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MONDAY, JUNE 14, 1909.
SEATTLE, June 14. The thtrd M-ek , Washington, the last owner of Mount
of the exposition .was ushered In. to- ' Vernon, drew aside the veil. Th ex
day with many features and a heavy J excises began with an oration on
attendance. The celebration of flat ' Washington by Prof. E. S. Meany, t
day was marked by a special musical the University of Washington. 'Gov
program, and Beveral speeches in the ernor Hay, on behalf of the State, and
amphitheater. v President Thomas F. Kane, of Iho
Another event was the unveiling of i Univernltv of
the statue of George Washington erec
ted near the main entrance. Amid the
Said to be Men. Who Flooded SoVth
; ' we8 Cities.
SEATTLE, June 14. The police and
the government secret service men to
day have under arrest here two men
accused of being counterfeiters. The
. . . . WED. , ... ..; .
Kumers Are Denied by Both The Prin-
j. final. V-.' '. ;
. L03 ANGELES, June 14. Despite
repealed denials by both the princi
pals, i rumors that Mrs.. LJUlan Ben
nett Baldwin, widow of .the late
"Lucy" Baldwin is to wed Dr. Leon
Elbeft Landone, will not be downed.
prisoners are Carl P. Mohon and Mor- I Lancfone recently achieved local fame
ris Ralston. . It is believed that they-
are responsible for flooding Seattle,
Tacoma.; and other northwest cities
as a student of child life and culture.
He smiled when questioned about
his engagement to Mrs. Baldwin, and
with spurious silver halves 'and dol- ' declared that there la nothing to the
lara since last March. rumor.
trains of music and booming of mor
tars, the Btatue was revealed to the
public when little Eleanor Washing
ton Caldwell, three years of ago, a
grand daughter of John Augustine
the address of acceptance for the uul
versity. ...
Tonight a reception will be glveu to
Ambassador and Mine. Jusssrand, ot
France, In the Washington Ste bultJ
ing. '..'. , .'
MANILA, June. 14. Entrenched in
a mountain retreat and defying cap
ture, a native sergeant and 22 Vlsay
ans, and a private in the Philippine
constabulary which mutlned at Davao,
Mindao Island, June 6, its making
efforts today to enlist the aftLof other
Phtltpinos In starting a revolt
A company of constabulary Is en
route to Davao today, following re
ceipt here of news of the mutiny, and
a company of the Twenty Third In
fantry Is guarding the town.
Reports are that an American
named Libbey was killed are unconfirmed..
1 reli lerian And Methodist Suiidity
Schools Bender Special Programs
in The Eienlng Baptist Program
Postponed Concert' at The Central
Church Services at AdvcnlKt Meet
it!? House.
Cirtij'H of Mr. Frank Bridges, a very
pleaBing musical program was given
in the evening, and It proved to be
very pleasing. The solos, both vocal
and Instrumental, , were especially
fine. The entire program was a cred
it to both Mr. Bridges' and the choir.
The program was published in Sat
urday's Issue of this paper.
At the Episcopal, there was no spec
ial services, but the rector, Rev. Up
ton II. Gibbs, delivered very excellent
The Seventh Day Adventists also
held services yesterday.
Children's Hay was fittingly observ
ed In the 'various churches of the city
er ;iiay. Special ' mttsft wan ren
' "vm! at nearly all of them.-and at the
I'vf-i-i'yterinn and 'Methodist churches
t!i'.' children themselves pave the pi o
g'::i!S in the evening, paying special
!'ii''U -to' the missionary s-idrit
BAKERPFIELD. Calif.. June It.
Almost every building in the mouu
fain village of Caliente 21 miles east
.f , this city, is in ashes as the result
of a stubborn fire wiiii U swept, the
town lale yesterday'. 3,000 pounds ol
dynamite in the Southern''' Pac-Uie
warehouse, -where, the. fire started, x
l'lo'?.il. .wrecking nearby buildings.
