La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, August 25, 1906, Image 5

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Rates-One cent a word, one-haif a
tion. Classified adds hrinrr mti,-,.
, i"VR
MONEY For ioans on city property tee
Wm. Grant' agency. Also real estate
and insurance.
TITLES go to the
ment Company,
Foley building.
La Grande Invest
La Grande Ore., in
FOR SALE OR TRADE Two acres in
Honan's addition, nicely improved, large
roomy house, good water. Will trade
. C. A Cary.
otAay and country real estate. Loans
closed promptly, as. soon as title is ap
proved. La Grande Investment com
pany. FURNISHED ROOMS Apply to Mrs. 0.
Ralston, on Washington Avenue.
cut from three to five hundred cords of
wood. Inquire at this office.
Mrs. Patty's modern cottage. Also this
cottage for Vent Inquire J. F. Williams
cower Greenwood Street and Adams
Avto -
FOR RENT A seven room house for
rent. Inquire of Mrs. S. C. Zuber.
WANTED To rent a house with 12 or
14 rooms, furnished, suitable for a priv
ate boarding house. Mrs. Grace Barrib
A New Remedy. Sold by all Druggist
Give it a trial. ; . , . "
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of
an order made by the Hon. J. C. Henry,
County Judge for Union county, state of
Oregon, on the 10th day of July, 1906,
the isjtk'rsigned, will, afte. the 25th day
of Aftst, 1906, sell, at private sale to
the highest bidder for cash, the following
described real property, belonging to the
estate of D. B. May, deceased, towit:
All of lots numbered one and twenty
six, in block frcr, of Predmore's Addition
to the town of La Grande, Union county,
state of Oregon, being in said city of La
Grande, Oregon.
Dated at La Grande, Oregon, July 1 1 ,
1906, . B.T.May,
Administrator estate D. B. May, deceased.
ThrWUtional Irrigation Congress will
be held at Boise, Idaho, Sept. 3 to 8
The 0. R. & N. Co. will sell tickets at
the rate of one fare for the round trip,
children half rate. Selling dates on Sept
1 and 2. Continuous passage from date
of sale until final return limit Stopover
privileges will be granted for return trip
within the final limit.
BrTk furnished in any or any
style, No contract too small or to
large. See samples of our pressed
La Orande, Oregon
La GranJe National Bank
United States
Capital StocK, Surplus and
OFFICERS and directors
' jEORGE PALMER, President. J. M. BERRY, Vice President.
F. L MEYERS, Cashier.
W. L. BRENHOLTS, Assistant Cashier.
General' banking business,
parts of the world
cent word each .ho.nt
fry one today.
WOOD WOOD WOOD-Parties desiring
to tngage their winter supply of wood
will please leave their order at Mr.
Polock'sgrocery store. I have 600 cords
of good dry cord wood and of any kind.
v J. Anthony.
FOR SALE Pure Bred shopshire Buck
Poplar Grove Stock Farm.
J. E. Reynolds Prof.
La Grande R. F. D., No. 2
WANTED Fresh milch cow, part or all
Jersey preferred. Must be a first class
cow. For particulars call at this
FOR SALE Wood saw, complete out
fit in first class condition.
John Allen
Cor. Valley and Osborn Sts.
FOR SALE Furniture complete for four
room house. In good condition, nearly
new. Inquire at 1605 Seventh Street
Phone Black 1122.
WANTED Dining room help, male
or female at the Model Resturant
LOST On Wednesday a light side comb
with amethyst and pearl - setting.
Leaveat this office or phone Black 1571
WANTED Girl or woman to do genera
housework in small family.- Inquire at
La Grande National Bank.
We can locate a number of parties on
good timber claims of two million feet and
Foley Blk. La Grande Investment Co.
The Recorder of the city of La Grande,
Oregon, will receive bids up to October
1 906, at four o'clock of ssid day for the
grading and graveling of Sixth Street
from its intersection with Washington
Avenue to 1 Street as per specifications
to be seen at the Recorder's office, said
bid to be accompanied by a certified check
to be equal to ten per cent of the contract
price. The right reserved to reject any
and all bids.
