La Grande morning observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1901-1904, April 08, 1904, Page 3, Image 3

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For Spring House Cleaning and Rc-furnishing.
For a short time wo re offering BIG VALUES FOR CASH !
to make ro m for our new goods. For example: A 3-piece
bfd room suit, regular $18.50, now $14.00. Prices posi-
tively the lowest in city on some quality of goods. J
Our uew
potterns inside. Come in
Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty j
-My undertaker If. B. H.1STEN, will respond promptly to
all calls, day or night.
I Union Steam Laundry.
j . Will Open Monday,
t We have purchased the Union Steam
Laundry, which we will commence to op
erate Monday, April 4.
This plnnt is one of the bost equipped in . Eastern
; Oregon. All our work is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction at the,lowest price?.
Our wagon is at your serviee.
Telephone Number 1981.
Your Trade Solicited
Jemison & Company,
La Grande Investment Company,
1110 Adams Avenue,
If so, we can locate you on some
fine claims in Wallowa County,
Mc Daniel &, McDonald,
i, Mr, John H. Cullum, E-liior o the
Garland, Texar, New, has written a
factures congratulation-', to ttio rnanu
Irttct of o( Chamberlain's Congb
Remeily, as follows: "Sixteen years
ago when our first chiM was
mlj-ct to cruupy
a baby be was
t .tr- 1
II i 40 Third II, MfllHIll 1 19
line now on display in the J
and lnniiv mn
and look at them.
Phone 91
Residence Phone 367 I
1202 Adiiins Ave
' E
A HOME. Tim man who dees r-t
hnvfi a homo of 1 1 is own mlsw :
greatest bleEsini! of existence. "Every
man's homo is his castle," effTd tin: !"
of our forefathers; ami our own law up
holds it' sacredness. We liavo a l-.U'
rooir. houre and -i:rht lota for wale at
$900, half c:bIi, b I mice on Bsy teriop.
Al-o several oilior iinprove.l proper
ties ami vacant lots suitable for bulMiii;
If joii waul to get an imp. wing home of
your ow n without an unilue strain on
your income, we'll help you ilo it.
La Giande, Oregon
spells and we wi uld be very uoeaiy
about bim. We began using Cham
berlain's Uough Remedy in 1887, and
finding it tuch a reliable remedy lor
colds and croup, we have never been
without it ii' the house aiuce that
time. We have five children and
have given it to all of them with
j good results." For Sale by all drug-
Have you
a friend
in Chicago or Kansas
City or Texas or any
where else, for whom
you want to buy a ticket
to this city?
If you have, call at
this office and let us
-arrange matters for you.
You deposit with us
enough money to cover
transportation, as also
incidental expenses of
the journey; we do the
Opportunity I
' Mr Nordhofl" of I.a uranda has been
engaged in Prof Beans plaoe to teach
lo the Iruhler school - " ;,
Mr Trill is moving his family to La
uramle this wtek. j
Mr Blanohard and family are moving
to their ranch on Crickit Flat. .
Mr Smith, member of a Boise firm
is in town taking orders for alfalfa and
other seeds. t
Representative of the Chicago Lum
ber Company is here to buy the out
put of the lumber mills in the vlcln'.tv
If possible. . . ; .j!
Drown in the gulf
Tamp Fla, April 7.-FWe persona all
members of a pleasvue party from the
Florida Melbodlsl college at Suther
land, on the west coast of the gulf, 30
miles west of Tampa, were drowned
Aoolote lighthouse last night. j
The dead , .
Mia. Walker, wife of ths president of
the oolleae, Miss O.Cunnur of Atlanta
Ga., Miss Hleugbter of Buterland, Una
McCiayol Sutherland; Mr.Boulaud of
dutberland. '' '- "t
' Pesideot W4ker and Miss Newton
res chad the beaob alive. The bodies of
Mrs Walker and Mias O.Oonoor 'have
not been reoovered.Tbe bodies of the
other three who lost tbeir lives weie
washed ashore and reooveied.
President Walker --had . taken the
party out lor a cruiso to the 4 light
house, but met witb rough water and
tbe Loat waa overturned in the- gulf.
Levee fi May Break)
Pendleton, Or: April 7- Tbe high
water that has beeu prevalent 4o'the
Pastern part of the slate for tbe past
few weeks has undermined the levee
along the Umatilla River in this city,
and in one place tbe riprapping of
heavy stone baa tumbled into the river
foi a distance ol 30 feet or more.
