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Tonight, rain and cooler.
FrIJay, p robabJy fair.
By 8crippa News Aaaociatlon
in crancisoo eo 23 with only a
mp remaining before they are to be
cafd into the ring, Uorbett and Nel-
soare both working like bearers to
gejn oonditiou to face the greatest
flif wbiob either has been called up
onb pat op . Corbett Is already In
spbdid shape, and his trainers stats
thj no fight erer (oand him in better
oojltion that the one on the twenty
elt will And him. Nelson is baring
son trouble in getting down to
wSht, bat bis backers show no an
eainess regarding this 'little detail'
aabey term it: The batting has not
ooimenced yet, but Is oonco' ded
bet fact that Nelson will be the
fatrite among those who are willing
toack their Judgment with their
niAey. .
Investigate Charges
' by Bcripps News Association
Indianapolis Feb 23 Dec tires are
basy today probing the story told In
the house yesterday regarding attempt
to bribe legislator Baker. Detective
are anablo to locate C A Baker, and
there is a preslstent rumor tbat a letter
has been found in Baker's hotel which
contains a reference to an enoloeed
check for fire thousand dollars which
was to be ased in the legislature.
Nothing will bo left undone to ascer
tain the real farts in the matter and a
complete Investigation will be made
. James Hamilton, the doorkeeper of
the house, this afternoon testified be
lore the inrestigation committee that
other members of the house had re
ceived envelopes slmilat to the one
which Representative Baker received
and claimed contained one hundred
dollars. The Marion county Grand
Jury will take np the bribery charges,
Smashed Windows.
By Scrlpps News Association
london Feb 23 Reuters, Wsraaw
corespondent reports that the strik
ersmashed out tbo windows oi five
faories this morning and compelled
(men to quit work. A company of
. a ar.
Inkntry fired on the strikers with
w$t result is not known.
jfobacco Trust Next
I By 8cripps News Association
Washington Feb 23 Representative
Kdioe ot Lentucky today introduced a
resolution in the bouse direoting the
secretary of commerce and labor to
investigate the tobacco trust.
! Chicago Wheat
.' By 8oripps News Association
Chioago Feb 23 The whet market
closed this evening at one dollar and
By Scrippa News Aesooiation ,.
Berlin, Feb. 23 The German court
has been advised by tbe Cmr that be
bad decided to continue tbe war on tbe
grounds of the domestio situstion
which is now under oontrol. It is said
to be the belief among the chiefs that
Oyama is not strong enough to defest
Kuropsrkin but stands in danger ol
defeat himself. Tbis fact of the mili
tary situation, tbe love of country and
arguments of expediency are all said
to be In favor of pressing tbe war forward.
Paris, Feb. 23 Russia has not given
any indication so France that she is
ready to take np the question ot peace
and tl eretofore the authorities bete do
not feel qualified to discuss tbe 8t.'
Petersburg1 reports giving precise
thrms. ' . '
The Jspsnese legation here points
out that peace negotiations require
oertain definite steps between tbe
parties, and Japaness offioials herd say
tbat prior to determining dellaite
terms it will be indispensable to settle
tbe main principal that the terms
will insure peaoe in the far east (or
many years to come. Xne Japanese
position is said to be quite definite
1 against arranging a ptaoe whlob
I would permit Rossis to rehabilitate
I herself ,
Concerning the Indemnity, it is said
that the Japanese war bad ire t no to
March 31 abows that the total war ex
penditures will be about 1350,000,000.
The legation considers tbat some in
demnity is squiUbte, as Japan has
expended double the amount of the
cost of tbe Chinese war in holding up
principles which 8t Petersburg reports
indioate Russia is now disposed to te-oognizs.
Tbe Russian embassy, replying to
Inquiries relative to paoe rumors, says
tbat while peace is the subject of nu
merous conversations in Russia, as
elsewhere, it is incorreot to assume
that tbe government has taken np the
Suffered a Kelaps
By Sorippa News Association
Wolverhampton, Eng Feb 23 Sir
Henry Irving, the noted actor who is
very ill at bis home in this place yes
terday suffered a relapse and there is
now little if any hope for his reoovery.
