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Tonight sbowce Friday ,'i
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Est bound SilO ootiuM
Wott ' -lOoa Urn
Nebraska Democrats Reaffirm the Platform of
1900 Hearst 'Tumid Down in
" " Michigan. ;' ' :f:
Omaha, June I The Nebraska
democratic stat convention today
. unanimously selected Wm J Bryan to
bead lb Nebraska delegation to the
national convention at St Louis, and
adopted a platform wbiob re-affirm
lb Kansaa City platforms of 1900.
There was uo oppoaition to tbe ad
option oi the platform as read al
tuongh one delegate attempted to se
cure the adoption of an additional
plank pit dging tbe Nebraska demo-
eraoy to support tbe nominee! of tbe
St Louis convention "regardless of
whom tboy might be. He was roled
oat oi order, however , after reading
bis resolution There were but a
handful oi delegates who bad not been
pledged to support tbe re-affirmation
of tbe Kansas City platform and they
oauie from Lancaster, Bryan's : own
oouuty. Tbey did not, however, at
tempt to secure reocgnition.
Woman Walked 2 CO
Miles in 15 Days, Car
rying Her 7-Months
Old Baby.
Mrs Elsie Htfgh-s, w m pieaed
through Long u ejk on I u .1
stage from Monument, unci)ui.,il j
holds tbe record of i) "mi
and probably of the entire Wv.i lo.
long distance walking say the Long
Oretk Light. Oo last Sunday even
ing abe arrived in Monument, having
walked tbe entire dietanoe ftom The
Dalles to that plaos a distanoe of
about 200 miles in 15 days; and oar
ried ber Tmontbt-old baby in ner arms
Mrs Hughes, who was living near
TUe Dalles, was recently deserted by
bar husband, and oonoluded to retain
. to ber parents borne near Whitney,
in Baker county.
Having no money with wbioh to
travel by rail, she set out afoot ato -ping
at night at ranoh houses aloog
the way. Woen ahe arrived at Mon
ument she wis almost ill from over
exertion, and good people of that lit
tle town made up money enough . to
end ber the remainder of ber journey
on tbe stage ".
Helena, Mont., June 8 Ba'pb Pu'
i tier, eon of the editor of tbe New
Y irk World, wa arreeoed thii after
mvio by Qame Warddo Boolt oo a
ciurge of having killed an antelope in
Fergus oounty about a year ago. Pol.
itsea oame to Montana a few days ago
to answer to tbe oharge of illegil
game killing in Teton county a ' year
Full Fledged
Mr. Wm. O Hoi am is now a loll j
fledged oontrao'or end will be p'eased j
to furnisb estimate' o i all kind of j
atone and brick work, Mr. Hansen;
has ben mident f this city for tbe
past four yean and during that lima
bas been engaged Upon ranch oi th -p-lnoipal
work to this o:ty. Hit ad
appears in Ibis issue of tbe Observer.
Be sure to read it.
Mr. King of La Grand held eer-
atrvioee at 3 o oloek P. M. Sunday
Will lecture Thursday n ght.
Mr. K. B. Wait is fasl leoovtrmg
froaa bar Ulna.
Several of our village ladies attend
ed tbe mimoriel Mivioa in La Grande
May 30th. .
Mr. G. W. Phslp. arrived in Hil-
gaid Baoday to visit with hit family
Mr. Phelps accompanied him to
Pendleton to visit ker friends week
or mora . ,
Our village baa bad speaking several
limes recently by differeot ooea who
expect to reach lb lop oi the ladder
in ike coming election. They ware
muob appreciated, as we bear s little
in Ibat line, no one seaming to bave
election on th brain in this pines. It
is all lumber and noma plao to sleep
The tea which bas been annonnced
to be given by the ladiea of the M. E
ohurcb on Friday hat bean postponed
on til a late day.
Norman Williams to be
Executed on July 28
for the Mu der of Al
ma Nesbitt.
Th Dalle, Or gon, June S In tbe
circuit oonrt thi afternoon Judge
Be. dvhtw prono inoed senteno on
Neman Williams for tbe murder ol
Alma Nesbitt, Axing July tt aa the
day of exeoution. William' counsel
aaked for forty days in wbioh to file
a bill of exceptions for an appeal to
th Supreme Ouutt. The oourl room
was crowded wnii M-oti' r, a tar.e
maj irity of whom w.-re 'imu ..k
Hilgard Items
The Charles Show Company oame
the 29th and showed Sunday evenipg
and Monday evening : Had a good
crowd Monday evening and all report
a good langh.
