La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, May 01, 1908, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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.-Wow is the ti
Gome and get some p
'...' j- . ....
wm. niaas una an he t
Just received
They are first class.
Gall and see
They are nice jrese
Jtneutnatism comes Irian excess
""""""S inrougn the ejm acts as an irritant to the different muscles,
nerves, bones and tissues the body, and produces the inflammation and
welling Of the joints an Sham. CUttimr rjainft rhnrart.rLti. nf th. 4ia.
ease. When the blood isfcrburdened
.. uuic BL-rm, iiworer in nounsnmg qualities. Then Kneuma
tism becomes chronic, anfSt only a painful, but a formidable and danger
Jens disease. Sometimes i heart is attacked, the general health is affected,
and the oils and fluids wHi lubricate the muscles and joints are destroyed
by the acrid matter whiclpe blood is constantly depositing in them ; the
muscles shrink and lose fir elasticity, the coating of the Joints becomes
bard and thick, and oftefhe sufferer is left a hopeless cripple. S. S. S.
attacks the disease at its W, goes down into the circulation, and by neutral-
the pain and inflaramati
out 01 your blood so tha
in Constant tuin anA ml
e cold and
v. Book on
. r
- - - - i
j Mrs. Hattle McDonJ returned last
J J night after an exterid visit with
J friends in Portland.
. . - . . J - .
Imbler this morning- j attend a school
picnic, and will retui by the late
H. P. Oliver of LjGrande, arrived
In the city yesterdaj and will be
, here for a few days n business. Ba
. ker City Herald.
E. P. Staples retired to his home
In La Grande last emlng and will re
. turn to Baker soon lecause of the
,. serlouslllness of Mr Brlchoux. Ba
i ker City Herald.
Lou Ray burn, tra superintendent
for the George Pal: er Lumber com
pany at the camps, a me over from
Elgin yesterday aff -noon and re
turned on the mornlig train.
' A. W. Leffei, whl has been on the
sick list for seviral weeks, Is able to
take his run on thj Elgin train again
- and Brakeman Pane, who has sub-
stltuted for hlrs, has returned to the
' - main line. ,- '
. H. L. Andenon, a prominent sheep
' man of Malheur county, passed
through La Grande this morning with
a tralnload of sheep, billed for vale.
and from there he will go overland
to the Death Falley country,
. AtftwyrtjjyyrwTs ttfj4)$J$it$t$$niaaiaaiasa- -
1 tXS till 11 11 iA Ll VUF HJT l f 1.1' mr t T l 1 n A A U l l
to fence your chickens, in.
7 fence. I have it in differ-
extra Sfar A Star shingles.
ouvenirs, 25c to $2.00
send to youi friends..
of tine add in the blood. 'This add
with uric acid it continually grows
wag aim removing me one acid irom me
circulation and building up the thin, acrid
blood, cures Rheumatism permanently.
S. S. S. changes the sour, acid-burdened blood
i to a rich, healthy stream which quiets the
, excited nerves, eases the throbbing, painful
, muscles and joints, and filters out of the
system the irritating matter which is causing
RflHn the nn nl 5). S S nnv an1 rrf th nnu
dampness of Winter will not keep you
Rheumatism and ativ mediral affair
J. W: Snodgrass came over from
Hot Lake this morning.
Attorney C. E. Cochran .returned
from Portland this morning.
H. A.' Clemens, of the Pilot Rock
News, is a visitor in the city today, the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Otto E. Didlon.
Omen Bishop of Union, republican
nominee for county superintendent,
had business in the city last evening.
Miss Delia Rayburn came over from
Elgin yesterday afternoon and Is vis
iting with friends for a few days.
E. Polack returned home last night
after a two weeks'' outing' In Harney
Mrs. S. L. Alkln of Crescent, Ida.,
returned home this morning after an
extended visit with her sister, Mrs. J.
A. McCarty.
Rev. Oeore H. DeKay of Berkeley,
Cal., passed through La Orande this
morning on his way to Wallowa, In the
Interest of the , Anti-Saloon league
I. W. Faulk returned from Portland
this morning, where he accompanied
Irene Klnzle to the home of the Good
Shepherd. While In Portland Mr.
