La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, October 24, 1905, Image 1

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I 1 ' " W fil U U 1 I VV I M I V, 'f (1 ,
jt i r. a t i i - "i " an aaai aa uw. -aw .at . j. . . - vaa. Mar ai m r m m mm n k m ar ri -. . ..
; Boiippt Newt Associati a
Moscow Idaho Oct 14- Tbe land
fraud trials wereoalled before Federil
Judge Beatty tbii morning with Wm
Kettenbsck, George' H , Keetrr . od
Clareroe Bobnetto, o( Lewittoo and
William Dwysr of Olarkston',- Watti;
aeouaed ol oonipiraoy All four plend.
d HAS aniU attil Vat Inr m tismmA
Irial. The coort gave the distrlot
asrney until tomorrow to tet the
date of the trial. The federal gran J
jury ia being impaneled and i will con
tinue Ibe investigation of the land
frauds ,J,'V:?.:
Kettenbseb and Keater are well
known beakers ol Lewistoa and were
identified in alleged timber steals of
that state.
Boise. Oct. 24. iTbe government
today Inatituted proeeedioge to eanoel
U timber entries to Boiae and Waah
Initton counties on. tbe claim tbat
eveal quarter eeotioni of land,
fradulently ' iorolvrd, have already
been transferred to the Butte Land
Investment company. It ia aaid that
these are the flrat of a large number of
tiaduient entries to be unearthed and
it li expected that a' large number of
criminal Droeecnttona will Inlln
Several entrjmen 'hare left for pans
unknown to avoid procecntion.
W CTU Convention
(Boripps Ne Association) '
Los Angeles Oot 24 Delegates to
tbeir National tfOTU contention
are arriving In hosts the "White
ribbon special" arrived at 13:30 with
620 women In tbe party from a ew
York, , Pennsylvania, Indiana and
Connecticut ' ' '
Premature Explosion
Observer Special 1
Eliln Ool 'U-A laborer br tbe name
of Johnson was severely Injured this
morning at ssven thirty by a premature
explosion of blast, while working on
Ibe Elgin extenainn. Tbe nature of
hia woonds ate such that the exact
extent of bis Injuries cannot be de
termined at thia time. The man waa
non-resident. .
Fatally Burned
Bcripps News Association. " ,
8alem Ore Oct 24 Sitter : Msry
Oryille of the 8icred He.rt Aodemy,
died this morning as a remit of burns
received in trying toextirguieb flimes
in a hlaitne nan of Mr on a move.
t By orlpps News Association
Ogden Oot 24 The Barriroan epeolal
arrived here this tnornins . ii-oa
making tbe run from 3o Franoisco in P. Btrlpps Newa Association
IV llAHH - ,1 .A .. I
huu uu minutes, in eosinee luikegee. via.. n
were changed here In two minutes President reached tbe ground ot the
nn InA VmIm al.t. J k. I 1 i awe
- ...,u .rleu rBSt B( a reoora uneije institute after a brief stay
breaking pare behind one or the I 'his place wheie he was received h.
Students Must Lead "fheir
Race to Enllglitenrricnt
Moscow -Waterless
Scrlpps News Association. ,
M.seow Oct 24 'The striken dam
aged the water conduits and tome
portions of the city are without wter.
Real Bargains in the fullest Sense of the Word
t.'i !-,vk .V? . s v,-: ,. . , .
I Every Item noted below will be recognized by the discerning ones as strictly high
I class merchandise at - extraordinary worth at the smallest of small pricing. An
honest comparing of quality will prove to your satisfaction that THE FAIR ?
I !Q TH rrM Dl a rr -rr OAr kh Km r
In Our-Ladies' Suit Department:
Suits of all descriptnn.BDd cloro, iu all wanted styles', in cheviots,'
rerge, uovelty suitings and man nieh miiturfs. Suits made for as
by the best houses in America. We note below a few of the many
ex raordinary values, on 'sale this wetk.
$10 black serge suits . $1260 black terge suits o-
with silk lined Jacket Q.yO with short jacket J,o5
42 Blue. Venetian 8uita - ft $15 black cheviot suits 0
with silk lined jacket 5.y5 . shot t jackets, silk lined O.yO
A special offering, and
large assortment in and
lIiA mnni innAfit nrA uraniaA tmttoriala l arJ v ) aaIa! Tamm
raixlurep, suits sold everywhere at great pptcinl valuer at $14 98
ihoose this week at $12 60 te suit. , v- ,mv, ,,..r
Jackots and Coats
of every , conceivable description. " Wraps
that have both quality mid style, and at
prices you can afford to pay too.
