La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, October 31, 1905, Image 5

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'!?IKG the cOTcr brinrt im
. Jworner within reach without re
moving traya." ,ZTet X the Urn of
an ordinary tran"tr,-pack or an
peck. Easy to operate. Nothing to
get out of order. Will if and all the
knock and hard tuaje of traveling.
Coete no more than a common truck.
H Aytaf at.,
- I i TV
TJhe farmers and JJraders.
Tfational Siank ' .
fXa Snd Crj0H.
NO. 44(32
Vapiiai . .. .
Liability of Shareholders
, For Uieprotectlon of its Depositors! Depot! ton of this Bank are
accorded such liberal treatment as shall be la keeping with the
eharaoter and value of their account. We would (bepleased to
have your aoconnt. ,
G. E. McCullt,
Asst. Cashier.
Sewing machioes
Type Writers
Biases broken casting
Grinds Scissors
and does a general repair
Sacred Heart Academy
U Grande, Oregon
lhis institution is conducted by
the sisters of St. Francis, and
affords excellent educaiional ad
vantages, Classical, Literary and
Scientific Courses are taught,
also Music, Drawing and Paint
ing according to the latest
mrhfla. Preparing., young
for the profession of
teaching a specialty.
Classes will be resumed Sept
ember 6. ... ..
For terms and other particu
lars, address
Sister Superior
Apples, Vegetables, Hay and Crain
We are now packing apples
. ?Y " .. tst. W
aiock in any quantity
prices for all produce.
We have a fresh consignment of . fanjy white dover
SitorlTb which is on sal. at .11 , toe leadtng
groceries, ppji BOXES AND PAPER
Do vou wsnt apple boxes, box lining paper, or wrap
ping paper? We have them and sell them at whole-
W. store .11 kinds of good, at a very low rate Our
storage plant is absolutely nr Vw - -
low r.te of insurance. ,.,-
Oregon Produce Company;
We have a splendid lino of
Suit rases, Valise, Hand
Grips and T lescopes, from
tbe cheapest to the beet, all
ize and all gradea. Best
goods for the money ever
offered in the city, if yon
are going to travel give us
ell. x '
F, D. Haisten,
, Phone Bed 1161
Highest prices paid for
Second Hand Goods
T, J. Scsoooin.
Ast. Cashier
Farm Loans a Specialty,
.. Bast equipped abstracter .
in Union county. Many
years experiences with
the Union county records
. gives me a great advant.
, agw. . It is folly to- pur-;,
chase realestatt without ,
first securing " a proper
abstraoL An abstract
from my office wilt show
the title just as it appears
?ou the offioial 'record.
Room 31, Bommer Bdlg,
Hick headache la caused by a Un
ordered condition of the stomach and
e qulokly oured , by Chamberliin'a
Stomsoh and Liver Tablets. For sale
by NewlluDrug Co.
and can use snipping
nay highest market
er w
An Inspection of oar schools from
Urn to time, lends ae to repent a re
mark made through the city preas
soma time alnoe.' Parent a oould great
ly aeist tho teachers and tneoegeuient
of the school by ascertaining tbe eub
jecU being studied by tbe cbild In tbe
eeveral breeches, and occnaictially
propoaoding to tbe child, questions
adapted to his school work. One of
tho most serious and alarming featnree
of school work bare ai well as else
where le tbe remarkable lack of ser
loaenese on tbe part ol tbe child, re
garding hie etodiee and hie progreii In
school. Teachers oan and ought to do
mnob bat they can not oonoteraot all
the inftaunoc outside tbe school that
tend to make the ebltd Indifferent to
achievement, and tboroogbneea la ble
work. Tbe parent can greatly aulat
In tbls Let the atmosphere o home
be such that the boy or girl will see
that there la more In this school work
tbaa merely paatlng away the time.
Tba eblld In eobool Is a citizen except
that ha baa not the right of franchise,
and ia snbjeot to tbe control of parent
or guardian. The cbild in school has
a bnsloeaa, at present not product! re.
It is true, Jost as truly as any eltisen
eoodaota a business. This business
of tbe child Is to prosecute his studies
at eobool with that same assiduity and
earnestness which is need by tlte bead
of a household.
It Is evident that a goodly number
of children In the upper grades snd In
the high school are not wurklng to
tbelr fullest capacity, and aa a result.
the general standard of the school Is
materially retarded. And why are
these children not working to their
fullest capacity r It Is because they
are wiser than their ppas and mam
mas and teachers, and therefore at
tend to their sohool duties differently
or indifferently, as they choose. It is
because they are spending their spare
time In a wasteful manner an1 not
even In beneflolal .play or sports.
They are seen In alarmingly large
numbers oo the streets long after dark.
