La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, March 23, 1905, Image 1

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To night and To-morrow
Seripps News Association
London, March 23-The newspaper,
Central News, says that a meeting of
the Congress Extraordinary wilt be
held today at noon for tLe purpose oi
considering the proposals which have
been made for the intervention of the
powers to stop the war Which power
has taken the initiative in the move
ment, has not been discloped
London Maroh 2:! riaron Hayaihl
baa received from the Japanese Govei n
ment following dispatch: "Our de
tachment, which is following the
enemy, has entered Oliantu, twenty
milts north of (Kayinan. Hie enemy
in large bodies are retreating in die
ordt rtoward the northeast, along the
St. Petersburg, March 23. It is now
claimed that the main Russian army
baa escaped, and is asserted in offioia
ciroles that it is solely die to lack of
supplies. . There is no farther nwa of !
serious fighting, although it is re
ported that desultory fighting has oo
curred at Chang Chun, oue hundred
miles north of Tie Lin, whero Genor
al Linevitch is preparing to delay the
Japanese advance, or give time to al
low the completion of hia arrange
ments to defend Harbin.
St Petersburg March 23 It U re
ported on high authority that the
peace element in the Council of Mii,
iaters carried their point, and that ac
tual stepd have already been taken to
s cure honorable peace.
London, March 23. The Evening
Htandard says that it is authoritative
ly informed that the Central New's
statement, which averred that the cab
inet would discuss the question of
mediation, is not true.
Gunshu Paxs, March 23 The J t
anese arc following the Ruerian rear
Great Good Drt -ss Goods News
Dress goods of eveiy description: Mohairs in fancy mixtures aod all the popular shades
in solid colors, Novelty Suitings, Voiles and Ettaminea. The prices too, you will agree with
us, are extremely reasonable, ranginging in price from 20c per yard and up.
Exclusive Suit Patterns.
In fancy Mohairs, in stripes,shepherd checks
and fancy mixtures, A great special value
row on our tables, odIy oue pat Q fT I
tern of a kind, the yard O 2 -
New Shirt Waist Suits
In silk and luster
$12.50 to $20
$600,000 represents the purchases made by our Cash Buyers Union, of which we are a
member. Do you wonder that we can sell you the best hats ou the market at the most
economical prices. A visit to our millinery department will convince you that you can do
better here. . .
rj nnn?."J I
guard, which is moving north from
Hantoupa at the rate of eight and one
half m'lo'o per d ty. The Japanese are
operating movement on both flanks.
P Rw-Inn Nnmm Aaonffiatinnl
New York, Maroh 23. The policy
holders in a committee of the Equit
able Life Insurance Association today
unanimously disapproved of the
amendment to the charter of the coin
p-tny adopted two days ago by the
directors, on the gronnd that it does
not give the policy holders the im
mediate rlgl t to Tote for directors. .
Agreement Reached
. by Hcrlpps News Association
Washington, March 23 The Venezu
elan Government and the British and
Qer'an bond holders, adjnBting and
consolidating the Venezulan debt of
$$,000,000, today came to agreements,
and the papers were eigned by the
Venezuelan and the German bond
holders. The agreement is now ou its
way to London for the signature of (lie
British bond-holders.
New York Investigation
By Sorippe News Association
New York March 23 The Federal
Grande J.iry resumed their Investiga
tion of the beef trwit in tbi.s city to
day. A S Edwards, one of the lead
ing men of Swift aud Company, to
gether with several other represents
tives of the packing be Ubes, was ex
amined. Today's Grain Market
By Scripps News Association
Chicago March 23 The quotations
on the market today arc as follows:
May opt'on wheat .fl.I3J, corn $0,484
oats $) 3l) Caah, whnat $1 12J, corn
$048g oats () 3J:
5c and 20c LACES, the yard
Thursday, Friday and Saturday only
Ladies' Covert and
Craventte Coats
$12.50 ?nd up
Washington, March 23. The presi
dent has appointed Sergeant George 8
Thompson, of the Twenty-fifth Infan
try, to be second lieutenant in the
Philippine scouts, . thna . adding
another negro to the commanding foroe
of the army. Thompson la one of the
crack shots in the army and is now
atationed at Fort Niobrara.
