La Grande morning observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1901-1904, April 19, 1904, Page 1, Image 1

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Bonding Ordinance Is
Pased Council : Will
View the Sites Offered
this Afternoon.
The adjourned over tweeting of the
city oouncil waa helil Mnmlay night
and (be following biiainesa was trans
acted; . , - ,
Joe Clark nindn application to pur
chase the 40 cre track where the peat
hoaae ia situated offering $4 . "5 per
acre, Referred to waye and means
The reat mom association mud" ap
plication (or free oity water, Referred
to water committee.
a communication wa read from
Ibe 'Standard Oil Company offering to
oover their oil house and tai.k with
oarrosolid hon. Referred to fl.-j and
losursncao mmittve.
Tho council iatied a warrant lor $150
to the W C r U to aid the i in the
purchase of tlieir drinking Ion tiiin
they have in addition to tho above
The ordinance prntiding for the' i
auingof bonds for a city ball to lb.'
a iiuiint of If '25000.0(1 was plnordon ita
final pasiago and uuauimousiy carried
Bide lor aame to. b ripened May II
1904, bonds uib, acid at not less tbtn
par nor draw a greater rate of inter
eat thn 5- per cei.t
An ordinano- ( passed fixing the
aalary ol the oity rroordsr at $50 per
month the unit being ii full lor aer
vicea rendered. In add.ein to the re
gular dutiea tbe near ordinance provi
de that ail water rent a '1 to b.' id
to ibe Recorder.
Au ordinanuo was introduced t
teuding III', limits elicit runn g it
large aoaa to include the inlim eity
aod pissed " t'hia tiear.s keep ur
slock anj cnickena up within the any
limits heretofore the old town l. .is
beeo excluded
A resolution wae pusel ordering a
7'tsiJe walk ou Gieeuwni'd Irom
Washington til
ths council purchased a large safe
t keep the reoorde in '
The oouuoil and mayor will view
:he dltf-irent aites off trad lor the oity
hall this afternoon
V Bramwejl Says
Acreage will be Much
Greater that it was
Last Year.
Mr F S Braniwell ll"ld auperinten
dent of sugar factory in an interview
atatea that the prospaot at preaent
are flattering lor a large average and
a big orop.
Last year the total beet aoreage waa
1800 acrea, this year 2800 are now, aa
aurred and it ia hoped that thia will
be inoreaeed .
There ia do disguising the tact that
tbia year seals the fate of tbia factory.
In oaae tbe tonnage ia not increased
thta factory will be moved to some
other location. '
The farmers realist tbia and many
who have suitable landa are planting
Tbe company ia seeding 1800 acrea
tbia season and are certainly doing
their part to make a record that will
be satisfactory to the eastern stockholders.
Every farmer wbo ha beet land and
ia situated sufficiently near tbe factory
bonld plant at least a few aores thfa
yetr. All realize the benefits derived
from the laotory, those who do . not
would alter the factory was t amoved
then it would be to late. Tbia ia the
year to give a helping hand. Them
ia do question but there ia mouey in
aiaing beets under proper oond.tiona
and there are a hundred larnie of land
tbalia adapted to the groniogof beets
and the owners would net greater re
turns than can be realized from any
tber crop.
About the April
Shirt Waist Sale?
We've befn thinking about them for
some time. Hnve one thought all ex
pressed in garments now. nml wt've
put on th em. . . .
The Students Organize
Themselves into a Con
gress for the Study of
National Questions.
You must have shirt waists for the coming warm
weather, so here is your chance. 1U00 waists in
our elork nml nil reduced. Waists ranging in
price from 40c up. A nice line of winh bilk waists
beautifully trim me in drawn work and insertion
ut $3 00. Come early as thia big sule only lasts
three days, ending Saturday, April Ifi. .
you wish, come here for it. Ojur honk stock includes prartirnlly
everything for which there i3 Bpt to be a rail. Some baoks we are
ah'e to tell for less llan publUliem' prices, so you are likely to save
both lime and money by coming directly here when a book of any
description is wanted: If we have not the bonk you seek we will
order it for you and tl e cost will be the same as though it were in
st ck.