The street commitliee ol the City
Uouuoil is making every effort to have
the delict remedied .a eoou as pos
sible, fcr if high water maik should
now be reached by the river it would
io all probability, cot through the
I vce at the point where the rook baa
.oen displaced and Hood that part 11I
Ihe ci'y. Tlifre is a great deal ol
in tie mountains, and ft is feared tha
the river will teacli a high tage before
the SprinL' i ovr, ......
Rawminviile, fd-ho; prii 7. K'i
Spliter ha' itivent-tt u.nq ih c-n vy
ance uhich he terms a liotaeoiiii'l il
Thii novel maehiuo is pitterned aim
a genuine horse and is made of wood,
iron, etc It is propelled by either
steam or gasoline , and can attain a
speed of 10 miles per hour. The jn
Vf ntor claims it can walk or trot along
the toad like tin real ertiole and oan
ascend or descend the steepest hill.
Local Markets.
Egg', fresh valley louts
Butter, crcurmry 65c and
dairy 50c per roll.
Potatoes 65r,ts per sack.
Apples,7rc. to 80cts. per box.
Cabbage, 3Jnt. r er lb.
Turkies, 10 cte. Ih. live weight.
Wheal 7-lo to80c per bu.
Oats 1.10 per cental
Barley 80c per cental
Portland Markets.
The, steady
decline in Eastern and;
'orcign markets has taken the life out
il the local wheat market. Bu era
i d rrlli 1- are apart than ever
and btirincn is at lantliti'l, with
tbe tcoe d- oidedly week.
WHKAT Wal'a Walla, 76o;
blue-stem, 82'! Vllny, 8'. '
BARLEY K- ,2? 1 . r ton. litre -lng,;M;
rollnl '.
FLOUR Valley, if3OanU por
barrel; bard wheat straights, 3 bOend
3.70; clears, .t.85 au.l 4.00; hard what
patents, $4.00 and 4.10; Daki-ta hard
wheat, 1.540 and W0;gt 'ham, $3.90
There was a big solvation I
Inc'iana, when W. II. Brown
plac -, who was exi-ected to die, had his
life saved by Dr. Kiim's New Discovery
fnr.Co isiiinptlou. lio writes: "1 en
dured InsiifTerahl'- agonies from Asthma,
but your New Discovery garo me Im
mediate relief and soon thereafter
effected a coinnlete cur." Similar
ernes of 1 'onaurnptioti, P. eumonia,
Bronchitis aud (triarenumerous. It's
ih p erlera reniMji for all throat and
Itii.g trouble. I'rka 50e, and $1.
iua-atit!.-il hy li Oraniio I'rug Co.,
andNealiu Drug Co., Druggists. a.
J D Mo Kennon, of I orauda is
shipping potatoea from hero. .:
Ryan Newton Company of Butte,
shipped quite a few cars of potatoea,
they are also buying apples. .
L M Jenaon la putting on tnetronolt
tlon aira, Hia store is certaloly well
stocked, and be invites comparison
both in prices and quality with La
orande. . .., . .
Mr Williams lata uf Arkansas, la
having erected quit . a cooifoi table
borne... ..k Jack -
R N Osteopathic axiom that "the
blooi is tbe life of any tissue' leada as
to a serious consideration of our resour
ces io tbe treatment of those forma of
malnutrition commonly spoken of aa
anaemia. It (a a well demonstrated
fact that such cases treated Osteopath,
ically and taken in time are always
benefitted, and it is a fact equally well
established that tbe old school physi
cians are helpless Id these cases. Of
the old-time classics, iron Is not apt to
be absorbed, and arasnic la a poison
antagonistic to animal life, and prone to
cause fatty degeneiation instead oi
atlnulating normal processes. ..
The Osteopath puta nothing into the
system to burden the organs of ellmina
tion and leave tbe subject weaker in the
end. He adjusts the machinery of the
body and stimulates dormant forces
into activity. This increased force aud
strength is, being obtained
in a natural way, and is aa much a part
of the body, as any function. '., '
. It is my pleasure at the piesuit time
to be treating five of these patients, not
one of whom at '.lie la-gtiiulng of treat
ment could, boast of weighing over
ninety-fonr pounds, while at tbe present
time their weight will raDge from -one
hundred and four t oue -hundred and
sixteen, with impioved geteral health
in proportion, . Alter the well known
drug V'reconatructives" bad been, tried
and found wanting, It Is fair tn conclude
that Hie normal stimulation, which waa
receivid from Osteopathic treatments,
could not have been obtained In other
ways. j
uuiy two inings aianu in cno way of.
the most brilliant results in the Osteo
pathic treatment of at-aemia, namely :
the fact that patients do not aa a gen
eral thing give the Osteopath a flr.t
chaut-e, and as a rule do not per.lst In
the treatment a reasonable length of
time. Even: with' these obstacles in
tlie way, liowevt r. In many cases our
highest expectations have been more
than realized. Osteopathic Health.
