La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 07, 1904, Image 2

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Ff IMr.-r? A I niRFCTfiRS i i
i ande Evcniaj Observer
(T LE03., Editors f pe
r.riforet. at tbe
iri.--J; Orgoe,
liai Matte?,'
Post Office at Te
aa "fceeo&J tlx
Having purcnasea tH9 unaertiKing gooas -oj
Androsn go. rat an early date we expect to find ;
suitable quartern and will open the most complete
and up-to-date Undertakin$ Parlors in-Eastern
Oregon. In the meantime we are prepared to i:;
render the test possible Mrvib$'andwiU6f6dnd ';.
at the Andross if Co.'spufnitute SLori , f ! ; )
tre nave naa many years experience in, mi
business and know that the public wilUappreciate ,
thi establishment I that we Wilt ttiatnfalns 1 '' I : -
Our pride will je reasonable, andtur- stock
compute. All calls will receive prompt attention
fir. r.
j For the present with E. Andross $ Co. . Phone 01
Pahlished daily exopt Sunday
(tit r it, ijmnc ,) fS&fi
it in-'Cth .u advance, . . .3 50
Pet mouth- ,.n...,., - ,,.65c
Stogie copy. ..,.,.,.,,. 6c
A Store
A Record
We hT been dohg busi
ness In tins town for 6
in that time th t)wn, hit
iirl doablMa ovulation
Daring th6 1 ii tat time ' 6ur
- - ------- Duriugth
1 business has luoeftseJ flVE FOLD, 'la Other
tJ our business has made A rpl d?l tor rapid .nof-ise
ibaa the town lias. ' Ther ara ddkens ol reaiens for tnis
Store good hi Us. In the first' plAci ire had a tharou!.
training fof phaffflacy , ' ' ltf h ftftttfbd place we bad ex
ceptional opportunities r foi frttrlliug th practical idle of
fibarmao in a successful flrUg Store of the highest ut td
ng. li Mithlrl pUii' t ha? kpt war eyes 'i .en Mid'
attended Id bmltlsss iltiUl rft ktld tha dliiafl I J ' of V h
people 6f thin tdth. ' 1 " ! !
' ti of i-i t-Vf ' ! '. -
Borne tie but l!htly Hied.
.V ' . . .
Thtee fin coat humeri. at a bargtin, -FiaeOaUariMwonty,,
. $70
-Kiht Wi6chBt .xtflei ., I) 60 to
irooBfdi . , . 1.01 to 11.60
Ken Chain . I i M
New ChiffoijiUr . . 1,(0
Nr Imby gy aad ehlU UH k!)ieiale teil.
r fj
i I
rHsreitari feepi!ri
it W IT
Aotisy to Lcsn
Repreientittg the E-joitaile dettajl A Lean An
ttatiott of rottUtt Ot ilM ltfKW Htl ;-wtil
reliable IBltUViWothlle ott utder Gtaie ,
urrviikw Loiei made tiort t Uaf lime to
njl.MMHvlTAlr til'. t "
Cblna it erjr' old 'cfdfijrj.
Ill historiane asieri that jl wi
a great, popolont and civilized
dafiou wberf Egrpl wai foaadel
by Mene'e C.yoO lJ,'0!;'tbat'ifnce
it began it career ai a great and
populoni . empire Babylon rote
and fell: Greece Viza to rati
iti brilliant career of a thousand
years duration 'and ceased tq
exist. Home began wbeu China
wa an old empire and perished
"leaving lio'wrihkle on China's
brow." Bhe'itill lives'1 with an
area of 1,6,450 square' tnile
end population ,or, iw per
mije and the aggregate of over
4UU,UUU,U)iU pecpie, aou grvai
Since the oldest of modern
nations of the we steru world won
a nnme and secured a place on
the map of the world and began
to make history the Oocideot
hal treated China with contempt
and assumed that the Ohitfaman.
