La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, June 24, 1905, Image 6

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All the new things, as well as staples In MEN'S, BOYS', YOUTHS and CHILDREN'S,
cut as It should be, made to fit, sewed with regard to wear rather than cheapness.
Not the lowest priced you can buy, but absolutely THE BEST that can be bought at
the price.
1 1
Boys Suits, . - - ; $1.50 to $5.00
Men's Suits, $5.00, $8.50
A strong line at - - $10.00
and some swell thing at $13.50 and up
1808-1310-1312 Adams Avenue
y Largest Store- Smallest Prices
l! 4 Local Item "
II I 1
i i- y
We do all kinds of Repair
Work and
Watch thi f pace for Suit
' winners '
RAHamcd $35
Tom Short S2S
Suit last Saturday
Two drawing! on Sat.
June 24
Haberdasher and Tailor
4 -
--'- ' " ' - - " '"J111- J!.1!'""".'."!."..!1.
I Mr I H Ball, of Ohio surprised bia
aiata. Mra Bobert Deal by stepping in
the other evening. Thla ia their firat
meeting In thirty aeven yeara and ia
the only relative Mra Deal haa had
tba pleaaure of seeing aiaoe coming to
thla coast daring that period.
Mta Ulrioh Lot tea ia reported to be
very ill and her many friends ate quite
Win. Gboate, secretary of the Sum
merville creamery was a La Grande
visitor today Ha atatea the oreimery
ia doing a very profitable buBinesa
tbia season.
Second hand Goods
Telephone Fred Jacobs, INfrain 67
and we will call.
The La Grande Pawnbrokers
Furious Fighting
"For aeven years," writes) Geo. W
Hoffman, of Harper, Wash., "I had a
bitter buttle, with chronic stomach and
liver trouble, tut at last I won. and
cored my diseases, by the as of Elea.
trie . itinera, i unhesitatingly ree
oomraend them to all. and don't intend
in the futme to be without them in the
honse. They are certainly a wonder,
ful medicine, to have eared aaob a bad
case as mine." Hold, under guaran
tee to do the aame for yon, by Newlin
vrog vo druggists, at ouo a bottle
Try them today.
Have You A Cough?
A doee of Ballard 'a Horehoand
syrup win relieve it. Have yon a
oold? A dose of Herbine at bad time
and frequent email doaea of Horehoand
Hyrap during the day will , remove it.
Try it for whooping cough, for asthma,
ror consumption, lor bronchitis. Mn
Joe MoUrath. 327 F 1st etree. Hatch
inson, Kau, writea: "I have used
Ballard'a llorehoond. Byrup in my
family for 5 year, and And it the
best and moat palatable medicine I
ever used" 25c, 50c, ll.OO-Newlin
'""""- Wlffll amuauinn.uaijL.iiMiirlf.T
Just received a Car Load of Alfalfa Seed
Bed Olorer, Timolby, Red Top. AH
kinds of Grass seeds. Bulk Garden
Seedr Bald Barley, Rye, Wheat and Oats
That is the sort of groceries
we sell Oar aim is io
please all of our customers
We realize that in ordet to I
do this we must sell only 1
First Quality Goods
We also know that ' our
prices must be right, and
that our service must be
correct. A child can . do
the trading at our store
A trial order over the tele
phone will convince you.
We solicit your patronage.
North Fir Street
Uear Goombe Toeaday evening.
J H Rlnehart drove in from. Bam
merville this forenoo. '
Mr George Blnabart, of Portland, was
visitor U the eity yesterday.
MA flight across the ocean' for 25c
Toeaday evening.
A J Bender, of the Union public
schools is in the city.
JD GUlilanJr of Pendleton epent
the day at the p arson are, retaining
home thla evening.
Mr T J Dry rten returned home this
forenoon alter apendlng several daya
at the Lewis and Clark fair at. Port
land, .
Mrs H M Baker, of BittaBsldi Utah,
arrived In La Grande tbia morning on
a visit to bar daughter, Mra Victor
Engineer Pete Biever, who rone a
helper oat of Pleasant Valley, haa
been in the eity on a visit and return
ed home tbia morning.
Evangelist Coombs, who assisted in
revival meetlnga In Central Church
iaat winter will leotnre neat Tueaday
The fnneral of the late Mra J E Rey-
nolde will take place tomorrow fore
noon at 11 o'clock from the Chrlatian
Church. 1
The Urandall Bros., W H Wenham
and H Vf Stoner returned today from a
flabing trip to Beaver oreek and were
quite aucoessful.
mra leuieruie uwrw urnvnu iui
morning.from t.alifornia to visit her
eon Geo L Cleaver, assistant caahler of
the La Grande National Bank.
The receipts of the beniflt ball game
amounted to the snug little earn of
$132.06 and the aame waa turned over
to Paul Lederle thla afternoon. '
Mr Chaa IS Napper of Pocatello Idaho,
died at Hot Lake laat evening, of
Jaundice. He was a prominent Flk
anl the steward of the Elk'a Hall.
