La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, August 21, 1908, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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v'f"ii lywiwi i.wwp oRfwy, prttht. ror5T Sf, 1tO.
John Reeve of Union, came over
this morning .on the train.
Assessor II. A. Hug ent to Elgin
this morning on business connected
with his office.
Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Qulgley of Bro
naugh. Mo., arrived this morning to
visit R. W. Taylor of Alleel.
.Attorney Denham, who has been In
the city on legal business, returned to
his Elgin home this morning.
Ben Grandy. left this morning for
Elgin, where he will take a carload of
watermelons to Wallowa points. ,
F. L. Meyers, Dr. C. T. Bacon and
Adolph Ncwlln returned last evening
from their outing on Wallowa river.
, Thomas W, Ayers, who has been
visiting his sister, Mrs. A. A. Roberts,
returned to Pendleton this morning.
A. B. Huelat, who has been In .Wal
lowa county for the past two months',
Is expected to return home this eve
ning. D. H. Stewart will Join the excursion
111U VVOllilig ivl lu Ka ua atuj n
probably visit Seattle before return
Attorney D. Boyd, of Enterprise,
who has been transacting business In
La Grande, returned home this morn
l"K. ,
Mrs. Wolf, county superintendent' of
the W. C. T. U., left this morning for
Elgin in the Interest of her official
The lS-mnnths-old child of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Gelbel Is quite 111, and has
given no sign v of Improvement the
last two days. , -
Mrs. William Alllnson and "Mrs.
Fred Kiddle, left this morning by auto
for Summervllle, where they will
spend the day with Mrs. H. C. Rlne
hart. Harry Walters, the Island City ath
lete, returned this morning from east
ern Washington, where he has been
taking on brawn and muscle in the
harvest fields.
Mr. and Mrs. 8. C. Williams will
lfave this evening on the excursion
fyr the beach. . They will also visit T.
L. Williams and wife at Salem before
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Rlnehart arrived
last evening from Elgin and went to
Walla Walla this morning. Mr. Klne
hart la planning on a hunting expedi
tion into northern Washington before
he returns.
A carload of Jersey cows, en route
to the Wlllami'Ue' valley, passed
tfrough- this week. The dairy busi
ness in this state Ik outgrowing the
natural Increase for dairy stock. Sev
eral hundred head are being Imported
each year.
Fire Chief Joseph Jones returned
today from a trip through Washington
and a visit to Portland. He attended
the grand lodge of Eagles and visited
his daughter at Seattle. He returned
by way of Portland, to spend a few
day with his ton there,
i Mra. Fred Boch, who recently re
turned from the City of Mexico, ar
rived In the city this morning to be
the guest of Mrs. T. N. Murphy. Mrs.
Boch made her home In this city sev
eral years ago, where her husband was
In the meat market business,
Elmer and Earl Devore, two old
time friends of H. H. Thomas, who
have been looking over this valley
with a view of locating, returned to
tV lr home at Rock Valley, Iowa, this
morning. They were so well pleased
with conditions -here that they expect
to return and purchase farming land
tn the valley.
Jame H.; Rlnehart returned this
morning from Portland, whsrs hs has
been for the past five weeks, and went
on out to hla home In Summervllle. He
reports that his brother, Lou, of Tak
Ima, who has been very sick for sev
eral weeks, has recovered to the ex-
Ttt that he It now in Seattle.
Contractor J. L. Bitter returned to
Elgin thlt morning, where ha ha the
contract for building Elgin's ' new
school house. He expetca to hare It
completed by the tint of tha mostfk,
to It will be ready for school by Sep
tember IS. It may necessary to
postpone the opening day until Octo
ber 1.
Among those who are planning on
going to the beach with the excursion
tfnlght are Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Boh
nnkamp and son Lyman, Mr. and
Mra. Will French, Mr. and Mra. C D.