wai an inferior b' elI A' IhYflg 1
of laughter, . sneers and Jeev:
"With no rights that ' a white
man was botind'lo 'resbW
Baose China idnorreseni
this treatment and become pet
ulaht the wcjtera ' world locked
unoo China' a a'pufaVlliMoiini
its existence awa iny sleepy in
activity, 1 The ambition of weit
erd rulere wai attracted, -bt the
tmtienl "endurance of nii
insutffBled T Ihe1 ChlnlseJ-lu'd
the apparent lutference 'wifh
which the Chinese viewed mod
ern c6mmercl1 Urn' and krechan
leal 'appliances and' began to
plan 'the piJmlohvof lhlti
amopg themselves as colonial
possessions. England Franoo,
Oetnauy and Ilunsia began to
make moves to effectuate this
The present war between Ja
pan and Russia is the loeieal re
sult of this' Europe ant"co vet uos-
neea. The plucky resietauce
JsrNab is making to this. scheme
ot Jl2uoan aHubftiU; iuV-
prialug the western world and
eauslng ita most careful thiuk-
ert t query H AThat will be the
cohdlttun'oHhe Occident should
Chihn vake as Japan has?"
Tbit inquiry has attracted the
western world, and set it to look
laiion, similar to that which
awoke Jpeo, Cbioa4 00,000,000
strong will awaken and dea.ani
the place among the peoples ot
tie modern orld that her . do
ujtrictl str'eng'h, "territorial ex
tent, iodastry end. quickness of
ber people ta learn and apply
ew methods, ent.tle ber to
ao'd. - " ' ' " ' "
i The most important quson
ever aked the western world
lf(rwinih?s"newJ posillou of
JhlnViffect it?" :, t .
rWith her . cheap ; labor,
Lex skillful mechanics, her en
terprising and thrifty merchants
entering into lbe',l world'a busi
nese'a; change will be . wrought,
wblcbi 'iwe are not prepared
for it when if cbmW.'ibe shock
to' 6uf business, wiU.,be terriPc ,
, HDt. I.. 1U04.
Wotkw la hty trm thl Id omnpliaoc
wSi tl prorlnWna of tb of Oiiif of
Umbr iMili
, mltlMl fnf the Ml Of
i IB Mm MtotM Of (kllfornta, Of.
ton. irv1, od WMhlnckiiv Torrltory," m
r Amtn 4. 11. CIorlr M Wrlcbl. of
HUit IWwli.Oontr of UmHtrilHtitof Ore,
ton tbt dv ! (his otn bla warn
utolxmcnr Nit KIT, for tkpnrahu of Ui
W.'i HK M HkM u4 H M K Hm. Two. 4
itttw na unt )'c, ina wii nee. w
And will on r proof tihow tht lb land
nnaht 1 mom VhIiihIM for' Ita umber
Ornl, O
Ha name U wIIohm: hnnt
aiofisthaa lot atcrk'uUiinit parpoaw, and to
RUMIiib bta a. aim lold laaa bcilora
odod onnndonoD o a n a n oa o a
Farmers' ana.iw" a
National BanU. n
.'Capiul Stock fuUy paid ,
- Surpl faad - - - oc.aUUi
Ua6ili.yofSadrehoU.ira -
BespoustbiUtj - u .
nr An vuri biaissas Hbw- buDmeo.
JOSEPH PALiOlS. twaiduufe , ,
nan boro
4 a. wr- ai T i aj
tc tor ma n"
CaliAma. Oncoa,
ud WartlnV01 Tar-twry.
rZntr 3 L no. Diala of Orego", ba kub amy
O-rfJ CraT fh M, CfaaU0 SJ UW ' SP " - 1
u ta lownau.p
lta tlia of SlJaela' "
i iA muiui 'Aa act for tbeaaiaoi l""T"tir!. .rvrAtaust
Uiular Linda In 1M bUtea
an. KMla. ud WaablaWa
Tom lory."
'.SZTi. IMbllTlnd Hut br
.... . . : j j i . RU. h ta i.OfQ - iak'
mBt Jio. . for tba parehwo ftj?
W54 and hSTB aid X
A 111 offer proof loaboif Iba
uut ! mm Hiu&ble for lia vmoar ai
lil.b bla claim to aula land beloi
IT i , -umIm rf Lnia ' ofttoa at
1 Ontnila, Orevoa, oo Friday, Uia 6U day
."oroKliatn-a-. William H Brow
At x'mrr i ir.r.!i' n.r. A llrown of rarry.
