La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 14, 1904, Image 1

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Collision in the Fog by Street Cars at Chicago
; Cause Injury and Death.
Chicago Deo. 14 In tbe pall like
fog that settled down over the eltv
this morning, obliterating everything,
one colliuon took place in wbioh 15
persona were injured, inolndlog two
fatally hart, an elevated train jumped
from open awlob, narrowly escaping
barling its passengers to the to the
pavement below, many minor ouuis
lons were reported and traffic for a
time was bronghi to a standstill
The most serious collision was at
the crossing of the Belt Line railway
and Fllty ninth street, where an in
coming train aasnea down a pan a
uaisteao street surface car. The car
was crowded and the force of tne col
lision was so. great that it was ont
sqoaely in two and its occupants
hurled to either tide into the street
Fifteen of the passengers were injur-
ed sufficiently to require aurgloal at
tendance, while a dozen others sue
tained bruises and cuts.
So dense was the fog that searchers
groped their way to the Injured by the
cries. - -
They found Mlohael Waldorn, the
motorman crashed a badly that it Is
impossible for him to survive and,
nearby, the flagman of the oroislng
lay with his head crashed, . having
been struck by a flying piece of wreck
In every direction in the city the
fog was to dense that the light did not
penetrate its murk nets until broad
noon. Pedestrians had difficulty In
finding their way, and teaming traffic
was brought to a halt after numerous
minor accidents bad 'taken place at
street crossings.
A Humbolt Park elevated train
jumped the track in tbe fog, narrowly
escaping being precipitated to the
ground. A panic ensued among the
passenger. The north aide cable ays
aleo tied up for two hours, as a result
of the jamming of the cable slot.
New Industry
Bedalia, Colo. Deo. 14 Thj Bed alia
Crude Bobber company was organised
here yesterday with Harry Do van a
wealthy lawyer of 8anta Fe, N II as
chief banker.. B F Bpenoer of Denver
the discoverer of tbe rubcer weed, it
also interested in tbe venture. Fran
chises have been granted by the com
pany and a building donated bj tbe
oitiiens and business men. .
It is tbe intention of tbe oompany
to have a factory in operation by Jan
. -
be oed in extracting rubber fram the
rubber weed, and ten tons of weed
ill be treated daily.'
. .., '
For the
We wish to speak of oar Hcliday Line this earlj . because
many will appreciate the hint Our goods are all here.
They are ready for inspection. The line is by far
the finest we have ever shown. Too many
: things to specify here, we don't want to
; specify just yet, we want you to see
; i the goods while the line is unbroken.
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Prompt buyers always avoid the rush and get
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We have provided .for you. We have the
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Books not in stock will be pleased to order
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Libby's Cut Glass
Don't buj cut glass unless "Libby" is cut'
in the glass, then you know you have the
Killed In Explosion
' Niagara Falls. N Y Deo, 14 Tbree
men were killed outright and it ii re
ported that 12 others were probably
fatally injured in a premature dyna
mite ezplotloo in tbe Toronto 4 Nu
gara Falls Power Compaoy's main
tunnel ahcrtly after noon today.
The workmen bad completed a
chain of thots according to the stories
of those who baveeen taken oa and
were juit starting away when by some
unknown connection was made' with
the sparker and tbe entire chain was
detonated. - ' m
Tbe shock was so terriflo that great
m issea of the root of tbe tnnnel were
torn awsy ana some of tbe men weie
literally torn to piecea by flying stone.
Recurities Deposited by , Mrs. Chadwick will
' Reach $18,000,000 .
The Commercial Clnb elected the
following officers at its annual meet
ing held last evening. Wo, Miller,
president : F 8 Ivanhoe . 1st vice, L D
Reavls 2nd vice; W J Church, treas
nrer: R L Lincoln, secretary, and the
following board of managera : F L
Meyers, T W Walsb, J U Peace, E E
Romict, J M Murphy John Collier,
O Li Cleaver. Tamer Oliver and A V
Andrews. The president and ylces
are by virtue of their office also mem
bers of tbe bottrd of managers.