1 ho resiient'i wer helpless, and the
nxe burned itself or-t, 1 '
...WASHINGTON',' 1). C.i-.'ttno !-!-clariug
that the senate ii about, to Jj
"ono more favor for tha Sugar- Ti;Ft"
Senator Brtstow, of Kansas, today at
tacked the Philippine ' piragrnph tn
tne tariff bill. ; He said the paragraph
would give the trust three hundred
tons of raw Bugar at a prlej lower
than the one now prevailing, but uhs
amount would be refined, and then
sold at the same. .prlci that Is ob
tained from, the highs' priced r.iw
sugar. The discussion ol the sugar
question arose when Ablrlch culled
up the paragraph proridiu free trada
States, Several change wj adopted
by the senate today to bolster uu th
paragraph containing a clauso pro
viding free admission jf luanufacturea
of Phillpnihe products. '
SAN FRANCISCO. June 14. Attorn
eys in the trial of Patrick Calhoun,
President of the United Railroads,
charged with the bribery of former
supervisor Fred Nlcholsr In connec
tion with the granting of an overhead
trolley franchise, began the closing
arguments today. Calhoun was ln
licted .March 26, last year. The oN
'clal transcript of the trial contains
1,475,000 words. Assistant District
Ittorney John O'Gara, Heney's right
land man, opened for the prosecution
Mid made an impassioned appeal to
die jury to safeguard the honor o
'heir homes, and the. integrity of
.heir institutions.
He said: "If you are satlsiied that
be $200,000 received by Calhoun at
lie L'. S. mint was paid to supervis
es for votes, then you should, have
10 difficulty in deciding Calhoun gull
ty. .
O'Gara' continued:". .'"There Is noth
ing courageous or chivalrous In the
crime which this record shows. It
shows that Calhoun wanted a fran
chise for the operation of an over
head trolley. It shows- that the day
of the earthquake was a propitious
time; that he made a contract with
Abe Ruef; that Ruef gave orders to
his puppets, the suar visors, and that
without any consideration for the
'rights' bftrie"people Calhoun pocketed
tha franchise," went to his eastern
home, and the supervisors got the
money. The case resolves itself Into
two questions: First was a bribe of
ferr ' j Nichols? Second was the
defendant legally responsible for of
fering a bribe? The law does not re
quire us to show that Calhoun went
PORTLAND, June 14. A special
train bearing 100 members of the Cali
fornia Promotion Committee, the San
Francisco Chamber of Commerce, nnd
other kindred organizations arrived
in Portland on a special train at C
o'clock thlB morning and left at 7. 'JO
for the Seattle fair. The train is
complete ever run on the Southern
Pacific tracks. It is equipped wi'a
wireless. A number of 'Oregon batsl-'
ness men were plc'iod up alon. the
line and brought to Portland. Tori
Richardson, official t'jrtland boost".
Joined the party and remain wu'i
It until it returns to Portland for a
said to be the most handsome and fo hours visit.
Engineer Ed Carpenter, employe 1 on
the O. S. L., returned hoiin th!a mor
ning. , He came over to ettei.d the
funeral of his father. ,
Engineer Brown is takmg faro of
Engineer Holm's run during the lat
ter's absence in Spokane. , t
Engineer Budge Is ill today, and
his place ou the switch engine is be
ing taken by Engineer llelmlck.
Press Harrison, who has been jun
king student trips for some time, now
appear on the company's books uu
personally to' Nichols ami said, 'here, : a bjakeftLan. - .
Nichols, If you will vote, yes on the J jakenan''w,etet's plate, while he
overhead trolley matter I will give ' 8 n Spokane is 'being' taken by
the tone
Ing in Pendleton, visited
show during the week. -' ,
Conductor J. T.' Richardson, Brake
man Wetzel and Courtney,' Engineer
Frank Holm and Trainmaster J. !