Must Make Good -
By Scripps Neve Association
Sacramento Cal Feb 23 Tbo ape
oial committee appointed to inveeti
gate the finanoial affairs ol the State
University in their report thie mora
ing recommends that steps be taken
to immediately recover from tbe
board ot resents tbe SSI .000 l,t
through secretary McKeown who is
uow in the penitentiary for ernbenle-
inent. Tbe committee aay tbe mony
was lost through tbe negligenoeof the
' 'The conditions on which Rusie
is prepared to make peaoe have prac
tically been agreed upon, lbese are
as follows:
"Korea to be placed under Japanese
"Port Arthur and Kiao Tung Pen
insula to be ceded to Japan . - -''Vladivostook
to be declared
neutral Port with an open door.
Tbe Etstern Chinese railroad to
Manchuria as fsr north as Hsrbfo
to be restored as an inregral part ol
tbe Chinese Empire.
The difficulty lies in settling the
question ot idemoity upon which ii it
known Jspan insists, but it is
though tbat tbis difficulty is not in
superable ''Tbe most trustworthy opinion at
8t Petersburg is tbat, in view of tbe
internal situation and tbe enormous
difficulty carrying on the War, Peaoe
on the terms outlined will be conclud
ed within a comparatively short time
if the indemnity question oan be ar
ranged, but it is quite possible tbat
Russia will risk another battle before
a decision is reached."
Macedonian Affairs
y Soripps News Association
London Feb 23 Reuters enaouooe
tbat Lord Lansdowne nas' submitted
tbe powers scheme pit posing tbe
European commission to admin ster
the affiirs of Macedonia,
ISM Philadelphia
(By Scrips News Association) -Milwaukee,
Feb 23 Alter a stormy
session if was deoided to hold the
next sessfon of tbe Bowlers Congress
v Louisville instead of at Philadelphia
as was informally selected at yester
days session. Strech and Boths ol
Chicago smashed the worlds two team
record today making a score of 1913-
New Spring Goods
: Of all sorts and descriptions are coming in daily and our store is gradually
taking on Us Spring attire. The new goods are beautiful ibeyond description,
. the most beautiful we have ever seen. Taking the entire Spring line, being
I gradually put in place on our shelves and tables, as a whole, we feel that our
; painstaking, care and labor in the selection of these goods, are amply re
! warded by the generous expressions of appreciation by such of our friends as
have had an opportunity to inspect the line. We also feel that YOU will be
equally well pleased. We extend you a hearty invitation to visit our store
and see the new arrivals.
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New Hosiery
New Boys' Suits
Etc. Etc. Eto.
Plenty of
rly SoHpps News Asscolatoln
Chioago Feb S3 Tjo chemist wbo
has been Intrusted by the ooronor to
make a chemical anylyais of the con
tents of Mrs Ma-ie Walker Hooh tes
tified today that be founJ seven and
six tenths grains of arsenic in tbe
ma'er taken from her stomach, and
he further states tbat tbis is a suffi
cient amount to cause oeath. Tbis
statement is ruflloient evidence to
warrant noiaing uocn upon a more
serious charge that of bigamy. Tbe
coronors jury resumed the ioveatiga
lion of Hooh this afternoon.
The jury returned a verdict of death
due to amnio administered by Hoch,
Tbia was held by tbe Hoch grand jury
Peace Negotiations
By Hcripps News Association
Washington Feb 23 Revival of the
Russian-Japanese peace rumors are
occasioned by calls to the state depart
meot of 2ussiao and British Ambas
sadors followed immediately by half
hour conference at tbe White House
. a..
oetween sne president ana toe secre
tary of state Hay, '
Ex U S Senator Died
By 8oripps News Association
8t Johns Burry, Vt Feb23-E-Unlt
ed States Senator Johnathan Ross died
btire tbia morning from injuries re
ceived In a. runaway accident which
took place last Tuesday. Mrs. Ross,
bis wife, wbo was with him at the
time of the accident, was Instantly
(Borlppe News Association)
Blrmlngton, Feb. S3.-Up to eight
o'clock this moraine eishtv thraa
bodies of miners have been taken from
the Virginia mine Seven more corpse
are in sight and will be taken oat
toon. It will probably be the middle
of next week before the work of pump.
