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1 T . ' MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 10, 1906 , NUMBER 162
(ScrJpp, News Association)
Warsaw. Rut.. Sept. 10-Iti. estimat
u. ai least hfty g0,dier. an(, thtee
nunarea civilian, which were mostly Jaws,
were Killed during the last two days
luhiii a, oieanca wnich still continues.
The troops have, captured and outraged
hundreds of young Jewish women. . Ord
ers have been received from St. Peters
burg to suppress the Terrorists at any
(Scrlpps News Amociatlon)
Austin Tex., Sept. 1 0-Reorganized
Republicans this morning filed a manda
mus suit asking that the secretary of the
state be compelled to place nominees on
the official ballot. E. H. Green, a son of
old Hetty Green, heads the ticket for
(Scrlpps News Association)
St iouis, Sept. 10. Attorney' General
Hadley today resumed the oil inquiry be
fore the special commissioner. The case
is a continuation of the oust Droeeedinir a
against the Standard Oil and Wt -
Pierce Republic oil comrvmia Pi.rr.
admitted tnat the Standard holds 27B
shares in the present Waters-Pierce com
pany but pleaded that it was business
motives and no intention toward quench,
mg competitive fin. s.
(Scrlpps News Association) 1
Berlin Sept. 1 0 Seventeen nations are
represented in the internatianal insurance
commission which opens its session here
(Scrlpps Newt Association)
Dayton, Ohio. SsdL 10 Th
and factions of the Reoublieann mra crath.
ering here today to be present at the
state convention tomorrow. Tomorrow
will tell the attitude of Ohio :oward the
presidential aspirants. Taft and Foraker.
It is rumored here today by the people
who are in close touch withth. mhi
of Ohio politics, that ha -k;.
- wwiiiwiiibmUII
cauea foraker-Dick, which was instituted
to name the state ticket will tirtrv-trt Taffr
for Republican presidential candidate.
AliD siiiiy
iSorltpn Nwa Amociatlon)
Tim Sept., 10-This city is over
whelmed by an avalanche of mud from
the mountains. Trie towr.ship of Kawreli
is practically obliterated. According to a
dispatch three hundred lives havs been
lost in this district.
i Tba side of the mountain broke away
and a sea of semi-Kquid sand, mud and
stones swept down on the village. , The
people were taken unawares and trapped.
mrinN in mAinf
(Sorlppt News AssocUUant
Portland. Maine, Sept. 10 The election
in this state assumes a national Impor
tance this year on account of tha lhnr
attack upon Congressmen. '
Uttlefield of the second district
StaUs senator Frye'e re-election ie
stake. Governor Cobb is a candidate to
succeed himself. Several davs win h
required to obtain the results of the liauor
questions which i one of the mam
The exact number of fatalities will rot
be known. At an early hour this after
noon fifty bodies had been recovered from
the sea of mud.
Tiflis is the capital of a Russian govern
ment by that name, and is in ths centra
part of the former kingdom of Georgia.
The province is bounded by a crest of the
Caucacus and occupies 1 6,6 U miles. In
the city of Tiflia are numerous schools.
(Scrlpps News Association)
Havana. Sept. 1 0. An official bulletin
today claimed that the battle of Pinar del
Rio yesterday was a government victory.
Avols rescued a government train and de
feated the rebels, the latter losing three
hi.jred men. The government forces
wefe approachir.g to attack Pinar del Rio
which Gureras, the rebel leader, was
Rincon, fifteen miles from here is in the
hands of insurgents. The trains have all
been stopped and plundered at will. The
rebel infantry is moving into Santa Clara
and will join the insurgents there. The
government troops with machine guns
have repulsed an attack" upon the troop
train this morning at Artimist.
... .. MANY Off fOR SCHOOLS ,
Beginning with this mornins andenntin.
ueing for at least two weeks there will
be a steady exit of young people from La
Grande who have either previously or
recently Deen tnnoculated with a desire
to secure a higher and better education
This morning there were nine going, some
to Washington, some to Idaho and others
to Utah. The Walla Walla colleges open
this week." Whitman having ttrted this
morning. Eugene and Corvallis open next
week, all of which draw liberaly from this
city.. The fact that nearly every inst't
ution of any repute in three states have
La urande students, speaks veil of tha
educational trend in this city.
(Orrlpps Near Association)
Oakland Sept. 10 Oakland this morn
ing defeated Fresno in a close game by i
score of 5 to Z.
MtaamAAA. -
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su t L MMIMXS&tmiM
Vergere No. 27 j;
"ttt ll.tMM,t7
V .
vuji n.auH, egea seventy yean, ie
today suffering from an awful accident
wtitch he sustained last Saturday night
Mr. Krause, while not a sonambolist
wa walking In hie sJeeo some time Hr
ing tha hight and sUpped off an upstairs
veranda. This however is partly suposi-
uon, as Be migt have risen, not feeling
well, an walked about the house, and
during his tour have opened the door lead
ing to M)e veranda.
The aged man tumbled ta th
face belpw sustaining a compound fract
ure oi tne arm above tne wrist, a deep
gasn in tne jaw, besides being bruised in
me ooay resulting from the terrible jolt
ur. Molitor was called and set the broken
bones. The old gentlemen is to dm fAl
ing as well as conditions will Dermit.
