La Grande morning observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1901-1904, April 08, 1904, Page 1, Image 1

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    1 A.
A Spirited Session, but the Nominees are Enti
, ( tied to and will Receive the
Full Party Strength.
The Ticket
Representative N OMoLeod, Elgin
Oletk Jamea B Oilman, La Grande
' Sheriff J W WalJon, Onion
Assessor lien Qromi, Inland City
Recorder D U Pr.iotor, Elgin
Coraminiioner J M Seldere, Cove
" Treasurer John FrawUy, Summer
ville. Sebool Superintendent R A Wil
kinson, La Uranda
Surveyor T R Berry, Union
' Corooor J C Henry, Lk Grande
Elgin was the . p ilitioal en er of
thought and action ul tlin o uinty
Mens Superbly Tailored Suits
and Topcoats
To a compllsh this we rrnllze that we must place this Btoie firmly lu the minda of still greater numbers of
men as trw eafnat place In the state to purchase clothes. The lines have been carefully selected aftor a
thorough, personal lniiei'tiun of thi most reliahH pm tactions of trn8t.v..rthy rainiifiiGturora. Culm, Wilmpold
& Co'a. superb line IB our leader. The values have been made absolutely greater and more apparent than
ever before fnr the rrieej. -.,
No'i y Pinelieck worsted fn t
lniiortul lilm k lliibel uit
Swell So cli tweed suite
Smoi tU liulfhyil CHPsinieretiiiilH
llood Wo liiiigU.n ('lu vi' I nitE
Black clay worste-t s-m-s
An enormous aiitlieiin of the
dressiest s-cav-s fur eoi reel prine
and summer wear.
Coats out in the l.ew :t Ini ton
and 4-bnttrn ed ka. Al o ilnjjle
and double breamed .-
Evtry ganni'Lt if of finest cus
tom tailoring eort. metropolitan
etylts, high-clssi finishing. ,
In fit every karmenl lonfurm
to the figure, n matter whai
position y u nvninu.
BtlUllig. een b lin.l bllltun
boies made to withstand' severe
strains, long and peri-Went wear.
Tbis is the teason wlim obronic throat find lung troubles get their
start. Any cough is teri us enough to have prompt attention and
it is also important that th? bait poih'.e lem jdy is secured. We
hopf you will try our
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cough cure. It is pleasant to lake and cures as quickly as any safe
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Thursday. The opening ol the cam
paign started by the holding ol the
Republicin county convention.
At 11:30 county chairman JD
Ctsey oilleJ theoonveoti n to order
en 1 8?oretary W B .Sargent read tb
On motion of J. F Baker, Cbaa E
Coahrao was noninated temporary
obairman, H G Rinehart moved the
the no-nination be made unanimous
which carrie I.
WB Sargent wa uominited tem
porary secretary which was made nn-
animouB on motion ISO McLeod.
lu taking the ch. lir Mr Oiuhrao de- j
.t ''- 1 WMfOLO t CO.
'iMM ''rl I Anurlca't moat
?iErl I Clothe Mttw.
livered an eloquent address, citing tlie
laot that Oregon woulrt be the first
state to open the campaign which
would reault In plaoing the greatest
living champion of the righn tf the
public, Theodoia Roosevelt in the
presidential chair.
The chair on motion appointed the
following committees:
Jasper H Slevens, Ohaa Q Hugg,
Cove; 0 D Gondnough', La Qr anile;
J E Reynolds, La Grande; F W Davis
Union . .
E W Bartlett, La Grande; H 0
Rinehart, Surumerville; VY 0 Eyder,
Elgin; 0 W Noyee La Grande; JE
Foley La Grajide.
J vV Knowles La Grande; L A
wright Uuion; George Hapes Elgin;
J 1' Baker La Grande, W 6 MoM.ll
leo Starkly. ;
J H Peare La Grande; F Ktlpatriok
La Graude; J 0 Bun net t Summeiville
SO Swaokhammer Union; J L Tuck
er Inland City. . ;
After the chair announced tbe oom
mttties the convention adjourned un
til 1:30 . .. . ; .
Upon reconvening the reports of
tbe credential was adopted also tbe
Fani'5 strips worked suits
Mixtl Englich wor-ti-d tnils'
2 -piece q Hurler lint! hjnie
spun suits.
Con. crash c ate ami trnt.ners
Kflncy mlxetl cheviot tojicnuls
Fine covert cloth topcoats
The man in ilu picture is weur
I k a b i' Menlical with the ones
we are Belling,.
The artist drew this picture of a
man wear!.. gone of our garmeuta
o as to show you the exa-t np
pfarance of this suit in a trying
You do not hove to bo of regu
lar p oportioiif, fur m to fit you.
