La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 10, 1904, Image 1

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' NUr.:2ER 35
London, Dec. 10. The Daily Tele
eraph'e oorreeDoodant betire Port Ar
thr telegraphs that all tbe Raaalaa
battleships and cruisers, together with
tb ganboata Glllak acd Fueadaeck,
wen tank or destroyed, and I at only
tot torpedo boat destroyers ramain in.
According to the special dlspatcl.
from oklo and- Shanghai giving un
official ra porta tbe orawa of all tbe
Russian wareblpa In tba harbor of
Fort Arthur vara landed, : and appar
ently no effort waa made to mora tba
veaaela. Tba Japaneaa will now .ton
tbaiv attaotion to tba torpedo boat de
ttroyara, and when these bare been
destroyed the guns will be directed
against ateamara and transporta In the
oharacter of 903 Meter bill aay that
the Japaneaa dreaohed tha timber
works of tba trancbaa with kerosene
and atarted a furioaa fire, whloh waa
fanned by a atrong gala Tha Japan
eaa advance waa vary alow. Tbey were
obliged to make roada with baga of
earth. It waa tha aodden dacialon to
make a night attack that brought vio
tory to tba Japaneaa. Nothing la yet
ufflcially known aa to the extent of the
Japanese caaualltlec.
Mukden, Deo. 10-Nameroaa Jap
aneee priaonere are being brooght in aa
a r-ault of night Sorties. The Siber
ian eapeclally delight la hla sortie
work, and aeem to regard te atalklng
and aaptaring of pioketa and eeotrlea
aa exhilarating sport. Some of the
priaoaara declare that tha prevailing
inactivity it baring a greatly depress
ing lnflaenre a pea tba maaaea of Jap
aneae troopa. Other of to eaptlrea
refuse to answer qaeetione. Tba Jap
anese evidently are not abort of food,
bat the oold la extremely trying on
them. '." , - - "
Lieutenant General Uaavitob bad a
narrow aeoape from death raoantly.
Be had approached within 1000 yards
of a Japaneaa battery wkea a ahell
droppei near hla ataff and killed an
collated man.
Japs Hold Fort
Tokio,Deo. 10 Uooffl:ial reporta
received here from Port Arthur pie
tare the condition of the garrison aa
desperate in the extreme According
to tbeae advi ra the enemy baa with
drawn all bia fcreea from Teyankoa.
Itxabao and Akasske bill, in a move
men! of concentration :.
' All efforts to tetako 203 Meter biU
bars apparently been abandoned and
no attempts ere being made to atop
the Japaneaa aappiog operations. The
progress of Japaneaa advance in tba
d notion of eastern forts baa been
practically baited owing to' erhaos
tion of troops. The work is proceed
ing as fast aa poealbie under tba cir
cnmaUnoea, but nnleea the Boaaiana
ibculd rally to an unexpected attack
little will be dons durlog the next
few days by the iafaatry, u tba t roopa
must hare rest before farther demands
can be made upon them. Tba artil
lery Are oontues bat no more poai
tions have been at to eked.
? ; .
j Holiday
i Facts
The chances are that if everybody
knew the exact facts about our Holi
day line, how carefully selected and
how fair in price, we would not have
half enough to go around. . ' ' 1
. , , , We have been fortunate in being
able to but our holiday stock close.
' the selling will be just as close. : We
want you to see our line before asssrt
ments are broken. In the start we
will have a variety of goods not sold
;; elsewhere;' these are apt , to be the
goods you want..
Make sure of themby buying early
Fair prices will last to the end.
Best assortment wUl not.
Ready for Inspection '
arkviiviiivsa ivrwwi -
New York fo. 10 The opuiingTf
tha atook exchange tbie -morning was
fully as exciting aa that of yesterday.
Tba Standard Oil crowd waa there
la all its glory and money was damped
into the nurket to help bonet the
prioee higher. -.
Never did brokers on the stock ' ax-
change abow mora excitement than
they did at the opening of tha ax
change tale morning. The Standard
clique, aa It la called by Lawaoa, waa
there In ail its glory; tha big buga, as
mt Lawaoa aaya, graced tba aeaaioa
with their presence.
