La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, February 21, 1908, Image 1

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' With Guns Drawn and UncUminishlng
, Stretch of Ground Between Them,
Two Factions Face Each Other To-
dayInstant Death Certain to
Either Party Which Advances First ;
Trouble Over Rich Gold Ledge
Discovered Monday Will Fight to
the Finish, Though It Cost the Lire
of Many. ...
' Reno, Nev., Feb. 21. Edward Mil
ler and 20 companions are barricaded
behind a breastworks of high grade
ore, defending their rights to a lease
en the Litigator claim, on Ballon
mountain, at Rawhide today. Oppos
ing them are oyer 100 men who claim
to have equal or better rights to the
claim. Both parties are heavily armed
and all efforts to negotiate an armis
tice or truce of any kind has failed so
far. . . .
.' Between the two hostile parties la
a stretch of but 100 feet of ground.
For a member of either party to at
tempt to cross that stretch would be
an Invitation of sudden death. The
yJruffKle is going on In sight of thous
ands who are rushing; Into the new
camp. '
-Miller, it appears, owns a one-Blxth
Interest in the litigator claim. On
Monday he opened an Immensely rich
ledge. Since that day tin has been
busy blasting 'out this ore and sack
it. It rims thoustinris of dollars to
the ton. Behind this wealth he Is
now stationed with his friends. The
remaining fivjj partners in the Lltl
. r Ar claim are leading the opposing
T"r:) "
Miller claims that these men virtu
ally fii-serted hlm nrd t"ie elln. loiv
Ir.g him to work it alone; never con
tributed a cent of money toward the
Ml $15.00 Ladies Waists, this
Men's Fancy
$1.50, to $6.00
in all the newest styles, three, four, a d
five button effects, and including all the
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Do Not Overlook The Fact
expenses, and allowed .him to starve,
at times, rather than assist him in his
workings. Now, when the ledge Is
uncovered, they demand equal shares
with him In the gold. He declares he
will lay down life before he gives In
to them. '
Orange Shipments Heavy.
Riverside, Cal., Feb. 21. An aver
age of, one carload of oranges every
20 minutes has been packed and ship
ped from here for the past week. It
Is believed that the shipments next
week will pass the 200-car mark.
McFarland-Wek-U Go.
Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 21. Packle
McFarland and Freddie Welch meet
here tonight in a 10-round bout. Mc-
Farland Is a favorite at 10 to 7
. -.
uir.r hit hot
it nut. uu i nu i
thought Likely
Railroad Engineers Will Not Stand
for Reduction In Wages dris Any
Line and the Big Chief Can't Imag
ine a Strike or a Cut Is Esim-ially
Kmrliu.; :.i Ills Belief Cost of
Living Is JuHt aa High as it Ever
Wan Widely Rumored Yesterday.
Cleveland, O., Feb. 21. "We will j
not stand for any reduction in wages
made by rullroads," declared Grand
Chief Warren Stone, of the Brother
hood of Locomotive Engineers today,
discussing the proposed reduction In
wages on all railroads. "The cost of
living Is just as high - as ever," he
said, "and I do not believe there will
be any cut or a strike. Make that
The above announcement followed
the general rumors of last evening
that the scale In force a year ago will
again be adopted. Railroad officials
maintains that no hardships are to be
worked on the employes In the event
that the cut is mad.
Ladies' Fmbroidned
Lawn and Line
W ists. and also Net and Silk
Waists Special this week
This sale includes every one of our $12.50 Embroidered
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effects, special this week , 1 , , $8.34
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Pinole Mine. Explosion Kills Twenty
Six Chinese and Four White Men
One Body Recovered Fourteen
Killed In New Castle, England, Mine
Explosion Four Dead and Four
Fatally Injured In Another Pennsyl
vanla Mine Accident Today.
Pinole. Cal., Feb. 21. Thirty men
were killed In an explosion at . the
Hercules Powder works at Pinole last
night, according to estimates made to
day.' Four of the dead are white men
and 26 are Chinese.' Among the
dead is William Stlllwell, a foreman.
A canvass of the works today shows
that four white men and 26 Chinese is
the exact number killed at Pinole yes
terday. The body of William Stlllwell,
the foreman, was the only body re
covered. An Inquest will be held to
day. Explosion Kills Fourteen.
New Castle on Tyne, England, Feb.