Our eizeB run !a longs, ellmi
and at -utfl, so that wo cin meet
ihe reqoircuir-iite of your figure a
well as any t nil or.
All ourijArtucnts larthe Union
iaM the symbol r f sanitary ami
or thy gixKls.
Hon 8ii i: s and topcoat (15 to $18
oommitty'a report on organ'iation
which raa o make tbe temporary or-
ganiiatioo permanent .
Tae report of tbe committee on re
solutions a followj was adopted.
Resolutions Adopted
RE80LVED, that vra earnestly en
dorse tbe present Republican adminl
stratlon ta admini tered by President
Koosevelt tid earnestly desire his re
noeitnatlon as president.
RESOLVED, that we compliment our
present senators and representatives
for the earnest work they have dons lu
behalf of onr teloved state.
RESOLVED, also that we as re pre
sentatlves of tbe republican party of
this countv, realizing that there baa
been disscntlon in our ranks in the
part, would earnestly favor any propoei
tlon that ia equity would promote bar
mony In the paity aud acceptable to
the majority ol the republican party.
Com on Resolutions.
Thus far there was not a jtr until
tbe report on order of business. Tbe
majority report favored ono. delega
tion to both state and congressional
conventions the minority report fav
ored ten delegates to eaob. Ihe vote
on this question was the first test vote
to show the relative atreog' li of tbe
Moody and Williamson supporters re
sulting in a vote of 33 to 60 in favor
of the Moody men adopting tbe ma
jority report.
Following the adopted order of busi
neas tbe folio., ing ticket wr.s nominat
ed. For repr .'Mutative attorney N 0
MoLaod of Elgin was nominated by
J F Baker and on motion of J w
Knowles was deolared tbe uuanimoua
cboioe of the convention.
In response to ories for a b peach
Hr McLeod oortainly demonstrated
his ability that when elected be was
qualified on the 11 lor of tbe leglnla-
tme to maintain and oarry out tbe
wishes of bis constituents.
Jamea u Utlham of La Uranae was
nominated for olerk by Lucius wright
of Union. Mr Gilliam deultned at
this tin e and this order of busineen
w passed, wheu taken up latter Mr
Gilham aocepted the nomination and
In ovation teudered him oortainly
wus inch to convince him that he
would receive the hearty support of
ivory delegate in. the couvuntiou.
J vi wtldon ol Uuion waa nominat
ed for riheriff b acclamation.
For Assessor Ben Browo ol Island
Oity was nominated without oppmi
tiou. I) H Proctor was renominated by
reclamation for Reoorder.
Tbe fiist con lee t was for oimmis
inner the nominees being P A Mo
Donald of Alioel and J M Beldors of
the Cove the resu't of tbe vo e being
34 to 66 in favor of Mr Bnldere. .
A Republican ticket would not be
ocroplete without tbe name of John
Frawley for treasure and be was no
minated by acclamation.
For rlchool Superintendent R A
Wilkinson of La O rands waa unanim
ously chosen .
T R Berry of Union waa nominal) d
for county surveyor
For Goronor J O Henry and Dr
willard Smith were placed in nomi
nation tbe ballot standing 75 to 15 in
favor of Mr Homy.
Precinct Officers
John E Huff was nominated for
Juatloe of tbe Peace and J M Frasiei
for Constable for La Crande,
Following the completion of tbe
tioket osine the selection of 10 dele
gates to tbe state and eongressional
conventions. At this j ncture the
following resolutions were adopted and
a battle royal was waged on tbe II Kir
for over one bour:
W'llEHEAH, the factional differences
In the Republican party of this county.
have resulted in the laat eight years,
in the election of democrat to all the
political and Important offices; and,
WHKRKAB, the majority of the re.
publican party is so imall in this
conn'y, that it is necessary to have unit
ed and harmonious action in the ail
ministration of party e Hairs, in order
to be suucei'ful at the pills at the com
ing election; therefore;
BE IT RESOLVED, that it is the tin
psrative duty of Ihe delegates In this
convention asaemhled. to lay aside, for
the common party good, all personal
and factional differences and ambitions.
BE IT RKHOLVEI), that we favor
electing a statu and corigreealonsl dele
gstion, selected from the different sec
tions of the county, si cording to the
representation of snch sectlou In this
convention, and that each locality, by
its delegates In this convention make
the seleotion and that such selection be
ratified by this convention.
