La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, November 22, 1905, Image 1

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WpSfhr Prolahly snow tonight.
Tomorrow fair.
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As a Result of First Fight at the- Naval
' ' Academy
(ScrTpps News Association)
Annapolis, Nov. 22. Upon charges of
manslaughter; conduct prejudicial to good
order and discipline and violations of the
naval regulations by engaging In a fight
with Midshipman James R. Branch, Jr.,
Midshipman Minor Merriweather La Fay
ette will be placed on trial this morning
at'the naval academy before the general
cotjrtmartial. Branch's death two days
after the fight on November pth, is the
basis of the manslaughter charge. The
other charges ark incidental to this. , .
; ." Juoge advocate is Captain Adolph
Marx who acted in the same capacity in
the Maine inquery.,.. The other members
are Rear Admirals Ramsay McCormick
and Parker, retired. Captains Wain
wright and Comly, Commanders Staunt
on, Fieke and Barry, -Lieutenant Com
i -
An UnUSUal OOnnrflinitv
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$10.00 Suits
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satin lining,
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manders Clark and Craven, and Lieuten
ants Jackson, McLean and Constiens.
Staunton was excused from serving
because before' he was ordered to the
trial he was heard to say that he thought
that Merriwether should be dismissed.
The charges and specifications ' were
read to Meriwether who pleaded not
guilty. 'James C. Vandecar, a second
classman and a friend of the defendant
said, "1 sat next to Meriwether at mess.
Upon the arrival of the British fleet Meri
wether declared ihtkt K w Uvim lw -chance"
to 'soak' Branch. A day later
he announced that he had received a
challenge and that Branch had admitted
nagging him,"
Midshipman Ralph J. Yeager testified
that he accompanied Merriwether .to
Branch" room' and related the heated
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g Ma.llf,IJIJ.. Ifr.MVIMtl.llUMi.V
conversation between the two. He
showed that Merriwether weighed 15
pounds more than Branch and was four
inches taller. He said that neither had
been sick prior to the fight. Captain Col
voccress, commander of the cadets, said
that he opposed fighting but declared
that the naval regulations do not prohibit
Midshipman McKittlick described the
fight and said, "The fight was to a finish
according to the custom and Queensbury
rules. The first 15 rounds wer. very
even. Branch began to press things. The
next few rounds Branch had the better of
the fight until about the 20th round Meri
wether fouled by hitting in a clinch. He
admitted the foul and offered to forfeit
the fight Branch said he could nut take
the fight that way and it was decided to
go five more rounds and then call . it a
draw if both were still standing. About
20 seconds later it was reported that a
guard was coming from Bancroft hall and
we put out the lights and called the fight
a draw. I helped Branch to his room and
although he was able to walR he left with
his room mate who prepared a hot bath-
Calls on President
(Scrlpps News Association)
Washington, D. C. Nov. 22. El Haddjic
Abdalla, the special commissioner from
Abyssinia, called upon the President this
afternoon and presented a personal letter
from Monilick, and also tendered the
president a gift with his compliments.
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More Russian Trouble
(Scrlpps News Association)
London, Nov. 22. Russian dispatches
say the uprisings of peasants are erowinc
steadily and now a million and a half
persons are engaeed in the revolt. Eiehtv
per -cent of the population of the Baltic
provinces are now in a starving cond tion.
Half a million peasants are now following
the false Czar, and agitators are urging
peasants to burn all the estates.
Five Years
(Scrlpps News Association)
Dillon Mont Nov. 22 Dennis Franklin
aged 22 years, was sentenced today tc
the state penitentiary for five years foi
the theft of-ten dollars from Joe Gallages
a Mecican.
Record Good
(Scrlpps News Association)
Cincinnati, Nov. 22. In 'the Madder
iivorca trial this morning John A. Mad
ien's record was pronounced unb'sm'shed
The attorneys for both sides agret i thai
mmmi iM wiuuKwunvss" snouic
je unsustained by the court. It was s
io ted on the records.