Mr. Krause is the father of the Krause
Brothers who are proprietors oflha
meat market.
wm in
:rlppa News Association)
Seidice Rus., Seyt. 1 0 The 'ronna nH
their artillery today. The shell destroyed
many buildings in the three centrala
streets of the recolutionary center. Firing
from windows is meeting with no little
success. Sixrbuildinffs are in flames nnw
ana tne tire continues to SDread. Both
sides are expecting re-en-forcements and
a deadly and bloody battle is eminent,
A famine threatens. The riotara hv.
destroyed the bakeshops and those who
survive the outbreak will be destitute,
five-hundred Jews beina now without
food. Officers in manv instance lH
men to the attack instead of auallinir th
the disturbances. The Libau reirimenf nf
InTantry are the most active.
Julia A. Woods commonly known aa
Grandma Woods left this morning for an
extended trip in Oklahoma and Texas, b
randma is but a week or two short
of eighty years of age and is making this
or.g and tedious journey all alone How
ever she is very optimistic over tha irin
and fails to see any reason why an aged
person can t travel as well as a younger
one. While away she will visit relatives
and friends at various points in those
states. "
The opening day of the city's school was
not a strenuous on, as the teachers Jdis-
missea tne scholars immediately after as
sembly this morning In order that the
proper text books coulu be secured.
Promptly i the opening of the afternoon
session the work began and bv . four thi
afternoon the tittle fetlows are alroadv
partly in the harness.' In the HlghSohool
little more was done than to cat in line
op the fall work and for the students to
! tK r.!l.-Hrm. nf fi.Smr. tri -.J
camping expeditions out of their minds.'
Miss Eula Forsythe and Miss Mary
Zurcher of Enterprise passed through La
Grande this morning enroute to Weston
to attend school, i. ; r
(Scrlpps News Asuoclatlon)
Santa Barb ra, Cel., Sept 10. -The
second section of number 1 0 of the South
ern Pacific, leaving San Francisco atK-R
in the afternoon yesterday was wrecked
at Seacliff twenty miles below here this
It is reported that thirty Dassanuara
are injured, some very seriously but not
any killed. Doctor A. W. Tivlor. tha
Southern Pacific surffeon." and aavaml
local surgeons have left on a special train
for the scene. No particulars can be
had. .
The wreck occured while tha train
running forty miles an hour, The engine
baggage and one passenger car left tha
track. It is believed none will die frnm
injuries while five are seriously hurt. The ,
cause is unknown.
f A RLE Y'S ,
(Scrlpps News Association)
San Francisco Sept 1 0 The United
railroads this morning shipped three hun
dred and fifty of Farley's strike breaker
back to New York- Several hundred are
expected to be shipped soon. The com
pany has no use for strike breakers now
that a peaceful settlement - is in sight
through arbitration, and is aandinir tha
men home. ; i j
The work of tha hilla htu...n
Kamela and Hilgard will progress with
more rapidity. , During the last few days
an additional force has been set at work.
It ie the Intentions of the O. R, & N. to
tunnel the hills in order. to do away with
the many high tressels the 0, R. & N.
now rrosses. When the scheme is culmin
ated, the stream that winds and meander
nrst on one of the track and then
the other, will have had its course changed
and Instead of crossing and recroning
the path at the track will run along one
side only. The work is a monster affair
as it necessitates many hng tunnels. The
tressels willbe filled in, a fact that insures
more safety for the trains.
The company is also making hrprover
ment at Hilgard in the way of building a
(Scrlpps News Association) . ' t
Valdivostock, Sept. 10 All wara hnnik
officios and goods stored in the Piers vol
unteer fleet, was destroyed by fire today.
mayor Stoddard on Saturday vninr
Brought in a load of peaches which he
had just gathered from his orchard atross
ths river. He kindly presented the
Observer force with a box that was
simply a surprise to us all. A few mora
shocks like this and the Observer will ha
telling our readers far and distant that
this is an ideal peach country. Mr. St!-
dard has about twenty-Ave trees and his
entire load would have attracted attent
ion in any fruit country and the flavor
was all that could have been desired.
(Scrlpps News Association), Idaho. Sept. 1 0- Steve Adams,
who was released on habeas corpus was
rearrested charged with the murder nf
Lyte Gregory of Denver, on May, 1904
He will not have a preliminary hearing
for two days in order that officers from
Denver can arrive.
tScrlpps Newa Association)
Chicago, Sept.8 -Wheat opened at 69j$
closed at 695,; corn opened at46.
closed at 46 oats opened at 80,
Closed 10.
slept iron the danger
(Scrlpps New Association
San Francisco, Sept. 10. The Pacific
Coast Steamship Company steamer,
City of Topeka, bound from Eyreka to
San Francisco, struck on the roeka at
Point Arena, early yesterday morning in
the fog. Just before the accident, the
captain saw the Point Arena lioht anri
ordered the helm put over. The steamer
struck a glancing blow but succeeded In
reaching open water and headed for jthi
port under full speed and the pumps
working and at rived shortly after I o'clock
yesterday afternoon. The passengers
were all asleep and knew nothing of their
perilous journey until they reached the
wharf in San Francisco. Tha
will be placed in the dry dock today.
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