Remember hook fir ol' gift oeciii-ions always appropriate,
always acceptable. J'rices always right, too, whn you buy Ihem
Wallowa County Demo
crats, in Convention
Assembled, Put Out a
Sheepman Shot
Pendleton April 18 (Special to the
Observer) Patrick Dougherty, a veil
known aheepman of this county, was
shot b? bia herder during a quanoi over
wages yesterday. Dougherty ' received
two shots, one of which penetrated the
lungs and it it not thought that he will
ive His assailant ia now In tall Iti'thls
- Briber Sentenced"
Grand Bapida, Mich., ' April .'jo'-r
Thomas McOsrry, tbe lawyer, oonvil-
td of bribery la connection with tbe
oity water deal, waa this morning sen-
tenoed to lour years. - - ,
The latest literary organisation ol.
be eatabliahed in the high eoliool ii
the High School Congress
Tbe purpose of tbe Congress ia to
diecuae aud dispose of important ques
tions that oame before our national
congress, thus familiarising tbe pupils
with tbe great national qu atione and
at the BAino timi acquaint them witb
parliamentary usages. -
Tbe congress met last night and
elected and installed the following of
Speaker, Elton Jackson; Clerk,
Vi'gil SuiitlrrSargeaut at Arma, Nell
Young; chaplain, Ethel Babin.
The following billa were discussed
and disposed of : . ' -.
A bill providing for the government
owncaUiip of railroads. Lost, A bill
prohibiting the use .1 Cuited Htatea
mails for tho sending of liquor advor
tiameuta waa loBt by a vote of lit to 8.
A bill allowing graduatua to retain
theii niemborshlp in the oongresa car
ried iioaoiaioinly.
The oongresa then adjourned until
tho next term.
Tbe Democratic Couuty Convention
met in Enterpiiae yeaterday and
made tbe following nominotiona:
Delegates to Congressionsl Conven
lion John ' Paoe, of Ijoalioej f F
Johnson. ol Paradise; fS K Marvin, ol
Wallowa; Wea 'A bite, of Enterprise;
J T MoLain, c! Joseph and TO Marki-
of Fruita.
County Jud jt O M C rkins, Wal
Clerk J A Pie- oh, Enterprise:
Oommlsaionei Wm Wilson, ol
Paradise. -Sber.fT
J H Blakley, Joseph;
Bupt. of Schools H W Harris,
Treaa Henry Miller, Enterprise, '
Aaaeasor Bam Paoe, Enterprise
Surveyor H E Merrytnan, Enter
prise . .
Coroner Dr J W Barnard; ' Joseph
Not a Candidate
L Ii McKennou of AliceJ who was
Dominated at the democratic county
convention tor representative, was in
the oiiy Monday and stated that he
waa not a candidate and would not
acoept tbe nomination.
Good Suggestion
Since tiie O E A N baa granted . tbe
atopover privileges on tickets to the
Lewis and Clark fair, it now becomes
the duly of Oregon towns to make
their exisienre knora In tbe East so
intending tourists will knew where to
at ip to see the oountry moat advanta
geoualy. Peoplo will not slop ovei
unless there la something interesting
to aoe and learn, and they will not
know where to stop unless enterpris
ing cities invite viaitnra by advertis
ing the advantages. The O R A N
haa.opened the door tbe cities of Ore
gon must now push tho chair forward
and invito the touriata in' East Ore.
gonial!. 1 .
2000 Cords Wood
The La Grande. Light aud Cower Co
are now engaged in (liming 2000 oord
of wood Irom Ken hill to their power
station at Oro Dell Their flume savos
a hard haul down the hill.
Was Tendered a , Grand
Recpttion at Home of
R. Kelley on Eve of
His Departure. -
Child drowv
In Mill Race
Walla Walla, Wash; April 19
While playiug about the old uillraoe,
juat outside the ally limits' this after.
noon, Clyde MoOtew, 3 years pf age
fell in tbe stream and was drowned.
Ths body was carried some dietanoe
down, lodging against the soroen at
tbe end of tbe oity Hume, where It
was found a few minuets later, ft
HcOrew Is in Kendrick, Idaho,' He
has been notified and ii expected here
tomorrow morning. Tbe family home
it but a few rods from the millraoe
Funeral Today
Tbe funeral of Archie Little, wbo
died in tbia oity Sunday morning,
iril 17, 190iwill be held from Ma-
iouio nan today at i o'olock p m
under the anspices of La ' Grande
Lodge No 41 A P & AM ; Rov O H
KiDg of Central church ' will deliver
the funeral sermon. ' Frienda of the
Jeoeasad aud family are Invitid'to
teud. .