Dated this 1 7th day of August, 1 906,
C S. Dunn,
Chairman of street committee
No more a muddledbrain for mine
I'll call for soda every time '
Quench my thirst to my heart's content,
Save cash for clothes as well as rent
Treat my wife and children too
"Smile" with them, and "smile" with you.
All the popular drinks at Hill's soda
This is one of the best musical in
institutions in the state, and that
people in this city and valley are
begininng todiscover the advantage
of this school. The system is the
latest and most practical, and in
cludes all the latest discoveries in
the art of teaching music. ' The
school is divided into two depart
ments; No. 1 is for beginners from
5 years or more and are taught
the first three grades. Pupils come
one hour each day. This is no kin
dergarten system but far superior.
In No. 2 the grades are from 3 to
15. Here they graduate. Pupils
take one or two lessons a week as
they desire. No scholars will be
permitted to remain in this school
who do not study.
Opposite the Foley House over
the candy store. Phone. 473.
undivided profits $160,000 00
Drafts drawn on all
Never retire from active life, if you can
possibly avoid it; keep "in the swim;"
keep the mind active; never refer to your
advancing years or say "at my age."
f v . juuuj, y0U musi nsve a
variety -of experience. The country
woman at forty, iltough breathinea Durer
air and living on a more healthful diet
than the city woman, often looks fifty,
while the latter at the same age, does not
look more than thirty. But her mind, is
more active than that of her country sis
ter; that is the secret of her more youth
ful appearance.
Nothing else siges one more rapidly than
monotony a dead level existence without
change of scene or experience. The mind
must be kept fresh or it will age. and the
body cannot be younger than the mind.
Few minds are strong enough to over
come tne aging influence of the monoton
ous life which rules in the average country
home. Ltity people have infinitely greater
variety of. life. They enjoy themselves
a great deal more than country people.
They work hard when at work, but when
they are through, they drop everything
and have a good time. There is no doubt
that the theatre, in spite of its many evils,
has done a great deal toward erasing the
marks of age. People who laugh much
retain their youth longer. Success,
Thu lActure dawintiwa nf fh' H nf
cooking, given yesterday afternoon at!
Mrs. T. N. Murphy's Hardware store by
Joseph Becker, the, famous chef, 'was
well attended. All present were delight
ed with the demonstration and came
away highly pleased with the information
imparted by Mr. Becker. The lecture
this afternoon was even better attended
and the demonstration, if posible, more
complete. Mr. Becker not oniy explains
how scientific cooking should be done.
but shows how as well. ' He makes all
sorts of fancy pastry while he talks and
finishes by explaining the merits of the
well known Majestic range,
Harry Hermsen, , the clever leading
comedian of "The Royahef" company
is known the country ote as a story
teller. Some of his funny "tpy? may be
heard most anywhere throng, e east or
west. A good many years ad', longer in
fact than Mr. Hermsen cares to audit, he
was an agent in advanci of a cheai rep
ertoire show. Oie day, said Mr. Herm
sen, he got into a small town in Wisconsin.
Ha asked .the local manager about prices,
advertising and other points of information
which the agent is supposed to supply to
the manager of the troupe. Then he
asked him the dimensions of his stage.
"Have you any traps?" asked Mr.
Hermsen, meaning of course openings in
the stage, but the local manager misunder
stood. "Really," he replied, "we haven't had a
rat in the house for a year."
In another town, this time in Michigan.!
Mr. Hermsen asked the local manager
for what time the orchestra rehearsal had
been fixed.
"Four o'oiock if it rains, and six o'clock
if it doesn't rain," was the reply.
"How do you figure it out?" asked the
astonished agent.
"""Well, you see the leader of our orches
tra drives the city sprinkling cart," re
plied the manager.
Another time in Chicago. Hermsen was
introduced to a man who was said to be
wealthy. A few days after the introduc
tion Hermsen received a letter from the
gentleman; "1 understand you have a very
good show. Do you mind sending me two
tickets?" it read. Mr. Hermsen's reply
was brief, but to the point. '! under
stand you have lots of money. Do you
mind sending me four dollars for the
A party of 15 surveyors are running a
line northwest and soul west of Coulee,
through section 1 5. in Washington. Resi
dents have been liable to find whether
they are Hill's men or for the Chicago.
Milwaukee & St. Paul.