Money Beamed to be no objeot la the
fight of million up in million .against
tba war waged by one man, and for
today tha millions won.
tba market opened generally lower.
became the broken ware too frighten
ed to act their parts aa they had been
rehearsed. Gradually the Standard
Oil 'a beat men aecarel the swiag of
tba market and prloei begaa goi
their way.
James E Keeae and Joha W. Gas
are botn playing important parts in
thle limited engagement and tba gen
eral impreat ion la that they are the
one who are directing tha Standard
Oil fight on tha floor.
To moat of tha brokers' ofSoea all
over the oountry a measage waa aent
which eaid: oLawsen has a secret
agreement with tha Standard Oil
crowd to bear the prioea down so that
they oao bay in at low prioea."
This waa believed by many and waa
tha taming blow of the day, for tba
baying orders oame la tbiok and fast.
Almost every stockbroker In the coun
try according to their views expressed
today teems to have it In for Lawaoa.
They spread a large number of reports
daring the day aa to his connection
with the oil orowd, bu( erery one of
them waa absolutely denied by Mr
Lawson's lieutenants. ,
The sales on the exchange today
amounted to elightly over I,600,0J0
shares of atook and at least 750,000 of
these were Amalgamated ordera.
Taft and Party.
Kinkston, Jamaica, Uec. 10. Secre
tary of War Taft and party - who have
been at Pan an a, arrived here this
morning. While here they "arranged
tha oondltions under whioh Jamaican
labor is to go to the lalhmus, Tha
party will Ball for Penaaoola thia eve
ning. Fourteen thousand Jamaican
negroes are expected on tha Isthmus
by April 1, 1908.
Not Yet Indicted
Auburn, Cel., Deo. 10. Tha grand
jury did not take any action today in
regard to tha robbery charge agalnat
young Weber, aa was expected. It la
believed, however, that tha jury will
file an indictment tomorrow.
Fred Renemaober, on whom Weber
baa ben trying to throw so piolon for
tha crime, visited the prisoner today
an I urged bim to confess. Weber waa
impassive and refused to deign a reply
Washington, Deo. 10 The bouse
passed the current resolution provid
ing for adjournment December 21 to
January 4. - '
Hepburn's motion to strike oat Ibe
appropriation for . tba civil . servios
from tba legislative, exeontive and
jadioial appropriation bill was defeat
ed. ' , .
Pensions went over until Monday.
Loa Angelas, Deo. 10 Notwith
atandlug that aooree of drpoty sheriffs
dogs and polka officers are patrolling
the baata la road nearly all the way
from Daggett and Needlee and tha
country ts being searched to . the re-
mcteat corner for soma trace of tba
bandit who yaterdas tooted tha Walla
Fargo express car at Daggett after
abootieg and !killing Messenger Rob
erts the man la still at large. '
The first suipect. arreated a negro
who waa takes into enatody at Bare-
tow, yeaterday baa been lodged in jail
here. Walls Fargo officials state.
however tbay do not believe ha is tha
man wanted
The express company baa offered i
reward of tl,X for the eaptare of tha
bandit. This offer has been supple
men ted by one for a aim liar amount
from tha Santa Fa ' railroad oompaey
and (300 from the state. The large
reward has attracted a number of
posses who are searching every foot of
. . - ...... -j .. - -.
robbery where .a maa eould secrete
himself and it la not believed that he
can poesit ly eooeeJ In escaping. Tha
country for miles In every ' direction
from Daggett It a barren desert.
iii.. -- -
Phflldelphla, Dm 10 81x Sopho
mores have been suspended for an in
definite period from Bwathmore ooUege
for basing Horace Kent Walton of
Philadelphia. Tha young man ia said
to have been maltreated and Is con
fined to ha bed. ' Ha declined to name
hiatormeatora, but tba oollege offiolala
found them out and dlamlssedthe atu
A.wL ..... j
. Walton's grandfather swore out war
rants for their arrest, but President
bwala pleaded with bim not , to serve
them. Tha hazing consisted of com.
palling tha viotim to walk a mile along
tha Haiti more pike, being frequently
dragged through fenoea and under
brush. Ha waa struok when ha resist
ed. Bwathmore oollege. la a Quaker
institution. .