P. A. Worthington, right-of-vvv
for the O. R. & N. Company, ' announces
that with the exception of one place it
the canyon over which they are compellee
to condemn their way, he has secured i
right of way for the proposed extentioi
jl-ina-fcig!" hrancn as far as Wallowa J
t .Kl'i'r"-'i""Ti-"."'.t.,iij","'Ai-,f 'i j i ..I f
right of way through the Wallowa Valley
Considerable interest is beine mani
fested here in the condemnation proceed
ng instituted by the 0. R. & N. agains
3eorge B. Clark, who will not aceeDt th
price offered him for the right of wa;
through his place in the Wallowa Canyor
l he case IS on trial and the jury ha'
visited the canyon to look'over the groum
n order to determine whether or not ht
s justified in his refusal to accept th
price offered, him by the railroad com
jany. There were four condemnatio.
tuits filed for a hearing - at this spacia
term of Circuit Court, but all the othor
lave been settled out of court.
Ten Thousand Pjs
Salem, Or., Nov. 20. The report o.
the Portland General Electric companj
for the quarter ending September 20
filed this morning, shows that 10,25s'
passengers passed through the canal anc
locks at Oregon City and 2,282, tons o
freight, 62,?o2 feet of lumber, od,60i
P-ling, and 235.U9 logs.
Ammdnia Pipe Burst
(Scrlpps News Association)
Huston, Tex., Nov. 22. An ammonia
pipe in the Houston Packing house i.eai
this city exploded today. , It Is reportoc
that several people were killed.
Mett Tonight
All members of the La Grande Camp,
No. 61, W. O. W. are requested to moei
at the 1. O. O. F. hall over the past
office. Business of importance to bt
transacted. J. K. Wright, Clerk.
$100 Lamp
Those who have never viewed ar,
elegant cut glass lamp, should cast their
eye into the western display, window of
A. T. Hill's drug store. It is a beauty
and if you desire to have it on your par
lor tible, just tike a $100 bill with ycu
ind carry the price home.
Bound Over
C. W. Peterson "was held by Justxe
Hough in the sum of $200 for obtaining
money under false pretences, which was
for issuing a check on the Farmers &.
Traders National Bank, while in fact he
never had an account in the bank. .
Paid License
S. Alexander, who was taken in charge
yesterday afternoon by the police, for
peddling without a license, and entered a
piea of not guilty and had his case set for
trial at 9 o'clock this morning, reconsidsr
ed his action late last evening and paid
his license fee. It might be well to state
that it is worthy of comment that a lady,
who was loyal to the city's best interests.
Canal Recommendation
(Scrlppii Newg Association)
Washington. D. C. Nov. 22 Secretary
Bishop, of the canal commission, todav
intimated to the President, that the mem-
jers of the commission who have resisted
1o report of the consulting engineers
will probably recommend that Congress
adopt the minority report which is signed
by five American engineers. The minor
ty report recommends the construction
if the canal with locks with an elevation
it thirty feet. The foreign members feel
very much hurt at the reported dissatis
faction of the President with the recom
mendation that a sea level canal be con
itructod. ederat;o t Convention
JScrlpps News Association)
Nevada City, Cal., Nov. 22. The Cal
fornia Miners' Association convention
issembled here this morning. The meet
ng was called to order by President
3anjamin. His address was a radical
lemand for greater recognition of miners
vnd mining by congress and the state.
4 a!, tt.-t tb... .... .. . -
nd the miners nothing.
Confessed to Murder
(Scrlpps News Association)
Townsand, Mont,, Nov.. 22. May
jtevens, a nwoman of the world, confessed
oday to the murder of John C. Black,
vho was stabbed to death in a saloon in
nis cny Monday night. The woman
ays that she stabbed Biack in the back
ecause he attacked another woman
ccusing her of robbing him of twenty
vs dollars.
