known, they
secured no -booty.
Al Stevens, formerly an engineer
at this place, but now of Portland,
is 4n the city visiting friends.
VANCOUVER. B. C, June 22.-Flvev "
men were killed In a wreck on the
Canadian Pacific at Notch Hill, near '
Kamloops, today when a wheel of af
freight broke ditching several cars.
Two bodies have been recovered, evi
dently tramps. One . train crew mis
sing, and two other bodies are mis
sing, they are probably, tramps too.
Creek, proposition.. He, was followed
by ; Fred J. Holmes of the M. & M.
company, who paid special compli
ments to O. A., C, affirming, that the .
call ot agriculture is far more impor
tant ' than any' other vocation and -should
be heeded by education of the
young along agricultural lines., .
Short but eloquent, and full of good
thoughts, primarily ' that the church.
Is the greatest Institution in the lU
Ing world, was the address of Rev. W,
8. Seemann ; of the Presbyterlaa
church.' : "
That perfect flow of eloquent words ,
framed , Into sentences that strike
home at every punctuation, the farm
of which has gone before Hon. WalMr
Pierce throughout Eastern Oregon
and still Is remembered by those who
were with him In the halls ot thu
legislature, was never quite so pleas
ing as last nght He pleaded for con
servation of the natural resources ot
this valley and dreamed over thq
Mlnam project, throwing considerably
light on that proposition.
A Chicago fruit man, c. M. vviimwr
oth, was a guest of E. Z. Carbine an J
answered Vir. Currey's call with,
promises that the apple mar111
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