La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 05, 1906, Image 5

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j n. H. BTKWARD. Proprietor .nd Mgr I l Jl Ul
- ' " f J
E Seasons'
Big Event
j Maude Fealy
Management of John Court
. IN
. ! THE ;
J. C. Stevens, aneinaer in chars of tha
hvdrocraohic invasticration baina carried
on by tha United State Geographical
Survey was in th city yesteaday oDtain-
ine data a to th winter now or trie
Grande Ronde River.
We have been freauentlv asked, (aid
Mr. Steven, "whether or not th Geolog
ical Survey would male a literal oppoint
ment of fund for making hydrographic
urveyt .. in Oregon provided
the tat would make appropriation, to
co-operate in this work. I am authorized
to ay that the Geographical Survey wnl
meet anv reasonable appropriation with
a like apportionment from federal fund
"The State of Oregon ha thousand
of acres of tha most Droductiv toil now
bearing sagebrush that need . only th
magic touch of irrigation to become tne
most prouuuuve gnwu.lui. .1
propriated for co-operalioo by th sutes
Illinois, $10,000; Kentucky. $11,600;
Main. $15,000; Maryland, $30,000;
New York. $207,000: Nroth Carolina.
$17,000: Ohio. $97,000: Pennsylvania.
$98,000; West Virginia. $60,000: Okla
homa, $5C00; California. $30,000. no
better argument can be offered In favor
of co-operating with th government to
expedite th map'ng of the tat ana in
vestigating of the water supply than th
abov figures.
. "Over thre-fourth of th ntir con
gressional appropriations for this work is
being spent east of the Mississippi . river
for no other reason than that the eastern
states have been ager to avail themselvts
of tha advantas of coo Deration.
As a matter of fact th western states
on account of the undeveloped state of its
natural resources, oueht to receiv th
lion's share of this appropriation. i The
way i clear, cooperate.
Havino taken ud a bay work horse
weighing about 1200, left fore foot white.
also right hind foot half way to th knee.
White on forehead and nose, white
grouper marks. Owner can secur same
by calling at my plac mil ast of La
Grand Flouring mill and paying all ex
penses. If not called for in due time 1
will proceed to dispose of animal accord
ing to law.
CD. Scott.
pCmas Goodsi;
Now Ready for Your Inspection ii
All new stock.
The best of Toy Land brought to
La Grande
Dolls, games, drums, horns,
mechanical toys that run, walk,
and talk. Indestrcutablfe toys
that will never break.
Everything to please the little people and useful art
icles to make the grown folks happy. '
"V. ..wtMMA ft tiiot Ills A A IT A A1 Q
You are invited to bring the little ones and see' our j
assorimenu t
Ithe little racket!
Masonic buildintr ' Adams Avenue t
i .....tiitittmti MX
A new modern comedy in four acts
By Martha Morton Conheim
Metropolitan Cast of Players
Complete Scenic Production
DRIPF 5 box seats $1.50 Orchestra Circle $1.00
rmbLO nrrtra 1.50 Dress Circle .75
Gallery 25c and .50
Seats and boxes ready Saturday morning.-
'Vj . nc I I D P n ii PTinw i
A lLrtL RLUUUllViij
-We take this plan in order to give you the chance
for a careful inspection of prices athome to
compare with prices you have seen or heard about
in the well advertised sales in La Grande- On
Monday Nov. 12, we concluded to sell our entire $10,
OoS stock at absolute cost, and sent out printed post
to to that effect. Our sale has been a perfec : success
notwithstanding the bad weather, we have sold $2500
Tn Toods and you would hardly miss the goods by look
L at our shelves. We have no line yet broken, our
goods are all new and up to date. We have no shelf
worn goods.
$3.00 Hats for 62.00
2.50 Hats for 1.75
2.00 Hats for 1.25
Shoes Sold at Cost or About 1-3 1 Off From Regular
Price and a Great Many Below Cost.
laces 40 per cent off. f new sensible
We are going ioovn -
Christmas goods.
Saturday, December I
Best grades of kerosene at $1.50 per 5 gal. Tank
aChEr.flar stock of ubricating oil that will pay
you to buy and hold over gQ
Hardware wedges, etc., too numer-
saws. hammers, diu h ,
nilc at nOSt.
H -i.turware trnre7and enftr, a.
jninawaic, 6-
a bargain. . ht s0 they can be sold
Groceries canno be oougni j n
at such a discount, oui we '':;. ,v
Yours truly
W B. Company
th streams are stoned an inexhaustible
supply of power that will be in distance
long after the coal mines are exhausted.
There it sufficient water available to
retain much of the ard lands could it be
brought to economical development
"But before any development can d
made alone these line two thing are ab
solutely essential as they are at the ery
foundation of all develoDment. 1 reier to
th; topographic maps and to systtmatic
stream measurements.
