La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, April 12, 1905, Image 3

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    . A
Real Estate
Th following Is a partial lut of
property, which w hara to offr for
ale on whloh there ere no buildings,
In Chaplin Addition, to. U
Grande, Oregon.
All of bbok No. 10.
Lot No. 1, block No. 4, MB" ttraet.
UtaNo. 3, i, 6,46, block No 13. '
LoU No. 1 to No. 11 la block No. 47
, Will aell one or more lot.
Lot No 4, block No. 80.
LoU No 7 to No. 10 in block No. 66
W ill sell one or more lota.
LoU No. 616, block No. 57.
Lota No. 7 & 8 In block No. 69.
LoU No. 1, 2, 3 4 4, block No. 76.
11 of blcek No. 76.
All of block No. 77,eioept lot No. S.
All of blook No. 78.
All of block No. 83.
Lot No. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 4 12, block No.
. -if 5, o in biooK mo. w.
LoU No. 6 4 7, block No. 08.
Lot! 10, 11, 12, 4 13, blook 104.
All of block 120.
Lott 13414, In block 121.
LoU 1 to 16 im loaire. block 139.
LoU 8, 9, 10. 11, 11 4 18 in blook 164
LoU 14, 16, 16 4 17, block 164.
Lots 10, 11, 1-2 413, in block 161.
7 Farm Loans a Specialty
, Best equipped abstracter
St. T: i if
u uuiuu cuuaij. many
years experiences with
the Union county records
.gives me a great advent.
See. It is fnllv in nr '
. chase realastate. without
first securing a proper
abstraot. An abstract
from mv office will ahaw
the title just as it appears
' wu iud uiuciai rnnnrn.
Room 31, Sommer Bdlg.
. -saiw
. More Police Guards
By 8erippa Nawa Association
Chicago April It A bnndred extra
policeman were detailed, tbla norqinf
to gnard the wagons olTb'a . Moiitgo
niery Ward Co, Tbie ii the answer of
Mayor Dunne to the appeal of the
trike leadera in which the oomDlaia
o of tbecmcioatneae of the polioe in
protecting the noo-anloo driver
,. TLe ooal leant owner today, deliy
ered fuel to Montgomery Ward Co dee
pite lb warning ; tbat the union
would order a etrlk g!bat 'tbetn.
Detective bve been employed to
watoh the sxpret wsgon ' drivers1 and
gel evidence npOa which to be! a
petition in tb federal Court to 'en
join interference with interstate com-
meroe. .
In Romk's Addition to U
Grande, Oregon.
Lot w .
LoU 24 3 In Mock 1.
' LoU L 2, 3, 6, 6, 7, 8, 9, 4 10, blook
Lota 4 to 9 Inclusive, block 4,
' LoU 4, 54 6 in block 6.
Lota 4, 6, 8 4 7, block 9.
The west half of black 10.
Lota 10, 11 4 12, block 10.
The West half ol lota 1,2 A 3, block
Lota 4, 6 46, block 11.
The Weat half of block 12. ,
Pleasant Home Addition to La
Grande, Oregon,
LoU 1 to 8 Inclusive, block 1.
LoU 14 2, block 2.
Lota 1, 7 4 8 in blook 6.
S " LoU 2 to 10 in block 7.
Predmore's Addition to La
Grande, Oregon.
LoU 1 to 13 inoloslv In block 24. !
Home Investment Addition to La!
viiauuc, niuii
A large number ol choice lota to ee
leet from, each lot haa a watnr right.
Gangloffs Second Addition to
La Grande, Oregon.
TheeeloU are large and bare a rog.
cifioent view of the entire valley.
We woold be pleased to abow any of j
the above property to person who de-
aire to parchaee unimproved lots with
tha Mm of hnlldlntf thereon or we will
build a houea for 7011 on any of the
loU named above, allowing yon to pay
for the aame on InaUllmenta.
Call on as and let us Ulk it over
with yoa.
For a VveaK Digestion
No mediolne can replace food bat
Tablet will help yoa to digeit yoar
food It I not the quantity of food
Uken that givea strength and vigor to
wo iiram, out ine amount aigeated
end aBeimilated. If troubled with a
weak d fir nation, ilnn't f'l n rlv
Tablet a trial Thousand have been
Denented tnr their naa. Th imli
eoat a quarter, for aale by Newlin
frog Co.
Plans to Get Rich
are often UnurntA hw mnAAn
down, due to dyspepsia or oonitlpatloo
Brace np and take Dr. Klng'a New
Life PillB. . The taka ont tha
wuico ara oiuggwg yonr euergiee. ana
give yoa a new start. Core headache
and dllzlneaa too. At Mavlin Ilras
drugstore; aoo guaranteed -
The only 'Exclusive
Undertaking Parlors
in La Grande. .
Scientific Embalming . ,
Licensed in Oregon and
Montana. Experienced .
