La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, September 09, 1905, Image 1

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Partly cloudy, Occasional Threatening
Tonight and Tomorrow
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f Borlpps News Association
Toklo, Bept v. --Premier Katiura at
an Informal meeting of the members
of both boeiea eiplaioed full (ha
peeie tms end it developea tba fact
that Japan baa tba right to fortify
Cap Koya, commanding th straights
Of Parouaa, beiweaa he Islands of
Yeesoaad Saba'ia and that they re
. tain full control of tba ooal mines of
k'uthin Venial. Tba right to proteol
by troopi tba ' Mancburian railroad
after lb - Russian evaeuatiou Oishi
tba lender of the progress! v party has
advised the cabinet : to resign ' Yan
amoto, minister of marines defended
j)be government and declared tba terms
were the best for the country.
I Taft at Shangha
1 Borlpps Newt Association.
. fihanghs, Sept 6l'he ateara abip
Logan, bearing Secretary Talt and
party, arrived here today, s All went
ashore, but there waa no pnblie re
' caption .- 1 be aeoretary refused to
talk regarding tbe situation in Japan.
AfterLawson Now
" - Borlpps Newt Aieoolatioo
., Boa' on, Sept. 9 Loois M. John to
day filed auit for 1:1,750,000 against
Thomas Lawaton, alleging breaab of
'contract In connection, with mlnli g
Venture with two men lu Mssioo. '
Chicago Fire
t By Hcrinpa News Association
Chioago, Bept 9 Santa Ke grain
elevator barned with a Ion of one
million of dollars. .
Hunt Fcr Treasure
By foripps News Aasoeiation
GoldfielJ Sept r The auoney chests
discovered in Death Valley 200 feel
Ironi the civern where .Walter Scott's
bes q iarti rs were found, bave been
identified bv iu-n who worked tor the
Wel!'-Fino Eipre. the kind ear
tied by ' cross county stages Wore the
advent of tbe railroad. Over two huo
d'Ad men are now ou the to ne and
other discoveries are eipeeted. Every
mob of g'ouod is being gone over
With a view ol ilitcoverivg the bidden
treasure or olews to the identity of the
highwaymen. A spring of clear wakr
was fourd in the vicinity where the
hidden treasure lias been disoovured.
Sorlpps News Aasiciatioo.
Washington, Bept. ; 9. President
Kooaevelt bas decided to appoint J
Martin Miller consul general to Anok
land, New Zealand. Tbia is consid
ered a promotion from Alt be Cbap
pelle, where the German government
V 1 ...... ,1 ft htm f..-,t- aI ft n . V. a
faot that while correspondent he wrote
number of artioles to which th'y
took exception ;
Fierce Battle--Much wind Jamming Re
Carding Referee, but When Fight
Starts was Straight Business
Flour Order
. Bcripp Nitwa Amocm t no
Minneapolis Bept. 9 The Chinese
government bas plan ed an order
through San r'rau "isco agente for ten
thousand tone of flour. Tbia means
60,000 barrels, ablob ie a very large
order . . - .
tob Chinese Store.
;' ,' Scripps Newa Association
St'iokton Bept 9-Four Chinese high
binders stood up and robbed Ctiinese
Jim Young in his ttme before the oc
cupant on Byrr.n tract near the town
ol Byron last night, er-curng fllOU ia
gold and rr.uoh opium. Two of the
robber were unmasked.
Wanted 25 Salesladies
Wauled 10 Salesman
.Wanted lb Caali B iys
W mi led 4 Bundle Wrappers
Apply at once at
Fair Department Store
Quality is
A man mar forget what he paid for his clothes, but he'll
never forget how they looked, bow they fitted, and how
they wore. Oar faultless clothing saves men paying
made to order prices nnd the unpleasant feeling of wear
ing the ordinary ready-mada. Yes, we"! be ready to
show you any day. .
. (Sorlppa Xewa Association) .
