La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, April 14, 1906, Image 1

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llCitUiCI Tomorrow warmer.
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Dollars end Cents Kot to fee (cnsidcel. T&c PropHet Will
t1 Soon Visit His Followers in Zion
(Scrlppa New Association)
Chicago, .III. April 1 4 Dowi' attor
ney today issued formal statement
denying the report that Dowie hat eur
, Tendered to Voli va' force a reported,
and is wa'ng his temporal c'a me for a
eonsidaratinn of the five percent basis.
Any suggestion of the ' fact thit Dowie
would accept a settlement and return to
Mexico without talking to, his followers
in Zion it without foundation. Voliva has
threatened disclosed alleged methods of
bribery that ha been carried on by Dowie
(Sorlppe News Association)
Oljew York, April 1 4 Gorky, the noted
VVjisian leader, who is in this country for
his health and to raise funds to assist in
the great 'revolution that' ie now being
waged in his country, wired his sympathy
to. Haywood and Moyer who are now in
prison at Caldwell Idaho) charged with
the murder of ex-Governor Steunenberg.
It now developes that Gaylord Wilshire
the great American Socialist, wrote the
telegram and submitted it to Gorky, who
approved it. Wilshire now regrets his
., action on account of the belief that Gorky
; not fully understood in the matter and
JV)ars that this act will inj'ire Gorky's
mission of raising funds.
Mrs. J. G. Phelps Stokes, who waa
formerly Rose Pastor, a Jewess cigar
worker prior to becoming the wife of her
prestnt hjsband who is a millionaire
was asked today whether the ' discovery
which ie alleged to have just been made
that the woman who accompanies, Gorky
not the famous Russians wife but an
actress, said the people should not criti
cise without full knowledge of all the
motives that govern the matter. She
state! she would greet the great man as
cordially as before. . '.
As a result of the story Gorky was
ordered to leave the Bellclaire hotel ana
he moved to the home of Gaylord Wil
shire. -rr- n ?
(Scrlpps News Association)
Washington, D. C, April 1 Major
General John C. Bates, Chief of Staff of
the United States Army, ' retires today
and will be succeeded by Brigadier-Gen-eral
J. Franklin Ball. Major General
Henry C Cor bin will succeed General
Bates as Lieutenant General and will be
retired in September. - In the meantime
Gen. Cor Jin will remain at the head of
niokU In C tmiii
(Scrlpps News Association)
Nsw York, April 14. Secretary ef the
Treasury Shaw has announced that the
sub-treasury is in receipt of collateral
security acceptable to savings' banks
which will immediately advance gold to
any bank up to $8,000,000 for each bank
to be immediately available in the banks
reserve, the amount to be ' returned at
once upon receipt of "the imported gold.
Under this ruling $12,000,000 in gold
has already beendistributed by the sub-
treasury among the gold Importing city
financial institutions. -
(Scr'.pps News Association)
Zurich,' April 14 The police here have
arrested an Italian named Guettra, who,
it is said, boasted, while en route to
America, that he would kill the High
Man. He it suspected of being a dele
gate to the sscret inter-national anarchies
congress that will be held in June in this
(Scrlpps News Association)
' New York, April 14 President Mitctell
declined today to discuss the' tabor situ
ation either in the-bituminous oranthra
cite fields. He leaves this evening for
Indianapolis. He received an inVitation
from Gorky, the Russian leader, who is
visiting this country, to meet the forces
but he declined on account of engage
ments. " ' -
(Scrlpps News Association)
Baltimore, April 1 4 Fire this morning
destroyed the Fox livery stables. Two
hundred horses were burned. .Patrolman
Manning suffered severe burns. The loss
is placed at seventy-five thousand dollars,
Ml M
A Matew ej
Pre Delivers tHe Principa! Address. Pdtrlctisn ct
Citizenship His TEema ' ;..
(Hcrlpps News Association)'
Tokio, April 14. Earthquake shocks of
great extent are reported in the Southern
portion of Formosa, The casualties are
said to be heavy. ;
(Scrlpps News Association)
Green Hill. Pa., April 14. Three per
sons were killed and three injured at a
crossing on the Erie road near Atlantic.
The dead are Mrs. Maud Calvin and her
two infant daughters.
LADD-In .ibis ' city Friday. ;Arifc.lS,
1996, ' to'Mrj anif Mrf. John Laddaj
'-daughter. . V . i
Mrs. B. Courtney is rapidly recovering
from the operation which took place in
the La Grande hospital two weeks ago.
