La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 07, 1904, Image 5

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    K; 1
- i ; f-. J tic . . j O'
Tbut weari'almost aa long as
olio. siWer ia the kind we keep.
Oaly the products of the best
beet known ? mannf acturers ' find
lhir w.aJ Jnto store, and
every piece .has" the maker's
name and mark on It. In ad
dition fadd I our v personal
guarantee as to'tke quality? e
i -. - i
Clocks of every style are in"
this collection and ? everyone 'Js i
really handsome. Even the
strennons little . alarm oiocks
have -their own good 'looks.
There are, clocks for the , bed
room, parlor, dinning room 'and
hall. All are acu rate time
keepers 1 : and : really excellent'
Value8. .VJ2:-.r--
..... .,...,
Now is the time ta make selections
i idu a vdriuaa oi 1
SWe have just received half a car load of the newest
and latest wall paper. Half a carload means 20,000
, rolls. ' This, is more paper than o any d one d firm ; ever
thought . of fringing into this ,countyJn a single season. -
' Thla patter ti 'all for ate' and .most be sold tttts: aeafcon. :We
have brought two tint plau paper hangers direct from Chicago, .
who are without doabt the moat ; aklMfol workmen' in : Eastern :
who, with the flTv first elaaa oi hangers already in oar em
ploy, gim ds the beat working fo th Inland Enplre. J
Especially Interesting
Makers have prodce4 some
strikingly handsome designs
faa season m-'.
ni-r'ticnf' .... ---' i L J
a uiuu, re I .
- Many ;oI the 'mosti beaatifal
are shown here. -Art ; imnAction
of our .display will-T prp.
pleasant and profitable waj of
spenaing an noor so. rWe
won't ixrgiyoo to ' buy but 'our
goods and ; prices are , T8ry
tempUAg. -fvv Uv.ih J
The display Jof complete sets
and single pieces' is the most at-j
traetiye to. be Benitt the jctyj
The designs are entirely new
and verv beantifnl . and haw
been worked oat with, 'great)
Stackland & McLachlen
a. x a n im ii i l :xi I - u
Script Script
Ollt-adsed foreat nmnrt, appraTMl, nn
NMraluad, ready for immediate u, unj
wfeerBk lieweet prices.
' ' r. F.4F. RRIley, '
lumber ol Commeree flldg, Portland, Or.
Wood Saw
Ha ring leaaedtbe Q W All steam
wood aaw, lam prepared to promptly
take .ears of all orders entrusted to
me. W M Andit,
Corner Ureenwod and Hill atreeU
Fhone 738 ' ' ' ' S 12-Of
0' y r'' y -y-
That is why people com here
for men's aud by boys' shoes
The J. E. Tiltlihe "is - our ' spec-"
Oregon's J Dcrcgatiqn
Working in iarmonyll
for It
Philadelphia. Deo. 8 D Golda re-
ired natal oSoer lays that ' next
spring the world's model of traTel will
be revolntionlzed by bis new expro
sive aluminum airship, with a speed
pf 100 miles an hour. Its propellor
will make 3,000 revolutions a minute
whioh will make Europa in 80 hours
and Chicago in ten dys.
TheWciscr Bridge
Two thousand citizens gathered at
Weiser, lda"io, to witness the formal
opening to the publio of the , brldse
across Snake rirsr. at that lao e oo
Monday, Mayor Van Stloklin ol Wei -ser
delivered a short address. This la
the only wagon bridge across Snake
River between Lewlston, Idaho, and
Americau Falls, a distanoe 'ol ' 600
miles, Tbe Weiser bridge will, ao
oomodade a large section of Oregon as
well as ia Idaho. It Is built of steel.
quality are combined. " 1
MAJCE3A CLBAN"b WEEP " "V " "7. - TlliVnSAT"
There's nothing like doing a thing V. W. PKCjIUIN.
thoroaghly. OI all tbe Salves' you ver A , ; -, .. - -
heard o Buoklen's Arnica Balve Is"1 the Shot Specialist DEPOT STREET
best. It sweeps away and cures Burns,
Bores, r. Bruises, Cuta, Boils,; Uloerr, ' ;. . ( : ; 1 .
8kia Eruptions and Plies. It's only 25c oiraT iVinn rt 1 Mfehininr mip
and guaranteed to give aadsfaod by BE8T 00 chilDREV T.x!?
aT'CO'taiS9WUa bacS? msdioiil7?
vo Druggist. - , mail children yon want one in . which
, yoa can place Jtppllcit confidence, fou
. 1 want one that not only relieves but
. .. cures. You want one that" is unques.
A; THOUGHTFUL MAN. tionably barmlesa. too want one that
M. M. Austin of Winchester, Ind., to igsasaas to take. CbsinberUln's
k....k.tb. inii..i.nn. Cough Kerned i meets aILo( these eoa.
knew what,ln the hour of need. iU7nl. ,There Is nothing so good fo
His wife had such an iuaosual case of coughs and oolds-4nciiMt U child
stomach and liver trouble, physicians I w " i All Drnmrlsts. .
could net help her. He thought if and , ' "
tried Dr. King's New Lire PUls ind ahe LOSi;-bebbeca pln-with three links
got relUf at oncend was finally eared whIU and blue. Finder will
Only XSe, at U Grande Drng . Co, and . 1we Creeent Knitting Factorr .