Lady Assistant
Our office is always open
Phone 1751
Office in Lewi Building, a
opposite Somuier House
Tries To Burn Jail-
Weiser. April IS J W Lawrvnoe.
the man who Jain tail chreedwith
attempting to breaa open the aafe in
Feltbonao Bro.' grocery atore, made
an attempt to bom the oountv Mail
yesterday afternoon anl almost ' suc
ceeded In cremating bimseif. Ha - aet
Are to the bed hiob was entirely de
rtroyed. . When the fire ws disoov
erej Lawrence was almost eqffooated.
Tbe fire was extinguished and Law-
iskiw imiUMiitaseu. -
Charged, With Theft
Seattle, April 12 Mrs L A Free
stone, wile o( tbe cbiel amalgamator
of tbe big Tread well gold minea ' at
Juneau, was arrested bere thi . alter.
ndbn on the ebarge of stealing f 600
in gold dutl from tbe edmpany'a mills
The dust waa located 'at the looal
United 8utea asy offloe. ' Mrs Free.
stone bad juat deposited is. ' Tbe pri
soner admits tbat abe .secured tbe
gold dust unlawfully, but aha haa re
fused to giv detaila of how aba oame
in possession of it. -:
Tuesday Musicale
Yesterday afternoon was the resnlar
meeting of the Lyle Tuesday Uusioale.
Hra Nellie Neil waa tbe leader of the
day and the following programm was
beautiluly rendered and enjoyed very
much by all in atteadanoe.
V Bonat Patlietiqoe" ...... Beethoven
Mra Langhlin
"A Winter Lullaby". Hiss Jessie Wade
"Spinning- 8oog" from The flying
Dutchman... ....... Mra Lyle
,bSweet the Aogelua is Ringing"... .
! Duet and Chorus
L A Large Doctor's Bill
By Horipp News Association
Vienna April 12 The civil court
today decided tbat Rudolph Bpreckles,
the San Franoieco . millionaire, must
pay Dr Edgar dans the sum of two
thousand dollars, the fee asked by Dr
Oana for treatiug Spreokles for aPDn-
dioitis. eprecklos objeotsd to the bill
as exorbitant and made a test case aa
tbe obsmpioo of all tourists -
To Be Piti:d -
On last Tbnraday there drifted into
this city, tbe wreck of what waa once
a man.- Begged, penniIea,wiibout
koine and without friends, be eoold
say with spirit and understand lag
that "This eon of man bath not wheia
to lay hi bead". He waa living and
typioar example of 1be sure reiblu
that fptlow when a man give way to
his paaaiona and appetite. la this in
staoosj it waa - not, a case of looking1
00 often pos) tbe win when it. wax
red, but,.ifpoesibiev bia habit .waf
wors than this, fpr ho waa , stave td
the product of the ooe plant, in other
word what ia .oom mealy elledj
"oocalne fnd". . Ha wanted to go tq
Pendleton, eoi sUted, and eJter re-!
malniog bar for several day aeniated;'
by kind hearted people, be waa MoaW
day night given ticket to Pendleton j
; Boy's G!ul
Tbe number cf boys met in the
office of tha Central Church of .Christ
last evening and organised a' Bov's
uiub. , Toe, follow ng . offloera were
aleeted for, two , months,, this being
toe length ol tbe official term.v
President : Charley f Reynold.' . Vice
Pre. Frank Balaton, S Arlo Myers
Treasurer Lse Reynolds , . Sargent' at
a.rm Joe lung, - - -
: Tbe olob will meet eaoh Taeada
evening. The first half of the even-
log will be devoted to Bible stndv . the
second balf to 'games. ' and aoolal
sime. i ne nrst course of lessons will
be on tbe Life of Christ and the olaas
will use a email pamphlet prepared
especially for boys and 1 furniabed by
the y M O A.
, Boys are : Invited ; to . attend the
meetings and Join tha olub. The . re
qniremenU ere so easy that any4 live
boy can readily meet them,
Ladies don't mfaa the Anetion ) Sale
at, Hewitt. Saturday evening i the
last day and Mr Hewitt will give away
three prises, on diamond ring,
one gold watch, one out glaae bowl
Your ticket are good for Saturday
drawlogs, Four prissa given away
f MOO IliB.
We Lave eomethinir now
I tor the Easter trade tbU
a v . r. 1
jcar. 1 o cannot ajiorfl
not to call ead eee wha we.
have to offer. Eaaternovel.
ties range ioi price. thie.
year from oae cent up. , See
our window diiplay.
The finest line of hand,
made Candies ever ihown
in La Grande.-"We know
our, candy H qckJ. because,,
we make it eur selvea, yco
know it ie good . when ypo Call and 'make , the
tesL ;
Next door to Post Office.
