La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, June 08, 1905, Image 2

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    Ia Grande Evening; Observer
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.' ULY BEOS, Editors Pr ps
Entered at tb pott Office at La
Grand , Oregon, m 6oond Clese
Kail Matter.
Published daily except Sunday
One year in advance. .. . . .$6 50
Bix months in advance.... 3 60
Per month. .............. .65c
Single copy ..........5c
Thursday, June 7." 1905.
DUply Ad rata furoUbed apon application
Local leading boUom IOo par llu flnt am
Hon, so per Us tor eaca tabtwqnenl laMr-
tioa. .
RaaolaUoaa of eoadoleaee, $e r Una.
Cards eflhaelu, 6a per Una, .
The Hon. Samuel Hill of
Washington state, in an address
before the Good Road - Conven
tion at the World's fa r at St.
Louis, April 27 to 29, 1003, said
"The cost of transportation on
land (by .rail) is, cheaper in
the - United States than
anywhere . else in the world
To iuuv a iuu of iriegut oue
hundred miles in England costs
$2.30, in Germany $2.00; in
France $1.75; in Russia $1.80; j
but to move a ton of freight a
hundred mile in America costs
on an average, only seventy-two
It would not be time mis
spent, by our farmer and town
readers, to calculate the ' actual
coat of moving a ton of freight
a mile ovr our country roads
to'tho railroad.
Charles Sumner a Statesman,
thinker and one of the most
eloquent of Americas great ora
tors with reference to good
roadt said. "The roads and the
school master are the two most
important agents in advancing
Chicago's big and costly orop
of whirlwind ought to induce
greater carefulness in the selec
tion of eted.
The county court will today
caucel $25,000 of outstanding
warrants. Last month tbey
canceled about $20,000. At this
rate it will not be many years
until the couuty is out of debt.
Mayor Williams was elected
by the better element in the
city of Portland two years ago
but the same element also de
feated him this time It is true
there were other opposing forces
each instance but in each in
instance the better element
held the balance of power.
The city council certainly
did the wise thing in liscens
ing Palmists, mind readers and
that class of fakes that have
been plyiug their vocations in
this city more or less for the
past number of years. They
can still do lut-iuo.a but they
will havo to p iy for the privilege
: Is still doing business at the
old stand. Will be glad to
see all his old custmores at
well as new ones. As good
prime beef cattle is now
scarce, I have on hand a fine
selection of cured meats,
hams breakfast bacon. About
the fifteenth of May, I will
have a fine assottment oi
young ptime beef, which art
now fattening. Do not for
get that I now have as gqod
fresh beet as ihere is on the
market a-, well as fresh fish
and poultry.
Prompt Delivery Phone
The city council is to be com
mended in its action in refusing
to grant a. lice,ne$ to party who
has just had his license revok
ed by the circuit court. This
evidently will be the policy of
the council in the future and it
should be. The saloons are
greatly to blame for the genera
drift of public opinion against
their business by not respecting
the law of the land nor the laws
of decency. At the present time
there is one saloon in this city
that gives a talking machine ex
hibition several hoars "each
evening. This draws a crowd
and it is also drawing some
thing more. The public is often
slow to wrath but there is a limit
. mmm i
c:,: .. ,,.. i : , .... . . i
i -. . - p
This Store Closes at 6:30 p. m. except Saturday - I
- - - . " - - - - I
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Torture o, a Preacher '
Tba story of tba torture of Ear O D
Moore, pastor of tho Baptist church, of
Harperevllle, N YH will inteieat jroa.
