La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 19, 1904, Image 5

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. That wearsalmost as lonz as
eoim silver is the kind we keen
Only th. products of the best
best known manufacturers find
their way into this store, and
every piece has" the maker's
name and mark on it,' In ad
dition we add our personal
guarantee as to tke quality.
J. H.
1 V '""ItJ
Clocks of every ' style are in
this collection and everyone is
really"; handsome. Even the
strenoons little - alarm clocks
have their own good looks.
There are clocks for the bed
rnptfl, prlor, dinning room and
hall. All are acurate time
keepers and really excellent
Now is the time to make selections
. )
Ktuut3II0N - SALE
Especially Interesting" '
4 Makers have prod need some
strikingly handsome de'signs
thi88eason in
Many of the; most beautiful
areshovu here. - An inspection
of our' display will prove a
pleasant and profitable way of
spending an hour or so. We
wont urge you to buy but our
goods and prices , are very
tempting. I :
The display of complete sets
and single pieces is the most at-
tractive to be seen in the city.
The designs are entirely new
and very beautiful and have
been worked out J with great
skill and taste.''
We have made np our mind to sell every roll of Wall Paper in our
itore before the next spring stock arrives, and in order to insure a
complete cltan-up we have cut the price regardless of former price
Wall Paper from 5 cents up
We Want to dear the house before March 1st as we expect a carload
of W II Waper to a arrive on that date. v We have more Wall Paper '
now on hand than all the btherpaper houses ia the county. There
, fore you will have a greater variety to idect from. Our present
stock b complete. ,
Stackland & MeLaehlen
i t f
Having purchased the undertaking goods of 25. ,
Androssfy Co., at aneatXy date ice expect to find
suitable quarters and will open the most complete .
and up-to-date Undertaking Parlors in Eastern
Oreidnl l Jri the meantime we are prepared to ;
render the best possible service and will be found '
at the Andross $ ColsWarniture Store. 1 ;'
We have ' had many years experience in this'
business and know that the public will appreciate
the establishmen t that we will maintain. Kr -
Our prices will be reasonable, and our ; stocky
complete. All calls will receive prompt attention
For the present with EAndrossCq,
Los Angeles, Deo. 19. Mra. Mary
Andrews Clark, mother of Senator
William A Clark and of J Rosa Clark,
is dead at her home In this city after
an illness of but three days, Mra.
Clark was nearly 92 years of age. Ar
rangements for the funeral await her
son, J Ross Clark, who will arrive
from Sao Francisco tarly this morn
Senator Clark, unaware of the te"
ious illness of his mother, has sailed
for Europe
Port Arthur Silent
Che Foo, Deo, 19. There is no Dews
from Port Arthur today.
- ' -.. . ..... i 11
Notice is hereby given to the , legal
voters of .School District No. One, of
Union County, State of Oregon, that a
Special School Meeting of said District
will U held at the High School Balld
ng in said Dist riot on the 28th day of
December, 1901, at two o'olook in the
afternoon, (or the following objects :
To levy a tax for the support of the
schools daring this and the ' ensuing
year and for the purpose of levying a
tax for the payment of interest on t be
bonded debt of the district and for the
purpose of levying a tax to provide a
fond with whloh to payoff the bonded
debt of the district.
, Dated ibis 12th day of December 1901
Geo. W Hansen,
Chairman Board of Directors.
i A ttest: A 0 Williams, District Clerk
UndigUd food and gas In the stom
ach located just below (the heart,
presses it an I causes heirt palpltat
ionr When your heart troubles you
in that way take ilerblne for a few
days. Yoa will soon be ail right, 60o.
Newlin Drug Co
Cured Paralysis
W BiBaily, P 0 True, Texas, writes
"Mv wife had been sufferiug five
years with paralysis in her arm when
I was persuaded to use Ballards Soow
Liniment which cured her all right.
