La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, July 15, 1905, Image 1

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Tonight and tomorrow partly cloudy
with possibly thunder storms.
la y mot traiwe ' OBSERVED
Soripps News Association
I rorwamvjuiy in irefleral Judge
Tl . 1 1 a . w a a .
ueuaven this aiternoon denied Sena
tor Mitohelf motion (or a new trial
and eleo the motion to arrest juJg
ment. Defendants k attorneys . gave
notice that they wouM file a bill of
exceptions tor appeal.
Williamson Case
Portland July 15 M R Biggs County
oommisBloner at Prin?ille and a co
defendant with congressman William'
on In the land (rand trial admitted
under cross examination Jthis morninS
that the money received by hie office
to pay filings on many alleged fraud
nlent entries was in the form ot checks
8igned by the firm of Villiamson A
Gesner. .. : ' , ,
Powder Explosion
(8oripps News Association)
Ottowa Ont, July IS Four men
were killed and several injured by an
explosion in the Dominion Cartridge
'V. Companies great arsenal at Browns
. burg this morning The dead are
Stephen Cruthers, John Martin, Thorn
as Charlebere and Napoleon Lamarche
Car Robbers Arrested
By Sorippa News Association
South Bend, Ind., Jnly 15. Officers
have arrested 11 men charged with be
ing Implicated In wholesale robberies
of cars on the Grand Trunk railroad
Mar titllwell, Laporte county. Mer-V'-i.
ebandlse to the value of $30,000 has
been taken.
former Premier Dies
(By Borlpps News Association)
Madrid, July 15 Marquis Villa
verde, former premier ot Spain, died
here today.
It will pay you to get our prices--:0ur policy of l' r
clearing out what is left of seasonable goods
after every season's selling INSURES,-YOU NEW,.
GOODS. What is left of this season's goods
Bcrippe News Association -Beline
Jnly IS Following the anti
8emitio outbreak at Joaefow, in the
Lublin Russia, a mob of three thous
and attacked Ghetto, wrecking and
plundering over two hundred houses.
Two persons were killed and one hun
dred and teo iojar.d.
Lawson in Chicago
(By Scrlpps Neve Association)
Chicago, Jnly 15. Thomas W Law
son arrived In this oity this morning
at ten fifty five from Albert Lea, Minn
in hia private oar Halsmere attaohed
to the Rock Island train He waa
zzz, wuutet uy a committee beaded
by Clarence Darrow. lie wilt be the
guest today and tonight ot the Jeffer
son Club and will bo the pjlnclpal
speaker at a banquet to be given In his
honor this evening. Mayor Dunne will
not be present as he left this morning
for -a week's outing in Wisconsin,
Lawson leaves for Boston Immediately
at the oloeo of the banquet.
" 1 - " ' V
' ; , ' '" H ' '('".
Great Crowds Attracted
By Sripps News Association
Idaho Kan 15 Thirty five hundred
people jammed the Grand Threater
in which owing to public Interest, the
trial of former congressmen Fuston
is taking place. Former congressman
Funston is the father of General Fan-
ston. It is claimed that former con
gressman advocated the dynamiting of
saloons prior to the explosion which
wrecked several places recently. He
was arrested for distutbing the pt-sce'
and for carrying conccxlrd weapons
Killed at Baker City
Baker City July I4-0smes Msrtin,
a switchman in the yards ot the Ore-
gon junniber company, was run over
by a switch engine of the Sumpter Val
ley railroad at noon today and instant
ly killed. Martin was riding on the
front of the engine and fell off, being
rnn over
Deoeased was a member of the Odd
Fellows and leaves a wife and daughter
No arrangements have been made for
the funeral.
Call us up on Farmers' Line.
(By Hcrlppe News Aaa elation).
8t Petersburg July 15 The Ciar
bad definitely decided not to go to
Mosoow July 19ib to issue lb proola
nation oouvokiot tbe representative
usocS&lioo. ' It is understood that the
change plans is das to tbs assassina
tion of Count Schuvaloff at Moscow
An imperial decree baa been Issued
granting amnesty to ait religious ot
tenders in accordance with the ukase
of May 12th.
