La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 09, 1904, Image 3

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La Grande - Oregon
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the Best
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A B. C. Steam Laundry
La Grande, Oregon.
I Farmers
Simply ii demonstration of the
progressive spirit which prevails a-
mong the farm in if men of this vallev
and especially of the broad minded-
nees of tbrt members of the Orange of
mis canty we publish the following
resolution which u nessed without
dissenting toU at the last meeting.
The citizens of this ralley are al
ways reedy to meet capital halfway
and aooord to it every priraJlde
which will In any war nrovide for the
advancement of the county.
Among other bttsinesa'transaoted at
a regular meeting of Mtue Mo an tain
Grange No 345 Union County Oregon,
at their hall, it was resolved.
That we believe that the proposed
Electric Railroad system, tor the valley.
is an enterprise of importanoe to the
country and will be of great benlflt to
all 'he people wnn put In operation
and we hope tor its speedy completion
and we are willing to render It any
rea-onable encouragement.
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It believes that the right way to
lumbal disease is to examine the body,
locate the soot at whio i the interior.
enoe is taking place, and i6move it by
the skilfol manipulation with the
bands that is peculiar to the system
It finds these Interferences most often
although not by any means always, at
some point along the great trunk line
of the nervous svstem in the soinsl
column, where the contraction of tissue
or the vrriatlon of a fraction of an
Inoh in the position of one of the bony
parts of the spine will cause trouble
Portland Markets
It is rumored that a corner may be
mads on onions by some of the princi
ple wholesale dealers In Portland If
the dealt-ra do soooeed In combining.
the price of onions, which is now firm,
will have a tendency to boost the
There are no changes In the local
markets today ia regard to prices in
potatoes, but several oars of fancy Ore
gon Borbanka have been shipped to
The receipts In poultry are not so
lance as the demand, and prioee are
practically 1 cent higher on the mar
Wheat, export price., 83c to87o
uariey, .best 2LH) to f-3.50
Oats tJL to 127 Wl
Hay, timothy...... ..$15 to 116
Batter best creamery...... 28?aO to 90
Batter, ordinary......... 25o
Egga, per doaen 32cto35Wc
Chickens, per pound..... ...lie
Potatoes per owt..v...;.....85 to 95c
Onions, per cwt . $2.40 to 12.60
Apples, best, per box ., 11.25
feaches, best, per box OOo to 75o
Beets, per sack. .....11.26
Csbbage, per pound 2c
Steers . . . ..................... .$3.60
Oows ... a.35tni3
BulU -1 ........IL75
Stags .,' $3
Uogs, best...... .....$4.50 to $5.60
Hogs, feeders. .....$2.05 $4.20
Ore emery Batter 65 cents per roll.
Batter Fat 28 cents, per pound.
WANTED Work to do either plain
trained narsing Is not required .
Mrs R Wood,
Adams Avenue, opposite green house.
' :' --1 week ; , .
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them, . ;
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Now is your chance. Gome in and see for your
self and be convinced that I MEAN JUST
Series of 1904. "
An Ordinance Prescribing the Duties
and Fixing the compensation of the
vjuy Attorney, and reseating urdin
snoe No. 3, Series of 1894 and Ordin
ance No. 85, Series of 1891.
The City of La Grande does ordain
at follows:
Section (1), It shall be the duty of
the City. Attorney to prosecute alj
oases for violation of the oity Ordln.
anoes before the Recorder of the City ;
to give an opinion upon any matter
laid before him by the Council ; to
prosecute or defend any and all cases
for or against the oity in the county,
circuit or supreme court of the State
of Oregon, and to act ns the legal ad
vise! of the Oity in any matter requir
ing his services
section ( ), The City Attorney
shall receive as compensation for his
services tbe earn of Thirty three and
one third (S33f) Dollars per mouth,
pa j able monthly, wbioh sum shall be
in fall for all services performed by
Section (3), That Ordinanoe No. 3,
Series of 1894, approved March 22, 1894
and Ordinanoe No. 35, Series of 1891,
and all Ordinances and parts of Ordin
ances in conflict herewith, are hereby
Section (4), That this Ordinanoe
shall be published in the La Grande
Evening Observer, for one issue there
of, and shall be in full force and take
effect from and after the 10th day of
December, 1904.