Orxoor'ri. itulila,of Party, oregoai Ba
ialiim Voting, Of U.lrd, OrtKoo.
ini un. .A rruN.. niaimiov advaraelr tba
ahovdewsrlbad bwda ara raqaaited to SI
Ha s-
'dSrUl offer proof V) h
DMbt!u mora tootle for'lu Umbrf or
-i thM for Bertcnlturml porpoaea, aod to
MtuWtbhlclaimtoaidlaad Daiora imki,
ur ud itr ! l6 m otft at La Granda
SoiF?5Iy;tb.ard day of U-Jamber
name, aa witixaiea;
Andrea- J BulIiTaa
Elm V Jonea, Benjamin Baey.
ttTaod Oeorg. O Uulmea of La Ciando Ore-
S?' .it r.n. uimlrr edveraely the
titoir olalmaU tUla oOJoe oo or before aald .ideeonbed Ud ra raoaeaUd w file their
Mb day of January, OOy , , ctiiintln thu office on or before aaid Brd day
a . ol December i- . r ,
JS W iiavia, (! '
nixie, Owmi, on Tueedey
r,tw '
na ihla Offlee at lA
auib day
Hanna, of
MaKan OruMoli. Allwrt Wlntra of HlurKay,
rni. Hurbov. Aadreir Balllvaa ol
Aaaud all'mranna alalmlna adtenelr th
arNveilecril eel land ara reuumted to Sir
or whiii aaiu
Estate Notice
their alalma Id tbla ofDna OQ
Wth day of Uaoamber, mu
,. ' . ,. .-1 at. W IHta.
p.. ...
Notloa la hereby given to all whom It may
oonwu t . . .
Tbat Nellie D-Jfelll. dralntatratri of th
!tetif Alfred TNelll, dnneaiwd, haa died ber
fltml rwort ia the adnlnbttrailno of aald
eatata, and tbaUounty Oourt of Union County,
lwn, at two o'oloaUt, p m. for Ihn bearing of aald
tfiKirt and any objotlona tberebH '
i Uatad tbui win. day or novamuer, a. v., iwr
AilmtnlrtraUla of tba aetata of Alfred T. Hell),
deoaaaad. ....
it .iii.l.ii ' i . ' i i ' 1
u. lain vj
and OUloa. La Uranda. Ororoo.
i-I .,i.v,.m . Qu. la. lyuL
Nnilra la haAihir atvaa tbat in oomoTlatioa
With th itrorialoneof the not of Uoonreea of
4un aViln'AtffntUled"Anaotfnr Uie aala ol
tlmberlandafii ttieriiatea of Callfnrulat Ore
nat farev and Wanhtngton Terrllor, a
enleiidml to all thaPubllo Laud SlaUw by net
of AuRuatr, iwuiara a urowa. of rerry, i L'nlob. ' Htata of Or(na,
tbla day Qled In thai ofTrRa be awnrn
f MeotUm la, Tp M
i.H.k.njreNOS?, K W M.
or to ahw tbat the land
ttoiement No, tJM, for lb. pnrobaee of the Hb-H
neotion in, i p joi
And will ufftar nroo
aoaebt la more n luabla fof lu timber ' or
atoae than for agricultural purpoaea, aod to
alAblleh ber olaila a aald land before tba
fUwlMtir anl HeoalTer of thla offloe at La
Urande, Orngna. on Hatunlay, the yth day ol
January, iaiH' . .
Hbe ,-natiiM - aa wltneaaoai Herbert R
aoaver" of CaldwelL Idaho; Kjtlpb H tlallla of
Serryy lratroai Befiiatnln r Vonug or HilKard,
i.n, V ilium U lwgley of Ullard, Oregon.
' Air and all aeraona oUlmlna adversely the
above danribed loUa are reqileated to Bla
thi'tfalalina IntbtaotTioa on or ttefora aaid
Tta day of Janawy, JH'v t ' -'
.;. . a - T i t 1 .,: i .