The Commercial Clab in this city is
an exceptionally strong organization,
It enjoys a large membership and is
In excellent finanolal condition and its
beautifully furnished home is second
to none outside of Portland.
Verdict Sustained
Washington, Dea 14 The court of
appeals this afternoon han ied down an
opinion sustaining the vsHiet in the
postoffice conspiracy oases which re
tailed in tbe conviction of Aug'ist W
Macnn, outer u uron, eamnei a
Groff and Ueorge R Lorens, imposing
sentence of two yeara' imniflonment
and a fine of 110,000.'
The defendants' only reooarse now
is the supreme court.
Auburn, N Y Deo. 14. Nelson Bo'g
glano was electrocuted in tbe state
prison at 6:80 this morning for the
murder of Henry Bender at Buffalo,
in 1903.
Bogglano said be had no fear of
death in tbe chair aa he was Ira elect
rician, and knew it would not hart;
He also has belonged to the same an
ion aa the exeoutloner, and was willing
to help oat a brother nnlonitt.
Blows Head Off
Butte, Mont., Deo. 14. The heavy
losses whioh malted from the
slamp of Amalgamated Copper, to
gether with the loss of hla position,
caused Asa Van Gorder, general bridge
foreman of tbe Great Nor'iiern railway
to commit suloide Be blew his head
from his shoulders with a shotgun.
Three Asphyxiated
Springfield, O , Deo 14 Mrs Bridget
Dangherty, aged 75, Anna Daugherty
and James Dangherty, her daughter
and son. were found dead in their
home this morning, having been asphy
stated by natural gas .
Cleveland Deo 14 It develops that
the total amount of securities deposit
by Mrs Chadwick with the Wade Park
bank approximates tl8.O0O.03O, nearly
twloe ths amount previously supposed
Herbert W Bell who is in charge of
tbess securities " aa receiver admitted
today that all were nearly worthiest
"lk 4a lnJ. Ha AftuMnfilnv
the investigation of the Chadwick af
Receiver Bell took the eeour iUee"
held by Ira Reynolds also appeared
before the Jury. Reynolds also ap
peared as a witness.
Tbe grand Jury later voted to indiot
Mrs Chadwick on tbe forgery charge
in connection with the five - million
dollar note held by Reynold.
New lYorfc Deo 14 Mrs Chadwick
was up bright and early this morning
and ate a hearty breakfast. . ller two
lawyers. Carpenter and "Powers, were
early visitors having come at the arg
ent request of MrsChadwlok '
Attorney Carpenter ipraotlcauy aa
miwu iwtMM!ht4vlok bad given
up all attempt to ecure bail. Hla
client has not deoi Jed whether to go
baok to Cleveland.
: Mrs Chadwick was taken from the
Tombs this afternoon to the federal
building where she waived examina
tion. Bhe will be t.ken to Cleveland
Trial Again
New York Dee 14 Nan Patterson
appeared in excellent sp Irlis when
she entered tbe court this morning
She smiled frequently and talked
moon with her father and conns el It
Is learned today the council fo r . de
fense last week sent a man resemble
log J Morgan Smith brother 10 law
of the defendant together with a wo
man to the pawn ahop of Hyman
Btern to purchase a revolver It was
reported to be the Intention to confuse
Btern in the Identification of Smith
should be be produced as a witness.
Dr Lederle former health commls
sionec was this morning given one of
tbe pieces of akin from Ifoaiig's flogsr
in order to make a chemical examine
tion of spots. The defense will select
a chemjtr to nuke an examination of
another similar exhibit,
Dr Charles Phelps, police physician,
testlxed as aa expert as to gunshot
wounds. He made many est erimenta
with a revolver and Young's clothing
and said the fatal shot was fired from
left to right at a distance of four In
obes. A lay figure was then dressed
with the dead man a clothes, beginning
with the bloody undershirt
Nan Patterson reoolled from the
sight as the witness explained hla rea
son for the opinion as to the way the
sho. was fired oting the Agar to ill
ustrate his testimony.
