La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, February 20, 1905, Image 5

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Real Estate
O NNo 1 A. good ali loom boa
nd thrae lots. Prioe.aiQOO cash..
L Gr Co No 2 A newl thmLroom
bouse, two lots, our R Bishops, City
water In houe, small burs. Price
1060, 1100 cash A balauoe mouthly pay.
CLP No 8 A good, nicely furnish
ed 6 room house, two Io'a, near school
4KB shops. Price tluOO, $100 cash
and balance monthly payments.
JRBNo 4 A good six room boast,
'imall burn, two lots, good location.
Price 75U.OO. (3U0 cash. balance
reasonable terms.
A D M No 5 A fine six room boose
comer North Fir 4 "X" btreeL floe
btUD, nice shade trees and lawn,
lixtra nice boose . pries. $2500, W00
a sh, balance one, two aod three years.
T V P No 6 A good six room boose,
shade trees and lawn, two lota, good
location. Price I . - oo
and balance monthly pay m n-.
II No 7 Small house and i large lot
101120, set to fruit. Price WJQ, one
bal( cash.
J K No Three seres of land, Good
10 room bonae and barn, bails two
years ago with family oi chard. A fine
house, price fclOUO, one-bait cash and
balance to be arranged.
- O J No 9-Lots No 7 4 8, block No
69 Chaplin's Addlti.-, price toBO.
A D 11 No ID-Lota No 10-11 4 li,
block No 12, Romig's Addition, Price
$100, Cash.
. P D P No 11 Four acres aU set to
(rait, new eight room boase, small barn
wind mill end-out buildings. A snap;
Price (2500, $1200 cash. $1300 In three
KJBKo 12-Two lots, block No 88,
Chaplin's Addition. 1600 cash, ..
I W G No 13224 acre farm near
mbier, Oregon. Part la fall sown
rain. Price $3o per aore. .
AH No 14180 acres eight miles
north of La Grande, 100 acres in cul
tivation, balance timber. Good build
ing and orchard. Price 5500.00,
A 8 No 1580 acres six miles north
of Ieland City, 20 sores in orchard,
small buildings. Price $4000.00. Part
cash, balance on easy terms.
Hi No 16 A floe borne, six room
Lonse, shade and fruit trees, lawns and
four lots in block No 6, Predmore's
Addition. Price (1400.00, (900 oasb
and balance one and two years.
J C F No 17 A six room house,
barn and orchard, three lots each 60x
110 feet in block JSo 8, Chaplin's ad
dition Price (1000, half cash, balance
to be arranged satisfactory to buyer.
J O F No 13 Four lots, block No 13,
Chaplin's Addition, fenced and some
small buildings on same. Price (000,
ball cash.
F F N No 19 One ;Uock of S lots
near high school, Prke (1200, (500
cash. -t
f 1 SXO i3 11U1I UIWI 1" .
Romlu's AddiUon. Price (100), half
w 1 m II Y ... 4 1. 1 1 Inn. IIaI.
each 00x140, on Fourth Street In Old
Town, Price ((300, (250 cash.
F No 22 A good onetory brick
hnildina at a bargain. 60 leet wide.
If you are interested in this, ask for
price and terms.
J K R No 23 A Kood seven room
bouse, city water, beat of bath and
plumbing, bara and out buildings,
lonr larire lota, partly set to fruit and
bearing, fine looation. Price (2000,
(350 cash and balance montniy pay
R No 244 acres about one-half in
hoarintf fruit trees, sood bonse.
barn and out buildings, nice tightly
looation in La Grande. Price (2J00,
part cash.
Mra ffS No 25 A 5 Iroom cottage.
furnished complete, ono lot In good
. locution, all in aood condition with
city water in house and water rent
tmiil for about 12 months. Pries com
uleteAUOO. This is a snsp. Bents for
(16.b0I8r month.
M C No 26 A 4 room bouse and
orner lot in good location. Price 1500,
balf oasb.
The above is ti parrialSlist of proi
tv wbietwe have tor tale. If this does
not suit 70a, rail at the offloe and per
bans we will have just what voa want
We want to write your lira and plato
glass insurance.
We will make you a loan on your
real estate or build you a bous from
vour own Dlaos
Call at our office in the Foley block
if you want anything in our line. .
Beat equipped abstractor
. in Union county. Many
years experiences with
the Union county records
gives me a great advant
age. It is folly to pur-'
chase realestate without
first securing a proper
.abstraot. An abstract
from my office will show
(the title just as it appears
on ' the official record.