Fast Train Wrecked
, -
. By Borlpps News Association
--H:r.:i;i ZJ., am renasyl
vania flyer east bound, the new eigh
teen boor tula between Chicago and
New York struck a w.ecked freight
train while running at top speed west
ot Fort Royal near this oity 1 1 five
o'clock tbii morninf.Ths freight train
hd buckled, ' throwing a car across
.the passenger track. The flyer struck
the car and burled it from tbt traok-.
Tbe engineer of the flyer Jumped when
be saw tbs the obiruotiM and was
severely injured. The engine ot tbe
flyer was considerably damaged.
V.;:;;,, I'i
By Scrlpps News association
Washington D O July 15-Tbe state
ot Newbampehirehas been granted' the
honor of entertaining tbe Rnssian-Jsp
aneae peace plenipotentiaries during
tbe period of tbeir conference at Ports
mouth The envoys with their suite
will be lodged at tbe Hotel Went
worth. one of the most handsome ho
tels in all New England, No expense
will be spared to provide entertain
ment for the distinguished guests. t
i - "! 1
By Their
- Script News Association
- 8n JoseCal July IS Gustsvellne
Ur, a wealthy f retired ' 8n Fraceirco
paint manufacturer was sbot and kil
led Instant!) by his wife last night, at
their oountry home above Alma Hue
ter and bis wife bed quarreled and he
had threatened to kill her, and praot
a ahok nm the ot me oed
when they retired. ) Later1; be ioK op
and reached tor the gun. Bis wife drew
a revolver from under the pillow anU
sbot bios in the back ot the neck,
died tnst-tnlly. ..' .'.,!, . ,. .
Wool Cornered
'p (By Pcrirps Nsws Association) .
La Ci otie, July1 lS.Tbe Wool mar
ket of . the northwest la practically
oornered by 8 X Hyde and this asso
ciates. Two million pounds are stored
here and vast quantities . elsewhere.
They bonnet every pound in Wlrnonaln
and have an option on nearly the en
tire supply in tbs nortwest.
1 2
Submarine Raised
By Borinns News Association
'Bisertn'Tonnis July 15-i-French sub
marine Faradet which sunk with Is
men on board has been raised by
means ot the floating dock. Tbe
bodies bays not yet ben recovered.
Start? ;For Washington
(By Scrlpps News Association) ,
Ebsnghal, Jnly M.-MPokeloff, the
Knsslan minister to Chins, sailed to
day for Vancouver on the steamer Em
press of China. He Is on his way to
Washington D O, to attend the Russ
ian Japaasss peaos oonferenoe.
Soldiers1 Mutiny
Tiflis, Jnly 14. A regiment of Ruse.
Ian rappers stationed at a small1 vill
age age In . the mountains near here,
baa muraered ' pi Its olfloers and, it
Is rumored, bai joined tbe revolution
iiryjfconstionar ;
By Soripps News Association
Little Rook, Ark., Jnly 15,-The
Anti trust law which passed tbe last
legislature waa today declared unconstl
tutlonal by the Supreme Court.
sails for : :?
New Fork, July 15. Commander
Peary's ship Roosevelt starts for ths
North Pole at three o'olock tomorrow
afternoon. Tbe- Roosevelt Intended
to sail this afternoon but its depart
nre was delayed py the non-arrival ot
do plicate machinery. ; ' . .
His Ovyn fxecutionor
.Hy Scrlpps News Association
Salt Lake July 15 Fearing capture
Peter Oalomtv o Italian shot him-
self today. Tbe man is believed to be
tbe second burglar who was interrupt-1
ed while leaving tbe store at Union
witb. plunder. His ,corapauion was
not dead fry a hoy left to guard mm.
when be showed fight yesterday morn-
" Reported Mutiny
(By Soripps News Association) :
. Vienna July 15 Dispatches from
St Petersburg say that it. is rumored
tbero that a mutiny occurred among
tbs crew' or the battleship Katherina,
of tbe Black Be a squadron, and it is
repotted that the mutineers have suok
rhs veaseL V.