IalbarosJl0ontt oftb8Uie of Otagea lot
A nr.. I l . U j nt..i.t I. '.. -
V H.W-ao ..!-... I .-Li'i. - .. toiit..J-'
"oe . "4 tatllt- rrM that ahrii. ia.uamalf I . . . . . i a t- U i.a.a . AHolt-
di-fondaati luTbanMbforthefatamreKoa-;--r-""' -.ii n(.
yoa are hereby required to Appear laud ou.weTp, aS ibgeOOW Of tn. lagl, ;tlU r
loeoompint Bled agal nut you In tba above- tatairien( Of J, R Kellogg. Ooceagod .
entitled au.a iV Ufore tba' HiJr-o AH peraonS hBt'e: CUiuia aBioHt
ruBSr. to. piinrua aEraiJsaid-'eaUto1 aw hereby Mquifea o
againiyouforu(aiutionof ba aurriaaa preaent tbtamo properly verinej to,ioi Btwwu r""'-T i tha uDdaraiunea ft 106,; (itOODgi ti w n
tin anil (nr null am! li.l.ui)ineul of ' tin aatt
Tniaiuiniuoiia la.publUbad la tba Kaatcrn
Ortwon Obaerver. a wetiUly newapaper puul i.Ul
In Li nloB eoubty Oregon, by order of tba Hon.
UobrrtUaltlu, liidite of tne Klgbtb Judicial
wnv viwf v.... - - ... .
Urego. inoaaweelb forMaeonarmMvo-eait-wUnta ana
6th 1904
the Bret - u'rilnation tboreof to be mad on the
Via day ot September,
Kino, bommer .haildiifg La liranda
Ore,oH, within six ' motitha from ' the
date ot the first publication ot : this
Botteavl j.- "i . -aisi.. tfi ! n'.r.i
Aaa ..nnhllahwl .JlAIAha,
HID, u. . wu M .
wot. ana we laat puon-t - w rr '-a r
oallonon tbo'.lda?bf botobr, Wtl, wblob j m tiauroo, juAwouwru.
aaimadaon tua rd day of bepteiuber J R KtllOffU. deceaaed.
t9M - ; .,., , I O. H. 'inn. Attorney for Executor.
i - Attorney lor Phuutli
. U. H, iJLOd OQtoe at La Urande, Ore.
i ft.M.Kw .l.n I It a I. In nimim.niw I
with tiiepruvlionaof the act of Cougraaa ol u.on naa appointeu ouay u w ujr o
Jttaa, iif7,eutuled "Aa act for Uio aala ol ; January luou, at a o clock p. in. as the time, and
Notice of Final Settlement
Notloe la hereby given, that the onderalgnea
baa filed the flnal account of her dolnga aa ex
ecutrix of the last Will anr testament of Mar
tha J Wataon, deoeaeed; and tbat the Coanty
Kotloa ia hereby given that In compliance
.i...t lui.i. IA .li. Utj.ta fkT llallflkpnta I IIH
uua, Nevada, and Waahlngton Territory ," aa Oregon, aa the place for the bearing
ex Waded to all the fuuuoijkua uiatee oy not , nnaiaooouufc jvu toju uipi
ri..i,.n. tAifL wiiiu m H ttmaii. ol Vt-rtv. . tioDa to tbe aame. will appear aO taid
ooumr o( Union, Bute of Uregou haa Mil. 1 plaoe, and oiler Jd jftjepi"" ."S-1,,..
day Oled In una oiiloe hie awurn atatemeiit . . Vf V OPA M ? V.5,ai2Sr,S
of aula
All persona haviag any. objec
vuua aau
o.KM forth purcluueoftb UVXof d WH
ofrieotionNitaudN i M W j, ol BacUou
No. U lu TowiuUp o a b, Eange Mo. 7,
hi W 41. . I
" tbljNTY OP UmON, STATE "
dP ORECON. ' 1
And will unnr proorto anow that ma lana
aoilgbt la more valuable for Ita timber or
euine tiiab for airrloultunU purpoaea, and to
xtaitllah borolaltn to aald land before tba
HKtalerand Uooelver of .tbla office at La
Urande, Oregoa,on Saturday, tha 7th day of
Jaiiwary, UUo. .
lie bamea aa wltneaaea: UerbertB Clearer
of Ualdwell, Idaho; Kalph H Bullia, of Perry
OrKon: Utujaruln r Voung, of Ullgurd, Un
gou; William It liongley oi Uilgard,Urrgon.
