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A Fair far Tiiim W cneter )
LA UKAlMUt ''EVIINyiQfVt..i3 '
""" .. - ; -. . r A , . ... ' :''lCfd
VOLUME III , r :.:..2;"':'r ClA foRANDE,'-OREGON,' WEDNESDAY EVENING,'. JULY' : I9H ' , , , NUMBER 202 ' ' ? X'fi
ATormer Citizen of This' alfey Tells' His
pressions oLw Wonderful Fruit
lndu$rC' '
;, t Grande, Oiegon, Jtrfy 2, iWt
lTn em:... ri '.. - v
( Alter in aosenos onevri yen
,C 'ltomGrnde Eonde ValUV. 'd orlne
jyhioh 'time I bave initnd 1 slwoouie
i familiar wilh several 'famoaa fruit
J . 8ipg eeotions ( Oregon apd Wash.
Ingtoa,, the fuct- that tbia valley it
way ahead of all of tbera io appl
igrowiDg haa been itrongly impreaaed
: T5a me during a reoent visit to mv; for
mer home on tbe 9and Kidge, where 1
lived for fifteen years.
; -"' In 1885 I pHnted an orohard on tbe
V;;"p!aoe now owned by L L MoKinnon,
' J ! Whloh oonaisted ol quite a variety of
' , trees, which was added to from time to
I , Thia orouaad did remarkblr well,
,; although it bad no extra care, as
" wheat raising waa the principal busi
; rjess with me then.
v'Tb trees b ire heavily nearly every
!: year, Urge fioe fruit, ntTely- free from
j apale and eodlio moth, the great peats
f nl nearly every other fruit section o
' the PaoiBo northwest.
j Seven years ago I planted another
orohard near the same place, and I
" am told that it bat been bearing for
three years, and that last year it was
J so loaded with fruit that many of the
V, branobea were broken off, because the
fruit was not thinned' as it shooll
' have betD.'1" ; .; ;
i ; JTbebrst varieties of apples grow
; and mature to perfection in this favor
' ed plaoe.
0 0 Fraiier basa young orobard on
j his Sand Ridge farm that contains
(.quite a number of the famous New
(i town Pippin trees, the fruit of wbioh
iVtrialures large fine and entirely free
ir;.frpm seal) and oudlin moth
.;- This freedom from insect pests
makes a vast difference in tbe labor
aud ooet of apple raising, as the trou-
blesome and expensive spraying takes
v. much labor and
money, which
many oases takes away all
' the basiness.
Tuen the fruit is never entirely olean
We Inaugurate Our Annual
This Sale will be the greatest Saving Event of the Season and every item offered will
prove of immense interest to
description will be closed out
with absolute disregard for
It will show you how to lave
Going Away for a Vacation?
We received aline of trunks, suit cases, and traveling bags just a few days ago and
can supply you with just what you want at SAVING PRICES.
nJ dear, and will nob bring the best
prioes. ' ' -
. Another very Impcrtant faol baa
been forcibly brought to my attention
which is tha advantages a tub-irrigated
or naturally moiat soil has over
tbose wbiob require irrigation. '
The only tbing required on tbia eo
called Band Ridge, (wbioh M a soil
oonaiating of rich loan mixed ' with a
fine tend, oontaining no rocke or gr
re or alkali) ia cultivation eo ae to
keep down weedeand graae, and keep
tbe surface fine and level .
So irrigation ia required at all, at
tbe soil when properly cultivated it
always moiat, doing away with the
oosfiand labor of artificial watering.
Oh the irrigated fruit aeotiona of the
west there are vast expenses oonneot
ed with the use of water.
It must io moat places be broogbF
to tbe land by expensive systema of
oansls and flumes. Expensive litiga
tion is going on most of the time in
some ol tbe places , over ihe various
and conflicting rights and claims that
are made by tbe prior users, riparian
owners and the later aprropriatoie,
all of wbioh olaims bave to bi adjusted
and settled in tbe courts.
These legal processes last in many
cases for years and the user, of the
water have in tbe end to pay the ex
penses ia one wy or nothefr--'
Tbe regular yearly oost for water
varies from two to five dollars per aore
besides the first coat of a water right
is usually twenty to thirty dyllars per
acre. '
In many oases after paying these
heavy expenses, there is a Bhortrtge of
water during the hottest part of tbe
summer, wben most is required, and
tbe orops often suffer severely.
Iirigated land is muoh balder to
keep clean of weeds and grass, as after
each watering a new crop springs up,
wbiob must be subdued, thus making
constant work, watering and cultivat
ing during tbe entire growing season
which must be oontinued year after
the Economicl Buyer. Summer goods of all kinds and
regardless of former pricings, and in a great many instonces
cost of goods. Watch this space
vacation money.
!..,!, . , . : i : T : r-i..:- .w
. I - !, 'afra .i . ... I Va ir.' a a I hl- i . .r anaaa a I
-.t i
II tbera should be , lew , daya bi
ween watering aud weeding tbe Iruit
grower must put in the' time spray ng
to keep tbe scale and moth in check
but many have to hire extra help and
carry on both operatioua at onoe .
