La Grande morning observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1901-1904, August 27, 1904, Page 5, Image 5

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    Li Grande Evening Observer
CCB BET BROS, Editors i Prop
We Handle
Humes lor all people. Many atylva,
uiauy.prirea, in uiana- 1 mlir.:. . w.
ha rs ooduubt we can suit y. or tasses j entered at tbe Port Office t La
tod a lajit our aujr .ajmont plan tu.! Urani'8 Oregau, as f-'uounj Class
our usceasittua. It w onrtainlv !. in . mu autuar,
Own a Home
We mo Ami will twlp yuu, if yuu will
l-ormit ua, tu secure tretdom from Che
visits of the latKUord, anil make yon,
ike Kohiusoii Crusee, "monarch of all
you aax?ey." Why not be king of
your .aetle?
Published daily except Sunday
jCa Srancte Snvesiment Company,
1110 Adams Avenue, La Grande, Oregou
0 year in advance. , . , , $6 50
Six inocths iu advance. . , .3 60
Pet month 65c
Single copy..,,..,.., ......6c
(in. Palm Ha President
J. M. Bkbkt Vice President
J. H.CUVBCH. Cashier
i. M. Berry, J. M. Church
A, B. Conley, Geo, I (.'Jea
ver, Geo. Palmer
F. L, Meykes and Geo L Cleaver Asst. Cashier
. 3655
J LaOrande National, B nk ;
La Grande, Oregon
Transact a general banking buBioess. Buys and sells exchange on e
all parts of the world. Collections a specialty.
Meat Market
Slollwell & Vandermuelen, Proprietors.
Highest market price paid for all kinds of butchers
stock Hides, pel's aud furs. Also chickens & poultry.
any State, who having previous-
y taken an oatb as member of
Congress, or as au officer of the
Hutted Slates, or as c metub.-r
of arty State Legislature, or as
uii executive or jutlicial officer
of any State, to support the Con
stitution ot the United Stale ,
hall have engaged iu imurrec-
iou or rebellion against ibe
same, or giveu mi or comfort to
the enemies thereof. But Con
gress mav by a vote of two
thirds of each House remove
such disability
"Section 4 The raladity of j
the public debt of the United
Slates, authorized by law, in
cluding debts incurred for pay
ment of pensions aud bounties
for services in suppressing in-
oihtrmicmsiog tne negro gurreeiion or rebellion, hall not
Coal For Hot Weather
Our Rock Spring coal will give sati-l ion
We always have it ou hand. Castle Gate and Clear
Creek coal, too, if you would rather have it. We al
ways have coul, ull kinds aud at lowest ptiees. If
you want wood we can furnish you the kind that burns
longebt and best,
Phone "No 1611
I vote of the south, oo the asgump
I tiou of illiterates, with a proviso
in the disfranchising act that
lets equally illiterate whites vote
bi cause i heir grandfathers vol-
d, is 6uch a flagrant nullification
it the 14th amendment to the
i itution of the United States
but there is jus ice in the de that these several state
acta le investigated. The way
the South is now dealing with
the negro voter, they prevent
him from voting, but count him
in making op their proportion
of electorial and congressional
representation By this menus
the southern Democracy secures
a number of Presidential elect
ors aud some 20 members of
Congress more than they are
entitled to under the constitu
tion. These extra votes, pie
dicited ou tbe disfranchised ne
gro are cast in Congress and in
the eleetoriid college by white
Democrats, The national plat
form of the Democrats denounc
es the desire to inquire into fact
and find out by what right, the
southern white gents are casting
Sambo's vote as au efiort to in
cite race war.
The 14th amendment that
gives the light to make such nn
investigation is here printed
that our readers may refresh
their minds of their rights th?-te
We will call for it and brim it
home when promised
We guarantee satisfaction and ouly ask for a
trial order to demonstrate to you that we un
derstand the laundry business, ou can stop
our wagon at any time or phone the Laundry
aud your work will he called for at once. We
make a specialty of family washing, and can
do your washing better and cheaper than
ou. A trial order solicited.
Union Steam Laundry
PHONE 11)81. 742 FIR STREET.
1 .
T-T inycCT A 7S.T AL?AIl7A
I Urvlvi-J 1 aim rUL rxit i a.
The Dry Land Alfalfa grows without irri
fed Clover, Alfa.fa and all kinds of
Garden Seed In bulk
Seed Wheat, Baled
Barley, Oats, Etc
Tae only Seed House
iiiUnion County.
A. V. Oliver
Star It .