I have also need it for old sores frost
bites and skin eruptions. It doea the
work." 25o 60o 11.00 Newlm Drug
.5 '
Important Notice
All persons' knowing themselves in
debted to me will please call at the
harness shop and settle up before Dec
30, ion. r ) :
K Any bills not paid before that date
wi I be placed in the,hands o an at
toi aey for collection. - J H Chllds
Phone 91
. Notice of, Final Settlement
Notlo to hereby (tlven to whom It mar eon No", to hwhy (tlvn. that the nndenlKiied
rem ttuU there eaian to m; pl.oe about July Ih.aflled theUnal aowunt ofherl..lng a e
Int. 1B04. two mlloa north of Ferry on DUIe eculrtj orUiaUwt will au tmamunt or Mai
Hat tlie following deeorlbed animal, Ona dark- Uia J Wat.n, 'tm4. nd that the toanty
brown heifer, part Jemey, romliig two year C-rt Disappointed .lloaday tha i 2nd day cl
oH, without vl.lble brands or ear mark! Jannary hk, at 9oelwk p. in. m the time, and
Paid animal baa been Uken up by m and ia the Cim Home at Im WrntMe, union miDi
lion to the name, will apinrat wild lima and
with mw n.Mln ..n .Km TWu mtf nluM .Ivilll
4 mile Dortheaat of liland Cltv. and owner final aooount. All pennus hi-g hiit ob)ec;
oia have ume by proving propnrtv and pay- llonn to the aama, will apiarat aain tin
.han. ' . uriuiluir niw. and otlcr aald obicci on! thereto.
Hnma In Old TnwnJ 1 Hrnnda. UrMOIL i . - IDA MBA V IClerutrlS
. ... : . . " I . . v ..... ... ikj l. I ui il a
una 2ui iiajr oi novemuer. iwn. i aa uhjhm via... ww,
Public Sale
Three quarter sections all plow land
t miles south of Island City in a body
or ill divide to suit. Only 25 00 per
acre Mostly seeded fall grain others
ask 15,00 and 50.00 See Powers the
MinnisoU Landman
Ml was muoh afflcted with sciatioa"
writes Ed C Nad, Iowavllle Sedgwick
Co Kan, "going" about on crutches
and suffering a deal of pln. 1 was
induced to try Ballard's Snow Liniment
I need three 60o bottles, It is the
greatest liniment I ever used, have
recommended it to a number of persona
all express themselves aa being bene
fited by it, I now walk without crutch
es, able to pefrorm a great -deal of
light labor on the (arm." Newlin
Drug Co. .........
Shingles, ' Shingles "
Two oar loads of first class shingles
just reoeived by the Stoddard Lumber
Company..' '
y.if Pblio
Money to Loan
Representing the Equitable Savings & Lo'an Asso
ciation of Portland, Or., the strongest, safest & most
reliable institution on the Pacifio coast, under State
! supervision. Loans made short or long time to suit.
! ' WM. GRANT, Agent
City property for sale.
iMIIttltiaitmi t . t ! tt-ttttttimtt0ata.j
Island City, Oregon
breeders ofJ"BERK8HIKE"?aod oTaTTCCHITIa
' " . . .
We now have eight young'bucks, pure tbred, Oots
wold and shropshires, ready for service, anyone need,
ing choice bucks, should see these to appreciate them
Young stock always on hand, and always glad to
have you call and see our hoga, as we breed them 1 for
the Farmer, and ask you to compare our paicos before
buving some where else.
weedeee siesveisiataiej AAiai . .
- - -'rr-w-w-v-WW-W
Chain wood by the Cord
128 cubic feet to the cord, lft-inch dry chain
wood $3 per cord. This is cheaper than bv the lnnd.
You pay for what you get a&d get what you pay for.
Phone 571, H. W. NIBLEY
a ,.(tn)M , MX
. There is one t lasof singers that al
ways take glee clubs. The unlverei
ty of Oregon's ttjrgregation of 20 men
with a stunning repertoire appear here
Decemiier 21. Fine impiaouations
an i soli nu. ii hem. The treat of the
sran In things musical. Admissioa
50 oeuts will be charged ,
can be had here dally. We are very
careful In the aeleotlonit we make when
purchasing our miiats, and our judg
ment Is never at fault,
Good beef is a, strong factor in
health-building. It makes bone nnd
the begt of beef, and other meats, and j
sell tbem at very fair prioen. You'll I
be satisfied with the quality of beef
Walt ft Vita i ri If nn w nrtvoria ao m m diIa
here. - 1 .
i v.. .,"M.l
... i
. Na.
. 4 . - - , ... . t ., i,t hr . .
J- Uv,
Bock & Thomas jv-
t . -
i i