Faulk visited his brother, Adam
Ira Watson, who recently submitted
to an operation for appendicitis at the
hospital in Rlcksburg, Ida., Is reported
to be Improving rapidly and will soon
be able to leave the hospital. His
mother, Mrs. H. A. Watson, expects to
leave that place for La Grande Satur
day night.
'Jar night. Isoclatlon. will open It. season tn rMJ. . "na ,Ce Crem at Bllve'- deamie.t wait, eVe, written.
Negligee Shirts $1.75 Values Saturday Special
Negligee Shirts 2.50 Values Saturday Special
Silk Shirts . H.50Values Saturday Special
Pongee Shirts 2.50 Values Saturday Special
Summer Weight Jackets $150 Values Special
CUre of Starkey, Is attending
to business affairs here today.'
The Elk have begun laying the
linoleum in some of their rooms.
George Palmer returned ' from El
gin on the afternoon train.
Miss Bell Myers, head nurse at the
Gradne Ronde hospital, returned after
a week's visit at Summervllle.. ' -.v
George Ruckman, a prosperous far
mer, came In from the Sandrldge to
day,' - ' , , i
G. W. Chennult, one of the pioneers
vt the valley, and a prominent fruit
raiser, came over from Cove today. ,
William Grandy, a well-to-do far
mer of Ladd Canyon, made a business
trip to La Grande today, '
William MeCall, a , prominent far
mer from Promise, la visiting at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Lenn Day.
Mrs. John Goltthan -has returned
from the ".Clover creek farm, where
she ipent a few days this week.
. G. W. Huffaker expects ,to leave
soon for a trip to Boise and the Tel
lowstone park,
W .-v .-i .... . .. - I
. u. uasKiu, one or . the leading
wheat raisers of the valley. Is In town
J. B.. Baker of Meacham, Is a busi
ness visitor in tne cuy touay, iutvmg
business at the Williamson land qffloa.
v La Grande won from Pendleton yes
terday afternoon In a fast game, by a
score of 4 to 1. '
Lloyd' Scriber and James Pepper
take possession as managers of the
city livery stables, recently purchased
by Fred Housh from G. W. Huffaker.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hansen and
Ralph Hansen came down from North
Powder last night In the car belong
ing to Ralph Hansen. ,
Miss May Relsland today reeclved
her commission as deputy secretary in
Union county, for the civil service
Attorney C. T. Godwin of Freewater
Is In the city as attorney for the ad
ministrator In the Longley protmte
case, on hearing before Judge Henry
T. W. Clark of Oregon City, who
owns a large share of the stock In the
Red Apple company, returned to his
home this morning after transacting
business here briefly. .
E. E. Romlg, a former resident of
La Grande, but now located In Port
land, arrived tftis morning to transact
business here. He will remain a few
days. .
The management of the band an
nounces that those who purchased
seats for the second performance of
"For Brother Tom" can be refunded
by presenting their tickets at the' Jay
Van Buren store. .
Miss Eva Nell, cashier at the Gol
den Rule store, leaves In a few days
for a trip of two months In the Wil
lamette valley. She will remain In
Portland for a while then go on to
Eugene to visit her brother, who is at
the State university at that place.
Rails Distributed.
The new heavy rails which are to
replace those no used on the moun
tains, have all been distributed and
are ready for placement The terri
tory to be supplied with the heavier
steel Is the O. R. A N. main line be
tween HUgard and Huron.
Purchase Billiard Tables.
The Elka have purchased the bil
liard and pool tables formerly owned
by the proprietor of the Little Gem
pool stand on Adams avenue. The
property was removed to the Elks'
hall today.
New Baseball League.
Masrva as a fe v .
w, rtew jsngland's , BLACK ft BRAMWELL. " " .nunin.
now uuseDaii league, the Atlantic . 1 . I , . . yuu nearo "AiameaaT" Tha
Long, loose-fitting Coats for
did value
Rennalsanc. Lac. Coatt, in 24
. 4 Toilet Soap
per dozen 4
In Basement f
row. The schedule provides for 113 t
games, the season ending on Labor
day. Six cities are represented In the
league, Portland and Lewlston, Me.,
Taunton, Mass., and Pawtucket,
Woonsocket and Newport, R. I.