Forty men are employed by the reclam
ation service near North Yakima on 10
miles of road along the Tieton river.
There are seven bridges to be built and
re .airs to be made on the old road, re
pairs, etc., all of which will cost $10,000.
Plans a:d specifications have been com
pleted for a large parochial school build
ing on the Catholic property in the John
son addition to Nez Perce The structure
a ill cost about $6000. the majority of
which has been raised throrgh the efforts
of Father Gerley of Lewiston.
Sol S. of the pioneers of
Idaho, fatally wounded his wife, then fired
a bullet through his own head at Lewiston
Wednesday. Both are dead, and the
cause of the tragedy is unknown. They
have been separated for a number of
years. Five children survive them.
Suit has been commenced in the Lane
county ciecuit court by Charles H. Chick,
a Grand Rapids, Mich., mm who pur
chased several thousand acres of land up
the McKunzie during the past few weeks,
against J. T. Brtdges. ex-reeister of the
United States land office at Roseberg, to
force the performance of a contract for
th sale of 720 acres of timber land lying
in township 17 south of range 47, east
in the upper MsKenzie country.
At the fourteenth National Irrigation
Congress, which meets at Boise, Septem- j
oer o to e, the district engineer in charge
of the various project being carried on
by the reclamation service of the govern
ment wiil report progress on the work
under their direction. The combined
statistics will prove very interesting and
instructive to the delegates. The special
train bringing Vice-President Fairbanks
and party to the National Irrigation Con
gress at Boise is scheduled to arrive at
the capital ci.y of Idaho on the morning of
September 5. A public reception will be
held that evening to the distinguished
guests of the congress.
A year ago the government i:ad under
construction irrigation projects invol ving
the expenditure of $30,000,000 and the
reclamation of 1.800.000 acres of land
The expenditure of this amount of money
will result in creating land values in ex
cess of $87,000, OoO, and the lands re
claimed will produce an annual crop of
the value of $27,000,000, or nearly suf-
ficent to pay the sum advanced by the
government every year.
Waterville Wash. Aug. 25-Not for
many years have rattlesnakes been so
numerous aiong me upper Columbia as
this season. In the harvest fields lying
near me river tney were becoming a
,t,ww t.w i..e ttitt.i uiimi uta ttuuiM
weather of the last few days caused
many to disappear. Harvesters are
often found wearing tin leggins to protect
themselves from being bitten bv the
venomous serpents. On the Emerich
farm, lying in the brakes of the Columbia
about five miles from this city, it is said
that more than 50 rattlers have been
killed this season. ,
Gold has been discovered in the vicinity
of Wamic and is creating no small
amount of excitement in that section.
George Stout and the Steed brothers
have been prospecting for some time and
at last found pay dirt. The mine is located
about three miles above Wamic, on Three
Mile creek. From present indications it
seems probable that th little village nf
Wamic, which nestles among the foothill
of the Cascade ' mountains, may in th
near future be transformed into a thriving
mining camp. The Dallas Optimist.
Mrs. Langtry, the famous actres, wa
hissed at by a large crowd in London
Wensday night, because the play she put
on was o.ily a trifling South American
episode lasting 20 minutes.
Timothy M. Healy, member of the
parliament from North Louth, Ireland
who arrived in New York enroute to
Chicago, said he believed that with in 1 0
years the land question would be settled
for Ireland.
Sheriff Stougb of Fremont county,
Wyoming has ordered out Comyany B, of
the state national guard to proceed to the
Shoshone reservation to assist in
preserving order on the new townsite on
the reservation, where much trouble is
brewing over land l ights.
The first through passenger train over
the San Pedro. Lo Angeles & Salt Lake
railway since Sunday, left at midnight
Wednesday from Salt Lake, the
dammage by the recent washout
having been repaired. The rainfall in
Utah was the greatest of any for 24
Mrs. Kittie Biakeslee was electrocuted
in the bath roon of her home at Winnipeg,
Man., yesterday. She had started to
take a bath. She slipped and grasped
the lamp socket, which was cut of order.
This threw the full force of the current
through the woman's body, and she was
thrown to the bottom of the tub, which
had become heavily heated by the electric
A newly formed volcanic island has
been discovered the Aleutian
Islands west oft the coast of Alaska.