How different the apple grower on
tbe Band Eidgel No irrigation, no
no expenaive spraying, no scale, no
worms in tbe fruit, only a tborongb
cultiation four or five times during
the growing season, and tbe crop will
be made with probably less than' one
fourth tbe expense, of irrigated land
and the produot will be nearly ail
marketable at tbe best prioa while the
others will be oulled down to some
times twenty five per cent of tbe crop
If these (acta were widely known , if
the advantages of that portion of
Grande Sonde Valley for apple rais'iog
were exploited and advertised as some
of tbe irrigated eeotions are, it would
be only a lew yeara till it would be a
vast apple orebard . -
Land of tbe beet can - be brought
there now at very , reasonable . prioes
in large or small tracts.
This land io a f ew year., oan b
made to produce aa much fruit. as I he
very high priced landa of tbej iriig'M
sections, and will bave the adjfantpgi.
of cheap cultivation and olean market.
able apples . , ,h - N
The would be apple raiser oan fin J
nooiher locality ifi.tbe west where all
laitionsare so favorable as iu tbe
le lionde Band muge .
I'u "v." Yours truly,
3. L. Roe
Another &arn
Tbe Hon. J W MoAllister is now
ereoting a new barn on bis farm near
this oity wbiob will be a credit to him
as woll as to the oouuty. Tbe struc
ture will hi 40x60 on tbe ground Boor
and with 16 foot walls. Tbe Orouud
floor will aooomadate 25 bead ol milch
C0K4 and 6 head ol work -horeen, -a
granery, a scperate room, and harness
room. Tbe upper Boor will be mi Hi -oient
to bold 75 tons of bay, This
will be one of tbe largest barns in the
Marshall L Rayburn recieved u letter
to day from Wm. Canavan, asking him
to ascertain the neccessary expense to
bave tbe remains of bis father, Win.
Oauavan who suicided in this city ou
the 17th of May sent to Pittsburg Pa.
The Information will be forwarded this
evening. Marshall Rayburn is to he
commended for the zeal he bas used iu
finding the address and infarming the
distant relatives of the demise of the
carefully during JULY,
Dist. . Attorney -tbirfax
Moves to: Bak4&4
Wallowa; AppoijtW
Yet MAfrP;" ' '
LetBV Loniax, tlie new District ProB-
ecutiJtt Attorney for'We Elght4letrict
Is in Baker oity and bas .takenkoharge
of the duties of his office. Mr, fjomax
has rented a boose in Baker City and
will move bis family at once. ' -e ap
pointed Attorney C E tJocbrari, De
puty Prosecuting Attorney oJjUnioo
County. He haa not. named "pis de
puty for Waliowa yet. "J
Omitted !
It was omitted in yesterdays 6bsW'"
ver to mention the name of tuo- prize
winners for the Novelty Float ;lu' the
pjiirth of July parade. This omission
n ne uua iu iiw itti.n tiiub 1.110 uumtuiiicv
had failed to report ou this at time of
going tortss . Tl.e winners 'of the
prize was tleory 'ftioiimeyer Jr,
Tom Wanted
Springfield 111., July 6 Thomas E.
Watson, of Georgia, for. president
and Thomas H Tibbies of Nebraska
for vice-president were nominaVid by
die populist convention today. J
Good Showing
County treasurer J. W. Fiawley,
upon balancing bis books June 30th
nsc.arrains .that dudICJhL,;,is( JOtHf.
from July Is! It)ii3 to June 30th 19(14
warrants to the rmount ol -f 1(18,132.74
have b.en paid. Io a few days tbe
Observer will as:urtnin the total
amount ol warrant! ipsucd during the
same period. We believe without
haviDg t'ie Bgutvs before us thHt our
debt has been considerably decreased
the pfttt jear, possibly $35,000 it
Ol Idaho who states the Demoora
tss will nominate Ftrker for president.
The Armnr? HhI! ib a scene of ar-
tivity thia afterooon, and of (be
members of compahy h., 3rd. Uegi-
tnent, O. N. (., are making preps ra -
tions for their dopartuie this evening
on No. 6 for American Lake, Washing
ton' where they will participate in the
maueuverti to ba hcM at tbat plaoe by
tbe United riUtua regulars, and tbe
militia from Washington, Orfgnn, and
Maho The fl ji r of tbe srrnnry was
covered, at the time tbe repoitir was
thero, wit.i par-tpbcrnalia belonging to
(be noldiur , which they were packing
ant! up in tbeir rolln. The
commiptfiom-d o Hi cere of tlio company
are CApt. II. K. Coolidge, Kirwt Lieu-
tenant Aenn B. Hogerp, nod Hccond
Lie'itenant Chart, BrtrmeAc. Mr.
Bartmepw however, will net go on to
tbe PDcampmnt. The Firm Heargint
is Jno. H. Weaver. During the after-
noan and hcfnif, the company leaves
1 tonight an i-lt-otiun f r a m cnmriiin-
'fliom d t fli'-'f't will b- h''id, and there
Wi.l prob U (" he ft-vHrnl changes made.