Hstk k horehr firm thai tn cum pi lux1
whb the pro Vitua of ttaa c of Ou iigrv at
Jai,si tntltkM "An . Writes mle i
Ui&boc iands ts tHv Httt of ("lUr.rnU, Dne-
mii. NgVaulit, nii Wji!i1i3tliiD 'IVrrtlurT.'" as
rumdiHi Uk Kit ihv VxiiM Ui-uil sunm ?
Csmntjr of t?a!o, Hsase of O.-emi, hs
uta Oavr ati in umt-) uim wtwu x.ait
mtml- Sa. 8tffl, tor tim enn-iutw Ilia HS!
37. tn lWiirVa8,S,5a fcl.U,ncl
will otTfT Ttram to show mat eh l.oa fcuwht
Is nwrt Vilujib) fur lis i 1 in tx-rfor mtms 4itu
cl&ua to Mid tend befomtht? Rill-r &u-rt Rt
r l v er jf ibta offii"!3 i J Omni,lneoa.ot
asdi?. time 1 t dii v nf h trust. NU,
Btie aiaiH vUmaws : a. J. HiWn, John J.
11 rtih ' . all or 1 Vrr v . Of-LiMi.
AsynitW pcrenia ela'm! tiff ti vejj lhe
liielr to In this offlt-o oo ur before nU4
Fire ftoof 'Safe -.
Far u! rt. pr'ts Calf or
riU La Ofsa4 Fairaanr, Tbuae
last. .. ' . i
, 0sanMot c tfc tattvtor.
ju. Is, isru.
to ipaie ifiJ proof (a cian or feu elilm.
H. K, Banal, wxarcttaciibtim,. La (Jrantfa
Urt hM1u t Auk Bealot,
KUw, Co-m AoAar, mti KMitta HI it
La Uga4 Ortau
be questioned. But neither tbe
Uu'ted States nor any Stale
shult assume or pay any debt or
obligation incurred in aid of in-
suirection or rebellion against
tbe United States, or any claim
for the loss or emancipation of,
any slave; but all such debts,!
abligatiotis and claims shall bo
held illegal and void.
"Section 5. Tha Congress
shall have power lo enforce, by
appropnate legislation, the pro
visions of this article."
Just A Bail
iVuil'.eicn Or. A.uv.27 Thare wilt
bs no gpoenl Ubor day oalebration,
bat iqum1 tbere will be a grand ball
at music hall on Labor day evwiii g
miter the utispiees ol tb Federated
f in aud Labor Uonool1. This was
rN? course decided cpaa br tbs eaios
m3 in uess nn ting at Union aai
ts! bigbs.
For Sale
Farmers' and Traders
National Bank,. '
Capital Stock fully pM . I 80,000
Surplus fund - - . 13,000 -
Liability of Shareholdew ; C0,000
Responsibility . . ' " . . 153,000 - - ,
JJrt'e do a general banking and exclianjj fcajineti.'
Drafts bought aud sold ott enters sad foreign b&aii.
. J, W, SORIE Chier
full measure
Chain wood ty the Cord
,-- ...,.
128 cubic feet to the cord. 10-incb dry 'chain
wood t3 per cord. This is cheaper than I y the " load.
You pay for what you gel uti gat what job py for. '
Phone s7i
An extra kooiI cow and ealL Inquire
ni llio OU Town Store. P Smith,
Furniture For SIe
And Loose to rest apply to Mrs
Shearer opposite Star Grocery Nsrtb
of track.
Furnished Room
Ontrnlly legated ejinarol Waablog.
ton anl 6tb streets, Koowy as Geo,
tail's loritrifig boose.
"Section 1. All persons horn
or naturalized in tun United
Slates, and subject to the juris
diction thereof, are citizens of
the United States and of the
State wherein they reside. No
Scale shall make or oufurce any
law which shall abridge tbe
privileges or immunities af citi
zens of the United States; nor
shall any State deprive any por-
son of life, liberty or property,
without due process of law, nor
deny to any person within its
jurisdiction the tqoal protection
of the laws.