The new island made its first appear
ance in June and is new said to be 500
feet high. Clouds cf steam rise from its
summits and it is surrouded by boiling
According to a late directory. Ch.eago's
colored population has 15 churches. 58
lawyers. 4 newspapers. 4(? physic-ans
14 library clubs. 10 s;.cial c'uls ar j 25
women's ebbs. Ex.
A High-grade college with
Beautifully loratnd twenty-six mile"
from Portland.
Full regular colUire couws
Acail-my .Hives strong preparatory and;.,.,, r. ., 0f tre ,.,.. ccasonod !
ilt-my Rives k
Hgh bcmxil I'oi.r.iiit.
Conservatory nf Mimic and Hrhool of
Art, with supi-por
Businesa branchcH luuirht
GymmiKium unil I -it-Id Athletic undf
a I'liysical Iiirtctnr.
Well-ein'i"'l I.u'"'riilnt
I.ihran nf i:i.i' Vol'.itnus.
HealthYiiltvjcial lif- r'!ij'ini influc-nctt,
All stullfiit tntt r;ir..fS activij.
W all know the typewriter has com
Lto Stay. W discovered that long ago.
It i only a question which typewriter, for
the word is well and truly used in the
singular sense.
The typewriter that has come to stay is
not the one of ten years back, when in
novation caused such a stir in business
circles. Then nobody ever thought of as
sociating the word "alignment" with a
typewriter; it satisfied the user so long as
the machine would write some fashion or
other, and. with constant break-downs
ever-present repair bills were paid smil
ingly. But things are different now.
Time tests all things. The business man
has become wise. He wants what he
pays for. He has learned the value (from
dearly-bought experience) of a machine
which will writ properly, not only the
day it is bought, but perpetually.
He also wants to be satisfied upon the
peculiarities of the many machine now
before the public. Th individual claim
of our product places its position beyond
all question, and the few particulars we
give on' the following pages will, no doubt
be found cf interest to those buyers who
"wartt what they pay for"
The No. 3 Model, which has secured
such a firm foothold on the universal
markets, constitutes what is reckoned as
Here is our answer
There is no carriage to lift; no con
structional parts to peer over. Your
work is there right before you.
Each type-bar is a double or U-shaped
one and the alignment is secured thereby,
No slots or so-called "guides" are neces
sary to preserve the alignment of the
Oliver. Th U-shaped type-bar doe it
In th construction of the Oliver less
than one-half the usual number of parts
I employed, consequently what there is
to learn is learnt quickly.
Th freedom of, the Oliver type-bar
permit! of any desired force, so that in
heavy manifolding equally good results
are obtained first to last copy
From one to twenty copies can be
made simultaneously, without materially
increased exertion,
No extra-heavy touch is needed to cut
a perfect stencil on the Oliver. The or
dinary touch is sufficient, therefor all
risk of "cutting out" is avoided, Th type
of the Oliver cut the finest stencils pos
sible. '
The Oliver never tires. Its operation
is a pleasure. , even when used without
intermission. Its tcuch is beautifully
elastic and most responsive. The fastest
operator cannot overtake its speed,
The type-bars of the Oliver cannot lock,
no matter how many keys be depressed
at one time.
.The type of the Oliver are not, as with
other machines, cleaned indivdually, but
eollec'.ively, and the case with which this
cleaning in done makes excuse fordiity
type impf ssible.
Lines, e ther or horizontal, and
in any color, may be ruled upon paper
whilst a is in the machine, and without
the aid of a ruler. Ordinarily. any neces
sary rJing is ieft. of course, until it can
be done in the usual way. but is usually
The carriage is removed from the ma
chmeifor cleaning er,d other, purposes)
instantly, without manual interferences
with anyTasterings whatever, and is just
as easily replaced.
