La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 19, 1904, Image 1

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Passenger Receives Seri
ous Injury.
tbe train, but when he reached this
plaoj be iu s WMk, from the pain
that wm unable to go farther and
so b stopped off bar for the eerloes
of a physician. Dr Motitor attended
to bla wounds, and It waa nec-eesary
to Uka two atltchea In bit upper Up.
Tba Injuria sustained although vary
painful ara not aeriooa and Mr Wat
rou w'dl rewms bla Journey to 8ho
bona, Idaho to which place ha waa.
enroute whaa tba aooldent oocarad.
At but r porta Mr Watreaa waa rating
easily bat wu stilt to weak to mote
about .
Washington waa Beverly hart thla
morning In attempting to board pass-
engar train No 0 aa it . waa tearing
Pendleton. Aa Mr Watross waa at
tempting to board tba train, In some
manner ba slipped and the ratalt waa
Although ba waa severely bruited
otbarwiaa, the worat hart waa a cat
nn tba lip Ha succeeded in making
Exhibit Hall
M L Causey informed an Observer
.epresentatlve thit afternoon that ha
would let the contract for the eons tr not
ion of the Exhibit Ball Monday. There
will ba thousands paaa through oar
olty daring 1905 and tba great majori;
ty will narar forget the exhibit that
can and will ba mad at oar depot of
onr raribd products. -
Japanese Won Their Point, but With
Sacrifice Blood Flowed
in Rivulets.
Accidentally Shot
Spokane, Dae. 19, Ex-Chief of Po
lice B M Woydt, waa accidentally shot
this afternoon, tha ballet passing
through bis body about three inohea
above his heart . His revolver fell
from Its bolster, striking a rock and
discharging tha weapon. Ha baa a
a slight chance for recovery.
Obe Foo, Deo. 19 For ferocity and of the wonnded, eonae
t . .m " "
the straggle for the possession of
High bill wu probably tha most re
markable in the history of the siege
of Port Art bar a siege noted for
slaughter. The statement is based on
an interview which the correspondent
of the Associated Press bad with Com
mander Mizseneoff, executive - officer
of the battleship Poltava op to tba
time that vessel was disarmed and
See us about Books
. .... ......... . . 4
who, as already told, headed tha ' prepared huge piles ol wood , coal and
For the
We wish to speak of our Holiday Line this early because
many will appreciate the hint Our goods are all here.
They are ready for inspection. The line is by far
the finest we have ever shown. Too many
things to specify here, we don't want to
specify Just yet, we want you to see
-the goods while the line is unbroken.
You know the advantage of early choosing.
- -
Prompt buyers always avoid the rush and get
choicest picking. Prices are as low as they can be
and the very article you would most prefer may not wait
We have provided for you. We have the
books suitable for Xmas gifts. We have the
newest and most popular publications, as
well as choice editions of standard works.
Books not in stock will be pleased to order
for you."
Libby's Cut Glass
Don't bay cut glass unless "Libby" is cut
in the glass, then you know you have the
best. "
of whom bad
. . .. . -
surcease for their dying agonies.
"Eventually, aa in similar instances
which were to follow, we retired,
leaving the work of driving the enemy
from the sum-sit to the resistless
guns of iha neighboring forts, notably
those of Liaoti mountain.
"The Japanese adopted a ouhous
expedient wbich assisted them great
ly in tha third assault. They had
party ol seven Russians wno lets Port
Arthur in a sailboat December 16.
"The Japanese were compelled to
clamber up the slopes of tbe hill, in
many oases without firing, in the face
of one of tbe most murderous deluges
ever poured torn rifles and maohine
guns. I was there and it saemed to
ma that flesh and blood would ba nn
able to stand our fire for a minute.