Hatayi: 'I goffered agonies, beeease
oi a persistant eoagn, resulting from
tba grip. I had to sleep aitUog op in
bed. 1 tried many remedies, without
relief, until I took Dr. King's New diav
owrery (or Consumption Ooughs and
Uolds, whiob entirely oured my cough
and saved me Irom consumption.' A
fraud cure (or diseased conditions o(
broat and Longs. .At Nealin Drug
Co.. drugcistst DricaiSOo and SL
guaranteed. Trial bottle free.
v That Tired Feeling,
If you are languid depressed and
incapable for work. It . Indicates that
your liver ia out ot order. Herbtna
will assist nature to throw off head
aches, rheamettam and ailments akin
to nervous and restore the energies
and vitality of sound and perfect
neaio.jaF J uuDDard, remnie, Texas
writes, March 22, 1901: "1 haxe teed
Uerbine for tha the oast two vaara
It baa done me more good tb in all the
aoniora. wnen ileal Dad and have
that tired feeling. I take a dose of
Heroine. . It is the best medicine.
made for chills tend' favor", oticlt
bottle. -' , . " " ' '
Found a Cure for Dyspepsia
Mn 11 T Initnii nl fn.l Willi. m
Ontario, Canada, who baa suffered
quite a number of years from dsppJ
siev wua gj, vnw a'n wsj ju euv SiwUUJCSUtJa
was adviaed by her druggist to take
Chamberlain's Htomacb and Liver
Tablets. She did ao and says. (I And
inai ney nave aone me a graai deal
or good, l nave never bad any saffan
tng sinoe 1 began using them." If
troubled with dyspepsia or irdlgestloo
why not take those Tablets get well
and stay weliT For sale by Newlin
Drug Co. i
Cures Old Sores
WaBtmore'an.l Kans, May 5,. 1902
Ballard 8now Liniment Co: Your
Snow Liniment cured ao old sore "on
ths aide of my chin that waa supposed
to be a canuer. The sore was stubborn
and would not yield to treatment,
until I tried Snow Liniment, which
did the work in abort order. Mi
sinter. Mrs Sophie J Carson, Aliens
vine Mimn uo. na; baa a core and
miatrnsta that it is a cancer. Fleas
aedd her a fiOo bottle.
Acute Rheumatism
Daen taarlnir or rennhinir nalna.
occaasioned by getting wet through,
worse when at rest, or on first moving
the limbs and in oold or damp weath
er, la oured quloklv by Ballarh'a Snow
untmnt. uscar uiesoo, Uibson City
Illinois, Feb 10, 1002: A year ago I
was troubled with a pain in my back.
It soon got ao bad I oouid not bend
over. One bottle of Ballard s 8now
Liniment cored me." 260, 60, $1.00.
With J.T. Williamson, in I
Foley Building, La Grande. ,
i 1 he onlv tlxdusivc
Undertaking Parlors H
in La urande.
Scientific Embalming j
Licensed in Oregon and I
Montana. Experienced i
Lady Assistant i
Our office is always open?
Phone 1761 "' f
Office in Lewis Building,
opposite Somuier House ,
All Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention -
in a Scries or
4 1
Handsome spring weight reefers, of blue serge and cheviot, with
eaton and sailor collars, bloomer trousers, from 3 to 7 years, made
tp sell for $4 to $6, now at $3 to ;
Double-breasted jacket suits, with knee trousers, in serges, cheviots
and .worsteds; sizes 7 to 16 years, made to sell from $2.75 to $7.50
One Fourth off during this sale.
Neatness is apparent in every garment. Youll find that the
variety is larger and handsomer, and the vafues a little better than
you have ever Seen before.
At tlae above named Reduction
And when we say. reduced prices vre
mean exactly what the words imply.
Excellent styles in India linens, silk,
and Batiste, with white ground and
colored dots and figures. ; : . 1
$1.50 values, now $1.15
2.00 1.50
2.50 " , " 1.85
3.00 " " 2.25
SoJe Commences Ju(ic 5, and Ends June 10
T lOc I5c and Oc
We Pay ;20c for , Eggs
We have a magnificent line of Hiirmflr underwear, iu
cludiDg union and two-pitce suit, from the most delicate
gauze to a con.fortabl wool mixture garm ut for col
weather, and for those who must wear them. ,
;Uur price irom 50c per garment ud I
Tsffota Silk, very neatly shirred, 3 fextherhone stays in
buck. Color hluck, brown, blue and OC fri
green, price ; OOC , 10 Jl, O