Passed by the Council of the City of
La Grande, Oregon, on the 7th day of
Decern b-r, 1904, over the Mayor's Veto,
by Four members voting therefor
Attest: Chester P Newlin, Recorder
of the City of La Urande. .
U. 8. Land Office, La Grande, Oregon.
Notioe la hereby given that In compliance
With tad Drovlalona nf thn ant nt i
") IW8. entitled "an act for the sale of
""" vac ntavea or uaiirornia, Ore.
son, Nevada, tad Washington Territory ." as
extended to all the Publlo Land States by art
of August . mt, Charles M Wright of
rum nuua.vAiumy 01 umatllla-mateor Ore.
baa tula day tiled In this nffln hi. ....
ffifKSR AJl SO. -thJu""i of the
SB (6 and Lot 4 Bee. IV and tot I Sec 80 in
Tnamaliln Nil 4 H R.n. u. a Ml 1
And wUlofler proof to abow that the tana
(ought is mora valuable for
stone than for agricultural do
Its Umber or
eatahllsh bta o.alra to said Tsndbelore the
w.uii Kwtiiver 01 uiis on ice at Im
Grande, Oregon, on Tuesday, the aoth day
He nameaaa witnesses: Jamra.R Hanna, of
HoKay. Oregon, Albert Winters of Htarkey,
Any ana au prnons eiaimlng adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office) on or before said
20th day of Deoemoer, wot.
u. w w Hesctafar.
IT a tA AAU. t - f t-. I
Nlln. I. h..h. .v... IJb.J)-.
with the prorlslonaof the aot of Congress of
June 8, 1878. entitled "An act for the aale of
timber land In the Stales of California, Ore-
HMI. N .VUYil .nil UT.ahlnDlnn 1'.. v ... .
extended to all the Publlo Land States by act
of Augusts, UU2, Clara A Brown, or Perry.
County of union. Htate of . Oregon,
baa this day Oled In this office her sworn
lUienunt No. Km, forth purchase of the HE'4
Of Section 18, Tp No 4 H, Range No 07, K W M,
And will offer proof to show that the land
ought is mora valuable for its Umber or
atiitiA than fhrunHnnltnr.1 nnpiwua. n
stablhih her claim to said laud before the
itegieiar ana Keoetver or Ibis offloe at La
Grande, Oregon, on Saturday, the h day ot
January, IUO5
Hha mmM am " TT n
Cleaver of Caldwell, Idaho; Ralph H Bullls of
Pnblio Lai da to settlement and En
try. Department of the Interior, (Jen
eral Land OUioe, Washington, D. (J.,
I November I, X'MU Notioe is hereby
given that on October 21, 1904, the
Vcting Secretary ot the in erior re
stored to settlement the public lands ia
)h following described areas, wbioh
were temporarily withdrawn for forest
reserve purposes; and that the eiU
publlo lands so restored to settlement
on Octobor '21. 1JIU. will hoi.,. ank
juct to entry, filing and selection at
tae untiea buses District ijand Vmo
at La GrandA- flNijAn. nn Hf .voK 1
1905: In Township two(2) North, Range
forty -four (14) ikat, the aouth-weei
quarter of Seotion twenty-four (24) nod
the west half of Ration twantw H
(.2d); In Township three (3) North
Kaoca fortv.fonr (44) Kjat Rontlnna'
one uj wove (6), both inclusive, the
north hall ot the north-West quarter ot
tectum Six (6), the north half of
Sections nine (9) and ten (10), Seo
tlous eleven (11) to fourteen (14);
both inclusive, the north east quarter
of Bection twenty-two (1), the notth
halt of the south-east quarter of Sec
tion twenty-three (23), tiections twen
ty four (-24) and twenty five (ai5), the
aocth hall ot the south west quarter ot
Section thirty-one (31), and all beo
tion thirty-six (30) ; In Township four
(4) North, Ksnge forty-four (t4) East,
the west half of the the west bait of
Section one (1), Bectione two (2) te
eleven (11), both inolusive, the north
west quarter ot the northwest quarter
of beution twelve (12), the south west
quarter of Section thirteen (13), Bee
tionsfoorteen (14) totasnty three (23)
both Inclusive, the west halt of the
west half and the south-east quarter
of the south west quarter of beotiun
twenty four (2s), the west bait of Sec
lion twenty-rive (25), Sections twenty
six CM), tweuty-seven (27) and twenty-eight
(28), the north half of the
south east quarter, the south -east
quarter o( the south east quarter, and
the north-east quarter of the south
west of beution twenty-nine (29), the
soutbwest quarter aud the aoatb half
oi the north west quarter of (Section
thirty-one (31), and Sections thirty-
K-.. v IKI.. tl. Wtl hnlK tn.