'At tbe contention of the National
Catholic Fduoatlonal Association, Rt.
Rev. Monsiguor Dennis J O'Connell,
D D, Cat hollo University, Washington
D C, was re-elected president ol tbe
general society. : t
Chicago, Jnly 15. A passenger train
from St. Louis on the Chicago St East-
m liiinois rau vay ooiuaed wan a
suburban train at 8tieer, 111 , today,
Jamea Lyke, engineer oi the suburb
an train, George Epstein and Ferdin
and Hoyn. passengers on the suburb
an trrln, were killed and six others re
ceived serious Injuries. An open
switch caused the St. Louis train to
daeu iato the. elding where the sub
urban train was aUuding.
Sharon Pa. July 16 Tbe BaMskla
gold and silver mines of 8haata county
California owned by tbe late Peter
Kimbetly, Fra ik Bukle ot Sharon
and others bavs sold to a syndicate
headed by Clarence V7 Maokay lor
12,000.000. Tbs deal was clossd this
week by trustees ot the Kimbeiley
" By 8oripps News Association '
Wasbingtou July ' 15 Secretary of
Navy Bouspsrte today reversed the
order ol Use Secretary Morton letlre-
ing CivilEogineers Walker and Harris
from inspeoiion duty at the Charles
ron ary uncic and sent tbe engineers
bsok to duly. The men were remov
ed at the instigation ot the New York
continental Jewel Filterition Co. who
oiaimed tbs engineers ticated the
compsny unfairly. Bonaparte com
plemented engineers Wslkr. aod
Hairie on tbe oonsoioutious discharge
of duty. In t le report on case assis
ttat Beoretary Darling said the evi
denote )ends tosbow that without vigor
oua inspection tbe work would not
be equal lht called tor in contract.
Our new stock: of stationary embraces all tbe latent 1
ideas iu corresponJeace papora, all the uewegt aizes,
shapes and tints. ' Oar liuo of box papers is especially ,,:
noteworthy, ranging iu price from lOo to SOc n - box.
We always carry "a good stock of bulk and tablet
papers, just now it is unusually ample. Our prices on
everything in the stationery line have been proverb .
ially rea9onabe and we are now ofleriug better 'valu.'S
for your money than ever. -
Haberdasher and Tailor
By Roiipps News Association
Portland, Maine, July IS.-Two
alight earthquake shocks were felt here
this morning at ten minutes after '!
three., Heavier shocks were felt at
Augusta, Baogar, Lewiatoa and .Rook
Island, Reports from Tbomaston says
tbs shock tlior ;;;;;; Uiiu ?
duration. The tremor waa felt abort- '
ly after fire o'oluok in the morning. ..
Uounes were shaken aod dishes rattled.
; Han Bernardino Cal July 16 - Th.s f
afternoon a violent earthquake shook :
this city. It was the moat violent ex.
perienced here for years. A building
on tbo corner ol 3rd fc D street crack- ,
ed open in seveo pi toes, and Other '
damnae is feared." Alunir the nnnn. -
tains clouds of dust following the t
earthquake tell ot serious landslides. ,
Cyclone Kill j Four
; Hcripps News Association - .-..
i Winnipeg July 15 A cyclone swept '
tbrouRh this city early this morning
and as a result four puraeus were kill-,
ed and six injured. The property loss '
is very heavy. ' V .. V 7 :'"v.
j High brick walls of a (our story
building owned . by James Conner'
oratbed down upon two adjiiuirg
buildings killing tie (our. inmates1'
and injuring five otherr. .The dead
are R Wbite, W Steinhoff and two
awtr named 1 RiWy. ' The . building
which collapsed was' recently gutted
l): ti itad the walls bad been 'left
Ste-fi-'V. ;.:r vv' v."
hlo N J Uadley, ol Nowburg is in
the ouy, the guest ot her daughter,
Mrs J FSteinbsck tbis week. , . V
M i
Wskh this ipict for Suit
CL MtUquist $35
Dr. G L Bikers $25
Suit tut Safurday
Two drawings on Sat
July 15
-"I... V,.- ..
-r4 ..Ai-'. ,