San Kraocieoo, Sept. 9 The city is
full to overflowing with sports wbo
enjoy good battle, and if tbia after
noon's battle does not prooeed accord
ing to program there will be a wail
go up from tbe fraternity which will
be beard from tbe ferry to tbe Gulden
Gate park. Every resort in the eity
where the patrons of lbs ring are In
the bsbit of meeting la Crowded to i
tbeetieet line, and money ia being
shown on every provleatiou. It is an I
aasnrad faot that the tomtit ta at tha I
door will be all that tbe promoters of
tbe fight bad hoped to expeut The
fighters and managers were seen tbia
morning by tbe press representatives
and tbe leaders of tbe opposition
camps seemed to both expeot the bird
of riotory to perch upon their
banners. Both fighters express them
selves aa being in the very best of con
dition, and both seem owbdeiit that
they will be able to drive the oibar out
of the ring.
Some of tbe beat ring advisers In
tbecmntry will be behind principals
this afternoon. In Biitt's corner will
be Jamea "tiplder" Kelly, recog
nised take tbe foremost ssoond In
the wjrld, Sam Berger tbe am iteur
heavy weight cbampiou ol the ooast
Frauk Rafael Britl's spsrring par'ner
Tiv bVelliug bis ba m oompaajou and
training "partner and Curt Richardson
Behind Nelson, will be Uao Gardner
who aspires to the weight honors of
Martin Murphy , the celebrated .hand
ler and conditioner., Harry roley,
Billy Nolan, and Pied Landers, the
local light weight who bas been tbe
spsrring partner of Nelson. At ten
this morning betting was 6 to 10 with
Brut running strong favorite, even
miney tiaing offered. Bntt viii co
win Inside 29 rounds. This Indicates
that wise beitere expect blm to wi'i
on decision at end of 45 rounds, ; Both
weighed In early at 133
Han Kranolso , Sept. 9 This morn
lug at 9 o'clock Mating r Noiku waa
still en the feuoe r. gar ling tbt refer
(or the t ritt Nelaoii tight. He said,
Hi feel now that I will not accept
Jeff I a, but all we waut Is a square
deal. II the two man come together
tbls afternoon lu tbe ring, Brilt will
be defeated."
Manager Brltt aaid "No cbanre for
us to l ate, Jimmie is .master of Nelson
or any other lipht weight in the world.
Oomplicatima have arUeu by the
attempt of Nolan to tun out of the
game, hut there will be a light and
we will win (be flglit "
Nelson ibis morning waa Men at bis
quarters and when questioned by the
repreientatives of tbe press regaidlng
the afternoon battle said. "Brltt will
bave little opportunity this afternoon
to indulge in any of bia fanoy work, as
I never felt better In my life and 1
will be after him all the time. Be
will surely bave to stand up and fight,
and I am sure 1 am going to win the
fight." -
Among tbe women present are the
wives of Jeffries, Siler of Chicago
and Oelauey. At 1:40 Manager Nolan
left the grounds temporarily but before
leavibg be aaid be was willing to
aocept George Siler or Eddy Graney to
aot as referee bnt still beld rnt against
Jeffries Britt baa not yet been been
beard from but ie supposed be will
bold out againat either of these nsmsd
by Nolan.
Tbe beavy fog which enveloped the
arena at Colma all morning gave place
at noon to bright sunshine, io auto
mobiles, carriages and si rest oars,
fifteen tbonsand OgbtentbusHste early
ended their way to Cotnia and dis
appeared within tbe Immense stockade
One hundred ' and seventy deputy
sheriff took tbeir plaoee a boat the
vest arete to preserve order. The
picture apparatus was tested and found
to be all in readiness (or the entrant
f tbe fighters.
son welnhed In Ilarry Ujrbett's resort
on Kills street and . while both are
within the 133 pound limit, Britt bad
a few ounces tbe better of Nelson. The
fighters Iben wtnt to breakfast after
which they took autos for tbe scene of
tbe Impending battle. , , ,
JCarly In tbe morning the great mob
gathered about the areaua, only to
learn that all blranher aeata which
were advertised to cost three dollars
had been scslped sud were being sold
lor live uu lan, ; iuti aauiu afpitcu iv i
higher priced eeats, epf ulators ask
log front t'2 SO h $5 , over regular
At 13:02 JaineeJi dries entered the
enclosure and was wildly , cheered by
those who viewed bis ei tranoe.