elusive; in TownahlD two f2)
North. Ranse fnrtv.nva lM Vm.t
tiections one (1), two (2) and three (3)
kuw norm naii 01 eection lour (4), the
north half and sonth-waat anartor nt
Meotion Ove (6), the north iiilf, and
tne north hall and south-east quarter
ui uiw aoutu cask quarter 01 oecuon six
(6), the east halt of the east half oi
Hecuonnme 0J, tieotlona ten 1U1 to
tourieen (.n;, ootn inclusive, tn east
nauol bectlon fifteen (15), Section
sixteen (IB), the BOath half nt tha
north-east quarter, tbe north ball of
the sonth-east quarter and the south
east quarter of the south-east quarter
of beotion seventeen 17, the south
half ol the south east quarter of Seo
tion nineteen 19, the southwest
quarter of the south-west qaarter, tbe
north-east quarter, and tba north ball
01 the .south-east quarter oi Seotion
tw nty 120, the north-west quarter 01
the Lortn-eaat quarter, tbe north bait
01 the north-west quarter and the
south-west quarter ot the north-west
quarter oi beotion twenty-one 21, tbe
east half of tbe east bait oi beotion
twenty-two 22, Beotlons twenty-three
23 to twenty-six 26, both inulualve,
the east bait of beotion twenty-seven
1271. tba south half tha
quarter and tbe north west quarter of
the south-west quarter of Section
twenty-elaht 1281. the aoath.aaat
quarter ot the south-east quarter and
the west half ot the west half oi Sec
tion twenty nine 29, the east half of
the north-east auartar ami tha nnrth.
east quarter of the south east qaarter
of Seotion thirty 30, the southwest
qaarter ot tie noitbeast quarter, the
west halt ol tbe southeast quarter, and
tha waat half nt KAntinn thirt nni HI 1
the northwest quarter ol tbe northwest
quarter, tne east nan, ana tne east
halt 01 tbe west half of Section thirty
twu T321. tha smith half nf th
east quarter, the suutheastquarter and
the went half of Section thirty three
33, tbe east half and the southwest
Vjrtb, K.uge forty seva 47 EmL
fcaaious oue I to eevanUeu 17L
both inclusive, fictions twenty one
21J to twenty eight 23, both inclus
ive, and beotion thirty six 33; All
that pert of Townabip six J North.
ttenge forty seven 47 East, in Ore
op; In Townahlp thr e 13 orth.
ttnge forty eight 48 J Last, the sooth
east quarter of Section lour 4, the
east half of beotion Dm, l. Section
sixteea 16, the east bait of Sections
twenty one 21 and twenty eight 28,
the southeast qaarter of the nartbweU
quarter, the south half ol the northeast
quarter and the south halt of Section
thirty two 32, tha souttwest qaarter
tbe south had of tha
and the east half of Section thirty
three 331; All fractional Township
nve 6 North, Rang forty eight 4el
MSt; All fractional Tnarn.kln ...
61 North. Ran 17a tnrfm .ih( llul
t; All ot the Willamette Jdeiidian.
VV A Richards, Commissioner.
Approved: B A tiitoboook, beorwtary
oi the Interior. ' .
ParrT. Olwrfulr Hnniamln IT Linn. r u ; t ...
reiiOn. William U Lonirley of Ullirard. Oremn.
Any and ail persons claiming- adversely the
their claims Inthisofflo on or before said
7th day of January, UUj.
u. w. vavis, ueaisier.
Department of tbe Interior
Land Offloe, La Qrande, Ore.
. . October 8, 1MM
Vnlliu I. I .k.. . 1. . ..11 I
naniMl aattlnr h.a nitlna tt h.a inAn,l.n
to make anal proof la suppoit of blsolalm,
and that said proof will be made before the
Reglsierand Receiver of the 0. H. Laud Office
at La Grande, Ore. on November 29 IUM, via.. U
ElJamM Onoler. of Kumela. ()rinn.