Opposite Bommer House
Fiendish Suffering .
ia often censed bv sores, ulcers snd
cancers, that eat away your skin, Wm
HiHli. of Flat Rock Mich, says; I
have used Buoklen's Arnica Salve, for
Ulcers, Sores and lancers. It IB tn
taathealins dressing I ever found
Soothes and heals cats,: burns and
6c at Newliu Drug store guaranteed,
MiasO St. Uara, Props.
Bperlal rates iuralahad monthly
' patrons. This house Is sbaolately
cw and is thoroughly el eon from
kltohen to parlor. Kvery room Im on
the ground floor. All Whit belp
The table U supplied with all the
season afford.
' The Oeatenlal is centrally located
Adams avenue, between
Greenwood and Fir.
La Grande, Oregon.
Boise, Idaho, Feb. The. com
mittee appointed by the bousa to in
vestigate the condition of the land
department submitted a report today.
It found much confusjon prevailing
in the records, wbile many oountiee
are behind in their accounts with ti e
department. The report says:
"We are convinced by what we
thus far .have seen of records that an
effort baa been made during the past
two years to correct the methods of
business in the land department, but
such an inextricable tangle existed-for
fears tbst it is absolutely necessary
at any reasonable cost, to restify the
existing evils snd place the land de
partment on a substantial basis."
The committee etks authority to
oontinuethe investigation witb ex
pert help after adjournment, report
ing to the governor.
Washington, Feb 20 The senate
committee on territories recalled tbe
bill it bad previously reported provid
ing for a delegate from Alaska and
will report a substitute hill, probably
in its next meeting. The oommittce
should have representation in congretis
snd has hopes of pausing some form of
delegate bill before adjournment next
month. The Cusbman bill which
passed tbe house last April wilL pro
bably be reported to tbe senate with
soma amendments. Gi.shman is will
ing to sacrifice some of its provisions
if it will help the bill alocg.
Change Of Position
By Scripps News Association
Copenhagen, Feb SO four Russian
battleships, three cruisers, aod five
transports which are thought to be
a part of tbe third Psltio squadron
which left Ltbtr last week anchored
this morning under the guns - of Lan
gean. The squadron is now steaming
northward through thi great belt es
cortsi by Danish torpedo boats. While
passing through the Baltio Sea Ger
man iron clads escort d the fleet.
An Aged Actor
by Scripps News Association
Palm Beach Florida Feb 20 -Joseph
Jefterson, tbe man who made a world
wide reputation as Rip Van A inkle,
celebrated bis seveiitysixth birthday
anniversary here today, He was unable
to stand or walk, hot was propelled
about io a wlieeled chair. Though the
old man is infrm in body ho is still
strong mentally anl seeming took
great pleasure in the celebration.
On Trial Today
(By Scripps News Association
Butte Monl. Feb 20 The trial of
Charles Kratz, the St Louis Alderman
who Is scoused of accepting a sixty
thousand dollar bribe, was begun bc
ore Judiie Dinton this morning. It is
thought that the jury will be selected
ome time this afternoon .
Paid The Penalty
By Hcrirps News Association ;
Osoining, N Y Feb 20 Frank Ro
mero, who killed Jack Petti ai Feltoo
Station at Brooklyn and Adulph
Kaening, a young german who Strang
led his mistress, Mrs Emma Kaufman
in tbeir apartments in New York
were electrocuted at Sing Sing thix
morning, the otncialt state that tbe
execution was a most successful one
; -t - . -
Each and Every Hat now in ttocT t just
Half Price
Come in and Secure a Genuine Bargain
Perfumes, Toilet Soars and . Powders
Switches, " Pompadours and Bangs
Novelties Ribbons, and Handke hiels
Milliner '
"There is so much badiu the best of us,
And so much good in the worst of us,
That it hardly behooves any of us
To talk about the rest of us."
Therefore, let us devota our spare time to talking
about the superior advantages of banking at tlio
farmers and TJraciers
Tfational SSank
of jCa Srandt Oregon.
No Longer A Priest
By Scripps News Association
8t Petersburg, Feb 20 Tue Cor
sistry today officially annouuoed tbst
Father Gopon whose present where
abouts are unknown to the Russian
authorities has been unfrocked.
