La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, January 21, 1907, Image 1

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(Scrlppe News Aaaoctatluq)
Hoover. Wash. Jan 2 1-A terrific ice
Xr la .weeping down the Columbia,
'yihaa swept away tne Malta Hoover, a
local steamer and the ferry boat Eleanor
several miles down stream, lodged
against an island. The ferry at Umatilla
Rapids, is lost. The ice is thirty feet high
and reach from hunk to hunk It j.
many miles long and. is growing
-very nour. . ,
in size
(8crlppa News Association)
01ean. N. Y. Jan. 21 -Ex-Governor
n'ggins is lower than yesterday and
Brewing weaker rapidly. It ia likely he
wui ate any. hour.
Supreme Justice Eakiii did not sit on the
v bench during the arguments of J W Groes
l beck appelant vs N 0 Groesbeck et al
Respondents, at Salem January 17 be
cause he had heard the case in the lower
courts as district judge. Justices Moore
and Bean listened to C E Cochran for the
ppealant and J W Knowles for the re
spondents. They have taken the argu
ments under advisement and will render
a decision soon.
Sport is sport bu: the' snowballing
bngade certainly went to tha iim, u-
. night. Those who were enjoying the
nne sieigning last eveninC were subject
to a fierce bombardment from the fifty or
nWre who s ationed themselves at the
intersection ot Jefferson and Depot streets.
Two persons were hurt quite badly and
. the wonder i that more were not The
proper, authorities should not permit
another such utter disregard for the
ajtoht of the people.
Antone End, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
End of Summerville. was married a few
weeks ago to Mist Aitchisonof Waitsburg,
TTosqmgion. ine many , friends of the
young man in this valley extend their best
fishes to the young people.
The legislature is again in session, after
a recess of five days, and tomorrow, if all
gos wel!. the present session will estab
lish an unknown pr cedent. The second
i uesaay after assembly has always been
the beginning of a long fight for senatorial
appointment, and in most every case, our
mg the history of Oregon, neither house
was able to give any one man a majority.
This necess tated a joint session. History
Wlls us that time and time again has the
sergeant at arms in the senata. 14 hi.
crowd of solons from the senate chambers
to the lower house that they might jjintly
vote. In many instances thia h.iinr,n
continued until far into the night of the
last day of the session. But tnmnrmu.
according to all indications. Bourn and'
Mulkey will be elected on the first ballot
Thus- will new precedent be established.
HUINO Kf HOUtf 0. R. & N. Co. filling
senouse in mis city with large square
canes cm rrom t.-.eir pond at NorrJi PnmAm,
TL. - ... .
. n. vumpany aunng me year uses many J
inousana ions.
The Grande Rond Lumber Cnmn
, . . f
aay received a large new combination
macnine, being an iron planer, laths and
drill. It will be nlsr.orl intfh;.
The residences of E. Christnffar.,
j.j. Cornwall have been quarantine late
this afternoon.. In the former instanc
ins contageous disease s small ns,
m the latter scarlet fever. . '
The company that is flndino an arf;..
m in. ranroaa yards, has reached a
depth of 250 feet. At present the drill
is working in a thick stratum of clay, and
the men feel confident that they will find
much water underneath this particular
stratum. However, it is not likely that
the supply will be of a
STwo hundred feet more of Un 'im-h
casing for the artisian well. rr,.
this morning.
Thirty Japs left this
Kainela where thev will
timbers in that region. Lack of labor is
one of the causes of wood shoru
this crew of men will be able to cut much
(Obaenrw Special) ' ; .
. O A C Corvallis, Oregon, January 19
Last evening in one of ha hrH
fought and fastest games ever played
upon the home floor the 0. A - C. Basket
Ball girls won over the Chemawa Inrii.n
guls by a sore of 12 to U.
Last Saturday (Jan 12) our oirla Wnn
over the g!rl"s team from WillamaHa
University by a score of 18 tn 7 5n
far this season the t iris have kaan ,n.
defeated. .