Ooodnough, Mra. Barrle and ton, Mr.
and Mrs. Van Buren, 3im Carter,
Wn. Leavitt. Mr. and Mrtk. Beckley,
Mrs. fteemann, C. O. Ramsey, Dr. Mc
Millan, George O'Conner. I F. Maa
ae, Mlsa France Maseee, Dr. and
Mrs. Monk of Summervllle, . George
Abegg. Mr. and Mrs, J. W. Whit and
daughter,. Mine Mte. Mr. and Mrs. 8.
TfS. Haworth. Mr. and Mra. C M. Ri
cher, Turner Oliver and Fred Halstra.
ilr. and Mrs. J. M. Berry were Cove
visitors today.
Mrs. M. Fanning of Pendleton, ar
rived In the city last evening to visit
her nelce, Mrs. Adolph Kewlln,
Mist Ruby Dial of Spokane, who
has been the guest of Mrs. Wlllfam
Anson the past two months, left this
morning for her home. ,
Terry Tuttle of Elgin drove Into La
Grande this morning with Carl Hall
garth, Who went on to WaltBburg with
Sheriff Chllders.
Dr. -and Mrs. S. W. Seemann will
leave this evening for Long Beach and
will be absent a couple of weeks.
Therefore, ther will .be no preach
ing services' at the Presbyterian
church the next two Sundays.
. " '
t Pretty Home Wedding. " I
Though attended by but a few
friends and only Intimate relative",
the Hutchlnson-McKennon wedding at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L, Da
ci T"!rrt --" mi,
a pretty and unique affair. With Rev.
S. W. Seemann officiating, and with
out escorts, the popular young people
were united In wedlock. The bride
departed from the conventional by
wearing a very pretty fashionable
traveling suit of attractive blue. Fol
lowing the ceremony an Informal re
ceptron was held. Light refreshments
were served In the meanwhile. The
Damon home was moBt artistically ar
rayed with sweet peas and hearts.
Bert M. Hutchinson came to La
Grande about a year ago from Wis
consin and during his stay here,, while
employed with the Amalgamated Su
gar company, formed many warm
friends. The bride la the daughter of
Mrs. J. Halley, who lives near La
Grande, and has a host of friends tn
her list, of acquaintances. The Ob
server la only one of the many who
extend congratulations to the popular
couple. Mr. and Mr. Hutchinson de
parted last evening for . Waltsburg,
where they will be at home at once.
Dr. W. D. McMillan. Red 851.
Finest 'traction.
Xxiatt " Specia- attention
a :-Hnir ... -t.fc BulM:r
At Urn SctiiIo.
Tonight's chBnge "t program will be
of special Interest as It contains a
pleasing bill of the heavy dramatic
and comedy. The feature film Is the
"Tragedy In Japan." Thia Is a highly
colored film, showing the costumes
and customs of the little brown peo
ple. The other number are entertain
ing and the scenic slides are Instruct
ive ae well at entertaining.
Central Chnrrb of Christ.
Bible school, 9:45 a. m., O. C. Flesh
man, superintendent; prayer and
praise, 10:15 a. m.; the Lord's supper,
11 a. m.; sermon, "Let Tour Light
Shine," 11:20 a. m.; T. P. 8. C. E. In
auditorium and Junior C. E. In base
ment, 7 p. m.; preaching service, S;
subject, "Some Evils of Denomina
tionally." Mis McReynolds will
sing "Face to Face" during the morn
ing service, and may also ting In the
evening. Special attention la called
to the evening sen-Ice. Tou will hear
something to think about. Rev. O. II.
King, pastor.
Identity by Dreams.
San Bernardino, Aug. 21. At a re
sult of three dreamt, effort are being
made by Mrs. Edith Williams to Iden
tify the man who wa killed by a train
near Vlctorvllle two weekt ago, at a
brother-in-law. She said her husband,
who Is an Invalid, dreamed three
nlghtt In succession of hit brother be
ing killed. She figured that the broth
er wat In the vicinity of Vlctorville at
the time of the wreck.