Thos, they are permitted to counter
act tho Influence and work of tbe
sohool. We affirm that the niiud of
a child in tbe upper grades and high
sohool sbonld be on his eobool work,
and not on the things he expects to do
In his play or leisure hours. The
school work Is tba child's ohief busi
ness. The play is sn accessory, neoet.
aary It Is true to the ohtld's symet
rlcal development, but the sohool
duties are bis chief business every
sohool day of tbe school year. If the
oblld does not or oaonot maks school
work his chief business and play , an
accessory, It Is tbe duty of the parent
to asiist the child In this, by Insistiog
that tho ohlld attend to bis school
business, no matter how distaateful it
may be to him. Tba parent who (ails
to do tbls admits that the cbild is be
yond control, wa nave been aston
Isbed within the pase few weeks, when
asking parents to assist as In breaking
up certain cases of truancy, to hear
them oonfeis to sn Inability to oontrol
children under fourteen years of sge,
snd that they could not compel tba
ohlld to attend school If said oblld
chose not to do so it is certainly a
novel condition tn which the child
dictates to the parent what ha will or
will not do. ' Sohool . Is rot an easy
place where children go solely for the
purpose of pasttime and play it es
tate for a purpose vastly greater than
this. It is a place for work, where tbe
state prepares children for intelligent
oltizansh'p, so that in 1 be years to
coma they may strengthen and pre
serve tbe nation. The spirit of die
content that animates the small boy
to rssiet authority and do tbe things
wbioh tba e'ate aays be must not do,
Is tba same spirit that threw the
bombs -: at Haymsrket in Chicago
This system of school could do woik
vastly mora effective, II tba parents
wonld i see that children intensify
effort and attention u on the school
duties within certain preicribed hours
because doing so, la theft chief busi
neas. Tbe school,' too, should teach
tba oblld l work bard If It fails to
do this It fails to teach him one of the
best lessons It bas for him. Those In
school who do work bard famish dally
evidence that the parent rulrs the
eblld and not tbe reverse. These are
not tba children who ara rude and
load on tbe streets, who ron about
long alter dark and wbo often Insnlt
respectable paseereby; they are the
children of pa rente wbo know bow to
control tbs cbild.
Tbe other da, wa summoned two or
throe small boys to tbe office. Tbey
brazenly eoofeeeed to oslog obsoeos,
fifth, laagaag, and profanity in the '
bearing of little sirle. How ara wa to
account for tba alarming condition?
It ia not entirely tbe fault of tba boys,
snd certainly the school esonot be
held entirely responsible. Somewhere
sometime, eomehow these boys ft
wiser than tbelr parents and showed
them that it Is proper to do tbose
thiogs which later make them hood
lame, renegades
Recently a high' eobool boy when
called to the otfloe ocnteaeed himself
to be addicted to tbe use of tobacco,
an4 sta'ed that be believed that there
were at least one hundred boys In the
public school, who were partially or
habitually addicted to tbe same habit.
Tbls is contrary to the regulations of
tbe city eobool board and In direct op
position to tba commonest kind of
common aense. And why do parenta
tolerate this even after tbe facta are
wall known? The answer has already
been stated. These children have
grown wieer than tbe pareote and have
taught tbem a now social system in
ahich the parent is subservient to be
"Please Smile
Look Pleasant."
When a woman savs "I am racked with
pain," the word "raefcod ruoalla thoday.i
whun thuy strotrhod the tondur txxJIia of
women on mo ra k wiiu niira auu punoy tlm vnrv liiints cracked.
Fancy an attendant saying to the tor-
turea woman, -i'iuae muo auu iook
And yt the woman "racked with pain.
b expected to smile through her ait:iy
and to muko homo happy. tslie can't
do It 'It Is Ufrainst Nature. Uennnilly
speuklng, the. rucking pains of ill-health
such as headache, backache and "bcar-Ing-down
pains are rotated to doramro
menu or disorders of the organs dis
tinctly feminine.. When this condition
Is removed the general health Is cesturtxl.
and with health comoe back the smile of
happiness. ...
Any woman may regain ber health at
home without olTensive questionings or
examinations by the use of Dr. Pierce's
Favorite I'rWrlption. Hick women may
consult Dr. Pierre, by letter, free of
charge. Huch letter are treated as
MM;iiujf cu..tUv .
It affords me pleasure to relate the won
derful merits of your great medicine, expo
daily Jour 'I'svorlta Prescription." writes
Mr. J. Wesley Itliine. of Woodlury. N. Jorser.
JL Rox Sid. "My wife has been using It Cr
some time past, having suffered soverely
wltb Imarlng-uowu pains acuina in uses,
and niauy other complaint peculiar to
women. She was very weak, oould not do
any heavy work or washing but ran do all
k-iml. it wnrk now. Hlit) Is soon to become a
mother but we do not fear the result (aa
heretofore), all one to your wouuer-woraer.
'Favorite Prescription.'
"Vour 'PleoKMit Pellote are also worth
r times tliotr price, i nave uiwa worn
for biliousness and stomach troulile, and
have found them to Iks all that you claim.