Mathe'soa have gone to Spokane to ap
pear as witnesses in a damage suit- . v
Peter Orant, now running the eo4
tlon at Watla, has taken a lay off and
will go to the mines with Engineer
Martin King. '... ..- '..''Y.', ' ',
, Fireman John Daniels, stationed (t
Pleasant Valley, has taken an eaHr
end puBsenger run. His place In th
helper 'service', will be taken by Fl.'e-
man Hopple for a time.
J EjikId a",r is in the. shops for
geneial ovurhaulin.
you ?4.noo.' . The man who acts
.through another is himself guilty."
K- h iirevaili-d .both' In their work
8!,;: ''t'.-ir giving for the educational
fun l. , ' '
Th r,;iptl3t church for various rea
' , had 'to postpone their -program,
n v.-ili pive it -next' eveniisr;.
V. ti:. Christian chnrcli, uni'f
pnrsior.NT ok. kkuil ;
hi Li Tins io-:!Ni-r
W.l-lf.VGTON. I. (.'., Jin e .1 ; Al
fonso ';i:,i:n. i'iv.--.i'I nr. of i"'1
,!,-5 mornir,;, ifccrdlnrr to illsfan he;'
;ft:iv:.l :-ve I'ioi'.i th: Amoi icau mlr.-
'.LAsKAX t!KO;::pI.Cn.X; TOl'K
i t ;ii. i!l ikei-i);:ii'i(i!Mi ef Friends in
Crotuli-d Iffitcl t.isbtt.v lanh Search
Uf -'o '.A ltd Apprised Otirt-r ; f
. v-; :fi .Vi.i, U-Mcr r.iiii in The Notrh
- - V Tc ro' I'iii i uvh -tn ir; pectin .!
'; ; ( Year
. -i v
. : $2.00.
rot. 2tm. Br
We have a large lice of -iiev- liaiid b:u's that we.
-'ire going to sell at oi'je-linlf price and less.
liave displaved tliis lice of bagsontlte bis: tabV- iu
ur store, and have marked them "Your Choice lor
Two Dollars." Wliether or not you, need ci.c.-at
I'Vesent, vou cannot afford to miss this sale. Twenty
or more differtn kinds. Call and see them. ;
tions from California ami Oregon aro
hero. The line from yYed, California,
on main line of the Southern Pacific,
whs ''recently cuiiploted to 'Klamath
Firemen's Piiy.
NEWARK. K. J.., Juno 1. 1, All Hinds
c;f cjuaint.old (ire ffchtlng apidiancc-'S
' ' '. exhibit fd today in th! vara da at
t'ii'iiii', th'1 "on-.;iil hoipvc lion ot! ilis
' home of t.lM? As-sih lal-on of Ivx-i-mpt
Firc-nici). fV i-tticn from niaiiy
i. uiid ihoosands of oiii. r visitais
'were hc-re. ....
J'luiii (iurt to IVriVat.
H.'NTI.VG'iOX, June lis-h.'l'!u. n-' '.
j h:v. !!if-rini"r of ti li-;iriii c:.;i-
a long trip iu orT r to he tilint.icl by
the locals yesterday. It .wan ll'iu'J.ig-
I ton's game frcm tlie si art. &' or--! lo
liiukeman I.ocke. , , ;
Ferry Chiindler, hosttr helper,
hud his foot caught h the turut'tblo
yesterday, and hla anklo was quite
i severely, bruised. ' . , ,
Engine 109, email tor its sie, ha3
been brought up from Alhinu for voile
f.ralu Hervlce, . . ; ' K ;.
Mr. and Mvs. A. IJucUlry . left last
night for a visit to Portland.'
j; W. 'Kagan,' formerly lliat lie .v
hna couio buck Into the office for re-
lif work during ifce iubIi.
i t'ondiKtci!' Ilfir.-ilian !b on the .1
, -pli rtm in Conductor VVIsalblr'B pht ;A
while the l itte r has Conductor Ctadv'
run on iho main lino,
i Bralemnn Franlr Ray has heeii p c.f -
ii.,'it;d. M.ud ia ut jinwcftt on th' lot'
linjejed The Fair.
