La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, June 22, 1905, Image 2

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.a Grande Evening Observer
' ' IEY BEOS, Editor Pr p
Enter! at tha Port Offloa at L
Urud, Oregon, m Beoond Claaa
Published daily except Sunday
j ODe year in adrance $650
y Bix months in advance.;.. 3 60
i; Pei month . .65c
; Single copy..... 5c
! Thursday, June 22. 1905.
DUplar Ail rata. rornUbad apon application
Local rmrtltig notice, lOe per Una flrat naer-
Uon, 30 par Hi fur aack subsequent ' Inner-
Reaolallontof PABitolenea, 50 ar Una,
Cardiol thaoke. Be per Una. '
It seems settled that the li
solution of the union between
Norway and Sweden will be
carried through without a ser
ious hitcb. For n time it look
ed as though Sweden would re
fuse to admit the right of Nor
way to sever the bond, but the
dispatches show there w'll be no
effort to restore . the previously
existing conditions Thecabh
?? s?i the tisg have scccpicd
the situation as it is, and the
Swedish prop'e undoubtedly
approve their conclusion.
Immediately after the action
of the ttorlhing. the working
people of Sweden approved the!
action of their neighbors, mak
it plain they sympathized with
the Norwegians in the aspira
tion of the latter tor a republi
can form of government. For
that reason tbey virtually an
nounced they would not take
pp arms to coerce , Norway .
Swedish papers for a time talk
ed of war, but it is apparent the
counsels ot other governments
have served to allay all such
feeling. Sweden could not go
to war without the approval of
the powers, and it has been
made plain that such approval
could not be secured. On the
other hand; Norway cannot es
tablish a republican form of
government without the assent
the other governments of Eu
ofrope This would be withheld.
Thus the entire question re
salves itself into arrangiug in a
peaceful manner for the perfect
ing of a government for Norway
that would not meet with op
position. Somebody will furn
ish a ready-made king for Nor
way; the king of Sweden aud
the Swedish people will acquies
ce, and the Norwegians will
have a government of their own
though it will uot be just what
they desire. They would prefer
a republic, but, unable to get
that, they will be content with
an executive whose acts will not
be influenced by the interests of
another people Statesman.
The recent vote of the legis
lature of Porto Rico, acting on
the suggestion of Governor
Winthrop, to open in New York
a permanent exhibition of the
coffee product of thst island is a
belated step in the right diiec
tion. The Uuited States should
I e the leading market for the
excellent coffee from that island
initead of taking, as at present,
less than 5 per cent of the crop, j
. Tbiscouqtry last yoar con-,
umed more than 1,000,000,000
pounds of coffee, or practically j
as much as all the rest of the
world used, and 20' times the!
largest crop ever grown in Porto.
Rico. Yet the island sent here!
only 2,391,000 pounds, or about!
a 500th part of the American;
consumption. ".
The coffee of Porto Rico has
a peculiarly delicious flavor and
when its merits are made known
to the American people there is
little doubt that it will be ap
preciated properly and demand
ed wherever the taste for high
grade coffee is developed. Now
that the destinies of the inland
are linked with (hose of the
United Statep, the Potto Kican
planters should not have to look
f ather for a profitable market. ';
The sheep growers of the Iu-i I
land Empire who sold their cliji
far in advance of shearing,' find
now see their more deliberate
neighbors getting several., centsj
more per pouud for wool, wilt
probably take better care nex
year. The successful farmer,
nowadays must be a student of
markets as much as aud other.
manufacturer. The mm who
reads the newspapers for trade
tips generally finds that his.
time is well spent. '
The only Exclusive
Undertaking Parlors
in La Grande
Scientific Embalming
Licensed in Oregon and
Montana. Experienced
Lady Assistant
Our office U always open
Phone 1751
Office in Lewis Building,
opposite Sommer House
This i 1 oneer ly and
whether ire?ont or not with
them at their annual meeting,
every true American citizen can
not but give them due credit for
their foresight in laying the.
foundation of civilization and
s forming an empire which is to
day noted for numerous com
fortable an-happy homes All
honor to the sturdy Pioneer.
PureBred Pou ltiy
Parties desiring pure bred
poultry can secure eggs
iroui the following . well
known breeds at $1 per
eettiug tf fifteen Bar Ply
moth Rock, White Wyn
dott, Single Comb Brown
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Island Citv Oregon
DKPART Time rVtwdul ritOM
No Malt Lake, Dentcr. rt No I
8:v0pm Worth, Omaba, Kan- 8;ftO a m
No 6 eaaClty.Wt. LoaU, CUi- No j a. m. ato aud haau fcWpm
No i :
Portland, Dai It a Paa.
Jleton, Walla Walla, No
I ayUn, Fonwrojr, Col-
ScSO a m. f"i Voaoow, Spokane. . m
and poiiila erat and P.
ourUt via bpokaca
I'ortlaad. Dallea, Pert-
lletun, Umatilla, Wal
MOB ala, Lawlstoo, Collai, Ho
Imkcow, Wallace. War-
p. m ', siwkaiM aud other 8;30a ot
uiuu eaat and Bono
. 'la tyoaane landCllj. Aitcal, 1m-
.Hy - Mer and .aha. Con- Boll
cpl ir tiooa at h.l.u w tli
xnndar ta-tlorpoloulatoal. tjKnw
lam own.
. . Uon Hteaiurra between lortUnd nod
t - a PraMwooavary BTedtja. ' 1
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