$12.50 to $22.50
Jtckets in fitted ard bx back efferta, 28
and 29 inches long in red, castor, black and
green at " " ; ' ' '' 1
$7 $79?:?&6? $989 Jll9S $I398
Three-Quarter Length Coats
In empire and mannisli style?, in tersey,
heaver, sybalines, and a large variety of
fancy mix'ures at Ti ,
$650 $y50 J00 $Q00 $()00 $)250'
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New Shower Proof Coats
Just received by express direct from New
York, beautiful colorings, best values, nat
tiest styles it has ever been our good for
tune to show, at the exceptionally low price
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of generous si e aud good weight, designed
to deep the wearer comfortable on the
coldeBt day. In white cream and black.
From $4.50 down to 25c
riexifold Collars
for Men , , ,
.. E f '
will not break when
ironed and cannot
be folded out of
shape, insuriug a
perfect fitting collar
l5c-Twofor 25c
' New Shirts
Tracked ai d plain
!i : x
, $125
New Hats
All the latest blocks
just received
Id the new und much wanted checks and
pluld-), iu colors red and green, Mack Hnd white,
er en and white, blue aud preen, blue and
ouck, ana many oiuer
behutiful color creations
18c to $1.50
Cravenette Cloth 52 h,chfif?
ip xfords and tan, at the yd I.0)
Fancy Flannelettes J0ar8!,j;!ne(TtbiDg
dnp-ing saques. Beautiful, 10c tO 18
dai ty coloriags, the yard
40 inches wide, yd
70c '
:- Hardanger r
Art Linen. 80 in
wide in deep cream
and white the yard
ladies' New collars
all the latest New
York styles in lin
nen and silk.
Sweaters -r
Ladies' and child'
ren'a in colors red,
white and blue. .
$1.25 to $4.50
said that he bad a amid tim. I.. i,
foreign land but related to discuss
matters relative to Insaranoa and da
ollned to make a statmeiit about
Mag left ott the Rio Uraude Western
dlrectorato. Us smiled and said,
'Ererjbodj knows why that waa
done. Alios Rooserelt, Who, was
wlthonr party, oame baok happy and
rosjr and said that she bad had tbe
time o( her life. The gilt bnsinss
was mostly rake. She bad a few
trinkets, thai's all She a
set horns aad it Ii.udt huniu h.r
father la having such a good time Id
the south." ,
Crushed by Log
V iTi (Obnerver .Special) j j "1 : ,
Elgin. Oot. 24. Word rn.nh1 rhl.
place tbls altemoon of tbe killing of an
unknown man near the mnub ol the
Looking ttlasg. From what ran h.
learned Ihe man was working with a
log wnea It fell opon him la some
manner and oroahad tha lira nt i
him The acoident occored yesterday
morning. ,
For Keeping Quiet
Bcripps News , AesooUtlon.
New York. Oot. 24 Charles J
dmiih waa called today on tbe stand
In tbe insurance lnvitiatl,,n. ll
aiu taai no was a nswsnaDcr man
whose principal work was to circulate
tbe news. To combat the evil infl
of tbe Inquiry he said that be re
ceived $0000 from Ihe Mutual for ser
Brought Back ; to Die
SorippsNews Ansoolation.
Ban Kranolero. Oot. 24 A dav over
due, the Oceanic ateamabip liner,
Ventura, arrived this morning from
Australian ports. , Among tbe
passengers were lr. 8 H, Hollmer,
Ameriraa oonsul at Arila. and J h
Brown, Hawaiian commlaHioner if
Immigration Both were in tbe Inst
stages of consumption.
mmfur uu oioer prominent oltl
sens aud great crowds of couuty
people, boti black and white.,. The
President was reoetved by Booker
Washiojtton t the Institute and driven
to the effios building in a i-arrlage
built by atudtnia, driven by students,
and drawn by horses raised by students
He viewed the cdoostioual and In
dustrtal pared aud was driven
bnrriedly about tbe (rounds and
thjwa the extent and scope of the
work. He waa theuoe taken to the
chapel where a abort program preced
ing tbe President's address was given.
Boripps News Association
8n Franrlsoo. Oct. Oh.rlia
Pollock of PhlladelDbla. whu la Innk
Ing after tbe interest of Jaok O'Brien
on the coast, received word this morn.
mgtbat young Corbett hod Terrr
MeOovern were today matched ' to
fight Six rounds next Mimdav nlul.t
before tbe Atbietio club of Philadelp
hia, at catch weights.
Tuskegee Ala Oct 24 The
in addressing tbe negro students at
Tufkegee Ir.atitute aaid to the wb te
popul.tion aa well aa the -Mack, that
it is ol the greatest importance thai
tbe negro showld be encour. ged to
make himself a higher type ol use'ul
nets. Wuhin twoyeara the Industrial
operations of the south havs so In
creased thai a icarcitv of l.bir in
evident everywhere and that it is wis
dom lor all those who wisb to make
themselves prosperous to help tb ne
gro to become netful to hlnvelf and
to tbe communis j in which he lives.