Aju and all peraoui olaluilug ad vera all
tha above described Ian. la an requested to
fitethalrolaliua In tbla olBoaon or befora aald
7Ul day of January, llXVi.
M,' . a. W. Davia, Begtater
, OlUtloa
tn tha Matter ot the Estate)
- or I
Jaae Bait. Deoraard. 1
To Oenrga Vf. AUd and i. W. Allen,1 hMrs-at-law
of Jane liall. deaceaaed, and to all othet
unknown belra aai pereoua oonciernpd: lirent
Ingi . j :-, i
t a the nam cf the atat of Orvsron,
Vou are hereby IMd and required t appear
In the County court oi tbe Mtate of Ortiia,
for the Oounty Ol Union, at tha Court tt.m
thereof, at La Urande In the Count v tf u nlnn,
on Haturday, the bah day of tteaeiiiber, liiOl,
at 10 'oloci.-la the Atreavin of that day, then
and there to showoanae. If any vita hare, wbv
th petition of tleorgo Bull, Administrator ot
the aiva named estate, praying tor an order
of th aald Court, authorising, licensing, and
I Qrande,Ongon, November lloth, .iWi. 6t
Notice of Final Account
J t
ate )
of - . I
Edwin BoutUweli, Deceased. I
iiviiartment or th Interior
. Land miloe, La Urande, Ore.
Notice la hereby given that tha following
named aettler baa flud notloe of bistnientlou
to mace twu woof In auppett of bla claim,
and that aald .proof Will
avada betora th
th tVmntv urmrt of lb 8 tale of Orwim. fivr
Nha Ommy of ITnlon. with th MeaT ofsaia
Icenrtaaiaodthlattkdayof NoTamlmr Uot,
At I a) UlLU AM Uetk.
. , t - i . u t ... i
tne toaea If there is auy avi-
r i a. a. v
deuce oi the
awkening of
China. The searchers fof this
uvidehce were not long in die-
covering the sleeping claht shows
w . i .. . . t - -
tttlM'bttwlvtttf pt) tiatnioUkaWe aigna f early
VLl!' J"" x :;'! f; ilUeUi " ' 'awakehihgl " Today there U an
UaAruka.........w.iN,Uat . at.Berry, l.tCCaaiwh
S. at. BaaT...Vtea melaak "p , A.aVOtefTeo.UCle.
S. M.CHttow. .w.i..NWte4 v -, ; ew,Cei fXiwM
f. L, aliri aa4 Qe L Citm isat.OashteraV .
empowering hint to sefl the real pnnwrlV be.
a'ag iw eatti eawio, fo pay aetata aestav
iHd be grunted.
Witness, th Hon. M. A. HarHaon, Judge ot
. iwaagvr, deaeaasA
?.VMe!w.:ije'..- V.y.v
.... -, ,-. jg, eajbaaa, Cm
CAPITAL Atl SUmVf!v $7S&
trtasaeta a eaaltUnt lrtawa. . Ssssalnna rtW M t
a,t .i s. ka a ikmli ra!Uiti,iis,i!i " ' ', '
en I . W WWI w v. ltw wyi
organization of ' Chinainen ' ' ra
pidly growing called the "fix
neeVtisMhrf v, Riefdfi) iiil,
- vj - " i end tha aame ravaoh lima . baa
Wai," r t&Yn Tjf tnriSCCndetlt ii tny be 4iMolred,r iwtn-i mn
" - akaaa. A aB. si) t-Av . ta. a..l-l ' a t aL at . .
Notice to Creditor.