City Council
Th oity ecuouil m last nog
with all th man b r pretool, A ter
the usual number of bill w.u rt d
and allowed an ordinandi ; was read
and passed to tbe second reading plac
ing tbe north half of block 116 in tbe
fire limit, this ia that seotion of tbe
oity generally known a tbHBrdlight
District," Au ordian wi alto pul
ed am horiaing the mayor and record-
Stock Collars and Tit s
. With noy ehirt waist bought at our store this week. This offer holds good with any
waist selected from our extensive line of summer waists, ranging ia pries from 50 cents
to $7 50. It is a beautiful lot of collars and ties, priced from 25c to $1 25
Silk Coats .
Warm weather is sure to come
and these elegant, wraps will be ab
solutely necessary. See our win
dow diapluy Better stiil come in
.i d iii'pe't lliem. They are beau
' ies
$5 00 UP
Boys wash suits
65 cents up.
In all tbe new and nobby styles,
in'-luding Russian bio u e, sailor
suits with full length troiseri, and
manv others.
65C UP
Mm r.kl.. .Vll 9
As Soon As Talien Wan Bay Shall Hac
Made Safe, the Japanese Will (jtly
Invest the Port it;'.
London, June S Th Time oorrea-
pondent at Ob Foo eableat
Daring interval of thirty boars be
tween th Bussiao evaouatioa cl Di
ny and the Japan oooupation an
arcby prevailed. Tb local Obion
offlolals allowed tb prison to be 'oraed
with tb result that about 200 cut
throat had In inn of th town.
There is no infoim ttion ai ytt as to
tb fat ol lb Buiaian gnoboat and
four transports which were in Talien
Wan Bay during th battl of Kin
Obon. It ia possibl tb boat slipped
i mi .
away during tbe night 61 May 16.
ImafdiateJy artafTaliaov Wan Bay
shall have bero aaA .jilh Japas
m al train wlbaMd, wbw
pi snmably tR t3aj(itr orpa will
quleily Invest rorvrtar ,
London, JutM tAfn Moscow est
lespondaot of the Time learns that
Harbin I IS) b fortlaVd epaadtly
against ill oonlinncy o leg.
Htavy ieg gnns kar left 84. rVteis
bnrg alraaJy and others will be saot.
IT and is, Tp N B 43 W M, all of Club!.',' uo ifit wboa1 anaploM
lb oaaurveyad 0 ' on of townbi 3 this organiiatiou appears, la worthy- ol .-.
IlMI W Mt all of tonahipi8 87 support bf every oltsiaan out
IWH nnsorvayed portbn of town-' elTi ulmt to proaanw Iti wal
ship S H B 60 B; all of Tp S , B! J f f vW Pa 00 ', 'poiiitlona
and Tp S N, B 60K W kl bav been ' v?,traW ot," ,f"u th,"
wf nrry wiU b fiUd in tbia office on
Saturday, lb lotuday ol July, 19 t.
al t a m. On and alter tbat ' d it
thi offis will receive apnipalioiif ')r
er to give a deed of thaa block of . land
whieh was on time given to th oity
by th Bilrod company with the
understanding ibat tb oity would us
the sm for a city park.
Tbe petition of J H Lisbman and
others atklug tor a atdawalk on aiitb
street was reported I' voVable by tbe
street committee and the on asking
tbat tbe street at Second and F street
be improveu was raferrd to th street
oommittee. The Beoarder . w I'
truoted to arive ttse for bids for l it
new pipe line. The advertisamant ap-
near tlaew here. "':
Hearst Loses Michigan
Detroit, Jau 2 Tb anli-Hearat
element in the Mi n democracy
beaded by Daniel J. CJaoipau of D
G A R Encampment
The coamltte- on arraugmeate of
theUA B Ensaupment which will
meat ner prior to tb Fohrth of July
will hold It mttlnga in lh Proebsat-
rl grov. AU arrangmeBU for thi
maetlng have been maUe and It If th
general w'ah of tba veteraaa tbat tbe
meeting be held thei " .