Oregon has 96,030 squar mile of
which onlv one sixth has been mapped
These maps published by th United
States Geological Survev are called Quad
rangles, cover an area one-half or on
mtartarof a sauar decree of latitude
and longitude or 200 to 700 square miles
risnandmir unon natural conditions. On
these maDs are. shown all the roads, rail
roads, trails, towns, posto fices, houses,
streams, lakes, marshes, mines, snatts,
r.tinn. townsh'iD lines, cornerstones and
in addition contains lines, connecting point
of equal elevation. They are sold at in
nominal once of 5 cents per copy or 5
cents where purchased in quantities of
100 or more.
In addition to this work, the hydro-
graphic Branch of the Geographical Sur
vey is encased in the systematic measure
ments of the flow of water in the streams
and on many of the more important rivers
of the state among them the Grande
Ronde. Steps are taken to obtain records
of dailv flow thru the entire year.
single measurement or a single year's
rr.nrd is not sufficient to obtain reliable
data as the discharee of streams vary as
widely as the rainfall and depend largely
upon it. It is therefore necessary to keep
up systematic measurements from year
to year. The water in the streams is a
franchise belonging exclusively to the
state to be as rigorously guarded as any
nther state Drooerty. It can be surveyed
..j ninuH a trnlv as land, and should
be given away without the public reaping
In order to develop ana seme me vast
unoccupied areas, it is necessary that the
state should have at the earliest date
possible, a map to show the settler what
the country is like and indicate, the possi
bility of reclaiming the arid regions by
That the reclamation has been able to
accomplish so much in the short time
since its organization is due largely to the
factthat toooeraphic mapsof a very large
area of the country to be irrigated, were
already in existence, aud a great many
streams had already been surveyed and
measured. The Federal Government has
been liberal in its appropriation for topo
graphic surveys and for investigation of
the water supply, but the time has now
come when it would be advantageous and
nrnfitatle of the state of Oregon to ap
propriate funds for cooperation with th
U. S. Geological Survey, botn in order to
madiatB the mapping of it unsurveyed
areas and investigation of its water sup
ply. Massachusetts. Rhode island, ana
Connetieut are entirely mapped and have
been for some years. Thi wa accom
plished by the sutes cooperating with the
United Geological Survey: that is,
th. tt aoorooriated a certain sum of
mnnev to b expended by th Geological
Survey in making a topographic map, pro-
ded that the Geological burvey expended
an equal amount within the Ut, th
mapping being done by th Ueo
logical Survey in accordance
with an agreement entered into with the
Many other states hav een th ad
.antaoa of this arrangement and hav
been quick to avail themelve of it. th
following sums having already been p-
Anv thin or undeveloped girl or woman
will be benefited by Hollister
Rocky Mountain Tea. it l on ot in
greatest known remedies iur rnaamg
?iopl strong, neaitny ana wen. i e or
ablets, 36 cents. NewLin Dfuo Co. -
w a
mm n
3 ' People
'J Are often cavaMe
A full lin of Jwelry, Watche. Diamond. C'll Glas and Silverwar at
Prices you Can Not buplicat. in th. Orad of J.w.lry.
i if they bother you. 1 m a thoroughly qulppd for. Usting eyes a my
optician in roriianu. . .. -
1 13 Cleanses the system
. .:i:,eMs.Sick Ilk I If! I' I thorouehlv and clears
' V Headache, Sour Stom- J A h3 sallow complexions of
ach Torpid Liver and . . q pimples and blotches.
Clonic Constipation. axatlVC Hull 2 It I- uar.nteed
Pleasant to taKe DPUSSiSt
of dciiti iniurv to
less iwjsitive jietiple, the very vnipliuws
ot llirir uiiirinaiuMi nut;. ni); "P
r( .ir.FiiTnfTt uinl vunt nt r vifU'ru'?.
And ths worst of all iloKtim'.'sts arc
tli(H" ii(n-tur who, harking buck to sou.e
nlil iKivmu of the s.IidoIs. in st that
hmii rutl 'ruts nre livoml nV. medical
help, I ca ww, fornoolh, their dwiises
are U"iii..l the liniitcsl meilicul know
!ele of tlit- iliviiMtint.
"When tin' i'h,t.icians lied plven me
up I whs curt' I bv the use of Dr. I'ierce s
Golikn Meilic.l Piscovery." Tha; suite
ment. varied sometiities in form but
identical in fact, is one of the common
expressions found in the letters of those
cured by "Golden Medical Discovery."