Burglars broke into the postoffioe at
Univoraity park this , morning and
blsw jpen the eafa and got about .120
worth of stamps aud a few centa in
cash. The foroa of the exploaion was
snob that the doer ; of the eete waa
blown across the room demolishing a
compartment lat'er cabinet and other
furniture. The crackton were frigh
tened a a ay before they bad time to
drill into the inner vau.t of the sale
containing about $200 In oaah aod
$80 in stamps.
It was 1:10 o'clock' this morning
wtisn George H Hemssook the post
muter and bis wife who alsep'ovar the
offloa were awakened by the exploaiou
whiob jarred tba whole building.
Hemslook hastily douned a few gar
ments and secured a revolver. ; His
wife, in the meantime lighted a lan
tera and descended the stair wa; to
the ofBoe. ; '.
It was found that a hole bad been
drilled ia the top of tha eafa, into
whioh black powder bad been poured ;
and tamped hard before Igniting as is '
shown by the force of the explosion.
Entrance' was effected through a
rear 4oor and after getting into tba
building the burglars fastened the
door and raised a window ao as to be
prepared to give them means of aeoape
The marks made by their shoes in tha
soil showed they jumped front this
window when they heard tba .poet- ,
master deseenaing the stairway. ' ; ' v
The poet.uaater reported the burg-'
lary to Polioe . Sorgeant Carpenter-,
over tba telephone aa soon as be dis
covered the amount stolen and later
informed the, Portland, postoffioe
Portland Journal.
Suit Against Mayor
New York, Dec 10 Mayor George
B MoClellan Comptroller Groutb and
other high offloials are defendants in
aoase which William Randolph
Hearat, the statesman and newspaper
man has instituted in the interests of
the city to prevent lurtber payment
being made to tbe so ca'led gas mono
poly until the trust shall have been
compelled to establish its claim In the
courts. The injunction is returnable
today. ;
' ,,' . v ' ej
. 75c to'$5.00
Some are but slightly used.
" Three fine coal burners at a bargain,
Fine Guitar, new, only; 'Vv'-Vi ? 17.50
:' Eight Winchester rifles - $2.60 to $ 9.80 - :v
Iron Beds f . . 1.0w to 12J50 :
New Ghairs : , . ' . .60
v" New Chiffonier-; i ; ; 8.50 "
New baby buggy and child bed at wholesale cost.
Corey Pa , Deo. 10 Colonel T A
Elwardsdied. today, He waa with
General Cook In Oregon during tbe
Snake Indian War fought with Mc
Kay when he defeated the Modoos and
captured Captain Jck their famous
leader. -
...f.' : i W'X '.'
Upholstering ; ; ; - 4 Furniture Repairing
New York, Deo 10 The bearing of
testimony In tha Patterson trial began
at noon. Miss Patterson aat beside
her father and listened intently to the
. .t L - . 1.1.V -
teaumouj muca oi wuiuu was
petition of that addacad at tba flra
trial. The young women wore a black
veil concealing her featurea from the
spectator!, There were but a few
curiosity seeking In court, . ;
Having purchased the undertaking goods of E.
Andross $ Co., at an early date we expect to find
suitable quarters and will open the most complete "
and up-to-date Undertaking Parlors in Eastern
Oregon. In the meantime we are prepared to
render the best possible service and will be found
at the Andross Co.'s Furniture Store. ' r l :
We have had many years experience in this
business and know that the public will appreciate
the establishment that w$ will maintain. . ?
Our prices will be reasonable, and our stock,
complete. All calls will receive' prompt attention
For the present with E. Andross Co.
Phone 92
Word eomaa from Washington that
senator John H Mitchell of Oregon
will most probably be givea tha chair
manship of tha Panama Canal Com-
mieslen. Thia la a very important
committee at tha head of whioh tba
lata senator II anna did distinguished
service that attracted world wfde at
tention. Upon tba death of Haana,
Senator Piatt of Now fork took his
place. ' Tba falling health of Senator
Piatt renders It probable that ha will
resign tha position, ' and la case he
does, senator Mitchell la booked for
tha place. '
Santa Gaus can Find ' Nothing
Better than '
Everv Part of it Made at Home and
is Pure, Wholesome and Delightful,
If you want somothing Special leave
orders now, ,
Loy's GaiicJy V Parlors,
The Finest Place in Eastern Oregon, y
i ;
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