Dr. Moore, Sommor Uldg.
La orande, Oregon. "
Cleaninj Time
Does your alley or yar I need tl an
ingf Have yon any old, rubbish that
needs to be taken away? If so, ring up
phone 1231, and you can get ths gar
bage wagon. '
' 8-18.1 IB
whole wheat, f 4; rye flcur, $4.50 aud
OATS No. 1 white, 11.171; gray
j $1.10 per cental.
j MILL8TUFFS Bran, f 18 per ton;
I middlings, f 24; shorts, $20; obop, U.
j S. mills, 10; linseed, dairy lood $19
I HAY Timothy, $16 per too; olov
I er, $12; grain, $12; cheat, $13.
I -
I Potatoea, 60 to 76 cents per aaok.
j Oniuus 8(J ceute to $1.00 'per sack.
! Eggs Oregon, 16j17 OU, Eastern
! Oi la 89-
duiter i;reamery, zo and BOo,
Dairy, 17 and 20o, att.rc 0810o lb
Poultry Chiokens, mixed 10c per
pound, spring. 10o and bens,
JOc , turkeys live, - 17 and 18c
lb dressed 18 and 20o lb-, ducks, $6
and 7 er dos. geese, 8c lb.
Cattle Dent sieeir. and $4.0(1, j
meuiuni, .uu; cow. j.zo auu U.W
Hogs Beat large, fat $5.26; medium
arge fat 4.76
8her- Beet weather. $3,60; mired
sheep 13,
n'Tlh.;'! Handjonie Men
t.. 1... 1 1.1.
Should protrot their
- beauty by eeriug that
they have only
To shave them. We
will protect your face.
Evans & FitzgeralJ
rClassifieci, Ads'
FOR BALE A yearling',. heifer, bait
Jeresf and ball Durham, Inquire at
tbla office or phone 1008.
FOR SALE t Single Dise Beet Plows
.. for aale cheap, , Also S avddla ponies
one half Shetland. S gotd jingle
driving bones, J. E, Keybolda.
... . FOR SALE
(.Indian Runner Duck eggs tbori
ough bred iwporlad stock, toly lim
ted number. 1 W. N. Monroe," Ia
Orande. !. )- d4w. '
.1 All the fixtures of the Cove dreamery
laoloding one eight boree.1 poweneoglnsi
and ten horsepower boiler, 1 churn and
batter works, and , a large cheese-press
vats ate. , . . ,
' , Mrs Matt Mitchell
S-3-U - . Cove, 0regon:
:- FOB 8ALV .V;': '
i Two acre tract, East ol the Ls Grande
Flouring mill, one half In good bearing
orohard.-1 Small. oottager and good bare.
Wjlllaell tor casb pr yli: trade ron'gpod
work horses.
.....ju.m urout ;
La Orande Ore. '
FOR 8AI,E- Large ' two etory: bouse,
-' good bam,-about 7 1 acres of land
J witb orchard forssleV'wlll 1 take' part
payment either in city 'property
or farm land; "Sightly; "located ; In
' 't Id towni For parMoolart inquire at
this office or of K Damon s-u 4-1-tt. ,
FOR SALE 160 sacka of fine early rose
, seed potatoes. mile east of L Olden
' burg's farm.
. 4-6tt : JSCbandler i
FOR eALE Two aote block with 'new
5 room house,' barn, mit1 houses,- Well
"improved (1100, time given on part,
This will bear Investigation' situated
' on N Cherry aod N'Street.
1 4-S tf " ' Fred waring.
LOST Between ., 1408 Adams- Avenuf
and fecrest .Bros. Uardwaret.aod
v Second iHeod Store,, one dark 1 - red
, leather bill book containing 'depeeif
certltleates on it ;Orande JJationsl
: Bank to the amount of three hundred
. twenty five dollars (f32S). Certificates
for Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Henderson,
, Finder , please , leave ; eame at j
Grande National Bank and receive;
reward,' Papera of no value except to)
owners. "' '' '3-22-tl ' j
FOR: RENT A. 1 five' room furnished
house lor rent 1 ror particulars pnone
771 or 1938 or Inquire of Mrs O W
Henry. 4-1
" We have just received a new lot ot
paiier back novelr. In addition to tliese
we have added SOP cloth bound books to
our exchange library. 1 ' 1
'. - , A
Pleasant rooms and good board tor
gentlemen. Inquire at 601 T street
known as the Hughes house.' 3-4 -tf
' PASTURE . "!
