La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, February 10, 1909, Image 1

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. V . ' . M.MUKII 99,
Veil Known and I'oiiiiliir Young Con
doctor of TliU City Meets Griie
noine Death at Kami-lit When Ills
vl'ralii Wan 1'iiIIJii Out of Station
tiring Itcmalns to Im Grande To
nlghtVl nqucst by Umatilla X'oront
Eriemltt Hero Under Pall of Sor
row Arm nii(l Leg Off uuil Skull
A pll of Borrow foil over the en
tire city at 11 o'clock today when
news of the gruesome death of Con--ductor
John P. Donnelly spread like
vlldflre over the city. Horribly mutilated-
the remains of the victim of
the sad accident will he brought to
Xa Grande this evening from Kamela,
-where Instantaneous death took place
lbetween 10:30 and 11 o'clock this
morning, aa Conductor Donnelly was
boarding his freight train as it was
-pulling out of the summit station. The
fatal accident was not witnessed In
detail hv ny one, though John Or
snond, one of the brakemen on the
train. Haw his conductor (all, but from
where he was standing, 'could not see
the cruel wheels .'jrl'V tio man to
pieces as they virtually did. A Ka
.mela resident was on the other side
iof the train and when the freight had
passed, which was only a moment or
two stewed to where the Injureil
man ilay. A few nervous convulsions
w the only signs of life. Not a
"word was uttered, not even a scream
-i rum vm-aprii me uniortunutc man
Tlio Injuria.
When the train crew assembled
ubout the Inert 'body, It was trt we a
severely mutilated form. One arm
d, ."M.. IV -. vT T"t n.iV . N-
iy. Til. tikuifjihii' i'ate were crush
ed am! mutllnt.'d, though not hey.nd
recognition. The Injuries about the
head were unquestionably the fin me
dlate cause of death.
N'ewH Benelux jh Grande,
The grief-stricken friends knew on
ly a portion or the details, but to
make matters worse, were reticent In
Informing Mrs. Donnelly who, at the
time the news arrived, was downtown
shopping. By various .ruses she was
persuaded to return to her home
where the sud story was told her. Th
widow has the deep sympathy of the
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La Grande National Topixxl Million-
Dollar .Mark on February 5, and the
New Bank, Less Than a Month Old,
Has Irge Stun on Hand Splendid
Hceord for City.
One, million two hundred and eighty
thousand, five hundred and seventy
two dollars was represented in the
banking business in La Grande Feb
ruary 5, according to the statements
Jsut published by, the La Grange Na
tional and the United Slates National
banks of this city. With one bank
doing more than a $1,000,000 business,
showing an increase .of approximate
ly $86,000 since the last report, ami
one bank In business -less than a
The- William Jury.
. '8. C. Mann, North Powder.
v K. P. Staples, La Grande.
William Webster, Alice).
John Shaw, Island City.
L. M. Jensen, Imblcr.
M. D. Sanderson, Summervllle.
Henry Hill. Starkey.
I. L. Haller, Telocaset.
J. W. Rhodes. Elgin.
Ed Logan, Summerville.
M. AV. Huffman, Union.
L. A. Stringharn. La Grande.
wu sufficient
to. causu opinions
to be formed regarding his guilt or
Statement of District Attorney.
Following the selection of the Jury
the district attorney made his state-
I ment as to what he expected to prove,
j which in effect Is aa follows:
That after retiring, Mr. and Mrs.
I Buehler thought they heard a noise
I like hall; a little Inter they noticed the
something burning, which
caused the investigation that led to
the discovery of the fire which started
-i-u nun h nuor on j .
the next.. It iv, fa the foi . r.ait
odor of
under the house which Imllt ..r, n
The most Interesting case before the ,0Ile fouI1(latl,)n about thr.. - , ,
crcuu court rrom a ui uran.te stan.l- tll grwundi am, , whoh a
point M tne present case at issue. the;qUHn,v . ol . .... B,llnir. h: ,,
State vs. Joe Williams, colored. ' .!...... .
ueiemmiu lor some lime u-hh nn
cnargea wun arson, me Din ning of the j p,,m8lmt ,,,,., w(tn ,ne f .
Hilts-Andioss rcidence, on Fourth nrosecutlng witness. T. E. n..hl..r:
street, occupied at the time by Yard-j,ater mnre w vfw troub,B
master T. E. Buehler and District At:JBna th (lt.fndant was often caught
uoney D. ivannoe. t nere IS little prmv,lnif abn. ,hL, ..,,.. , ,uu,
.i any quesuon nut wnat tne House prolwrty had DP,.n ,,amaKfid ttbout tne
w BCl on, 10 certain con- Dlact,. that th. -,-h( hfnp t.
anions mat win come out in the trial. tht) defendant ,vai) caiIltht Ionfclnlr ,n
Joe Williams was immediately accused (ne wfndow and Mr Bouhpr went out
or ,ne act long ueiore tne tire was un- and ord,.r,,d hlnl away
v.... u , fendunt had made
InU'lnir Aaf m . I txwl a v.i I n 1. .1 . .