.Mr, and AIib. J. D. lleidtjurlch, who at
tended the opening of the A-Y-P. ex-;
position, returned homo " last night.
Mr. lloidcmricii sayB that he enjoyed,
every m Invite Of his stay, and that the
sif-ht of the airship alone was worth:
the expense of the entire trio. ,
('(.:('! " t.n:
llody Shiijied Home.
The body of Robert Erlcksou wa
shipped thia morning from t'he Usu
ry & Carr undertaking establishment
to Rlchvllle, Wabh,' The, younn m m,
whose age la; 13 J'nrs,, died of jmeu
incmiii at Hot Lf!V.e -Saturdny-; nisht
and ' bis . body wiia brou-jltt to' '
Grande Sunday.'-. Mrs. Katy Cilik.'.oi.,
mother 'of th'. 'd'.M'e.ici. -.';' i . '"l
1; AI-WllL. Calif. , dune. lt.
Chnnro. "a yoi-ur--rolnin? -en-
,-.o J' this .iiy, la- tdu rJjr.icin(j
the lino t..-:l acqui.--Lii n of u
j'.o;:i ti.e jii.ld minim ''of th''
ii- rtori'r. Through an-.ftc' id-int'ii
i-.g in the lobby of 'a "liotcd with
;.nn:;r in o:i AlusV.n 'iirof.)ec ting
ionri'Xii ' n-o, Chaui w;-s
i;.; -;i:vd ot tut' enormous, value of a
"i:'.m hx at;i- the'i!.' , .i ; '
lie ".; 3 Kilting in tlx;-lobby yc-ator-i
:r ' when Ciw Corn-liU9, whom ' be
j net recognize at fra naked for a
catcb. Kudb nly Corneliuu sav In
Chance his old partner for whom he
had been looking for a year to tfll
L'lim of th lucky vtrlke. Both incii
leave for the north today, to work the
nid Mrs. (Snidy,. now liv-t the bmiy .hot'ie, .
Ukt ( H Vcj: to :
.' SALK.M. ' June 'll.Tomoii'ow the
la ws, and iuuendwi.ts to t'nj Uv. of
i i: !;i.r . j-iriiu-i; !- ; h- 1
session , of th' la,st b-glsiature be
enme effective. Today in iho last up-m
lihiVil p'-ti'.i'iii n.:'i.v bri l.i.-ti for r"t'-r-r'i:y
to th11 -ot'i'- i u (.f the. t-'wc !.
menta of th special session.
mi ik
Mreitit ( (nii l.
The caso of V&r.u vs. Oliver went to
the jury at. 3 .o'clock thia afterrtoou.
The pofiseaslon of a cow was the point
at issue. As we j?o to press the court
the court is tnkliiK up the case of th
State vsi Kay and Boy Lav-T'-m..
c harged with larceny of b-h,.;, in
N'oith Powder Saturday.
KLAMATH FALLS, Oregon, June 14.
"Railroad Day", marking the com
pletion of the rst railroad into this
city, was celebrated here today with
speeches and other features custo
mary in such an eVent. Big delega-
Teach Menial Ileal In i.
BOSTON, June' 14. A summer
school, In which the devotees of Dr.
Worchester will be taught the great
truths embraced In the Emmanuel
movement, was opened today at Saga
more Beach, and will last until June
NocJ!es..' f.hutlls and Bobbin for
uui- i.j AH Makca of Sowing Machlneis.
j Furniture
if? sn
ra. ii m. cc. o' T
Plmpln. dnrable. automatic1.
Motliublf llui'ttiiiot. .
NotwUUutf. bltiosorcuit.uK Uiread.
: I.
' i