Vila DrugOo., Drug Storit (St
Baker Oily Deo. 7 Baker Citv has
good prospects of sscurins a substan
tial government appropriation for a
federal building.
Tbe site the old Houston eorner of
Front street one of the most Dromi
nent and valuable locations in the
oily has already been purchased by
tbe government and deeds filed for
reeord. "
The Oregon delegation is working
in harmony and with energy and'
at . . . . a a .mm a
inere is awe uouds tnat a Dill will be
psesed carrying the appropriation at
tbe breaent session o! eoogress. .
A Washington speoial under date of
D C. 3,sy : '
r fOere is considerable talk in
W-t-LiDgtoa about the probability cf
the passage of an, cmntbua public
buildfng bill at tbe short session , ol
congress. With a view to securing
recognition far Oregon, Senatn Ful
on today called on Supervising .Ar
chitect Taylor to asoertsio what
amounts he treasury department will
wwmns na dsi appropriarea loruregon
He was told that the departmeatvwill
urge tbe appropriation of $100,000 for
the purchase of a site and erection of
a public building at Oregon City aod
8D,ow (or a public building at Baker
City pn a . site , heretofore purchaed.
If the omnibus bill U framed an effort
will be made to have these sonroDria-
tions inoorprrateJ."i . j . - -
bland City Camp Introduces Fourteen "Neft
. Ones" to Mysteries of Woodcraft
Getting Ready
L Oldenberg is saving 25 potatoes
Hi it waigh just even 100 pounds and
wul have them at tbe 1906 fair.
The Members of the Island Cove
and La Grande Camps of the M W A
till not soon forget the meeting at
the Island City last evening, The oc
casion of this particular meeting was
a visit from state Head Deputy Sim
mons with a olaaa of some f ourte n
candidates from Cove, The Cove camp
asked the Island City camp to confer
tbe degrees upon their newly elected
member wrll knowing them to be the
best prepared camp ia . the northwest
to properly instruot them In the ways
of Woodcraft
It is safe t say they receired the
instruction , They wii have some
thing to think about . tor some time.
They were all seemingly satisued as
they one and all stated that they
"oertaloly had received the worth of
their money." After the degrees Jhad
heea conferred the : neighbors were
provided with a banquet such as only
the members of Island City camp
understand haw to prepare. It waa
the best to be had and there plenty of
it. After the tables had been remov
ed and the camp resumed ths business
of the evening it was announced that
till another candidate , was clamours
for admission and tbe fact being made
known to tbe Venerable Council he
ordered the anxious one to be brought
forward, When his presence wa an
nounced therj was oonslderab'e ex -oltemaut
evllii; aum thi horn
camp and It soon leaked out that tLe
new candidate was one who had upon
a previous ocoation received two
of the degress and conferred . upon
woodcraft something In the way of
entertainment heretofore ' unheard of
by camp members. It vaajf evident
that there was about to be-somsthlnir
doing. The visitors were oil expect
ing something out of the ordinary bu
were hardly prepared to see one of tbe
leading members of the Island City
camp lead to the execution chair Sing
Lee, the sole representaive of - the
bundry business in Island - City ,He
bad taken two degrees and bad naked
for the third and final degree He got
it. It was given complete, fco far as
we were able to discover nothing wa s
left to take up under the head of "un
finished business" The members of
Cove Camp and La Grand. Camp; left
the ball feeling that tbe members of
Island City Camp were' past masters
in the art of entertaining. There were
fifty one members present and sixteen
new Modern Woodmen made -
Portland Markets
: HAYiANDjGRAIN , . j.
Wheat, export price ....... ,81e to 86o
Barley, best (21.00 to $23.50
Oats ;. ....126. to 1270
Hay, timothy... .......15 to 116
Butter best creamery...... 27o to 30
Butter, ordinary .2So
Eggs, per dozen ..25otoS0o
Chickens, per pound. .............10o
Potatoes per owt....;..7.".......ll
Onions, per crt $L50 to 11.65
Apples, best, per bos 75c to II
Peaches, best, per box 60o to 7So
Beets, per sack.. .....IL2S
Cabbage, per pound.....,..,....,,. 2e
LIVE STOCK ....... .
Steers.... 2.7ltos3
Bulls tU5
Hogs, best IC0O
Hogs, feeders....... M.20
Creamery Butter 65' cents per ' roll.
Butter Fat 26 oenta. per poond.u ,
. : W it.. i;
Mr. and Mrs.. Homer . Bennett re
turned on the east bound this mornina
and proceeded on to their horns ' in
Elgin.' '
Fine Qrgans:
. fob -
$46, $48, $52, $55
The well known anJ
. popular Pacifio Oilee
Very huodsome styles'. I
ray men ts $3.00 down
. , and $4 a month. Write
us for particulrrs. Mail
Orders promptly and
carefully filled.
Eiters (Piano House
351 Washington Street,
corner. Park -
Portland, , Oreeor
Large etoroa afao fipokaao
and Seattle, Wash., and
Boise, Idaho.