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New York, April 14 New. York. , pro
mises to become the "Skyscraperopolis"
of the world. Plans have just been com
pleted for the erection of IS new build
ings on lower Broadway, south of Fulton
Street, none of which will be less than
twenty stories high: One is to be thirty
stories high and another forty stories, or
about 660 feet above the strset. Such a
collossal office building scheme is without
a parallel in the history of. the world.
Over 2.600,000 square feet 14 acres
of rentable office space will be provided
at a cost of $40,000,000, and there is no
doubt that it will all rent successfully.
(Scrlpps News Association)
Fresno, Cal, April 14 The President'
received Harry Giulder, president of the
American Merchant Marine association,
and a representative Humphrey, of Wash
ington. Goulder argued - in favor of the
Ship Subsidy bill, saying that the English
lines at Vancouver, Japan, Seattle,
San Francisco and almost have mono-
plized the ocean carrying trrde.
(Scrlpps News Association)
Washington. D. C April 14. The
corner etone of the three' miiUrn dollar
office building for the House of Repre
sentatives, which is to occupy the entire
city square southeast of the capitol was
laid this afternoon in the presence of
preme Court, members of the House and
Senate, representatives of foreign
countries and a great concourse of people.
The same historical gavsl was ussd that
George Washington employed ' in lsyin
the corner stone of the capltoK a hundred
and thirteen years ago. Grand Master
Brown of the district grand lodge of
Masons struck the block three times and
pronounced it well and truly laid. The
ceremonies were preceded by a formal
parade of Masons. Following a selection
by the Marine band, the President stepped
forward and delivered the principal ad
dress 01 tne nay. - oner addresses were
alto delivered by Speaker Cannon, Rep
resentative Hepburn of Iowa, and Repre
sentative Richardson of Tenneset, who
constitute the building commission. The
new building will be bounded by B Street,
New Jersey AvenuS, First Strset and C
S treat. There are to be four hundred and
ten offices in the structure and will hold
an office for every representative in Con
gress. The archithcture is to conform
with the proposed Senate building that
to be erected across the capitol park.
In the President's address he said in
part; "In Bunyan's Pilgrim Progress, a
description of a man is given who carried
a muck rake and looked continually down.
He was offered a celestial crown for the
sraks. but continued to take tu himself a
the filth he saw rather than loon up to
omething better. This man sets , forth
an example of a man whose visions are
fixed on camal things instead of spiritual
things. It is necessary that we should .
not mncn from seeing vit cninge out
man who never sees anything else becomes
not a help to society, but a most potent
force for evil. I hail as a benefactor, a
man who on the platform and in the cress
will assail corruption, providing the st
uck is absolutely truthful. A liar ie no
better than the thief. The soul of every
scoundrel is glad when the honest man is
assailed. It is easy to twist out of shape
what I am saying. Some people are in
capable of understanding, to denounce
mudslingmg, does not endorse whitwash
ing. An excess either way is likely to
take form in the punishment of the
offended and give immunity to the the
0 Tenders. A gross reckless assault on
character creates a morbid and vicious
public tsntiment and at the same time
acts as a detriment to able men, of nor
mal sensitiveness and prevents them
rom entering the public field at any price
It it hard to get capable men to hindle
the panama canal, IraOsuM hs will fcs it
tacked from both within and without the
congress as to his character and capac
ity. Always expose crime and hunt the
criminal but remember that even in case
of crime, an attack in a ssnsational lurid
and untruthful fashion, will do more
damage to the public mind then the
Qrime itself,
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AT IliltS
(Scrlpps News Association)
Naples, April 14 The re-appearance
of the sun has filled the people with new
hope and many of the refugees are re
turning to their ruined homes to take
part in clearing away the debris. One
bad effect of the sunlight however, is
that it quickens the decomposition of the
dead bodies lying around that have not
yet been enterred. Vesuvius is growing
much quieter, the discharge from the
crater isslight and the rescuers are push- their work with vigor. At Ottanjo
today two families wsre dug up and
found alive. The buried people have
suffered little beside hunger. Thieves
continue their cruel work and many ar
rests are being made every hour, Pro
fessor Giana of Naples university states
that the volcanic dust which covers the
entire country about Vesuvius, contains
iron and sand and really hat a beniflcia
effect on the people.
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