The enemy went down in squads and
companies, but always toere wer
others grimly coming forward. Their
bravery was beyond praise as was
that of our own men. Sometimes
tba fighting was hand to band, with
the muszles of tbe rifles at tha breasts
of the contestants, the bayonets be
ing used as swords. The sid 's of tbe
hill were strewn with bodies and the
snow was crimsoned with the blood
corn stalks wbiob tuey ignited, tbe
wind being' in tbe faces of the Bus-
sians. Tbe resultant fire was im
mense and the flames and smoke oom
polled the Russians to retire.
"The red glare from this fire dis
oiosed a ghastly picture more infernal
than ever dreamed by Dante.
"The assaults thus far bad cost the
Japanese easily 11,000 men while our
own were under 2000 Tbe sides ol
the hill were' literally covered with
dead and wounded. The trenches
were rivulets of blood an every vis
ible spot was dyed crimson .
"Wa might retake the hill,' said
General Stoesael but tbe hi'I is not of
sufficient importance to us to Justify
further sacrifice."
Returned Home -
Mr. A B Conley and wife, Mr. Ed
Conley and wife and Mr J J Conley
returned yestaiday morning . from Ban
Kranoisoo Mr. A B Conley left this
city several days ago to Los Angeles
where he met the members of his fam
ily who have been touring the east for
some time past.
Tbe party, consisting of Mrs. A B
Oonley, Ed Conley and wife, and 3 J
Conley, have been visiting In several
plaoealnthe eaatern states and also
in tha southern states. They were
pleasant visitors at tha St. Louis Fair
and visited relatives in Illinois. They
slso vieited New Orleans and in El
Paso Texas, where they witnessed aev
era! bloody Spanish bull fights. The
entire party was well all the time they
were gone and expressed themselves
as delighted with .the entire tour, and
well pleased with the courtesy with
whloh they were treated at every point
on the trip. After meeting the party
oeeded with them to the Catalina Is
lands where they spent an enjoyable
ime, afterwards returning to Los An
geles. From this plaoa the party went
to San Tanoiaoo tor a few days, but
Mr. Conley states that, after the wom
en of the party got their faoea turned
home, nothing could atop them ani
tha consequence wu that the party re
turned sooner than he had contempla
ted. This however, la only like all
people.who love their homes, it seems
unusual and unfamiliar not to be at
home when the Christmas tide rolls
$27,000 White Blanket
Order from One Firm
A Smooth Young Man
Passed Forged Check
and is Arrested.
Another esse of misplaced confidence
developed in this city Saturday. This
time the smooth yrung man presented
a letter and a cbeok purporting to be
from the Baker City Herald and pur
chased goods to the amount of forty
oue dollars. The check called for
thirty five dollars and waa accepted aa
good at N K West's store. A few
miuutes attar the check waa cashed, In - duties that tbe Judge
Brown of Baker City asking him to
arrest the party and hold blm until be
could come down and get him,. Officer
McLaohlen waa soon on the trail of the
smooth young fellow whooonid "think
of nothing else today" and discovered
that he had taken to tall timber.
He had secured a team and driver at
the City 8tables ani was on his wsy to
Hilgard when he was overtaken by Mr
MoLaoblen at Perry. Be Is wanted at
Baker City for forging a check on the
Baker City Herald to the amount of
twenty one dollars. Ha answered to
the Dame of MoClegg while here. Some
of the Co. L boya may remember him
aa the man who acted as business
manager for the blind man wno gave
s me sort of a sort of a show In the
armory a few days ago.
city on the afternoon of December
17th. Mr Albert H Tiffany and
Miss Berths Williams Justice of the
Peace, Jno. E Hough officiating.
A matrimonial ship was christened
and Jauncbed upon (he sea of m itri
mony by tbe . Justice at bis beauti
fully deootated office In this olty. Tbe
performance of oeremonies of this kind
Ms toe most pleasant part of all the
performs, and
Rate for Exhibits
Portland, Eeo. 19. The Interested
railroads have agreed upon a rate of
60 cents a 10J In oarload lota fiom Bt.
Lonls to Portland for exhibits of var
lous kinds destined for the Lewis and
Clark exposition.