Team Sore Going.
Full arrangements have been made
for the game with North Powder
next Sunday and a crowd of players
and fans will make the trip.
n La
. .
good talent will be Included In La
Grande's line-up and the amateurs
hope to win.
Evening Observer, 46c per month.
Donates to Department.
Max Bloch has donated 120 to the
fire department for services rendered
by it during the fire In the Bloch
store soma time ago.
Dr. W. D. McMillan. Red 851.
Painless extraction.
Expert got J work. Special attention
to children's teeth.
La Orande National Bank Buiidine-.
- Tot Rent.
S20-acre farm on Sandrldse
rent cheap. See us at once.
' ' r. . p,r montn. - tnorn at atacK'S. DA VIS-JORDAN MUSIC CO.
Men's Furnishers and Triors
Womens' Tailor Made
' New
Spring Styles
Many of the new models
shown are of handsome Pana
mas and fancy suitings In all
the new colorings, some styles
being extremely plain, . and
others elaborately braided. ;
Special attention s called to
the following numbers: 1 .
Women's tailored Spring
Suits, made of the finest' Pan
ama, tn plain colors, slngla
breasted, semi-fitted 26-Inch
coat, with full plaited Skirt,
trimmed with folds of self ma
ibi wi, vtry intuitu vittu
Illustration). .... w . , 923.00
Splendid models In '' abort
Spring Coats in stripe and
plain materials,' " serni-fltted
back, - in all tha newest
shades (see Illustration) from
IS.B0 to ttlAO. "
women In black Taffetta, trimmed In
- foch length. Taffeta silk lining. In
C. G. HOL8T, 7
Contractor and Dnllder.
i . satisfaction guaranteed; estimates
furnished on any kind of masonry
work on short notice. Mantels and
fireplaces a specialty. Room No. 1.
Smith Rooming house, La Grande,
Ore. 'Phone Red 141.
Hay for Sale.
Alfalfa and grain hay for
cheap. $5 per ton In the stack.
Reynolds, R. F. D. No. , La Grande,
1 '
Valued Same as Gold.
B. G. Stewart, a merchant of Cedar
View, Miss., says: "I tell my custom
ers when they buy a box of Dr. King's
New Life Pills they get the worth of
that much gold In weight, If afflict
ed with constipation, malaria or bil
iousness." Sold under guarantee at
the Newlln Drug Co.'s drug store. 25c
DAYTON BROS., the well
known eye specialists, will
have their office at the Hotel Sommei
Friday and Saturday, May 1 and I.
Dosens of La Grande references. Eyas
examined free.
Is the prettiest waits you ever heard.
Hear It at
''MMommpx .-..x
Silk braids, length 41 Inches; splen-
blacks only; a coat of extreme beauty
.... $15.00, tM.R0 and 128.50
Toilet Paper
. Per roll
In Basement 4
Danger in a Cold
- Becanseyouhaveooutractod ordinary cold
aod recovered from them without treatment '
of any kind, do not for a moment Imagine
that colds are not dangerous. Not only pneu
monia, bat also the Infection disease such
as diphtheria and. scarlet farer start with a
cold. The cold prepare the system for the
reception and development of the germ of
thee diseases. Take our advice cure yous
oold while yoo can.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
by Itt remarkable enres of oold has beooms
a staple article of trade and commerce. Itl
prompt! It Is effectual! It Is reliable. Try It,
NotlcVto Water ConantrwM.
Patrons not on meters wishing to
use city waterVor Irrigating purposes
will please call the recorder's of.
flee and make proV application, and
the water superintendent win tnm
the water on. Hours for Irrigating
from 5 to 7 p. m.
OAJOtf , , , . Water Supt.
Coupons books at a S per cent dis
count Tou are the saver.
JW'f UtHumf,