Rome, Feb 20 The force of Rue-
ttlan secret service agents in It ly has
beeu c;;ts dt-rab'y argumented for tbe
purpose of searching for Father Qou
pon who is expected to reaob Rome
today with a number of Russian stu
deiiti. The Russian . authorities an
nounce that they will be ready for
him the mo in cut be arrives.
$1.19 Wheat
By Horipps News Associition
Chica0, Fh 20 (lite's brokers on
the selling s;de of the wheat pit ibis
morning sel l May wbt at at $1.19
which later nude a Bl'glit decline to
$1.18J ,
Mine Explosion .
Hyricr'po News Aisociation
I Wheeling V V Fob 20-An Explosion
locanred this morning at the Providence
I ;nine near St Clairsville by which
several miners are reported to have
. been killed, and many injured.
'All commercial business attended to promptly and j
It baa safety Deposit lioxes for it's patrons, you can
rent one for $3.00 per year, all your papers will be
perfectly safe and protected from fire. You have
tbe key to your own box.
. There is a Savings Department connected witb this
bank where you get quarterly interest on your money
' placed in this department.
From the day of the opening of the Farmers and
Traders National Bank, on November 3, 1890 down to
"- the present time, all the efforts of it'a officers have
been to advance and protect tbe interests of it's
patrons and depositors; we want your banking
Capital - - ' $60,000.00
Surplus and Undivided Profits 17,000.00
j liy Scripps Xews Association
j Loudon Feb 20 The details of tbe
visit which the Prince of the bouse of
States, were made public this morning.
The 1'rinoe will be conveyed to New
Port R I in Octobar Next by a cruiser
squadron. From New Port proceed lo
New York and Annapolis. The Prince
hss announced that he bus hopes of
visiting PeeBident Kooaevelt wl lie on
American soil.
Joseph Palm eh,
G. E. McCully,
Asst. Caabier.
! Cl'ain W ( d by the Cord
128 cubic. ftet to the cord. . 16-inch, dry chain
wood 3 per i rd. This ii cheaper than ty the Jojf
1WU YJ ioi w..a. , bv- t, . ;v-.r.,.
The ruth of Holiday trade is over and business
in general hits got back to its normal condition, I
wish to inform all my patrons, and those Jnot my
patrons but who' are liable to be, that I am now in a
position to take care of all wateh, clock and jewelry
repairing with dispatch. I have secured all the neces
sary help in all the latest tools and materials knowj
to the trade, as well as the best workmen that mono
can procure. "V
All repair work is under my personal supervis
ion and I guarantee each and every piece of work done
to be finished in first class workmanlike inanuer, an )
to give (with proper attention) perfect satisfaction.
All work sent by mail or express will receive the sanie
careful attention as if delivered in person, and to te
promptly returned in first class condition.
Thanking my patrons for their past liber il
patronage and assuring them of my utmost ability to
give them perfect satisfaction in the future. I reoiai a
as ever. J. H. PEAIiE,
Next to Newlln's Drug Store. ' La Orande'a Leadintt Jewaler
R P Tait, the pioneer music teacher
of (Jraude Hondo Valley, is still in the
ring. During my vacation I made it
my business as well as pleasure to at
tend concert', opetaH, and in fact
everything in my lino of basinets and
I found that I as a teacher, and in
terpreter of music am siitl in the front
rank. Pupils who do cot wlshthu full
conservatory course mur take tbe pop
ular pisr.o course. This places the
pupil in position to pit y the popular
muflc of, Chart'h and Sunday
School runaio.
Tbe Violin popular course places the
pupil In poeitijn to pl.iy all kinds of
dance music as well as light overtures
Quite a number of muukians who have
been under my instruction arejnrw
making as tesstrCrs and
Will be ready for . business February 1 5
Complete Machine Shops
and Foundry
Genereil Blaoksmlth
and Waon Work
Manufacturer ot The Fitzge.'all RllerAF2ed Mill
soloists. ..Pupils bi
fro under my
csre tflll be thefaaftilv instructed in
n.-N,, K P TAIT, teachea
; Phone 571
TTAre.You Restless at Niht?
Alia narassea uy a ou'i tougiu u
Uallard'a Hoiebound ryntp, it., will
seoore you sound sleep and;' effect a
prompt and radical enre. 25c, 00c and
V IMS tptrt$994trltto , lU NoxJm Drug Uo,
New Lace Collars
New Shopping Baskets
New Hair Switches
New Tablets and SchoolSupplie?
La Qraade
, E
s , fc-..,-- - f