"Section 2. Representatives
shall be apportioned among lh
several States according is their
respective numbers, counting
the whole number of persons in
each State, excluding Indians
not tuxed. But when the right
to vote at any election for the
choice of electors for President
and Vice President of i he Uoiled
State?, representatives iu Con
gress, the executivo and judic
ial oflkers of a Stale, or the of the Legislature
thereof, is denied to any of lb
male inhabitants of such Slate,
being twenty one years of age,
and citiitene of the United Stut-s
or in any way abridged, except
i ' for participation in rebellion or
i ( other crime, the bams of repre
i sentation therein shall be re
H duced in the proportion which
tne numoer oi bucu maie cm :
sens shall bear to the whole ;
number of male citizens twenty '
one years of age in such State, i
"Section S. No person shall
: be a Senator or Representative
j in Congress, or elector of Prcgi
' dent ot Vice Pre' ide nt , or hold
For Sale
Light bay baggy team (gentle)
Work aiuiflr, doubts or saddle. New
pole bug and new light harness
o nij.lifte. Inquire of Mrs. B Whitney,
Whitney llonsr, Adams Avenue,
LOT 'the crown uff of a Kntgbt
lViOlar emblem with a setting ft
13 v snwll diamond. Finder will
lliase Itavo at J Jl Berry's store aid
rttt ci vo nwaru. t
A Few CJioicNs Bargains in Wal
lowa County Real Estate
In tall sown wh-aat. lion, am aolotfrsr tjoildina. A vt
(2.1 i're ri.coi!' oh h!, h j0, iam and gaoA sstMk&spM kSTt us 'hJl
3( laf oi:ct?c if etui jvttwj wi.ies 11-a &m$ of mes&dow; ao4 tomt
earirf? i (ri.6e un taKruiwn;. J-T'.tt v per asm.
j st ttrbslxntt at tWrttd- T&astsase of the muy SUM W
Sc M'Donald
I 'liah m say to my friend and lb
pub'i tht ! k,n i large crop ol
l ! tit yr. Oar early Feaohe
wi 1 be ri(w in about weak or 10 days
frm thi lima wbcau salt yon a more
juicy better lUvored psaeB and cheep.
e tliu y can buy them after tney
tt&VF bm-n siii$ed is froa other parte
Then srb-rs yaw pay for 20 lbs yoa
git 20 lbs umI pound romsnre.
J R Kelltg.
Notice to Contractors
Sealed 11" will 1m received an til S
n'elvek V M Snmnlay August 61904
for the onruotion of a two story
fmme rpWence building accordjny to
ian ami gjtenflratMMfS which may le
f&iit at the rerideoce of Mrs 'L Patt,
,r si Oi- nwiili'Oc of O R Tborrtnu,
A'lilct. 1 s t.) randp, OmroD. at which
inttrr p)nre bids will 1 opened, Hlddv rs
fvile 1 to im present. The owor re-
rvta the right to reject any ami all
bids, Mrs Z Patty,
sass4a4 3e act see see seeae
How dtar to my hoart to tbe oM-f-shioned waahboaxd ' .
Tivut mother naed to waah on arhODl was a bey,
e With Its ziiw-coered ridges lb sad mil to play in
And soup buMos gnmlmlil to y ohltdlsh Jay . J
J Ofttioisa hra I mthw! bar when wearluc ber knaekln.
Aa over th ridtsos otir dads she worid rob, t . . e .
I ne'er will forgot how she eidnsbe.) and the alatherep J '
The old ftwhioaetl wath board that ebwdl to the tlb.
The aid fashioned waebboard; J
Tie Ki,ir.cowred waahboartl; '
e The back-breaking wuthbosvd that stout id the tab. ,
e ftomefolka aiay tick aliotti ap-to-daUsIau ldrlaa,
And say ihe wear out thtr ctothee every day -
J But gie tbwn to me, ao 1 will bsve a hot dinner -
e At borne, with dm sntd! tit the m&p Qtds away. , e
1 kuow that the wash tiff nuwhfne te laoeh ewfer J
J On ail ot oar eiolh-e than to take toem and rab e
Till the buttons an 1 bwns are lost and worn out
lly tbeold-filtioaad waabboard that atood ta tbetab,, e
We ere not tbe oid fashioned kind, - .
. phone i8sr 1; I
Sa a aaaaaaa a aeaaeaiaa aeatae
N'rtiro m I rst-y gsTOB4 thirt lb eo
lHFt:iwrUip heTHffrssiitiD between
th iitnifrsinerl oiier ihe firm name
of M.Vor k MriPurlrtriOa in the tmcery
f mutOBl agrseeiwot. itm
bu Hindus wll bt crrnf iooed by Wtlitaat
Mr I arliiae. U ted, AuRtutt 12, iAH,
J suifB Mt'ojr
4 12 923 W, meh'mrUnm
City Property For Sale
Finely Locatal, Well Improved 5-Room House For
Sale, Also Oiher City Fiopertj"At
. I der the United States, or under
WJ5 are 1-115 a DQUARTERS
FoivKodak and Kodak Supplies
A complete stock of professional paper. Plates nt wholesale prices. Mil ordrt t
answered promptly.
La Grande Drug Co. and Red Cross Drur.-
. -
. -