Ontario Legislature
Ottawa, Out., .March 23 The first
session of the new Ontario legislature
npanott vvattwlay . It la not expected
that any radical legislation will bo In
troduced during the session, aa Pre
mler Whitney and hia ministers have
not had time to prepare for such an
undertaking, and the session will be
confined almost entirely to routine
business One of the important .mat '
ters that will be acted opon, however,
ill be the creation of a new 'abinet
portfolio, that of minister of mines
(By Korippa News Araocation)
. Brockton, Maroh 23 Business Is
suspended today while public funeral
services are being held for forty victims
of the Grorer tihoe Company explosiou
and fire All flairs are at half maat'
nrl thn ati-oat lun kava ttnnruul Tha
services were held at the oity Theatre,
the Porter Congregational church, and
the St Paul Eposoopal church. The
body of Mra Lillian Uurd waa identi
fied this morning.
Girl Kills Herself
By Scripps News Association
Frovo, Utah March 23 Minnie,
Mieison, aged fourteen years, suicid
ed today by taking strychnine, follow
ing the arrest of Bert Partridge, a
young son in the family where she
was employed as a domestic, who was
charged with assaulting her She de
clared that she had sooner die than to
appear in oourt against her assailant.
Wash Goods, 5c the yard, up
The most complete line we have ever shown,
in scotch lawns, cottou voiles, Batistes and
knicker crepe. The latter is a very popular
fabric, free from starch, makes up aud looks
like woolen goods.
Ladies9 Tailor Suits
In the new blouse effects
also coat and skirt
$12.50 to $20
Site 5ium
. Hy Sorippe News Association
: Sheridan, Wyo , March 23 The
Cody divorce case closed this morning
with a citation of authorities by the
oounael for both parties to the suit.
The court naa taken the case noder
advisement, aud a ruling ia not expect
ed until next week. ' It la understood
that both aides have prepaied
appeal to the Supreme Oourt.
(By Scripps Cews Association')
' Hopkinsville, Ky., March 23 The
Rrandard Oil Company has aoonpted
judgment and n fine of one hundred
dollars in one of a hatch of fifty one
indictments which have Been returned
on a charge of selling oil without a
license. ' The company contends that
the payment of one fine kills all the
revt of the indictments?
Sheridan Wyo. Noon(Later) A de.
cision iu favor of Col. Cody was band
ed down by Judge Scott at noon to
day. The o urt ordered the "Bessie
Isabel" charges, reforring to other
wrong doings of Col. Cody, stricken
from the records of the cane-
San Francisco, Maroh 22 -' Despite
protests and opposition President
Roosevelt is determined to have pres
sed to a conclusion the trials of tue
men and women recently indicted in
Oregon for land frauds and others
that may be indicted. I have jo t
come from Washington, where I bad
a conference with the president on
this subjict," said Frauds J Heney,
speoial prosecutor this morning. "He
gave me hi views in the matter and
I am going to oarry them ont so far
R8 I am able. No. matter how big the
lonaence 01 an tnaictta person may
bs he will be shown no ineroy. No
innocent man need have cauae for
fear Any man now holding a fedir
ai-otncein uregon who in any way
seeks to interfere with the trial of the
land fraud cases will reoeive no con
sideratlon from Mr Roosevelt. He h
determined to stamp out all graft und
grafters that are within bis official do
"It was bis wish that I take charge
of ibe land fraud matters hi W.oh
i.igton, Td.ilu and Montana but
naa to aticuae lor the simple reason
that 1 cannot afford to negleol much
longer my private practice. I will re
turn to Portland April 1, became the
grand jury tost nas returned no man;
indictments will go out of existence
April 10. - It has som work to finish
ank probably will return more indict
I will then devote all my time to
prosecuting persons indicted. Up to
date 68 prons h.ive been indicted
and 150 have turned state's evidence.
"Tbe people and presi of Ore on
are agreed with President Roosevelt
that lh guilty aaall b punished. Tbe
machine that 8ooator Mitchell and
congressman Hermann hava built up
in the long course of years has re
ceived its deato blow, and tt will n
be aide to sav the guilty from their
junt dejorU. Mitcboll and Hernvinn
on no longer hoodwink tbe people
of Oregon. Tbey did tbeir bst to
discredit Secretary of the Interio
Hitchcock, but the tables ' have been
turned on tbem completely."