I enesary to train every a
vaiiabld man by developing hia In
telllgenoe," eald tbe pre dent and
to Increase bas skill and capacity wltb
a consolous effort. Tha" mercantile
avenues to aucoss are overcrowded
f jr the prioit and tbe beat obanre
for suooess admits ouly the more Intell
Uent workera of some mechanical
trade or on tbe farm. Ignoranoe is
the costliest crop that can be ralaa
and every dollar put into education.
white or blank, yields rich dividents
to a oommiinity. -
"It ia in the interest of tbe white
man to educate negroes but despite sll
the white man does no Dernianent
good will come to yon aave aa ' yon
develope the onpaoiiy ' for self help.
Von young men and women of Tunke
gee tnnet lead your fellows toward
sober, Industrious and la abMlr.g
Mon'g'Trieiy Am Oj 24 The Preal.
dent Mrrivrd from Timkegee at t oon.
Hows mt b Ojvernor Jelks, Mayor
lragdesnd Jmig; Gaston ami ihom
a military para f through banka ol
people to the oapitol where he apoke;
Tbe welcome to bim waa more than a
per'nootory civility and, was moat
wet geily decorated ' In honor r bis
visit. .-:.,v,;, .;jW . ' ' ' . .. :
Will Not Open
i 8oripps Now. Aasooir tioo ,
, Butte Mont Oot li Tue'openl g ol
tbe Flat Head " reservation will not
take place until tbe spring of 1907. a
year later than was at first ex tei
Tbe delay is caused by a clause la the
bill which overlooked providing for aa
appr&issutvut aud' uisesiueaUon com
mi'sion wbiob has a year in wbicb tu
report' after the ' Indians have been
allotted. r'HCUi it
To Unearth Scandal
' Boripps News Association
Pittsburg, Oct .24 ;i.motroller l
Currsnoy Ridgely Is eoioute and Is
expected here hourly to nuearth per
aouallf the' political scsndal con
nected in the failure ol the Enterprise
National bank. ,
Grain Markets
Chioago, Oct. Sl-Wbeat,' opened
87 ; closing, SHij corn opened 45;
closed, 45;: !oaal opened, 20:
cloaed 293g.
Portland, Oct. 24 -Club, 72, blue
stem, 76; valley 72. ;
Buyers today are offering 63 cents
(or bluestem and 00 for olub,
McClintock Witness
? i Berippe News Association tii .'
New York Oct 24 Emery MoOlIn-,
took the actuary lor the Mutua I Lile',
Insurance Co.,t was a' wfioess before
the investigating committee' today T" '
He atated'lhat bis salary waa $25,000.
He reviewed tha failures ai tbe losur
anoe oornpsaies in the earl 7Usr and
stated that new methods war evolved
alter that period. " .- i j.
I ...
I.Women Murdered
. Boripps News Association.
. Seattle Oot 24 Joe liatt, an Assy,
nan peddler, shot down Lottie N oh
oies a widos, aged 22, in eold blood,
because she refused to marry bim.' Ha
walked up behind the woman who was
baking bread", placed the revolver to
her bank and shot twioe. , JHe wade
bia escape.
v . . . .
i Bryan4 Meets Togo
By Scrlppa Newi Association) ' 1
Tokio Oot 24 Willlaro J Brysa the '
distinguirbed American who is a gueei '
of ibis city, waa present at the rt cap
tion given in bonot ol Admiral Togo.
Ihe mayor iulroducsd Mr Bryso to
th,e Admiral wbo' wxpreaseil crest
pleasure ot bia unexpected presence.
Troops and People , -,,
" "'Sf rlpps News"Associatna: "
r i . At'"MiL.y - 1 .
at d.oroiii.,n...h....w..i .". -iu. ireops and
....... w-.uuro. ins rrefiaent'a oar- -o.. ,i.t waa followed from tin eiati'io y Ooisaoks flred Into the mob '
" WANT..
Gen. Wood Arrived
t - " '(-
' Boripps News Assooistioa.
'Maolla. Oct. Jt.' Gen. Wood as
sujied command In absence of Oen,
Corbta Tbe Philippine commission
proposes to establish an agricultural
bank with a capital of $5,000,000
No one need be in want f interesting fiction
who will lake a look over our book shelves.
All the laieft popular novels" are there and
many mort that are quite as interesting Jl not
as popular. We have books to suit every taste
in the way of fiction.
We recently received a laro adrlitinn in '"'' ar
book rtocka big asoortment of the new copvy ' .
righted novels at $ 1.25, and a lot of popalarV'S:
copyrights m cheaper bindings. No u lel-''fc!"
ting time Iiang heavy Tor, waut of good reading
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waut. . : ;?;' ,
La Grande Oregon
; I
' m
,. , s
- bd
'! ;
' '
- (
n I
' was
ot. t
' 20
i ; '
! In.
:l ia
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