The King In Paris
(Scrlpps-News Association)
Paris. Nov. 22.-King Charles, of
'ortugal, arrived in the city today,
o visit President Loubert. He was ac
corded a grand recaption, and was greet
id with imposing military honors. He
vill remain three days.
Wayne to Testify
Scrlpps News Association) '
New York, Nov. 22. Robert J. Wayne
Jnited States Consul General at London,
md former postmaster general, arrived
tare today enroute to Washington to test
Fy before the commission examining
;he post office scandals.
Ssrilett Recommended
Scrlpps News Association) '
Washington, Nov. 22. Senator Hey
urn called upon the President and re
Jommended that Thomas Harrison Bart
ett be appointed register of the land office
.t Lewiston. Idaho. Vice West, who was
oday removed, also Addison T. Smith
'or internal revenue collector for the dis
.rict of Idaho and Montana.
k Oryn Mark t.
Scrlpps News Association)
Ch cigo, Nov, 22.-1-" Wheat opened at
closed,'-- 8 5, s' corn opened
;4, closed, 44.V;--oats opened 29?;
;losed, 29. ' J . '
Portland. Nov. 22.-Wheat, bluestem
f3; club. 72; valley, 72. & 75.
If you knew the facis abjut our prescription dopartmont your
, prescristions would come here, even if our prices were high
which they never are
If you knew the measures we take to insure the purity and
freshness of our drugs; if you were familiar with the safeguards
we throw about the compounding, and various' other Methods
peculiar to this store, you could having entire confidence
in the accuracy of any prescription we put up. .
To have such service-to feel sa'fe-is worth something and
costs nothing extra. ' -
, La Grande Oregon , .
(Scrlpps News Association)
Salem, Nov. 22 Governor Chamber
lain today appointed Thomas G. Hailey to
the supreme bench to succeed Wolverton
who was appointed to the federal judge
ship yesterday.
Mr. Hailey is well known over eastern
Oregon. He was born in 1864 this in
city in the Old Town. He is a compara
tively young man and has been identified
with the Democratic party for many
For the pas few years he has bee n
associated -with Judge Stephen A. Lowell
in law practice at Pendleton and enjoyed
most .... lucrative . oraotisa. H A. -
dairy enthusiast and has Targe dairy
farm on Wild Horse creek six miles
lortheast of Pendleton. Besides dairying
he holds several large tracts of wheat
on the Umatilla reservation. ' ,
The appointment was not unexpected
as tit and Governor Chamberlain havn
been warm friends for many years.'. Be
sides his friendship with the governor,
Mr. Hailey has been so prominent in
politics that he was almost sure to have
received the Democratic nomination for
the congressional election this next, year
Mr. Haihsy has served as mavor of
Pendleton, and district attorney for
Umatilla and Morrow counties. While
serving in the two capacities he made a
great effort to close gambling and control
the vicious element of Pendleton. H
was signally successful, and during his
reign the city of Pendleton was freer
from gambling than it has been since. ".
Mr. Hailey has many friends over the
state who will be well pleased at th
governor's choice and who wish him suc
cess In his new position, , v ,;
Fac'ory Fire
(Scrlpps News Association) i
Indianapolis. Nov. 22. Fire hrok nut
in the Barger Furniture Factory at '10:'
40 this morning. While fighting the fir
the water main broke and the firemen
fear the destruction of a large amount of
ousiness property on account of the low
pressure. It is rumored that an elevator
containing passengers is stuck between
two punting floors. . . .
Paymaster Robbed ;
(Scrlpps News Association) , "
Milwaukee, Nov. 22, Qeorge W. Wiley
paymaster for a construction - company,
was held up at the office door at Camp
Cudahay, Wis. His personal effects and
the keys to the office and safe were taken
The robber entered the safe and' stole
about $3000 in cash i and negotiable
papers. . f
Alderman Fined I
(Scrlpps News Association) ' 1
Milwaukee, flov. 22. A. T. McCor"
mack, a former alderman, pleaded
guilty of bribery and was fined $360
and costs this morning.
t ;
I '
: 1
reported him over the phone.