21. In a terrific explosion today at
the Globe colliery, 14 men were in
stantly killed.
Disaster In Pennsylvania.
Wllkes-Barre, Pa., Feb. 21. Four
were killed and four fatally Injured
when a cage fell to the bottom of a
pit in a mine here today.
Unable to Collect From Merchants
and Suspends Operations.
San Francisco, Feb. 21, The Mar
ket Street bank suspended this morn
ing on account of Its Inability to get
a cash fund to meet the depositors'
demands. The boik Is said to be ab
solutely solvent and will pay out In
full. Dlficulty In making collections
without working great hardship on
many local merchants, was the main
cause of the bank's failure to get the
needed cash. N
week, $10.00
Full Dress Shirts
in. the never-bulg -bosom style, also the
very popular pleated bosom styles-all
sizes, - $1.50 to $1.75
Ties for the "Elks' .Ball"'
No matter what your tk-want may be we
can satisfy you. Large assortment in
Royal purple, in plain or seir colored
patterns, - 50c and 75c
Such an Opportunity to Save
Waterways Commission and River
Improvement Is to Be Subject of
Another Message to Congress Wltli
in tlie Next Ten Days Mississippi
and the Columbia Are Principal
Rivers Closed-Door Policy Main
tained by Japan Subject of Worry.
' Washington, Feb. 21. President
Roosevelt is said to be preparing an
other message to congress which will
be submitted within the next 10 days.
The subject is on the Inland Water
ways commission and . Improvement
and suggestions are far-reaching in
their importance. It Is thought that
the question of the Improvement of
the Mississippi in the middle west and
the improvement of the Columbia riv
er in the northwest will be empha
sized by Roosevelt as he Is particular
ly lmpresed with the necessity of
early work on these streams.
Send Circular to Powers.
It is expected that the state depart'
ment win, witnin a lew days, Issue a
circular note to the world powers,
calling attention to Japan's anti-open
door policy In Manchuria. The open
door policy is an American plank.
At the same time it is believed
that the United States will address it
self to a greater and graver question,
as to whether Japan Is not violating
Its integrity with China by machina
tions In Manchuria.
Japan may be asked point blank,
to declare her policy In Manchuria,
1 K. It III
With But a Few Hours' Time to Get
in Line, M. K. Hall Signs Vp for
the Mayoralty Race and Make It
a Triangular Affair Many Coun
cilnien Candidates Eceit in the
Second Ward Itecordcrahlp Sought
by Four Candidates.
An unexpected candidate made
his appearance In the mayoralty race
when the petition of Dr. M. K. Hall
was filed In the recorder's office this
afternoon, only a few hours before
the privleged period came to a close.
After 5 o'clock tonight no candidate
can get his name on the city ticket,
unless It is placed there by the voter
in the voting booth. ' ' '
The new timber In the race for
head of the city, make a triangular
combination, Drs. A. L. Richardson
and M. K. Hall, and a socialist In Bird
P Lewis.
Late this afternoon A. C. Haynes ap
peared In the councllmen fight in the
Fourth ward. .
The treasurer's office is the least
sought after If number of candidates
count. There are only two, provided,
of course, that qo new names appeur
between press time and the hour for
closing the recorder's office this eve
The marshalshlp Is lively. There Is
large Held of entries, and the win
ner will get the office by a small plu
rality. Five men are avowed seekers
after the office.
In most wards the candidates for
councilman are numerous. In . the
Second ward, however, the fight cen
ters between two men, David Bay and
Al Warren. The other wards have
three and four starters.
With the exception of the socialists,
all candidates are Independent and
wilt be placed on the city ticket
through the proper channels prescribe
ed by law. The socialists appear on
the ticket through ths medium of
roiM meeting.
Pololwlng is ths ticket as It stands
rat press time, and which, to all ap
pearances, will be ths one which will
b printed on the ballots oa sleetlofl
Lewis, socialist. .
Ed Cox; J, A. Matott; C. J. Vander-
poel; H. A. Watson, socialist.
J. K. Wright; J. Fitzgerald, social
John W. Walden; Jake Blever; Am
brose Wright; B, M. Rogers; I. H.
Btoll, socialist.