NOTIt'itlii HKRKHY UlVEN thai letter
M MminWtratlo have been Issued l th
anvy v'onrt of Ualon Oounty, Oirg.-'n, lit
Matj C Mwanger apon tfc Mtv ol rMcmmir
naaer, neraasevi. asa a.i -ennna b.ruif
olalina age I net said eatets ara r notified
to ptwm the same, wita prr-per to
th said -dmialstrtruv at bar tvatdeans at
Kanta,ajnon,witbln tlx aaootaa nvna tha
Kegtsteraod Reoaiver ofthe U. . Laud Uulos
at I ttratade, Or. on November IW tWot, via, U
K l.3a, Jaiuea Ooolev, of Kaiuela. Uregon,
UlUU and a, iaH BWJ Hue jO, Tp. i H,
taa &6 tLi Wi iM
Ue naaiaa the following witnesses to prove
feltcouituuoe reatdentv upon and cultivation
ofaaldtaoJ, via.; WllllaWlodd, Kdward COO
ly, William U'Ooka, and "Bart UarVilM, aU of
la.aala, Chegoo. U -i- vt
. , E.W. Davta,RtSUter.
- ; - " .7v:- ... ,
In tbth County Court of Ihe StaU of
Oregon, for union Uouuiy.
In the Matter of the Estate
deralgned, has filed with tbe Clerk ofthe a
bova entitled County Court "bis final aeooant
nn . fn tt.& utuVd JI.IM mUtto. BT. i
Uie MUlt UlUlli. liui. vna skataiwu i'v-
clook In Uia forenoon or December IX 1904. aa"
the time, and tbe Coanty Court room In the
I ;oort House of said County, in the City of La
Grande, Union County, Oregon, aa the place,
1 when and where any and sli objection to any
Matter in tne aaia account ana report ooouuu
ed, or to anything done by toe enderaigned, aa
Administrator, will be beard and paaaed upon
by lb aaid Court, and wben and where tba
aald account and report will be dually aettled,
any put sons having any auch objections aa a
bove mentioned are required to present the
aame at this time and place.
This notice la published pursuant to order of
the J it die of tbe aald County Court, made ia
tbe above entitled matter on November 6th.
Administrator of the Estate of Edwin
ttouUiwsU, Deceased, de bonis no a.
There was a bifg sensation In Leesvilla
Indlana,whea ,W. U.vBrowrx iof that
Dlaoe. who wh expected to die. had hla
tttrtg et throushi ,'5??Bl?S,,Si v!T?eai.!i M
WHIwt ba f va aa vu ttiv pgwugaay a vwi sJ.aywAA I ljaa)
but your New Discovery mtTe me im.
mediate n relief. and ttvoe thereaiter
' Deep tearing
ocoasionei by aettinir
worn when at reetj or o4 Hrt moving
ue iimot Ma u coia ot aamp veata.
er, U cared quickly by Canard's Snow
Liniment. Oaor,UIon, AJibdea City
illiDore, write, rob 16 mi: ,A ya&r
ago I was troubled with a Main In ' bit
h.. - it vi m tsai 1 .hi.i tae peeriees remedy I
Undrtwer oa- bottle of llallard. "f" .M''.' .
erXected a complete i cor.", .Bimilar
cotes ot Oootramption, roeomonia,
JBrenaaitia aa4 tjrip are naneraaa. It's
ue peeriees remedy for all -throat and
aai M tk BOttea,
1 1 wrtiwt oMaa, mi gad.
. I)., lH.
I M AHY C. RWAl'Otvft " i
LAdnNlBlatratririit Ue-al of rtstraour
Dissolution Notice
K. Notice t berehf tlTea that the co.
Trterhlp htrettfprln!n Mwgen
W O laon, J 8 iWa anl tt V Hach
8now.ea cured me." "S.'ic, SOo,
tiwt " cietaiin urug to.
aaartBteed oy lAJraQde,tnig
aDq ewua Lrug uo., LTDggiaU.
- v . . .At .( . . t , - Ot
Clialii wood 'by the Cord
123 cubic feet to the cord, lfj-inch dry chain
wood 3 per cord. This is cheaper than by the load.
You pay for what you get and get what you pay for.
Pbon$ s7i h. W. NIBLEY
..... a swat. " u issis rnwrmi, t p reafn I immmn gaayseaaaaaatjaaAAsw
.kdiln. a awtf A.t m A tAkal.s (a v m m . . .T w . I waBeameaeasBeaea,
aTA:. flVAT
yvv,et o vfftii VV-XutAt ttebte aa4 'oUwtail V X r
tan . . i , -as.
' ' i Miitsja vity vfa f w ... .... , .
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