Much more abundant than last year,
and open lor all-kinds of stoek during
April; Small pastures for stock needed
at short notice etc. Apply to'dllO. U
BU Old town. P. O. Box 14. Tele
phone 11173. - , tf '
Having disposed of my grocery liu's-
ness, I would like all those who are IP'
debted to me, to please caU and settle.
either by cash or note. My .books are
at C LiThorn's grocery store on Kir
street, where settlement can be made.
i Tf ' . O-H FOWtiKRj
i Two girls to learn the -millinery trado
at once. Inquire of Mrs J B Forrest
tf. '
NOTICE-ls hereb given that I have
: given my son William Wilkks hie
i time and from this date I will not' be
1 responsible for any debt contracted
! by bim, or any contracts he may make,
Marobl,1904. . ,-.' . ,
, 8-22-tf - lAngosteRothlage. , .
ROSES 3 roses ROSES ,
I can furnish yon with the best hardy loses :
one year old at 25o each, br two years old at 45o. "
s t-Also all kinds of plants, such as Pansies, Asters,
" Petunius, Daisies, " Candytuft, eto, I make a
specialty ot all outside wot k, praniug, grafting, '
landscape work, gardening, lawn mowing, etc.,
at very reasonable rates, t Give me a trial, I will V
guarantee to give satisfaction. All kinds of trees,
shrubs, small fruits, Cabbage, celery and tomato
plat-is. " ,Open Suudays from 8to 12 a. m. , r. ...
wm;-GILPIN, . "
Phone 1161 . , Greenhouse n
R. Smith President
J. M. Bsbkv Vice President
J. M. Church Cashier
F. L. Mktksd Asst. Cashier
' 3653 '
f . - . . iivt
t- Orauda.
TrauSMta a general banking business. Buys and sella exchange en
II part of the world Collections a specialty. -, .
The Er.- Inblf staff, 'ooly
specialtiata for men. eon.
tiooe to cure all ohronio. private ' and
nervoua ailments.'of Importance, skin
diseases, ihematisui, oatarrab, 'sic.
Dr. A. C. Stoddard, Fh O.. for tl
yeara medioal direotor.: 74 sixth St4
Portland, Or. Ill Veeler AVay, Beat.
le,Waab. Call write. , ;
month oan be made by parties who
can invest from 1500 to 11500. One
eastern investor made 60,OOO in
1903. call or write, for .particulars
Tbe Wm.R. White Cp, SIS. Pipe Ifit
roruana, Oregon. .
.., . ... .. VQ
rasiure, wooo, norses, nouses
' Good feed and small pasture1 easily; ;
reaohed 11.25 . for single bead per
month, rates less for' bunobee. Best
yellow plue and other wood !in; any
length, work, riding and driving
hones for aale. Houses tor rent in
the beat residence sites la ' the'' com-'
munity. Apply 1101 B st old town.
PO Box'341, Phone 1276. ; 4-6-11
Centraf Church of Christ
Opposite Sommer House.
Pastor's Office Hours 1 to 2:30
Freev Reading Uoom"6petf-rrduT
noon until 9 p m. Men and '
. '-''A boys iiiviterl.-' ' ''
Bible tcbool Sunday 10- a m
' Preacbing Sunday 11 a m and'
. 7:30 p b. :-y:'yt
Prayer Meeting .Wednesday at
1 7:30 p. m.":r:'
las as tssai Wiuk HusTaarra.
UwftVwia -HMl 4TW ts Uw
Slwart" iLt&i w'aak ttasaUtSn
aaat Is SMis Inaa UM snaikinSiI
AalaraaBsailiifiWs am Sal .
sattaaa aaaaa ana worlklaM tra .
cam. DaWltt'sWaeaHaMiaitrs.
KtNe (of MlMI BSai, Bmdtns,
ral rratnidtiit Files. AUaCula, .
onpNi, DPfimii kKsMioni4t
boa, Mi, CavtwMlM, lwta T
am Mm, ml an t
E.C. DeWitt 4 Co.,cticae
. For Sale by all Druggists-
Geddes Bros.