,,,""" " would get even": that the rtefen.lini
ao ihtiu uuuer fivvw uunus una in munv tini,ti i
. una PtiUfllirillH BIIHT
grana jury early in tne session brought .tm? flre to the rttee ,hut he ,md ni
n a true di.i against Mm. Beyond beon ou, of tno hmse th- evonn
". k" s--7 nor about the house for four or five
Knew ntt.e or the actual facts beyo id nlgMttl that the KtHte w ye by
u.e usua, run o rumors, consequently throe wnPR!,(rs lhat he wa goon
as an interestea are well known and
the general desire to see the defendant
lunlshed If guilty, and exonerated If
not guilty, umisuHl interest In this
case has been manifest sinve the fire.
Get Jury Early.
Contrary to expectations on biii
sides, the Jury was secured out of.'Jic
that she as never under the liot.s!
prior to the fire; the" opening under I
tlie was about the size of a ha't-
ninnow, protected with a do
of November, when he said he would
"get even." I never spoke to him
since last Thanksgiving. Denied the
question that she had received money
from Joe, in partial payment for cloak,
or for anything; never wrote him a
letter when Joe was In Boise, or any
other time; never asked him to assist
me in washing, nor to help in mov
lug Into the Lndd house,' which I now
ieU.j mm was preparing to move
Into, Just prior to the fire. Defend
nnt was employed by Dr. Molltor.
He.dlrcvt Examination.
Defendant often crossed our prop
erty in the rear of house. No fence
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that the de-
threats that "He
inlng toward the Buehler residence
from Mrs. Zuber's residence, which is
on a direct line from the fire, three
blocks away; that he was seen running
from tlio fire, und was seen standing
. Ill the street opposite the place about
10 o'clock; that a person acquainted
Twenty Thousand Acre Near Bandon,
Oregwn, to Bo Planted to 1-Yult
jrec inner Siierh islon of L. Ol-
dcnlM-iK Family to Move to Iah-h
lion on Coast,
were selected from the first 14 names
drawn out of the box. This was be
cause the Jury is drawn from all sec
tions of the county, and while many
of the Jurors had read the press ac-
month, the reports reflect a condition t,oun,s of the Ilre and the arrest of
m. j the defendant, owing to the absence of
(Continued on page eight.) definite facts little was said or prlnt-
witn his voice heard him about the
regular panel, and the entire 12 men pi(.mM(s
Our first showing of
iust received from
New York's best
suit makers
These suits will give
you an idea of the
style Tendencies for
We invite you to call
and see them. You
are welcome, buy or
no buy.
i 1
R nfaJ I
i- i . . .
ii! ,y
See the Sf
bee theroint
You Afe
the pants that gie
you satisfaction
Th sprite is
Statement of Defense.
C H. Finn, attorney for Joe Wll
Hams, only addressed the Jury u mo
ment, simply stating that In order to
secure a conviction In this or any other
case, the state would be compelled tj
prove beyond a reasonable doubr that
the defendant was guilty of the charge
illeged, and that the state would fail
i to substantiate each and every propo
sition made In the opening remarks of
the stHtc's attorney.
Upon request of the defendant's at
torney the court issued an order that
all waiting witnesses ill the case be ex
cluded from the court room during
the trial. '
Mrs. Btiehlcr's Testimony,
Mrs. T. E. Buehler, who. with her
husband, occupied one-half of the
humeri nrooerty vndl on ihr. vMtr.c;:;
( sttmd:
"Met ween 10 and I0:3n, I think, 1
heard n noise like shingles burning un
der the house, but we thoiiKht It was
hall. Later we smelled smoke. 1
then locked Into the stove where there
was no fire; I then looked throuuh a
knot hole In the dining room mid saw
the flames, and we gave the alarm,
and Hllempted to put out tlie fire. I
have been acquainted with Ihe de
fend. int ever since we moved Into the
house. He assisted with the moving.