Mr B E Heakltt and son, Roy. who
have been seeing the sights at the
Portland Fair, returned home this
morning. They report fine weather at
Portland and an enjoyable time.
Mr Jamea Forestall and wife, of
Bozeman, Montana, who stopped over
here on a visit after visiting the Lewie
and Clark fair, returned to their home
thia morning.
We received a communication with
reference to the duty of the eity In
keeping the public fountain In repair,
bat aa it haa been repaired there la no
necessity in publishing it.
At the election of officers of tbs
Union County Pioneer Association,
Ben brown waa chosen President,
Henry Rimthart rteoretary C E Coch
ran Historian.
Mr J B Stoddard, president of the
Stoddard Lumber Company, left tbia
morning on a bnalnesa viait to Union,
where the company are stacking a
large amount of lumber preparatory to
ahlpplng it east.
'All members of tbe Eastern Star sre
requested to be present at the chitptor
hall Sunday at ten o'cIock in the fore
noon in order to make preparations
and atte id the funeral eervlcea of Mra
J E Reynolds.
Professor H.J Hockanberry com
menoea his fourth snnutl Hummer
school next Monday with the lrKt
attendance of tbe series. Professor
Hookeuberry is. one of tbe very fast
instructors in tbe state and he la be
ing recognized aa such.
Unanswered Prayere" will be the
theme in Central Church tomorrow
evening. Everyone welcome. All mem.
bera are asked to be present at this
service. The Lord's Supper will be
celebrated near the doee.
M Sorenaon, the agent of the Paclfio
Express Company at thia place, after
moch effort on his part, haa succeeded
in Inducing the company to make free
deliveriea in the buaineaa part of the
city once each day. Mr Sorenaon de
serves pralaa for hla efforts in tbia
Tbe anggeation of Mr Honry Lewis,
to have a large oil portrait of the late
Hon J M Cbnroh plaoed in the city
ball is meeting with a heaity response
Mr H E Gollidge tbe artiat will
execute the work. Thia ia certainly
fitting as the laat act of hla Hie wae
in the interest of thia county for whtoh
he was ever loyal.
Mr W U Alstott of this city,' while
working with a construction crew on
the OB & N, near Huron Thursday
morning happened to the misfortune
of breaking hla leg. A cave in of a
bank oocured and Mr Alstott slipped
and fell, the weight of his body break
ing his left leg Just above tbe ankle
ta the fall. He waa brought home on
the first train and ia now resting as
well as oould be expected under the
eircamitancea. ""
I bsve the roller bearing kind that run like a bicycle.
Different sizes to select from and prices In proportion '
If you see fhein you will want one.
If your old garden hose is worn oui let me send you a
new one. I also have a few lawn mowers left. They
are the ball bearing, runeasy kind. Try one.
Do not forget about those bee hives and hammocks.
Builders' Hardwaie and Crockery.
To bring your lady
friend or your wife
and family to secure
the best refreshments
is .......
The best candy '
The best Ice Cream
The best equpped candy
The best Soda Fountain
in Eastern Oregon
That Tired Feeling
If you are languid - depressed and
incapable for work, it Indicates that
yonr liver ia out of order. Herbine
will assist nature to throw off head
aches, rheumatism and ailments akin
to nervous and restore the energlee
and vitality of sound and perfect
bealh. J J Hubbard, Temule,' Texat
writea, March 33, 1902: "1 haxe need
neroine ror ins tne past (wo yaara.
It haa donn mn mora onnA than all tm
doctors. When I feel bad and have
that tired feeling, I take a dose of
If Ul T. ... A . ...
nwuiu,, xt is in a oees meaioine.
made for chills and ' fevor" 60cta a
sfp. " , ill
The Home
of good cookery Is oar restaurant. It
has been oar aim to provide the public
wij tne boas oi every miug auti in
thla way we have been very anoeaaafal
Provides for 'all the meala that are
Strengthening and healthful and when
eating here reminds one of "home
cookery," which always atrlkea a
tender spot la the hnmane heart The
pleasant odor of our many fine things
In the eating line arouses the cravings
of the "inner man." When In need of
good and healthful eating give aa a
call and you'll be satiened. Our prioea
are just right too.
" We sea weakly Meal . . .A
Ttckate Cash $450
Strawberries for Sale
The strawberry crop will soon be
ready, and those wishing Clark 8eed
ling atrawberrlea, phone 2154 or call
on C M Riddle, May Park. June24
Doors Sash, Shingles and
In large quantities direct from factories and mills
at a yearly contract price, and while we pay the
lowest price, we get the best goods, and can afford
to sell at figures that others buy for, thereby giv
ing our customers the benefit of wholesale prices
f! O
. Received daily.
Fresh vegetables
Every Morning.
Gc2&a Gcta Coffi
Do not grind too tine, as
pulverized coffee hs an en
tirely different flavor from
the same coffee granulated.
J. A. roLom c& co.
-IT.a - Jt
uoi. s it ana jenerson ou. u. JKAL8TON, Prop.