Why aro 0Mc- llrns. kept so
biisyT' Why d they Sell Hie best
goods at the lowest prices. -Pi-eferred
Bt'k Tmnatnea 8 for 50o
: Preferml Stock Corn 8 for BOo
Preferred Stork Salmon 8 for 60d
Preferred Stodk Peas - 8 (of 50e '
Preferred Htook Beans 8 for BOo
Don't pay other grocers 20 cents '
a can for any of these goods.
Standard tomatoes, oorn, beans
peas, etc., 2 for 26 cents. '
They have the best butter made
In the vaUoy, and their creamery
bnttorhaeno equal here. Try
It and see. ',.J
Dill picklee, Heinle's mince
meat, Swift's pickle pig feet,
premium hams, loose olives. ,
Everything taoty, nice and cheap
. Telepbon 401 .
J. M. Berry, J. M. Church
A. B. Conley, B. Smith
. L. O. biunley
: t-
I -r'sa "''-. A
Rtijti Noli Oiir
i Success
And Inenaae of;huslnese front
Jul; I, ItiSrt, to JulylB, 1903, If
Suriilna fund accum
1J, 600.0(1
Capital paid in
Reliability of a
o u, 11 u 0.0
...6 0,000.01
positon.......,18 0.0 1
Jlposlt'bjeeio I
check were, on ... v . ft
July 15, 1891 - " nj 9 8J3$
:- ii"'" I8M 7 ji8 g BMf
A'U-" ;-.,.: S726.1
" . 1894 :. . SO.OUJU
189 V'-t 43.84 8.lJ
- 1897 11 ' ri' 43,8 4 7.63
;;ffi'!98A 'fi 7 87 7 CM
" .1899 88,760.19
f l9O0 f" 8 9, 7 0 3.9CT
:i Vm-thU .8 8,7l,6J!f
: " 1602 7 7.2 4 6.39
V -. ,0p3iS 'I 3;2 ,1 OS.76I
Ooos pot th bve figures as-'
sure you that the management of
'this bank meets wltn the approval
of Its board of directors and psW
jfonsi .Bd .tomnuuwe,futi
patronage. We want vour 1 v jyj
lngBnsIncss; large orsmalEf'",-.:;'
interest will be protected at tbe ,
nrmert and Trader Nauoiu) :i
A. great opgprtunitjrj (or "you
to Dreea to one or tne;Dest at
very low price -1 . will
iiiaVa :'.
tbia season witb. my .imported
fmgous' .Hojkney stallion ' '
' ' With roturn priviiege $3 pay- -.-tible
"t in ' acyance 't JNo other
terms. Can give good, referen
ces its to bja mIu... ,-y :-'v;t ' ''.
. ' . .. ui.'C, Hansen .'
Delightful Route, Daylight Ride,
Dizzy Orftgsrreep CftrfSne..
A.Goim$ pppdrtattityfeSe fji
nature lns all her glqrioue ' .
lie'iuit. and I tfieti; tbet acme of
inan's lmndiwork. ?Tlie Brst ia
found Jalrig Jtl,iaie 4t the
Denver & RioQran'ftratlroad
and tbn luttxr at the St. Louia . '
World's Fair,-. Your trip will be 5
one of plensure make tbe mort
ol iti For Information and illna ' ':
irot'ed:,ni1fetureJwiti e X$X "
W, 0. MBRID E; Oen. Agt,
rPpttJjfind, Oregon : j
Union Pacific:
DEI'ABT vim. SehMi.1 '. OM !'
. .f uaaisiii, ; ' ; : : y
no. a ' ' vo .
ii- "ri'.v, PofiuuisV DsUes; M. WiTOlsaV, ':
KOI Clelou, WallaWalla, ':'.
"' Dayton, Vommt, NO,-,,
ws-m-L'rss ..;:;!
-.1 . ,th via Upo
, , ",' ' P Portlana, Dalles, Vm- ,, 1, i
NOo rtloton Umatilla Wal. vn
Mimcow, Wallace War a-afturm '
P:11pm ilner, Bpokaae and "-"i""
other poluta eaat and "i
" north viajHpokane. i
itniwtuu tmbtsr: and Elgin X Y
Bunilay TOnneotloqa atWgln; ..unite' .
9:16 a m with stage for points ..
I In Wallowa county - W
Ocean Stoamors between Portland f X
"an Francis, o every live days ,Sive f
j JUlta . ; ;
ces ' , lhm r :.
. 16 and cow""" :v
Uh for se
l l.
2V ':
i alU J'tMas1