LoUl.s. and S. NEK BWia 8eC A TP. 1 b.
. 86 O. W. M.
Ha namna ill fnUnmtnw wlf n.iiH. trk nnu.
bis ooittinuoua reaidnnne nmn and eiiltivatlnn
of said land, via.; William Todd, Edward Coo
ley, William Brooks, and Bart UarvlHe, all of
mm willow, ive,vu. .
n. w. vavia, Keg-isver.
Masonic balding on Adams avenue.
Having purchased the undertiMng goods of E.
Andross f Con at an early date we expect to find
suitable quarters and will open the most complete
and up-to-date Undertaking Parlors in Eastern
Oregon. In the meantime we are prepared to
render the best possible service and will be found
at the Andross Co.' 8 Furniture Store.
We have had many years experience in this
business and know that the public will appreciate
the establishmen t that we will maintain.
Our prices will be reasonable, and our stock
complete. All calls will receive prompt attention
For the present with E. Andross $Co. Phone 91
quarter of Section thirty four 34, and
an o.xuuua tuiny live loa J, tn
36; In Township three 31
Rane forty five 45 East, tbe east
nau ana the east halt ol tbe west ball
of tSeotlon three 3, Sections six 6
and seven 7, the east half of Seotion
ten 10, the west bait of beotion four
teeu f 14, the east half ct Seotion nf
teen 15, tactions eighteen 18 and
nineteen 19, tne west half, the wast
bait of the east ball and the southeast
OUarttr nf ha annLhonaa nntctA, ni
Seotion twenty three 23, and tiections
. ... i . . , . ......
twenty uve iau, twenty six l)J,
thirty 3u, thirty one 31, thirty nve
35, and thirty six 3d; All Township
two 2 North. Kange forty aix 40
East; lb Township three 31 North,
Itange forty six 4U East, the south
went quarter of the southeast quarter
and the southeast quarter of the south
west quarter of Section live 5, tbe
west naif of the northeast quarter, the
west half, and the southeast qaarter of
Section eight 8, tbe southeast quart
er of tbe southwest quarter and the
southwest quarter oi the southeast
qaarter of Section fourteen 14, tbe
northeast qaarter ot Section fifteen 15
Beotion sixte n 10, tbe east half and
tba east bait of the west half of Seo
tlon seventeen 17 and twenty 20
end Sections twenty one 21 to thirty
aix 30, both Inclusive; in Township
five 5 North, Itange forty six 46
East, Section" one 1 to eighteen 18,
botn inclusive, the north ball ot Seo
lion twenty two 22, and the north
west quarter ol Section twenty three
23; All tnat part of Townehip aix 6
Morth, Kange forty six 401 East in
Oregon; la Township thrte 3 North,
Kange forty seven 47 J East, tbe south
half of the northwest quarter and the
north half oi the southwest quarter of
Section fifteen 16, Section sixteen
16, the south ballot the south halt
and tbe northwest qaarter ol the south
west quarter ot Section seventeen 17
Section nineteen 1U, the nortb half,
and the nn tbeastquarter of the south
east quarter of beotion twenty 20,
the west half of the northwest quarter,
the southwest quarter, and tbe sooth
half of tbe aoutheasl qaarter ot Seo
tion twenty one 21, the southwest
quarter of Section twenty seven 27,
tbe south balf of Section twenty eight
2b, the north bait of tbe northeast
qaarter, the southwest qaarter ot the
northeast Quarter and the west balf of
Hmtliln thirt fMlll tha annthaaat
qaarter ol Sectiou thirty one 31, the
east nan ana soutuwest quarter oi
Section thirty two (32), and all Sections
thirt Ihraa tAU Lhlrtv f..ii fftJli inH
Vuhlin Ianla .-a
- w uvkuram, auiui
Entry. Oepartmsnt of tbe Interior,
deneral Land OUloe. Washington, 1).