At 12:05 Manager Nolan sta'ed tbat
be would not permit Nelson to enter
tbe ring until the referee question was
settled '
At one o'olovk tbe sensactinn of tbe
day waa aprnng when Cutforth calmly
announced that unless the referee sit
uation wai settled at tbe hour set for
the fight to begin he would demand
the Nelson forfeit. At tbe time this
shot was fired into the camp of the
enemy tbe referee question was no
nearer sattlelement than at ten this
morning., and NeJaon . stoutly main
tained that be would not accept Jef
fries, aod Britt wo iid not think of al
lowing any other than JeD'riea to be
tba third man in tbe ring.
At ; one o'clock Manager CofTroth
states that bis instructions to olan as
the latter left tbe grounds were that
he will allow nntil two o'clock to gi t
bis man in tbe ring. He also states
that 11 be does not show np ready for
bualness by that time be . will clsim
the Nelson forfeit. Nelson says be
will not enter the rirg until the referee
question la settled. i .'. . ?
1:02 p m. Britt has just entered tbe
ring. His appearance, in tbe ring
created a tremendous uproar but cheer
ing lacked anoutanety. Britt was ac
companied by bis seconds
At 1:30 the fug still continues to
roll in from the ocesn in big chunk
despite tbs adverse weather ccuditions.
The men wbo are in bbarur of the
machines with which the pictures will
be taken claim tbe light U perlxu and
they will have no difficulty io gMtiing
good returns.
At 1:60' Jeffries entered the ring
mid great applause. Calls wi re made
for a speeaa and he aaid: "All f have
10 say is tbat fioni tbs bottom f my
bsart I will give a square d. ui " lie
tbn took a seat amon tbe si " ' itors.
After the , final ar.nounoen.i nt made
by Nolan tbat Jeffries would not be
aocep'ed, Britt said that he ouid
aocept Graney and Nolan wnt n itiil-d
of bis selection Graney entered tbe
ilng to referee tbe flgbt
Hrltt enters the ring accompanied by
bis seconds. Nol to still relused to
enter the ring nn.ll .the question
ol referee is settled. Hrltt said: "I
fear Nolan has defaulted. It is after
1 o'clock and -1 Insist , upon Irm
being broutibt In"
At this time the outlook for tbe
fight is none to good. Coffoith la al
ready discussing the best method of
returning tbe money to the seat pur
chasers The crowd ie wonderfully
palieut th'ire being no noise so far.
rtrltt Ird first bnt received a left hook
In the face. He then shot right to
Nelsou'a body followed with swing
Nelson evaded a left lead and
riinment later Britt abot two lefta to
face Blood still coming from Britt" j
nose from blow In previous round
Nelson forces Britt to ropes and Btitt
Nelson. Nelson broke around ami
Brltt landed right to Nelson's taw
Dune, bowtrer, fought back, landed
tao powerful rights on Brltt's jaw.
Britt drove right band to face and two
powerful blows over heart. Nelson
came in for more close qnartera fikht
Ing fiercely. Bell. Houors In favor
Britt Nelron waa none the worse
when be went to bia corner. .
They went at it quickly, Britl fend
ing two light lefta to face. A wicked
atti mpt went wild and tbey spsrred
carefully. Nelson faoed Britt at ring
side and for his pains received a rsking
left straight to bis bead. Nelson then
scot two straight lefts and they mixed
in the center of the ring. Both doing
greai execution. Brut outclassed Nel
son in shlfthueM, but tlim dries not
disturb the Dane. They ci nched and
ought hard at cloie quarti t. Referee
uraney ordered them to break Britt
then ttwung left to faoe and then fierce
mow to laue itaggnred Nelson. Britt
sui Nt-lson to bis haonohe with
iniiuiii riKiiiiojts, Nelmin was lip
quickly and received mar.. i.nnir
ment. Blood streamed down Melnon'a
nose " m ' beli rang. Brill's round.