They are my constant companions once
used, always avpu"
Olvon away. The People's
Common Hense Medical Ad
viser Is sent free on receipt
of staifip to pay expense of
mailing mily. The book con
tains 1UUH pages, over Juu illus
trations and several colored
plates. Hend l!l one-cent
stamps for the paper-bound
book, or 31 stamps for the
cloth hound. Address Dr.
U.V. Plus a, Bulla!' N. Y.
Beginning wltb Nov. . 1, 1905, the
prioe of milk from Bprlug Brook Dairy
will be two dollars for a quart a day
Instead of one and one half as hereto
fore, Thisobangels made, necessary
on aocoont of tbe great expense we
are put to In careing for and handling
tbe milk. It Is our aim aa It has been
from lbs beginning to fai nlsh oar cus
tomers with a good, para wholesome
milk and we prdposs to spare no peine
or ezpenss In doing so. Therefore the
Thanking our ottstomers for tbelr
psst patronage and appreciation of our
milk snd hoping that tbey will con
tlnua wltb ns. We are ever yours,
Notice is hereby ivrn that there are
now fuuds oo band to pay all oat
standing warrants issued on General
Fund of La Grande city, np to and in
eluding, No 4693 endorsed February
Interest on all warrants on Genarsl
Fond from No 4618 to No 4693 in-
olufivx, ceases fiom thia date.
There are also funds in the treasury
to pay all warren te issued egtinst
Water Ft'nd of Le Grande City, up tn,
and including No 6C35, endorsed July
8,1905. Interest on all warrants on
Water Fund from No 6600 to No 6616
inclusive, ceases from date of this call
La Grande. Or g in. Oct 30tb 1906.
, E J Wrlsh, City Treasurer.
Apples For Sale
Tsrenlv car loads of good wlntei
spples for sale Call or address tbs I
ecretary of tbe Home Fruit Co , Con
xrgon. d 4 w
Truck and!
Wood and Coal
) :
Phone 1611
All order given prompt
r -t
' : v
viv fevx--!?!A.'r''i:v'. i-1
V fat.p'ai w h
J -. .itea-..iW ..
Whether it be for wedding present, or holiday gifts,
cut glass is always appropriate. Nothing graces a
table, more than thia ware. We have a splendid line
with prices: within reach of everyone. From . the
small piece, which are sold for one dollar, up to the
elegant water , set. that go for $30, you can surely
Hnd something that fits your purse. Our line ia com
posed of Water Sets, Comports, Sugar and Cream set.
Fruit Dishes, Pickle ' Plates,' Cake Plates, Vinegar
Ctuets, Salt and Pepper Shakos, Tooth Piok Holders.
A. T.
PrejcrJption Druggist
In st.k-Ji Lsai-i 1-in.S in
Mi Wim4atvtmiVMlQ-m -MB MM SMSSM afMSMsMuar. SS9 L-3Jav W Vv S
m 1 Complete Machine
General Blacksmith , Horse Shoeing and Wagon Work
Manufacturer of The Fitzgerald Roller Feed Mill
D F I T7, O ERA L. D.
The largest line of Carpets ever brought to the city. More
arriving daily. Pretty floor coverings, 25c a yard andi p.
All that the Seattle Grocery Co,
asks if that you give us a trial
order, ir we cannot please
do not want your trade.
satisfied customer is a pleased
one and we try to please.
host ornnnrina f.-t lh ' 1tai(.i"0
money. This is our motto t"
a trial otder will be a d00'
stration of how welwei'",ce4
... - ,tt.
.1 kJJ i i
Many-. w ,;,,. t ,
want the long awtii, su "' !;
ger Overcoat.
We have provided fur
their wants for we bave
received right from the
shops of the World's best
Overcoat Makers 'he most
elegant long overcoats that
could be produced.
We want young meu in
particular to call to eee
these smart ' garments.
' Nothiug that could a 'Id
one whit to the stlo,
beauty or "go" of these
coats has been omitted.
They come in Kereeys,
Meltons, Cheviots, Friezes,
unfinished worsteds, Etc.
$12.50 to $25
Don't think that tthere are
any overcoats in town tbut
can equal ; these superior
pirmni'i in any way.
.ti.o M4jiiiH& WsWw. o Javi li i
Shops and Foundry
.W, V
and Furniture .
Cheated Death. (
Kidney trouble cftsn ends fatalli
bat by ohooelsg tbe rlht medicine
E U VVolfs, ef Uemr (irove, low
cheated de.itli- fie says: "Two yeai
ago 1 bsd llofy trouble, ahir
onused intt f'a eult'eriog an
anzletr bat ' '"tl Electric titten
whloS sffeoted a complete cure.
DkT( also found t lie ill of great beuef!
iUMoral debility and nerve troubli
-oJieep them constantly oo ban1
q.. ,,ioe, s i una uiey nave no equal.'
aH8; Vawlln'a draualat .iiihiiiuu tham i.
Makes digestion snd asslmliatloi'
perfect ' Makes new red hl4a
uuuv. ion a wnnt uoJiistn'"
Mountain Tea will do. y
the siok and Weak. 35 rS
Tablets. Wewltn Droy". .''