! At tifl t m i if goiiiK t i prone tbe
1 election bai not b''en ht-id, but the
lesutte ffill hi printed in tu-morrow'u
if' II
The work of removing the tree aad
boughs which were used to decorate
and shade tbe arbor for the Fourth of
July celebration, waa begun to day.
and aa soon aa these are removed, tbe
timber work and the seata will be torn
down and cartel away, leaving a blank
where once was abower of beauty,
Tua painting oars of the O R AN
Rail war, Co., are located in thia oity,
and the painters are busily engaged in
covering the .new freight depot with
keata'ol patnt. The workTs progresa-
iatr mpMly.jaa In a short time we
ill scarry reopgnize what was onoe
ie old freigh; department. ' -' ,
i i Vh':. : -r ' .
Mra OeaBj, . wi;. of the mgr. of the
BOptrlur 3. jtoods firm of Wallaoe
Idaho and' John. Kinequlat a business
mau of Wallace and P V fimlth also a
bnsinost man and ex Mayor of that
plaoe, who are' warm Irienda of II B
Halstln were intnatesot tbe Hot take
tbe th, bave been visiting1 Isi
Grande and are well pleased jwttir the
oatl;ok here. 'They praise the Hot
Ijake a a great health resort and think
they ill fully recover- from-, thler
trouble.. Mr Huistio haa met several
of hia Wallace friends and equaintance
i Ills spring who came down to the Lake
aud they speak highly of him at a buti-
eee man and think he will no doubt
d well in liia new business as an up-
aolster, as he was very proficient In
that line while in the furniture and un
derttklng business at Wallaoe Idaho, ,
Mr and Mrs J A Oarlsnitj Of Kamela,
will leave iu a few days for a summer
vacation in San Franoisco and other
Ualfornia p inte. r
Wc arc Going to Celebrate
Watch this Space
After The
The Chicago
- J
One of the Largest Elc-
vators in the World 1$
i '
Destroyed by Fire
f l : ' ' AAA AAA
Boston, July ft Tbe iatanense grain
elevator ol the Button aad
Railroad Company, on of the
ia the world, together with three el
lhec6mpaoy, freight booses on Mys
tic wharf, 0 iarleetown, were owned
tonight, eoUiliog a lots of 11,000,000
Tbe fire rta-tsd during heavy thun
derstorm when a. bolt of ' lightning
struck one ol tbe freight house.
Mewei leady, Daley, Keady.of Port-
land and J M Church of this Ity
gents of the state agricultural college,
visited the experiment station situated
in this county Sunday and found every
thing in a most prosperous eoa lltion
The greases, grain and bee' were In
eplendld condition and all express
themselves well Blessed with the man .
agement of superintendent G Gammiee
No One Buys Drugs
No one sells them for amusement. It's ser
ious, important business on both Bides. A drug
store should have two missions: One, to furnish
drugs that can be relied on, tbe other to furnish
them for what thoy are worth. Drug stores ex
ist foi the public good. Knowledge, experience
and progressive methods should mark their
management, we endeavor to keep step with
the progress of 'the age, to m set every require
ment of the oouamunity, to eonduot a store that
shall stand for ail that a erug store should.
We wish t serve those who want ooeurate
service, Wgh grade drugs, und uniformly
fair and courteous treatment.
Street Ooearaieeioner Byahoret as
oat early TtModay morninti with a Corae
of men oleanlng np the debrle from the
attest. All tbe remuanta of fire crack
ers, nniu esndlea, sky rockets and
tker rafmsa- left apoa the strea'a . by
tbe merry otle orators on the Fourth
are now removed, and the streets and
sidewalk have resumed -their usual .
,,y",r"r;tilu' "i
llua with the vast crowd that was nrwa
Hug with th yast crowd that was upon :
thi streets, afoaday, la traversing the .
stnets, a person fe-is "Like one wb
1 tria alone aoe biuqnat
hall desert '
MraHsrty'Myiihdiend ehlldren
In High Va
eek. visiting her
parents Mr ani
lemao. t '
. Mrs Francis
ne of Hair. i
who has been In tnl
the gnee t ot
MrandMrWn An
borne this morning,
Parties having billi against tb
Fourth of July committee will pleas y
prM -nt them at the office of Tm Mill
er A Bro. by tomorrow evening.
The democ-atie national convention
mwlo Bt Louii bat adjourned until
10 o'olcck tomorrow wbea . tber , will
proceed to nominate tbeir presidential ,
ticket. Reports up to a late honr tbia
afternoon Indicates Parker fcr head of
tbe Uoket.
Chris Carlton, of Kimela, has 1200
cords ot wood ready for shipment to
Walla Walla, having sold it to dealere
cHt m tlm S
kAtsaaaV snVsanaBaaBBBBaafaal
iTik .a. :."
! Milieus.
For Fun
: ii. r.:-
- A"
I i ' v i If
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