First ward Samuel Bolton; Wil
liam Ws'lnwrlghf. L. Watson, socialist
Second ward David Bay'j Al War
ren, socialist
Third ward Charles Dunn; George
Krelger; Ernest Relsland. socialist
Fourth ward Gilbert N. Curtis ;
A. C. Haynes; William Grider, social
ist CTrcrruc ncrc
In the March Number of the American
Magazine Iineoln Stiffens WU1 Call
Fulton a Corrupt Politician and Lay
Bare the Exact Wording of a Con
tract Alleged to Have Been Signed
by Harvey Scott, Bribing Jonathan
Portland, Feb. 21. In the forth'
coming March Issue of the American
magazine, advance sheets of which
have reached here, Lincoln Bteffens
goes deeply Into the Oregon political
situation In an article entitled, "U'Ren
the Law Giver,"
Mr. Steffens declares that Charles
W. Fulton Is "fundamentally corrupt
and publishes the full text of a tele
gram supposed to have been sent by
Harvey W. Scott, editor of the Port
land Oregonlan, to present United
States Senator Jonthan Bourne, Jr,
offering the latter $25,000 and the
federal patronage and columns of the
Oregonlan and Portland Telegram to
defeat , Mitchell, If Bourne succeeded
In electing him United States sena
tor. '
Scott wrote the agreement, declares
Steffens, and William M. Ladd, a
banker, telegraphed It to Bourne in
Public Park for Walln Walla.
Walla Walla, Feb. 2 1. Preparations
are unJer way In Walla Walla for the
construction of a park to rival the
pleasure resorts of any city the same
size In the northwest. Gilbert L.
Skutt of Tacoma, has been engaged
by the park commission to take charge
of the work. A 40-acre tract Just
east of the city limits will be lm
proved. The land has already been
plowed and wilt soon be seeded In
bluegrass. Trees will be set out later.
A small lake on this ground, which
was formerly used as a city reservoir,
will be enlarged and beautified
Shrubbery of every description will be
.Mt.tMMHMtt t
V z
. it-
There is no more vital question to be considered in
the family than that of the compoundieg of the doctor's
prescription. There should be no half way methods re
garding prescriptions. We use pure drugs, compounded
lust "according to the doctor's orders."
McKlnley, the World-Renowned Land
Fraud Expert, Has Arrived In Pott ;."
land In Charge of Detective Kerri
gan Arraigned, But Not Sentenced
as CommunkmUon With Heney at
Desired Horace Looks for Another
Big Immunity bath.
Portland, Feb. 11. Horace McKln
ley recently captured in the orient,
appeared before Judge Wolverton of
the federal court' today for senteaos.
ed he is watting for a communication
from Francis J. Heney in San Fran-
Cisco, and until that arrives he wished
the passing of sentence continued. Mc
Klnley expects to arrant (or aa
other Immunity bath.
The land fraud artist awaits sen
tence on 100 Indictments. which hays'
been returned against him. He ar
rived In Portland in charge of De
tective Kerrigan, who went to Man
churia on notification here that the
land fraudlat had been captured by
Chinese detectives after months of
search. McKlnley was on board a'
train when detectives found him. . ;;'
Southern Pnciflc Employes In Motive
Deimrunent Are Idle, 1
Sacramento, Cal., Jvb, il. Two
hundred men In the motive depart- .
ment lt the Southern Pacific road,
were laid off today on . account of
slack business. It Is announced ths
men will probably be re-employed b .;
fore summer.
Make Public All Contributions. '
Washington, Feb. 21. Perry Bel
mont, who Is at the head of a non
partisan organization, whose object It
Is to seek the enactment of a law
compelling publication of campaign
contributions, appeared before ths
house committee and spoke In favor
of such legislation.
Big Iirwacy Awaits Hint.
Los Angeles, Feb. 21. While serv
ing an 180-day sentence In the county
Jail for petty Inrceney, William Allen,
aged 28, was informed this morning,
that as a result of the death of his
mother he had been left a legacy, of
$15,000. Allen Is charged .with steal
ing postage stamps from a postofflce.
S. P. Must Pay Up.
Washington, Feb. 21. Senator
Fulton today secured ' passage
through the senate of a resolu-
tlon authorizing the govern-
ment to bring suit to compel ths
Southern Pacific to obey the
land grant law,
M. ,. .
UOfHu. C3 08001
IjCGrandc a
A. K JUefcartsssj; Mi K. Kl; ttrd