Ing out the mine mill be completed and
all of the bodies recovered.
VFI I fiw
By Scrippa News association
. San Francisco. Feb. 23. Advices re
ceived her today by steamer are to tbe
effect that Yellow lever has developed
in I he form of an epidemio at Panama.
The same report slates that there la a
great deal of sickness of other nature.
It is thought tbat the tearing up of the
streets is responsible for the appear
anoe ot the disease. Tbe United
Seates cruiser Boston with a number
of yellow fever oases on board is still
anchored in Panama bay.
Program Approved
( By Scrlpps News Association )
Washington , Feb 23 Tbe senate
committee on naval affairs endorssd
the President's navul program bp re
taining in tbe naval bill, tbe house
prov'siou for two battleships, but li
mited minimum total displacement of
each to sixteen thousand tons.
By Bcripps News Association"';
London, Feb. S3. Memorial servioes
for tbe Grand Dune ot 8erglus are held
today in tbe Russian church ooonsoted
with the Embassy. In addition to the
embassy. King Edward, United Btatea
Ambassador Cboatand other diplomats
attended. , .
(By Scripps News Association)
Washington, Feb 23. The President
today Issued a proclamation calling an
extra session of the Senate for March
4th, to dispose of executive business.
To Crush Rebellion
y Scripps News Association
Bt Petersburg Feb S2 Ceieria tbe
largest Conoisus with mora than 75
thousand inhabitants desolvsd the es
tablishment of the Insurgent govern
ment and is fesred Poland will follow
suit. Two army Corpse have been
detailed to cruu tbe Oonoatsian re
bellion. General IgnoUff is appoint
ed Governor Oeneral ol Poland with
unlimit d power. Tbe general . situa
tion is developing alarming sj mptous
Vote Saturday
(By Scripps News Association)
Washington Feb 23 Tbe senate
sitting as a court of impeaobmeni Ii
tbe Hwayne case ibis afternoon per
fected arrangements for olosing tbs
trial. The final vote ol the senate will
be taken Saturday.
Sergius Funeral
By Soripps News Association
Moscow, Feb. 23. The ceremony of
blessing tbe body of Grand Duke Ser
gius was performed this morning. The
Kler regiment furnished the guard at
Obadsff monastry where the funeral
services were held. ' Immense crowds
thronged the streets and troops were
present everywhere.
When the Grand Duohess kissed the
uniform on the left breast thrioe, tbe
body was borne on tbe shoulders of the
Grand Duko'a aides to tbe monaatry
of St. Audrewa and placed in m vault
to await removal to Ht. Petersburg,
After bleesiog the body It was con
veyed to the adjoining church of 8t.
Andrews wliers it was placed la a ca
tafalque. The ooffin was oovered with '
wreaths and orotsas. The officials ot
the Bergius household and aids formed
a circle around the bier, but drew
back to permit the Imperial party to
enter the circle. The Grand Duchess
Elizabeth took her plaoe at the foot of
tbe ooffin. Ten Bishops ooucluded tbe
servioe, accompanied by tbe chanting
of tbe Imperial choir. When tbe Du
ohess came to kiss the dead she al
most broke down and was about to fall
but the Graud DukeOonstanlins gave
her support.
(By fc'orlppa News Aisocatlon)
8t. Petersburg la the presence of
tbe Emperor and the Imperial family
requim mass was celebrated for Sergius'.
at Tsarskoe-8elo today. Similar ser
vices were held at the Issacs cathedral
attended by tbe government The
public was not permitted to at
tend. , , . , ',
Mrs.Cavana and Miss Allio epbeue
entertained the members of th 1905
Wbiat Club this afternoon a the
horn" nf t!ip laffer
The Nurse and the Doctor
Will tell you tbat tho success of a prescription de
pends on the purity of its ingredience. There is
as much variety in medicine as in other merchan
dise, lu our prescription-filling "liality" is always
our fust consideration.
You can implicity trust your prescription to us
quality, accuracy and the right price are the never
failing trio upon which we think we have a right to
appeal for your patronage.
A. "F. H I L.L.,
Registered Pharmacist.
Phone, Farmers Line, 68
Pacific States 1361
La Grande, Or."
I i
ii '
1 1 ?