ROGES-BftSS E..U tbareldeucof
Rev J W Oliver in I tirand on Wd-
nstday vlng, Jan 1 19M at 9 o'clock
Mr Mlohall Rogaa and Mian Anni J
Braaee, both of Hummervi! v, re no.
lted in tsarriaga, Rev Ollvor oBclatl i
whieh they certainly deserve Re
member tbe date, Frnlay vilng, Juo ;
3r.!, 1004 KU on sal at Van Burcna..'
. -if xibui artoiwasc
lb Miry f labd in aahl 'towu-hli, t "!' - '
, K.W Oavit,BegUtr ' ?yoo aeen themf They arrived s
4.A.Bjbrt.Bsciver l P74 u?
Rainbow Stor tb latarf in oroah :
' ' - .: ' - t-t'" f. hmthar'belbl, blbotesatai hr In on
Coniiratiilations. pomippa' dip ; oqwb... ih aiu
J beauty atray luck co 'ib, ribbon and v
Mr John H Oullom, ' Editor of the 'laoe romnauta. TiieVe fine and ara 1
Garland, Ten, News, ha, written a selling fast, at the ribt prlca.. W :
lattar of congratulation to the manu- have special sales the Deat Hi
fartoiw of Chamberlain's Couith Be- of sammer dresa jg.iod "trlinmlnnn,
utedy, aa follows: "Sixteen years ago ribbons, tnlllinety, alio? ate It will
when oar Brat child was a, bay b waa-. b money In your pocket to go and w
mbjaot to eroupy spells and we would them and get our orlrea 'Our Jewler
be vary uneasy about him. We bean . hna a email steam engine that be hna
iuvui.muri.iu . .uu nom-xty in , jnaae. ' rail and aee lt. He can make
1887, and finding it aooh a relUUIe '.re
medy fornoldaandcrupwe baveoever
bean without In th hons si me that
time. We have flvs children and have
given It toall of them with good to-
sults," For aala by all' drugglsia. '
Notice to Contrattors
Sealed bids will b received until ,S
o'clock p m Saturday, Juie litis 1904
for tb ,oonatrnctlin of a
fram school hooss .. for
units voonty Oregon acoordlug
plans and specinniticns which may b
seen at th residence of O B Thornton
Architect, I. Urande Oregon."" - " -
Th building to b completed and
oa anything and repair evo jtlilng .
in tbe jewelery line j
. m 4
FOB SALE Two acre block with now
rocin liotiso, barn, out luuae, ell
linprovel $1600, lime given on pert.
j Tbia will bar; Investigation situated '
on N Cherry and N street .
-4-2 tf ' Fred waring.
Mcaspring Party.
aooordliig' to i- ' J J
A mrasiuiug parly is glvrn to you
'Tie ome hlug novel a well as r.ew; -Ftoant
for very-foot yru'r tall.
Mnnau'e your, elf o-. door i wall
nady to oecnpy by tb 1Mb of Augnat An xtru cent fpcrwh Innbj give
Tbe directors reaerv th right to An'f hnwjhertby how l.igrij you Hvo .
reject any and all bid.' " ' ' ' , With MnnViug : a i g leci'atlon and
WLTnckar I plea utn ..
Chairman Board Dim to s. We " m'otono sif.1 1f
D Jnn 10.. . ,J At our-paxty..ot mpaurA. r- ..
Exceptional Talent
The concert to be ' given by the
musical enterteinmsnt which a; L
Oranda audience has aver bad " the
I w, Blsbtp A B Q dd, s i ffiolailng, Mr
troit, nat'ooal nommitteemaa from Cheater Coolldce and Mia Dora Chrl .
inia tar, tnumpriea over ins nsam tonarson. ingroimi on ni t."pu,nro ol listening to. ..This . com..
urKirter a' every slug in the demo- Grande : entergeiio onns t nl..a p4ny ia one of th strongest travelling
eraio ooovetition held here today to man and tb brld ' U liom El-no a t iday, and anyone who does iml pro-
s leot ileltgates to the uatiooal cun- Utah wbtr tbe is 0 of lb ltdr
ventlon and an nninstruotad delega- o' in young social t. - Th yo iog
ti m will be sent to tbe cunveotii n.' people will mid brf, Mr Oojlidge
Vhlla there ai si mi Hrarat men
mong tbe dittriot delegates to 01.
fiuis, th delegation waa inttracted
to vote as a unit, :h
Oregon Pioneers
' Th 3Zod Annual Reunion of lb
Oregon Plone3r Association will be
held In Portland Oregon on June ' Si,
194 - All persona who resided in Old
Oregon, wbiob comprised tba p eseot
state ol Oregon, Washington, Idaho,
and portions of Wyoming and Mont
ana on or belor Feb 14, 1869 or were
born in tb territory prior to tbat da
are eligible to membership. Tbe en
tire population of tb atates and part
of state named above was in 1869
5Z.466. In 1900 lo the esme area not
counting those in Wyoming and Moo
tana there were 1,093,411 people.