M L Cantey bas rectntly purohated
another 160 acres of linBof 'Mr E W
Oliver adjoining 160 acre ftrtot that
he has iust out out in apples ad dis
posed of and in tbe early kkriag will
plant this to apples alto. Tut vane
ties seleoted for this new tract will
consist of the Yellow, Newtownt,
Soittenberzs. Romsn Beauties, and
Gsnoe in about equal quantities.
Tbe trees will be planted 60 to tbe
acre which means 8000 trees on tbe
16U tract As everything is figured
from a wheat standard in this seotion
ol the si te it will require very little
speoulaiioJ 10 show tbat (ruit and
wheat acre for acre are not to be
00m pared. 160 acres in apples at six
veers old will prolnoe 8000 boxes
which sell at 60 cents per box means
an income of 124,000. 160 acres in
wheat at 40 bushels to tbe sore means
6400 bushels st 60 cents per but b el
means $3840 a difference in favor of
tbe apple orbbard of 120 ,160.
This is the reason wuy Union
county it one of tbe banner counties
in the state wo have so many products
tbat are revenue producers betidet
wheat and when it comes to growing
wheat we still produce it by tbe thou
sands of bushels. Anotbir lllustra
tiop uting wheat as a standard ii
beets. Last season from 2500 acres of
beets the factory paid the growers
$105,000 the same acreage in wheat
at 40 bntbels to tbe sore and market
ed at 60 centa per busbel would bave
brought in $60 ,000. Here again is a
gain over wheat of $40,000 (or the
some acreage. .
Jackson, Miss., Deo. 14. Governor
Vardaman today made the opening
speech at the cotton and oorn carnival
After welcoming the visitors he Branob
ed off into politics. He said in part:
"And instead of going to tbe con
gress of the United fctates and aajing
that there is no distinction made In
Mastissippi because of color or pre
vlons con Jltlon of servitude, tell tbe
truth and ssy, 'We tried for many
years to live in Mississippi and ahare
sovereignity and dominion with the
negro and we saw oar institutions
crambl ng; we saw the pabllo funds
squandered; we taw the olvillzatlon
that our forefathers had fonght for
passing away, and the law of self pr
servation being the first law, we ob
aerved it. We rote In tbe majesty and
highest type of Anglo-Ssxon manhood
and took the reins . of government oat
of the hands of the carpetbagger and
negro, and, so help as God, from now
on we will never share any sovereign
ty or dominion with him again.' "
Big Box Social
When? Deo. 1G, Erldsy. Where?
Grange Hall.
. Fine Horses ,
The finest collection of stalllonsever
brought to this oity can now be teen at
the Joe Wood's atable. They are lm
porteddirect from the stables of Keis
er Brothers, ths well known import
ers 6f Keota, Ipwa, and they re here
under the management of . Throssel
Voaght, who are well known aa tales
men of draft horses of merit. An Ob
server representative oalled at the .
siahle this morning and was shown
these splendid horses and ii willing
to state they are without doubt the horses he has ever seen In this
state. There are seven in number, all
of which with bat one exception, were
Imported direct. Tbe one exception
la a blaok' peroberon colt which tips ,
the beam at a little better than eight
een hundred pounds. He is aa beauti
ful as he is big and has a dltpoeltlon
which will make him a pleasure to bis
handlers These horses are all large,
the Shire reaching above the ton mark. -They
all seem to have kindly dis
positions and are seemingly handled
without any more'' trouble than the
average gelding. The horsemen of
thia county should call at the barn
and see these splendid animals. The
time has passed when saddle ponies
are of value, bat there la always a
good demand for draft horses. This
opportunity toeeoare better stock for
this valley should receive attention
from our stxk raisers .
Mr Tom May Held of Elgin, whe has '
been on a visit to points weat of this
place, returned this morning t hie
home. J .--I'
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t ,
qBbbbdddobi ooaacaaBanotiDaaaaoBDi
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