There are now ahout seventy-five boye
in training for the annual cross-country
run. The Druminariea will ha run th oo
of February, and the final about three
weeks later. -
Mr. M. Reynolds has been conflnad tn
his room for the past few days with La
unppe out is now able be be out
The thermometer registered 10 below
once this Week. Colder than it haa ha.r,
here for about fifteen years,
The annual Fresemen party was called
off this evening. The SopHo behaved quite
well and the Freshmen all report a fine
time, , . v ,
0. A. (.ANNUAL
J he junior class of the 0 A C is mak
ing arraneemente to aLahlih tha
of issuing an annual in the college. Wbeth
er or not following Junior elaaaaa w il
adhere to this practice for many years in
vogue in nearly . every college , in the
country, remains to be seen, hut tha nr..
ent class of juniors will do so and by June
nrsi me puoiication will be ready for dis
tribution. It will be comoiled on tha nlan
... ---
all annuals. The editor in. chief. J ,
schroeder, the business manairar H
Cooke and his assistants, R E Reynolds
of La Grande and Cleo Johnson have
mailed personal letters to each l umnnt
of the school asking for subscriptions to
tne initial puoiication. Those desiring
copies should Inform either of the above
named officers.
The coal supdIv in La Grand, rait
chutes is slpwjy increasing and . while theJ
supply is limited, there is no danoar nf
immediate freight train congestijns pn
this account At Kamela and
Valley, the situation his improved during
ineiasitnree aays.
Thomas William, who has" been
ousiy ill for several weeks, is imnrovino
ana is anie to leave his .bed occasionally
New Dress Skirts
We have justreceivedfrom New York, a line of the
late skirts, these are beyond a doubt one of the best
line of skirts on the market
Washington. Jan. 21 PraaiH.nt R,.
velt and hie advisors Taft and Bacon, are
in conference-today over the Swetten-
nm-uavis incident. When Vice Admiral
Davis went to Kingston with assistance
uovernor Swettenham ordered them off
tne leland.
tourist arrived today on the steamer
ar ana expressed no surprise at
Swettenham' ' action In ordering the
Davi sailor off the bland. On of the
rount, who was in Kingston during
w quaa said -it is just what I would
xpect of the governor. I eaw him strut
ung aoout in jack boots tha vara
pf absurdity, American are doing more
" ln" stupid governor forces to right
things over there."
Washington, Jan. 21 It is offlciallw an.
nounced that thie government will not
ask England, who rules over- Jamaica, to
punisn uovernor Swettenham. . .n
L;. . . . a
".mgswn Jan. 81 Disorder chaoa anrl
discentent is rife. Governor -Swattan,
ham and mayor Kingston are at logger-
neaas. everybody is exDreasino tha
opinion that the governor made a mess of
the situation and an ass of himaaif h
ordering the American troope off the
:t r
A number of small rum ebons ara
, w
opened secretly and negroes are causing
mucn irouDie. Lady Swettenham ia tha
angel of the stricken city. She is con
stantly at work directing nurui and aid
uig the injured, and ha scarcely slept
since ine disaster.
Boston Jan 21 The United Fruit
pany's steamer Admira Samoeon arrivad
mis morning witn twenty-five Americans
wno escaped death at Kingston.
During the past few days attorney of
Eas'ern Oregon have signed a petition to
establish a state library In Pendleton.
This Is perfectly nrnn.r hut nn, ? T .
randa' leadins attornava. and hi.
have been endorsed by several other
attorneys, today suggested, that the legis
lators appropriate a eum for placing a
library in each judicial, district At pre
sent when a cassis being tried in tha
circuit court, there is not a library of
creditable size for the attornava tn ha .a
access to without going to their respec
tive uoranes. This attornsy stated that
by taking an Inventor, aa it vara r.t .n
the law libraries, a list could be made
out to contain such a are not found in
th libraries of La Grande' lawyers.
nn our attorneys wmiiri in a m.....
nave raoiiities equal to those now doing
business in the state capitol where the
supreme court library i at their disposal.
In this library should be th Oregon re
port, me legislative law from th begin,
alng down, and other collections far
ference. Should such an appropriation be
inaae, not only attorneys who hava nm..
in this city, but those coming here from
Other Cities-to hold triala. ennld h.v.
within arm rach. a series of references
.i t.
After bavins hauled hia
" mi wivtai
from a point six miles back in tha hill. .
wood hauler, pulled upon Adams avenue
this morning and waited for a hnw.r u.
did'nt wait long. He reported that snow
to theiextentof nearlythree feet, cover th
mountain and wood haulers ara avnari.n-
ing trouble when once 1 they get "off tha
oeaten trail.