Move To Chicago
Omaha, April 17 Tup count of the
referendum vole on the queston of r.
moving the Natioal headquarters of
the Socialist party from Omaha to
Chioagn was completed today, reunit
ing in a vote of 6 to 1 in favor of
Chicago. " ',
The Road Now Open
. The troublo aliKii) It irnt river i
now passed and tiaina are again inak
lug through connection. East bound
paaaonger trail. No. 0 will go througli
thia morning and tickets for tho Eaat
are again on aalo.
A grand reception was tendered Rev
J M J Reade al the home of Mr and. ;
Mra R Kelley. ' - -
The house was beautifully decorated
.Ilk . 1 I . I L'.lkn. .
w 1 wu uuf uunaia hum riu,9.' iicmum
Reade made macy warm friends dur
ing bis short staylu La clraode Wbo
regretted vary much to lose one who
had done so muoh for his church aad
people.,.; v.. . , v?
.Through bia influence and example
many converts were added to the list
of members. .-. 1.
The bouse waa filled with Oslhollos ,
and non catholics, who oame to bid
adieu to one they held In sucb high
esteem after refreshments were served
to all Mr Bieonette in behalf ol liiends .
of Father Roade preaented him with a
purse containing libit. . In a few well
chosen remarks be replied, each and
every word sinking into the hearts ol
all present. ' " , !.
. A large number gathered at the de
pot to bid Mm a last adieu wishing,
bim ruroeea in his new field of labor
aud thinking anoiber gain is our loss .
Masons Attention
. . I . nl T m Qh TIi Vn A 1
A.F.&A M. are requested to meet
promptly in there ball at I o,olock for
the purpose of arranging for the furn
orl of'tboir late brother Archie LiU'e.
Tbe men. hers will maroh from the ball
to residenoe antl will return with the
body prqmptly al 2 o, clock. , v ......
Dissolution Notice-. ,
Notice is hereby . given that ...tbe .
partnership heretofore - existing be
tween E. D. Wbitiug and O. J. Black
has thia day April 18.1M4. been
dissolved by mutual consent. -.
Dated tbia tbe 18 day of April 1904
at La Q ando Oregon . . - . v -
, O.J. Black.
E. D. Whiting.
April 17 May 17. v , ' -
The Public Entitled to Protection
Osteopathy is safe in bands of safe
people its properly accredited prac
titioner! but a dangerous thing in
the hands ol charlatans wbo pretend
to praotice what they know little or
nothing about The moral ia plain
The lawa of ever) s'.ate should estab
lish tbe practice of Osteopathy up in a
high plane, nquiring lie exponents to
be regular graduates ol recognized
Osteopathia eolledgtw, and preventing '
all others from oa'ling then selves
Osteopaths. This will prove of greater
service to the people in the end tbtn
to tne Osteopathia practitioners, al
though both classes are entitled to
sucb diicriminaticn by the public in
the interests of prifeasional merit aa
well aa ol public safety
P Dove l'oflland
A t) oallowey Co
E liamaey do
P Baker do
Arthur Long Spokane
Joa lloflmler City
W E Fnrgersun do
J M ('hardier San Francises
H Eckersley Elgin
Lee Tuttle do
II T Hhoemalier do
J W Watson Portland
D M Hherinan do
I. I) Vl leellt Chicago
KHIurgia Baltimore
II Ballautvre Bake
FHiofe.- Juplni Mo
I, rt IxitcliAeld Han Kranelsco
8 B llarrli ' E gin
FOR RENT Two. five room collages.
There is no "Innk" nbotil it. It's the mail who
H.89cuacs the knowledge. Unit luukeft his mark. That
"kiio'loil;e is powni hikI power is money," has been'
doioonairuted loo often to meet any further nrguinent.
We metitioii these, fucts heo.iuao we boliove that
comporatively speaking, few of La Grande's Male
Population fully realize how complete our Men's -Store
is in every department .', . .
aad how che iply they ' can buy strictly first-class
dependable suits and furhi-.hings. ,. We have been
growing wo have devote ! timo and onergy, we study
your wants mid believe we know thorn thoroughly
nml in addition to this we have facilities for buying
enjoyed by no other bouso in La Grande and guaran-,
tee that IT SAVES YOU MONEY brides giving
you the best assorted and uaoH complete ia La Grande
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t wit"
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Imiulro of
John Post
1 - - ' ' J?-