RenoNevMaiob 23 Five mounted
men, all heavily armed and masked
held up a party of six Italians last
night, seven miles from Tonopah on
the road to Goldflald. . The robbers
secured $400 in money ' and consider
able Jewelry. The Italians attempted
in snow ngnt, 'lots resulted in a
pitched battle in which two horses be
longing to the Italians were killed
For 20 m inn tea the duel waa kept op,
finally resulting in the mat of the
Italians, two of whom rode
away on their companion's horses
counties formed a pusae and are now
scouring the country for the five men.
who it is thought are mounted high
way men, and no others than the
famous "Walk Outlaws" who have
been fugitives from justice in the
Black Rook desert for yeara. Theie
are live in the gang and every cne la
a murderer. '
'By Scripps News Association. J
Spokane, March 23 -The Great
Northern west bound train this morn
ing at fonr o'clock ran into land elide
near Leonia, Idaho. O J Jones, an
engineer, of Spokane, was killed, and
the fireman, baggageman and mall
clerk . were injured. Ihe engine,
baggage car and mail car all rolled
over a ten foot embankment, but no
passengers were Injured.
Wrecker Arrested
Des Moines,' Ia, Maroh 23 One ar
rest waa made today in connection
with the wrecking of the Rock Island
express train yesterday near Homo
stead. The name of the culprit Is
withheld, and it is stated other ar
rests will follow
The Kaiser Sails
(By Scripps News Association)
Berlin March: Tbe Kaiser started
thia forenoon on a trip to the Medi
terranean Sea on board the steamer
Ilamgnm Is escorted by cruiser,
Prince Frederick Karl,
Anarchist Arrested
Scripps News Aociatioo
St. Petersburg, March 23. A ana
picloup looking character, carrying a
bomb, was arrested in the vlolnity of
the palace of the Grand Duke Alexis
The Grand Dnks is said to have gone
abroad "Incognito" some time ego.
Vesuvius Active
Naples, March 23 The aotlvity
Mount Vesuvius continues, '
The desire of tourists to approach
tbe crater, notwithstanding the danger,
is so argent that extra guards have
been stationed to prevent tholr passage,
Detonations from tba volcano are
heard many miles away .
The Nurse and the Doctor
Will tell you that the success of a proscription de
pends on the purity of its ingredience. There is
as much variety in medicine as in other merchan
dise, (n our prescription-filling "Qulity" is always
our first consideration. .
You can implicity trust your prescription to us
quality, accuracy and the right, price are the never
failing trio upon which we think we have a right to
appeal for your patronage.
A. T.
Phone, Farmers Line, 68
Pacific States 1361
(By Scripps News Association) .
New York March 23 The story is
going the rounds of the republican
political circles here today thl Tru
man M Nowbury, of Detroit, has bun
informed of the intention of the pre- ,
sidtint to appoint him Secretary of the
Navy at an early date. Th story
has it that (be 'resignation of Secie
taiy Hay ia actually in the bands of -the
President, and that Seo'y Taft has
b;en transferred to thu State Depart -
mnt, while 8eoretrl Morton will
get the war portfolio. Truman Nw
bury is one of the riobest young men
in Miohignn, and is an ardeat admirer
of President Roosevelt
Detroit Mich. March 23 "I have
received no notification of my appoint
ment", said Thurman P Newbury to
day. "Wnat advices I. nave in regard
to the matter are unofficial and confi
dential. However, I know of no an
pointment made yet".
waeoingion ninrcn ZJ it whs
oounced at the Whi'e House this af
ternoon that Truman H Newbury, of
Detroit, had been appointed Secretary
of the Nvy to aiioced Onus H pari-
iag, recently appointed collector cl
the port at linrlington, Vermont. ;
Demand Paynent
(Scripps News Association
flanto Domingo March 22 The
Belgian claims. Tbe reports of the
German, French and Italian represent
tivelollow suit.
Uprfanig Suppressed
Borlpps News Association
Manilla Maioh 23 General Allen,
in command of the Federal troops at
Hamar, reports that the uprising
among the Pulaj ines is now under
perfect control, and that a mxj rity
of tbe regulars have bs-n withdrawn.
General Allen und Oorbit are now in
Samar, conferring in regard to the
measures for tbe future. , -
Police Kill
(By Scripps News Association)
St Petersburg, Maroh 23 A nieeeage
from Kutno, Poland, to Government
officials at Warsaw, states that a police
patrol fired upon one hundred and
forty peaceful peasants on the high
way, killing two aod wounding fifty .
Seven of the wbunded victims died on
the way to tbe hospital, and eleven'
others will probably die.
La Grande, Or.
v. '