Kaiser Makes Admiral
By 8oripp'Newe Aasoeiation1
Athena April 16 Emperor William
aaued tria morning from Corfu, on
the island of Corfu, and, before leav
ing, the Kaieer appointed King George
an Admiral In tbe German Navy,
Mob Kills a Sheriff
By Sorlpps Newa Aaaooiation
Senator. ia, Miss., April 11 Sheriff
Hoag was ahot and. killed' this mord
ing by a mob of masked men which
entered tbe jail to release the prisoners
Why anffar with anrtna
r " O .1 .
mean,-cros feeling, no atrength. no
fjumwi uuuixier a nooKV uountaln
Tea will male von wall tn4 lr..n
well 35centa, Tea or Tableta. New-
Ptin? Brt?ri Poultry
Parties desiring pare bred
poultry : caa secare eggs
from the following well
known breeds at $1 per.
setting of fifteen Bar Ply
moth Rock, White Wyn
dott, Single Comb Browu
Leghorn, and Silver Laced
Island City Oregou
Full of Tragic Meaning
are tbeee lines from J H Simmons, of
Casey, la. Tblnk what might have re
tailed from hi terrible ooaiih if be
had not-taken .. the . medkine .. about
whloh he writes: "1 had a fearful
cough, tbat disturbed my night's rest.
I tried everything, but nothing would
relieve it, until 1 to k Dr. King' w
Discovery tot CooaumptlonJ-fooshs
and Colda which completely i cared
me." InsUntly relieve and per
manently onree all throat aod long
diseases; prevents grip and pneumonia.
At Newlin Drug Co., druggist; guar
anteed ; 61)0 Sod tl. Trial bottle free.
ZJit? farmers and Ztradc-s Tfational &3ank
of ' jCa Srandt Oreyoit.
Wish to call your attention to the following statement of condition of this bank for
the Fourteen years 6f its' existence, commencing
Jam 1 '1891
" 93
" '04,
w '97
' '98
" 1900
" '03
" 05
Mar., 26. 05
Paid and Surplus
$35,000 00
' 61,000 00
62,000 00
63,000 00
64.000 00
65,000 00
66,000 00
67,000 00
68,000 00
69,000 00
70,000 00
71,000 00
72,000 00
73,000 00.
74,000 00
$74000 00
Loan and
' DisooounU
' $23,418 64
85,878 41
86,354 96
70,417 97
95,073 96
97,861 32
123,73 27
185,409 61
172,633 37
162,573 65
149,300 59
192,587 27
187,779 69
172,371 46
$155,247 97
115,672 77
44,450 33
71,954 36
30,632 43
45,792 55
56,757 57
104.252 67
150,997 92
160,235 45
171,060 79.
151,781 66
149,476 92
195,095 96
229,129 75
177,390 49
$150,234 07
Uaah and exohan
ge Available
$11,184 48.
19,603 68
37,861 88.
19,625 08
22,960 79
26,514 75
62,724 28
80,009 65
43,403 09
77.430 05
42.797 84
44,351 90
48,252 66
81,941 4T-
63.305 94
$62,989 57
National, banks are required to keep on hand anJ with reserve agenU 15 per cent of
their Deposits from the above statement you will observe we have available at once
40 percent or nearly three times the required amount?
SURPLUS, . - 14,000 00 ;
Exchange on all principle poinU bought and so!d at lowest current rates. County
and city wrranta:bdught at highest maflet prices, Fonda available for 1 ans to our
Depositors and Customers. . " r
Joseph Palmer,
' ! President.
G. E. McCotLY,
Aesti Cashier.
That is the sort of groceries
'we sell1 Our aim is to
please alof our customers
"We realize that in ordet to
do this we ' must eell only
Rrst Quality Goods
We' also know ' that our .
.prices must be right, and'
that ,, our service must be
foorrect A i child ean do
'the trad in?' at our store
A A trial order over the tele-
r k - :ii i .
'Iuu ' will twuviuce jou.
we solicit your patronage.
North Fir Street
mm ,r
...A.. rr ' -'
suisri jIghit
L ELS 8 .
TRY' IT and be convinced
Fos Sale by ; 1
Adims Avenue j Phone 1101 v ;
. ' ' ' '. '( .." !?-'".,.
.1 ' .-''Is
Tailored Turbans Dress Hats
Cordays . Ncw.'YeHlngs.
Ombre Ribbons' Pretty lace Collars
Hancisome "Jetted Collars
La Ghraud,e - . Oregon
The Nurse and the Doctor
Will tell you thstihe success of a ; prescription de
pends on the purity, of 4 its ingredience. ; There ia
as much variety in medicine aa in other merchan
dise. In our prescription-filling "Qulity" is always
our fast con8ldtratldrvr
. You can implicit trust your prescription to us
quality, accurjigy and (he right price are the never
failing trio upon whfch we think have a right to
appeal for yoijr patronage. ; ;
. A. X. H I L.U
- V Registered Pharmacist.
Phone, Farmers Line, 68 ; . ,
Pacific States 1861 .
La Qraade, Or.
' .... ' - t
' .". -
Old Jewalrr mad to look Ilka saw
Clocks taken ear of . .
Bring it to the store and
we will give it the required
repairs. If it is patt fixing
we will tell you so, and
stop the expense If we can
fix it we will do so at a
moderate cost. , Watoh re
pairing, is our .specialty.
. .r
t :
i i
j ioui
? . ti"Z'
i p.
I ''
t !
! i
S v.
i '
v:-; -I. ;
r-t m, ,
waViWir'.. a-. .vti. .:ra,'.t.-. .t