the Union Pacific minAS. which annnlu
th coal for the 0 R & N train, are ad
vertising for 600 miners and it aaama im
possible to eecure enough men to operate
everal of, th largest mines V on tha
system.'; , . . ' ,i
(Scrlppe Newa Association)
Washinfiton. Jan 81 The doors of tha
senate wer closed thie afternoon on a
iiiuuwu u) C4i.U,i TH U ;viit i.;
personal encounter between ; Senator
Carmaek and Tillman. Caimaclt
charged Tillman with ridiculing him and
without provocation. ?, 's. :-, ,
Averting to Tillman' 5 reference to
Carmaek' defeat for reelection Carmaek
grw insdltlng. Th two wr standing -closo
each other, and wer Mttino-
excited when the door war closed, i ,
(.Bcrlpps New Association)
New York, Jan' 81 Manacled to a
nrlftAn ornarrl TK . .t... 4. it.
court building today. Hie arraignment
w purely rormai. it I reported that
tha plea will be temporary insanity, hut
the plea will not be mad today and ther
i a possibility of postponement beyond
tomorrow,;, i District Attorney Jeroma
thinks the trial will be a short one as tha
circumstances all point to cool deliberate
murder, and can be easily proven, A
great throne crowded th court bnlldim
to get a glimpse of th noted Thaw, ,Th
streets war filled at th prisoner 'passed
ovr th Bridge of Sigh.
J R Laramor of the Summerviil tac
tion was In La Urand today.
Dress Skirts in Fancies
ThisincuoesaH'henov lities in plaids, checks and mixed material
Very latest workmanship. ' ' .
fy beautiful line ranging in price to
Dress Skirts in Blacks
Black skirts are very strong for this season
Panamas, Voiles and the sheer materials
M Very best material
especially in the lighter grade as
i: ith or wi hout silkdrop skirts Values to $40.00
Vergcre No. 32
Phone Black 1301
There is but little to deferentiata fialam
rrom any other city the last of the week
just past, according to Attorney C E
Cochran, who returned from the state
capnoi ins morning.
On Tuesday." the attorney said. ''The
solons went home and the city wae ex
seedingly quiet. About the only thino
that bordered on legislation, was the noise
ano clamor mado by a delegation from
the Hood River valley, which is in Salem.
with a long petition and n'jch enthnoia.m
County division is all that this delegation
will converse on. Thev want to bmk
away from Wasco couity, and hava plat
ted out a section comurisinu th Mr.!
River valley to constitute the new eountv
at .
ano Hood Kiver is to be the county aat
I tie Cascades is what it will be called
should the measure pass the legislature
"T"1 .
i nere appears to be a beical raaann
for this division because The Dall.
county seat of Wasco county, is separated
by a line of lulls and Hood River people
cannot drive to their county seat,
, Kepresentatives of that district. hn
ever, are not so much interested in county
u.vuion as tney are in many other things
ana me delegation that is lobbying
&aiem finds it hard 10 get a represents
live to introduce their resolution.
in replying to a question as . to how
Herman Rothchild. the lone Democrat in
the house, and the representative from
tnis county, is eonductino him.lf
ooenran said, "Mr. Rothr.hild i. f,,ii.
quai ia ne occasion, and while many
taunts are nuried at him for his unitv. ha
generally gets back. To paraphrase a
remark made by the German to a crowd
of listeners in the capital corridors, if
mere is one thing Mr. Rothchild was sent
to Salem for, aside from ssrving on the
lorty or more committees, it ia tn u..n
me unionnes unionized.
Quarterly conference will ha in fk. I
....... "
metnooist church next Saturda
1 ',.MI.'
mi tne meeting quarterly reports from
eacn department of the church will be
..a. meioiiowing day the presiding
..aer win aenver the conference sermon.
Last SaturJay evening a Southam e..
cific special passed thru U Grande on its
way to Portland. The train cr,n.,.t.d
w I
acnaircar, observation, alaan.r .
diner. It is rumorad ht u. ...... .U J
Pride of Grande Ronde
The product of tha Imhl.r Amirina ni .;t,,.i.j .. ,l. . ; . ..
"" i .iiuhiii iii un Tiri neari or in
best wheat land m Grande Ronde valley, consequently the lesfflour A trial
wuiconvmce youof iU superority. " ,., ' ;it!
V ;.r: ; : 4
Patent" fromthi-
;:V-:.;. .I, -
Insist on having your order filled with this brand or the
same mill, f
For sale by all first class dealers. Don't submit to any ubsUtutio'n.
,1 .-5
Pride of Grande Ronde
Domestic or Polish
DESIRE. - ' i
A. B. C.
' ' '' ' PHONE MAIN ?" '
La Gvnit, ; Oregon. '
"eeeeeeeeeeef j
J. A. Arbuckle Proprietor
e5r' w.SWMIIMM i '. tttMi
. . i par it wis
M.i.i irna were politicians.