II tbeie are auy cf tbe old pioneers
or their descendant hereabout who
with to attend th Portland meet, It
is given out tbat th O B & N Oo will
mak raduoed rates.
isiotertsVsd with bit fatner ia lb
wholes! and retail jtipw basin)
anJ bat eompti ebarg pi tus ' dco
rating department ol tb basinet.
Bid for Dtalilj.
Bid will b reoslvsd by tb oity o
La Grand op to and melodlng th
10th of Jan for digging 10,000 feet
(more or lea of ditch for water main,
aid ditch to be 2 test Wide and X feet
deepaodtob completed by Jnlr 1st
Cheater P Sawllo
. . ; City Ree..n'er
Miss Fioienee Buckingham from
Otl's School of Orators will give an
entertainment in Oeutral Church,
June 7 at 8:30 sharp
Local talent will fmrnisb muaie
Mies B. ojraes highly oommeudad.
Admission baa been placed at thirty'
five lor general admission. Class 10
whiob pledgid 91W on tb building
will handle thi entertainment. En
gage your tickets now.
Notice of filing Plato
Department of the Interior, ''
Onitad Stat Lodme,
La Grande Oregon,
May 18,1904.
Rotlo it hereby given: Tbat the
approved plat of th .urvyt of sec
tions 19. 80, 81, Sec XO, W Sec
nd VtJSteJt rpl8fR,38 EW
M; ll of tb nntnrvejod portion of
township SB 8,44 8 W M, all of Ihe
uotnrveyed portion of Xp 4 S B 37 E
W M; fractional Seot 13, 14. 16, 18,
A Quiet Wedding
Mr John B Bobertum add Johanna
Adskin bub of Perry war quietly
united in marriage at I o'olock today
at the M E Parsonage by Rev J C
I wonld cough nearly all night long,
writes Mr Clias Applegal, of Alex
andria, Ind., "and oould hardly gat any
aleep, I had conanmptinn so bad tbat
If I walked a block 1 wonld ooogb
frightfully and spit blood, bat wlir
all other medicines tailed, three II 00
bottles of Dr. King's Mew Discovery
aholly cored ma and I gained A8
pounds." It' absolutely guaranteed
to cure Couhs, Colds, La Orippo,
Bnuichltla and all Throat and Lnnc
troubles. Pric 60s and 1 00. Trial I
botUs fra at Newlln Drag Co.
lit by this opportunity to hur 1'iem,
will certainly regret It, aa La (irnile
may not bt visited by suoh artltts for
long time to oome, Th Com men l i I
. On Fruiuy wxl i li D S hill
The1 Y; L. M. OA will give a
A t 8 '()(icksiirp-yoiv partners
A mt, Ji ,
Ooirte to nur parly; iinil enjoy a
Stewarts Orchestra sf
Wm. Miller & Bio
Are preparing to move thoir office to No. 1107 Adams
Avenue Foley-Roesoh Building,-, ground . floor -where
they will have tbe finest and tuort modern suite of o(
flces ia the oity. ; 1,
; They will be better prepared tlnn ever, lo tuke' -cate
of everything in the line of i 5 '
, " - ' - -;- ' ' ::-
Real Kstate
lVEoxtg;age "Loans
; i ' v. - , , : ;j '( w , -. .-
' ' . -i! .. r
,., , , . ' .'
I ' If you negleot your teeth yU know it; and J '4
everybody else knows it, because the teeth ure bo '
' ! prominently loeased that any lack of cure is i f'
, quickly visible. Qoo3 tooth brushes cost but
' little here. We have some that we guarantee -rrj: ; 1
SiiS i ' never to shed a bristle. We also bave the latest
and best tooth preparations; thoie that, polish, n 7
" T whiten and preserve the teeth and cannot harm. $ .
- Can supply a tooth-saving outfit for very little .'
j moury. K "' J
' ' ' : :- -. i
. I J 1 1 IT . ' . , . , .
"v. i