November 8, 1904. Notioe ia here
by given that on October 21, 1904. the
Aoting becreUry of the Interior restor
ed to se.tlemen the public lands in
tbe following desoribed areas, which
were temporarily withdrawn tjt forest
reserve purposes; and that the said
publid lands so restored to settlement
on October 21,1901, will become sub
ject to entry, tUing and selection at
the United states Distriot Land Offloee
" 1 Oregon, and Walla
Walla, Washington, on March L 1905:
in Township one 1 South, Range
thirty seven 37 East, Beotlons thirty,
one (31 and thirty two (32), and the
south-west qaarter of Seotion thirty
three S3; in Township two 2
South, Kange thirty eight 381 East,
the south-cant quarter of SoUon Ave
Ml In lownsbip one 1 North,
KaiiK thirty eight (38) East, tba east
. S!,"011 on" I1! la Townahltj
East, beotions thirteen 13, twenty
lour 24, twenty-live J5J and thirtJ
ix JUj ; In Township five 5 North,
itan.e thirty eight 38 East, Section
Ueuty 20, the west half of Section
twenty one 21, and the north halt of
Sections twenty nine 29 and thirty
1 30 j ; In Township three 3 North.
Kange thlrty-uiue 39 East, SecUona
?? 11. t2, nine 9 and si i teen
lloj.and tbe south east quarter of
Heotiou twentv-eight 28; In lown- '
I4LMortn. Bang" thtrty-nina
39 East, Sections thirty Ave 35
a?nlriy,".l,lt I3aJ Ia Township three
(3) North, Kange forty (40) East, all
tbat part of Section one (1) lying east
ot the Urande Ronde Klver; Ali tbat
part of Township four (4) Nortb.
Kange forty 40 East, lying east ol
tbe Grande Konde Klver; In Town
ship three 3 North, Range forty one
141 Last, Sections one 1 to six 6,
both inclusive: All that part ot Town,
eh p tear 4 North, Range forty-one
141 East, lying south a id east ot the
Urande Konde Klver; All that part of
Township five 5 Nortb, Raoge forty
one 41 East, lying soutn of tha
Urande Rood River; In Township nve
6 North, Kange forty two 42 East,
Sections thirtaan HM1 tn miwtmJ rm
waa vj W aSWUII AV 1 fj
botn inclusive, and Sections twenty
20 to thirty-six 36, both inclusive;
AU ot the Willamette Meridian. Ore.
son. All that part ot Townahio six
6 North, Range 43 East, lying in
Washington: In lmrahm f?i
North Kange forty-tbiaa 43 East,
Sections twentr-fonr cm. and tnt.
Ave (25), tha south ball ot Section
twenty eight (28). the south-east
qaarter of Section thirty-one (81), tba
south balf and nortb .east qaarter ot
Seotion thirty-two (32), and Seotiona
sniriy-mree (33) to thirty six, (36),
both Inclusive; In Township nine (9)
North. Ranse firt thaaa ai t.., .
tbraa I s"na oue ti) to toat (4), both In.
h-l'o'nsiva, Seotion seven (7). the north
balf of Beotion eighteen MB), anrl
In Townshin eixht fSi North
forty four 44 East, Sections three 3,
four 4, five 5 and eight 8, and tbe
north bait ot Sections twenty aix 20
and twenty nine 29 ; In Township
nine 9 North, Range forty four 44
East,- sections four 4 to nine 9,
noth inolusive, beotlons fifteen 18 to
twentv tWO f-2'21 biith Innlnalva. .nil
Sections twenty seven 271 to thirt
four 34, both inclusive j All of tba
Willamette Meridian, Washington
W A Klflharrfa pAmmlUM...
Approved. E A Hitchcock, Secretary
vi uo auMHiur ...
NO. i
no. a
Halt I.aka r.
Worth Omaha V .n...
v.,., oh taiBia. uiuoaao
. -
sou aaata
$A pra
9iU a m
Time Sehadnl
i.a oaaaoa
Portland. Dalles, Feo-j
uietoa. jraua walla,
laTtnn. Pa m. '
:Ool(kx, Moeoow.BpiJ
aaasvu v aui nsaa .,
ua a tta via Hpo-
ruruana, uaiies. rtm4
dlcton DmatUla WaW
ma, iwtaton,Oolnts
aaw, waiiaoowai
rin nr. Mtmkaaa ana
other points east and
aorta via rtpokane.
ralanil iHtr a
. ' , 'I pi.
oonneotlona atiuula
run atage for points
in n anowa eoqnty
8.W a. m
. 05
a-s p.n
tjot p sa
- Ocean Steamers between Portland aad
4an Francisco every five days
K. 0. KOOEAgeat"
thirtlxiXSa) aaEowoahlpaaflva Jb