Nelson looked none too cheerful.
After both missed lunges Brltt landT
ed with left and right fiercely on jaw.
neison hugged and for his pains re
oelvtd two territio wallops on bodv.
Brltt peppered away at sore nose bnt
T. .1
vrciauu I'uuaiauiiT came in lor .more.
They clinched and Britt swung two
lefts tn head and received a tight
saiugtoface. Brltt then drove right
and left to faoe with two lefts. Nalaon
rurhed to cllnoh and quickly broke.
Nelson blocked bard left then Brltt
awnng right bard over BrlU's eye and
drove wicked left to body. Ollnob
followed sod Nelson iu ruth swung
left to nose opening a cut over Brltt's
nose. Britt seut straight smash to
lace. Both men extremely careful
Nelson after blocking left, booked left
to aide of Britl's face. Britt looked
very determined. Round quite Inter
esting and both men displayed all aits
of tbe game. It waa Btitt's round.
Brltt's left want around Nelson's ear
A powerful wallop caught Nelaon on
the jaw and a left over t he heart
Brilt awuug left but was blocked and
tbey oliuched. Britt swung right and
left to Nelson's jaw but the Dane
never stopped and always fa ed Brltt.
Brltt constaatly tired with his left and
right and finally rocked Nelson's bead
Oontiuoed ou pe 4
Reno, Nev Sepl. 8.-Lottie Over
street, 13 years old, gave her Ufa at
Lovelock In a brave effort to save bar
helpless baby sister. ' The lamp la tbe
Overstrset ' borne , exploded Tbe
parents were oat at tbe time and Lot .
tie was tbs only one near. She saw
the flames spread, and knew her baby
sister was lying in the bed. KeeJUlug '
that quick action was necessary, aha
rushed inte Iks burning building and
caught np bar sister, whese clothes
were ablsc, and rtrrled ber to tbe
open all. .',, j,
By Ibis time her own olothlng was a
mass of flames. Though , soreamiog
with pain, the girl rushed to a water
ing f rough, threw ' the baby In tbe
water and then pranged in herself.
Moon afterward tbs parents arrived on '
the srenej too late ta render murh aid
The baby was terilbly burned and
died within a tew. hours. . Lottie lln
gered In agony wniil lbs afternoon,
wben she passed . away, Tbs bouse
was burned to the (round, '
Leader Hanged
By "crlpps News Association
. Warsaw Sept 9 lCaepahak,
leader of tbe revolt In tbisoity,
bsngid last night. A fresh outbreak
is expected wben lbs public learns the
Eleven Hours Each v
: Brripps News Association. ,i
Wnoater Sept 9 The ocoit limited
each side to II boors each in Making
tbs arguments in tbs Taggart oiae to
day. A deoision Is expected Tueadey.
i it i
California Day
(SorippsNews Association.)
Portland Bept 9 California day was
fi'tingly celtbratrd at ths eipositl' n
todsy by m versl thnaaand visitors,
from the Go) en Slats Commlasioner
J A Milchersctrd as chalrmaa ol tba
day aod ma Ie an addre S followed by
President Q'wxle and Seaetor B J
Wiille wbo responded. ' " . ' '
At tea Brltt and Nsl- swings two wiokee lefts to jaw
There are many preparations that, will relieve
headaches, but a great many of them contain
dangerous drugs and those who take them often
become addicted to their use slaves to them. In
fact -u hich is more disastrous to physical con
dition than the headaches. a ' "
Instant Headache Tablets -
Have none of the bad features and when taken
according to directions are harmless, but they do
effect a quick cure. Are warranted and cost but
25c a package. Try them.
You might as well use jour telephone for ordering drujf
store gooas as for ordering groceries. We want telephone
o'ders and have a way of delivering goods quickly. Try
it some time and see how we huhtl. PHONE RED 81
I ii ' .. .. .. ,w ,,;rj
hi IlllalwIISSllii" SsSllalASaiA
3 1 men have eroeaed the frontier" lo Join crowd, killing mi moa