J P Wilbur superintendent of tbe
Union Woolen Mills, closed a deal
Thursday by which a great "aale was
made. 127.000 worth of white blan
kets were sold to one Boston firm.
This is the largest individual sale ever
made by tbe Union Woolen Mills or
for that matter by a ry woolen mills
of the northwest. Two other orders
have also been received of recent date
involving $3000 each. At this rata
in order to comply with tbe demands
for another year tbe oapaolty of tbe y
mills will have to be about doubled.
Mr . Wilbur ii the most thoroughly
skilled woolen mill man in tbe north
west today and the gtgantio propor
tions of the business of tbe mills is
wholly due to his efforts. It is lar
gely to the interest of tbe people -of
Union that Mr. Wilbur remains here.
Should bis connection be severed with
tbe mill it would be next to impossible
to find another man to fill bis place
I acceptably. Scout. ' :
A Store With
A Record
We have been doing busi
ness in this town for 5 years
Iu that time the town has
nearly doubled in population
During the same tine our
business has increased FIVE FOLD. ' In other words
our business has made a great deal more rapid increase
than the town has. There are dozens of reasons for tnis
all of which you will perceive if you begin buying drug
store goods of us. In the first place we had a thorough
training for pharmacy. In the second place we had ex
ceptional opportunities for learning the practical side of
'pharmacy in a successful drug store of the highest stand
ing. In ttie third place we have kept our eyes wpen nnd
attended to business until we know the deaan lj of "the
people of this town. " "
A. T.
Prescription Druggist
La Grande, Or
terested parties thought it beat to call'M thfc y000- opto are awsre of the
il rw .I a a it i i i i Or ar
op tbe Herald and learn if the cheok
was alright or not. The information
was to the effect that the check was
worthless and that the party waa want
ed in Baker City for passing other
checks. The yoang man who passed
the check had not removed the goods
from the store, and when he returned
for them his attention was called to
tbe fact that tbe Herald had stated
that no cbeok bad been issued to bim.
He expressed himself as greatly sur
prised and stated that he would see
Mr Roe, the general manager of the
Herald, in a few days and he bad no
fear but that tbe matter would be tak
en oare of all right. He then asked
for the check and when it waa banded
to blm he banded Mr. West forty
dollars in bills and received five dol
lars change. Mr. West asked blm "if
that wonld be all" and the man ans
wered that It was aU that 1 can think
of today." Thus ended tbe first chap
ter. The second chapter began in about
twenty minutes wben offloer McLach
lan received a phone from Sheriff
fact that the Justice enjoys such oere
monies next only to tbe bride and
goom themselves, and as they are also
well awsre of tbe crupulous neatneM
and the floral decorations which the
Justice keeps to decorate his offloe at
all times for occasions of this kiod,
tbe young people when a move of this
kind is contemplated, call upon
Judge Hough.
The contrasting parties are well
known throughout the entire county
and are residents of tbe Mt Glenn
settlement. Their many frienls and
tbe Observer joins in wishing them a
pleasant and suooesafu!. tnarrien life.
i J T Jarman has accepted a position
with Book & Thomas the La Grande
oattls dealers and will be engaged iu
buying cattle for this firm and looking
after heir interests in thla section
Haines Record. .
Thomas B Aklns of Enterprise and
L E Aklns of Joseph are in the olty on
land office business.
25 Per Cent off on all Hats
Until the first of the year every Hat in the
store will be sold at a 25 per cent discount
This is your opportunity to get your Holi
day Hat at a bargain.
The latest in braided handle ' parses and
Peggy bags. Something new in combs and
At a discount. The
finest line of rib
bons ever shown in
the city.
Special line just re
ceived. From now
until Jan. 1, for 5
cents up.
Perfumes, Toilet Soaps and . Powders
Switches, Pompadours and Bangs
This (s positively a new Hue and can only
be secured here. -
v r Milliner - .: )
J, -
- v.
l . M ,