By a single rr.cveirer.tahsolute freedom
is given to the paper, leaving it to he
either straightened cr moved
in ary desired position No force is nec-
j essary. consequently no so'lirg or tearing.
cf the paper occurs,
j Tr.e Oi.ver typewriter wii! teed the
! stiffest and stojttst card as easily as a
s'ng'e 5l;(:ct cf pacer.
fere is ar,h,rg whrc'tdetrnst rates
i to th"! fu't t:-o v jl;:e if V
f: O -ver ftr tab-'
j uiar wcrrf, .t is invcx r
of h dd'.-r,-wr rg rrach-r
to 6atis'ac!or ly pepare
1 the futility of such a ta
To t::ose users
es who attempt
ir.v- ces thereon,
rrjst surely be
apfarer.t. IVec'-ar cat c:rtrivances as tabulators" hae teen de
vised, it is true, to assist them, but so
mud t n:e s iot m setting" ti e mtch-
by tre operator's lack of coefnerce ,1 the
tabu's; or, tte.nvoce con i very well I
he write' ly rard n r.a.t f. Fur-I
th:'trcre. ur,j at-.-rs en Cher tvin Oliver :
ty;A ' r.'f. , ,rte"re very ser'cusly w'th
n'a. Hr'.s .t tne type m turit: eif. rtroer- ;
ire it very u-.'e'.act hr .lO.rary uv.-.
T' e O.'Ver .s t;.e :dea' lor in- j
vcrj;. V .tft 'ts v f V wr-t.r.g. .f ;
maiei t f.r.nt.rg ;c r.:, .roiCaK r and pet -
kct ar9 instantly 1
fours and rr.a.'r'a-nec - a.i w th g-eattst
-piety. N3 ta'uV.t," i rece'tary on '
th Oliver, but, if one is wanted', we sup
ply th best tabulator mad. Bear in
mind, however, that we save extra cost '
and give better results.
Again, with th wonderful manifolding1
power of th Oliver, it will make a man
copies of an invoice as required, and every ,
copy clear and distinct.
Th use of an Oliver for invoicing in
Speed, legibility, efficiency, economy.
neatness and regularity.,
The Oliver is already adopted by some
of the largest business house for invoicing' .
s well as correspondence purposes, fur
ther particulars of which we shall be '
pleased to furnish on application.
Newlin Druo Company, Agents.
young man, who- recently
graduated from one of the best-
known Colleges in the United
States, paid his way through com
fortably by money earned in taking
stenographic notes and furnishing
students with type-written copies.
J, This young man took a course
at the Holmes Business College
.before entering the University, and
this traiuing equipped him with '
knowledge which he was able to
turn into money. '
C. There are hundreds of young
men and women in all parts of the
country occupying positions of
prominence, who were helped up
the ladder of life l training re-,
ceived at the Holmes Business
f r- '
C M you are interested in "Storiea
of success from real life," we shall
eglad to give you tilt details,
C' Write (or out foluer.Jiri
worth getting and worth" Iicefrap
We will gladly send it to jtm post
paid if you will send us your name
aod address ... . . ,.
r goi
Paid his tvav. I
No. f. iMkt, Doiittr. ft. No
B.Ki A itrib, Oiimlia, Kail tjvam
No. 1 WMCIly, Ht UuU, Lin- Not
HUhplii iMHfoant. fc-i I. C.Kim
Portland, limit. P
No I dletun. Wll Wall, No!l
' ln(t.ii, foiiwra, Lot
. m fax Mtwoow, KMiloe, (K
Borlh vlaupokar
l'ortlMdTblie7 iVii ', ITmntilla, Wal
mS lula, Lei-.Um, I'otfai, Mo
Muiif, HVailave. Wr
0) p, in. nor, Hi:kaM ami uliu-t t:40am
lioliita vuml Btl ourlti
via lytkapft
So. :tt Itlaod fit jr. f ikel, tin
Dally t-x-lilrr aud ..(ill. ton loll
r1t n liona al l.ltf.D tit
Hunntir U" Kir xln! a Wat 65 p n
I in low.
Oimiii Mtaamttrr between I'otlluMl and Has
Kwii' lioo eer five,
K. ('.
If four ticket mill
aa 1 Kli ilmie'e Halli.
L.iut-01 the ftorlri"
the I Tain wr
lite "Htwulo
point if hiutwI clouir thu iii
tWMenO-lt?n ut Imtf I'tfcl hflil
never bot-omtm Urtwimie
If r 11 arp ttnlnK ''"t, Wrl1 for Ifor
n it Uin ami kU yitrily boOthil wi)
li I you nil Uui u
124 Third St.
: 11 """"""