Sometimes the statement runs; "1 was
given up bv four doctors," showing I
desperate effort to find relief in local
nr.,.iiii,,n. 1'itf -tinivpvfr the Ktorv
begins, it almort invariably ends with
the statement,'! am jx-rfectly cured by
Dr. l'ierce's Golden Medical Discovery."
I'lTwuis sulft-ring from " weak" 1uiih,
iirtrrli:,i ilffl - Kl'.itfll OdlTulj. 'lllii-
-.alion iiti-1 weakm-M-, ImvelK-cn rest-ired
10 K i fi-i.l li. aU.i In the " liwoverv.,'
Thi ))'wm'iy of fie cures ellcti"l
tv (his uiedn iiie is not hard
to uii.ii-rsUiid. I. lie is sustained '
tixiit. i'-i--'. 1 and as'-iitiilati-d. The
ais of li.-a' i K,K,1 l't-t''-e and i
uitinil d '" '-!'i-". In almost till cast's of
... -'.use i!-.' of aj rK lite Is an early symp
tom, and li. is is j.. Kinptly followed hy a
wastiiiK of tin- llcsli. lor sxm.e cause
the fot.l e: U -i is not ln-injj converted
into nmriimi aim tue of") "' " '"
(jaiiR, Wv-H starved, tuns'. Rrow weak.
There is only oi.e way to get strength
ami that is hv food, ih l'ierce's Golden
Medical Di.iovery hel l disease of the
utotrt ich and a. lied ';iaiis of dii-vtion
and niilrit jn, ' catiliiiK the body to
Bssimilale the needed noiirishtneill.
Tims various lormi ol " v. eainess," so
laded, are y the "biwovery"
"weak" l.-.itjs. "v.eak'' lunrt, "weak"
nerve v.eak"or nhiei 11 liver, etc.,
her use the or;',:ini nre inadf .roni lv
r....i I, it irf. i-liv d:t'es:t l am!
iss.iiiiiate J after the "Discovery" lii-J
h'.:aie-l the i.ihei.sei of the stoiv.wh and
assmiated oians o( digestion aud nu
trition. PAIH ALL CONE.
1 hve InkMi V"tir ?nttt-ine with thf (rrelfn
atisfWIon. wnli-s Ml. I.rorxe Kirhl "I 1." it;
oort Sl.ilioa. WMtoirrliMl to.. Wan J.
can honestly my t. I'kiw's fHln MeOml
DitK-wrry h. curt.i me ih tin In niy niijit
lunx thai th Ut diclors coulJ nK hrlp. Vy
VViel.te t,l liti.l.n h.v Improve.'. ' Ih.l I
cin et orthiii m all. snit I fl Ihsa I
h. for yr. Vr F.vome P7r.yKm
from for hfittn yert, nd ploful munihy
traubics. can wm w
tired. Mt pm U U goae ami 1 fre like new
Kraon. rann ws -
t have no headache now unit taking yuar
m . ... '-i.' ., n.MiUiil thatvoti rlaim
for ,hem,.nd m.. (00. tl. J-rjd
ud the be ti"r la th Stu coui1 mA curt
me. 'Colrtrn Mrtilrmi vtcvrj m
niralri thst 1 .alfcred Iron, for 6f yr ml
If my leuer can wmvw wm v.. k
yea csa puMUh it."
1 took a nrrere eold whlrli ttlrd In the
Tonvhinl luli " writes Re. Frank Hv. of N
onille. Jrflrreon Co., Kn. "AUer Irv.i f
ltmlT. I WM Ira IO 07 it- r kiii .
Mrdic.l Dicoery. 1 touk two botl,r nd Wa
enred. and haw atayed cwed.
wbra I think of Iherreat pain I to n-
dur and th irrriljle coufh I hc. 'it antra
almost s miracle thai 1 was to aoo tlied."
Dr. Pierce'a 1'leasant Pellets cure con
stipation. They do no re-act ttxin the
system and become nactsaity, a 0
snanr other pill.
l . m,i,r r-r B Mrs ncmrUN
,,r- uriu lTT'Ut CD iNH iIPTICIAN Ruildino. ODDOsit Bohnenkamp' Stor La Grand. Or.
I E. M Wellman & Company j
Btttr Lumber and Cheaper than i$ sold in
LaOrandf. We deliver it to your building
Grande Ronde Lumber Co j
JULIUS ROESCH, Proprietor.
. -aoasrs itn 11 1 1 I t
Ii "l H.nas w r
Ir. H. J. Ritter reUirned this morning j X
l i lh 'oi
1 ) Mr
Largest Brewing Plant in Eastern Oregon
Ask for La Grande Beer and get the Best
n-1. in ij k a
H A w r D H A CM CO ' ' -
t- .
i -
y"w,"W' 41 W- 4)S)Uk44b4