Department of tha Interior,
U. 8. Land Office at La Grande, Ore
June tO, 1908.
Notice It hereby given that
of La Grande, Union county, Oregon,
who. on June IS, 1998. made timber
and stone sworn statement No. 1071,
for EH NW14, Sec 12. To. $ B., R.
87 E. W. M.. ha filed notice of Inten
tion to make final timber and atone
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before the register
and receiver, at La Grande, Oregon,
on the Hth day of September, 1101.
Claimant name a wltnen: Hen
ry H. Brill, Lewis H. Rumelhart,
Clara A. Stoaer. Isaac C Holmee, at)
of La Grande, Oregon.
F. C. BRA MW ELI Register.
71 9-9-11
Ever on the lookout for features
that will. Interest t our readers and
prove of value to them, The Observer,
at the beginning of the season that
might well be called the reading sea
son, will Inaugurate a new depart
ment. In this department, from time
to time, will appear reviews of the
leading magazines as they appear from
month to month, and of the new books,
of which we are promised many for
the fall and winter" months. These
article will be written by Walter Fer
guson, and the first will be dovoted to
the leading Septemtr. magazines.
Ladles' Hot no Journal.
In fiction the September number is
especially bright. A new story ro
mance of theatrical life is begun. Tnt
writer is Louise Closser Hale, and the
story Is Illustrated by James Mont
gomery Flagg. Dr. Lyman Abbott
tell os what "money is really good
for," and John Corbin, who has been
Investigating for the Journal, haa an
article on' "What 'We' Have Found
Out About Telepathy." The last In
stallment of the "Mother and Child"
pictures appear, and one page Is de
voted to pictures of the American girl,
by C. Allen Gilbert.'
Besides the usual serial and short
stories, Munsey's for September con
tains several special articles, among
which that by Allen D. Gilbert, "If
Taft Is Elected to " the Presidency,"
will probably be the most widely read.
Many will be Interested In Uie account
of the home life of the czarina, given
In the article by Theodore Schwarx.
Morris Bacheller writes entertaining
ly of Andrew Carnegie, the Laird of
Skibo pronounced 6kee-bo. All the
special artlclea are Illustrated. There
are 10 short stories, most of them very
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at La Grande, Ore.,
August 10, 1108.
Notice Is hereby given that
of La Grande, Oregon, who, on July
29, 1908, made timber land entry No.
0602, for PE NEI4, EH BE, sec
tion 1, and NEK of NE14 section 12.
township 4 south, range 87, E. W. M.,
haa filed notice of Intention to make
final timber proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, Defore the
register and receiver of the U. S. land
office at La Grande, Ore., on the 27th
day of October, 1908.
Claimant ' names aa witnesses:
George A. Pierce, of La Grande, Ore.;
Peter Hogenten, of Perry, Ore.;
Charlea Farrier, of Perry, Ore.; Frank
Gabhart, of La Grande, Ore.
F. C. BRAMWELL, Register.
Department of the Interior,
n. & Land Office at La Grande, Or,
June 8, 1908,
Notice Is hereby given that
of Adams, Oregon, who, on May 28th,
1908, made timber and stone sworn
statement No. (0, for BH SE14 and
NEK SE4 and 6EH NEK, section
It. township I south, range 84 east,
Willamette meridian, haa filed notice
of Intention to make final proof to es
tablish his claim to the land above
described, before Jehn Halley, Jr., U.
8. commissioner, at Pendleton, Ore
gon, on the 22d day of' August, 1908.
Claimant names as witnesses: Win
field 8. Burnett, of Btarkey, Ore.;
Thomas M. Keller, of Pendleton, Ore.;
Frank Donaldson, of Meacham, Ore.;
Frank Ironsplker, of Pendleton, Ore.;
F. C. BRAMWELL, Register.
Department of the Interior,
V. 8. Land Office at La Grande, Ore.,
August 10, 1908.