II;- Wot lied for Mr. ;..,n -u.. Pilm..,-
nrqijeiiiiy when he occupied the other
portion of the double house; al
norked for Or. Moliinr. For the Inst
tno months he has hvn Instructed,
oft.-n, to keep ;uv;iy. mid ,,ld him if
he continued I w n.ld t. i: Mr. Luehler
and he said if I did he would get even
on me. I k,pt the door locked and
he tiled to get in; also attempted to
net into the window and went away
'swearing. I knew him to be about the
j house frequently during the night
time. T saw him looking in the v. In
dows; the first time I was In the buth
neon Lathing, about 10 o'clock; I
turned out the liht and he was look-
lug in the window. There were f.;-u i
similar occurrences. I report.)' urn
t) .Mr. Uuelil. r und other , ii I
saw tracks one night a' . t :Iie house.
These annoyances . iy occurred
about :30 or 10 o'clock, commencing
j about last Novi miicr and up to the
j time of the fire. I i-p.ted the matter
v to Mr t .lUWiu find' uk 'l film to rt.
I port the matter to thf police. The
fire started under the house which was
rf ot used by ns. The night of the fire j
I'heHrd an unusual nois" j
(M.-l-:amtnation. j
Nearly the Entire Buy at Salem Con
sinned by Senate Arguments Nov .
inal School QucMlon Takes Up Mueh
Tlmi Fate tf Weston and Ashland '
Schools In Hands of Committee
More Sulary Bills VettH-d by ;overw
nor Chamberlain Today.' f
Salem, Feb. 10. In the house re
port of the house committee favoring
one Normal school at Monmouth, and
to abolish the Normal schools at Ash
land and Weston, wai discussed for an
hour, Involving the whole subject sup
porting the state Normal schools.
Tho bill for one school was referred
to the ways and means committee wlthv
instructlons to bring in 'a bill main
taining all three schools as now estab
lished. !
The governor vetoed three more api
ary bills affecting raises of Clatsop
ounty officials.
In the senate Abrahams bill for
drastic Sunday law was Indefinitely
postponed by a vote of 18 to . N r
ly the entire morning was consuuv. S
In senatorial debate. . "
Management Sends Out Invitation fo
Attend Festivities.
Oregon will properly celebrate tho
BOth anniversary of the admission o;
the state to the Union. The formali
ties are to be held In Salem on Feb-
To manage whnt is to be the largest
orchard In the world. Is the. lot that
has fallen to L. Oldenberg of this city,
who is now In Portland doing prelim
inary work under his new employment.
The Lee Bowder & Co. corporation,
ports C. E. Moore, who returned i
from Portland this morning, has pur- ruary 15. under the management of
chased 6000 acres of land at Port Or-I the legislative assembly, and the Ore
ford, in the Bandon section, and wlllgon Historical society. The Observer
lease or buy enooirh laml to maim
ninuvHirugCB l,l"eriJl Ol Hn inVll&UOZI
20,000-ncre tract. The tract will be from the management. The commit-
subdivided into five and 10-acr tees having the celebration In charge
tracts for the market. Through rec- are headed by these:
ommendution from the horticultural M. A. Miller, chairman senate con.--department
at Corvallls. Mr. Olden- nilttee of arrangements; J. L. Carter,
berg was given, the management of ehnlrnmn hnn xnmmlllu nf mn.
ments; Frederick V. Holman, presl-
)D3 vnat estate, jie na signed a
four years' agreement to clear what
land has not been prepared for or
chards, und look utter the planting
nnd proper cure of the growing tree,
In the near future he will move his
family to the region .of his new loca
tion winch is on the seaboard. The
salary coming with the'dlstlnctlon, Is'
a lucrative one, also
dent Oregon Historical society,
Spokane Divine Sends Hearty En
dorsement to La Grande for Eli. ..
Spokane, Nov. 11. (Special.) "t '
His friends In take great pleasure commending Cap-
La Grande and Union county will bo tnln Ell and his lectures to any an I
sorry to have the pioneer fruit man all who would know more, and mwt
of this district leave the county, but of us know too little about the won
will also feel elated at his prospects. ; dcrs of the deep, or to those who en
' - (joy a good laugh. He has spoken for
us three times and the third time had
a larger crowd than ever.
Hciiey. the graft prosecutor, Is ill In "Whole Spokane is delighted with
bed today, suffering with grip. He is' his work. BEV. E. M. HILL.
Graft Prosceutor Sick.
San Francisco, Feb. 10. Francis J.
In a nervous condition, bordering on
'Pastor Jefferson
Spokane, Wash."
St. M. E. Church,
Should be pure
Should be fresh
Should be of right potency
Should be dispensed carefully
Should cost you but a fair price
Should be bought amid cleanly surroundings,
Everything at our store is as it should be. You can
place utmost confidence in our goods, and our methods
will surely appeal to you.
sv . .
. !
cross-examination she testified