Notice Is hereby given that
of La Grande, Union county, Oregon,
who, on January IS, 1901, made tim
ber land entry No. 0862, for 8 BE
K, NWK 8E14 and NEK SWK, sec
tion 19, township 4 south, rang IS,
E. W. M., hat filed notice of Intention
to make final timber proof, to estab
lish claim to tha land above described.
before the register and receiver of the
U. 8. land office at La Grande, Ore
gon, on the 29th day of October, 1908.
Claimant name as wltneaeea: Vol
ney J. Dawson, of Portland, Or.;
John T. Williamson, of La Grande,
Or.; Charles L Smith, of La Grande,
Ore.; David E. Cook, of La Grande,
F. C BRAMWELL, Register.
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coat, with corded collar and
game pocket, ............. .$2.00
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hunting coat with
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game pockets $2.00
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of the same mater
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shells $1.50
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A. B. Naptha Soap, 6 bar.. 25
ee4.e4-f 4
Notice Is hereby given, that pursu
ant to an act of the legislative assem
bly of the state of Oregon, approved
February 25, 1889, the following
county warrant wflich were Issued
more thanseven year prior to the
first day of July, 1908, but have not
been paid, will be paid by the county
treasurer of Union county, Oregon, If
presented for payment within 40 days
from July 1, 1908, and If aald war
rants or any of them, are not pre
sented for payment within 60 days
from July 1, 1908, they will be can
celled by the eounty court of aald
county and payment of the tame will
be thereafter refuted:
nasi HH, No. 1929, City of Union,
Class II, No. 1165, Ambrose Wright,
Class II, No. 1480, A. Wright. $7.10.
Class II, No. 1789, Steve Correy,
Oast JJ, No. 141, O. C. Horton. 27.
Class JJ, No. 947, J. E. Moore, 91.20.
Class J J. No. 1714, Union Etectrlo
Light Co., 225.
Witness my hand and teal of said
county court thlt 27th day of June,
A. D. 1908.
County Clerk.
Department of the Interior, .
U. 8. Land Office at La Grande, Or.
June 20, 1908.
Notice I hereby given that
of La Grand. Union county, Oregon,
who, on June 25th, 1906, mad tim
ber and ton (worn statement No.
4071, for SEK, Sec. 16, Tp. 8 8., R.
16 E. W. M., ha filed notice of Inten
tion to make final timber and tton
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before the register
and receiver at La Grand, Oregon,
on th 21st day of September, 190$.
Claimant names aa witness: Johf
T. Williamson, Adna B. Roger, Oscar
R. Coolidge, .Vincent R. Reeves, all
of La Grands, Ortgon.
F. C. BRAMWELL, Register.
Statement of the Condition of the
At the Close of Buila July 15, isng.
Tims, loans $ 77,844.00
Overdrafts, temporary ... . 8,844.78
Bond, warrants, etc .... 19,788.89
Banking house and fixtures 18,611.00
Other real estate 6,000.00
V. 8. bonds and
premiums ...$18,878.04
Demand loans $1,212.70
Cash and due
from banks .. 87,855.10 "
I per cant re
demption fund TI0.06 189.482.90
Capital stock $ 60,000.6
Surplus and undivided
Profits 8,718.4$
Circulation 16,000.06
Dividends unpaid .., 1,800.06
Rediscounts ' 4,800.06
Deposit and du to banks 179,076.87
Total $262,490.08 1 Total $202.4M.O9
We want your banking account. W art careful with sny business n
' trusted to ut, and our record for conservatism in th past is our best guar antee
to you for th future. NOT THE LAROEST, but 1st ut cenvinc you
. I that WE ARE THE BEST bank to do butmts with
The Farmers and Traders National Bank
Grande Ronde Lumber Co.
For 16 Inch Chain Wocd Dc Uercd at yo.r iicnic,
Call up . L BEAN, La Crancl.', f !:cr.e, u:d :r4l
.w4H -i4mi-. - 1