BE IT RESOLVED, that tbe delega
tion to the state Congressional conven.
tlon, be selected from men of each of
the reeognlsed party factions in equal
proportions, instructed to cast one half
of the vote of this county for erntrse-
ni an Williamson, and one half ol said
vote for ex-congressman Moody. :
Here it was demonstrated what a
thoroughly organised minority may
aoomplish. Tbe Williamson forces an
der the leadership of j w Knowles, F
S Ivanboe, Q M Rlchey, H B Oavana
and others in tbe interests ol bat mony
pleaded for a divided delegation and
tbe result of tbe vote on a motion to
lay the resolution on tbe table shows
how nearly tbey succeeded. Tbe vote
to lay on table 46, opposed 41, blank
votes 6. Tbe leaders on the floor who
opposed the resolution were J A Good
brod, J F Baker, and K w Bartlett
who took the position that an in
structed divided delegation would
have no standi igor influence in the
conventions. ,
; Following the tabling of tbe resolu
tions came the election of 10 delegates
to tbe state and congressional con
ventions resulting In tbe selection ol
tbe following: ;
O E Cochran, 8 O 8wokhamer, Di
0 T Bacon Judd Geer Frank Kllpat
riok jos Nibley j M Craig U G Couoh
U O Mapes and Charles Hug.
Mo instructions were made bui
there is no question but all rill sup
port Mr Moody if bis name is present
ed, while tbe eootrst was presuinsd
to bava been made along tbe Moody
aod Williamson lines tbe prosecuting
attorneyship was no small factor, Tbi
success of tbe Moody men was con
strued to mean anti-Ivauboe. A di
vided de'egation would mean at least
6 delegates for M'. Ivanhoe in tbis
oouniy. The result is now said to
narrow tbe ooi.teat for district attor
ney to Mr Luuiai of ; Union and Mi
Moore of Baker City.
Cbaa K Cochran as a result ol his
ruling on ail questions was unani
mously elected chairman of the coun
ty ceotral committee and the effici ni
8-rvinea of tbe past made w B Sargentn
election as secretary likewise uuani
moua. After Ilia nominations for preoinot
ulficers aud committeemen and the
vote of thanks for the careful consid
eration of the convention at the bands
of the good oitisns of Elgin the oon
voution adjourned. ' They did a good
days work, placed a good tieket in tbe
field, one that every republican oan
an J will support uezt June.
Extraordinary Values
in Boys' Clothing
If you have not visited our boys' department lately
ycu can not realize the purchasing power ol your
dollar. We CAN, AND DO, give more REAL value
in boys' wearing apparel than any house in Eastern '
Oregon This coupled with the largest in all lines
that are necessary for the dressing of the coming man
easily makes us the Boys' Outfitters of the season.
This is not a leader but a
true index to tbe large as
sortment open for your
inspection in our boys' de
pitrtmmit. Neat dark mixed
pnttems made in Norfolk
style 11.50.
Moody Forces Were in
Moody Delegates will go to ;;r:;i
, Portland.
Enterprise, April 7 Special to the
Observer At the Republican County
convention for Wallowa oounty held
in Joseph today the Moody forces
were in control of the organisation.
Tbe delegates ta the State Convention
are all avowed Moody men and will
support Hr. Mo dy for Congress at
the State Convention. - Tbe following
oounty ticket was nominated:
Oounty Judge, A. O. Miller; Com
Convention Chairmen
Washington, April 8 Ex-Beoretary
Root will be temporary obairman and
Speaker Cannon permanent obairman
of tbe Republican National Conven
tion at Chioago. Tots is in accord
ance with the conclusions of leading
Republican politicians In Washington
and it is understood tbe arrangements
meet with tbe approval of those , in
itber parts of tbe country - who 'have
aeen oonsulted. : '
Easter Party
: The Damon Krant gave an enstnr
party last night at the home of Mra O
8 Williams anUirtalned by Mrs James
Snodgrass and MrB Williams. " III the
hird contest MIsr liMna Hchllke and Mr
Kred Kiaher won first nriwis. Coiiuulu
lion prices wuro won by Mr Giehel unci
Mlas Mario Omrk. Ill iiiityinn. th
l.ovorB Knot Mlsa Kniina Clnrk scciiieil
Urst hunoi'B, A delicious lunch was
aerved. : ' .V' :"' ""' : ' '1" ' :
Miss Martin Aldrlch ami Miss Ueesie
Wurahill will be the next entertainers.
A. E. and S. L
The A E and S L n:et WeduCHday
evening at the hunie of Mra 1) Hais.
ten, where tbey were pleaaantly enter
tained. Tne evening waa spent in
playing ' Flinoh" an I "Trix," after
whtob refreshments were served.
Those present were : Mr and Mrs
Made in tbe Norfolk style
this euit is all wool, a
garment of real met it, such
as yon have alway been in
tbe habit ol' paying 4 CO to
5.00 for. We have priced
thuin at 3,75. ,
Control There Too, and
missioner J T Van! Camp, Sheriff J O
Shackolford, Clerk Ben T Weathers,
Assessor 0 M Lock wood, Treasurer J .
P Hamilton, Bobool Supt J W Kerns,
Surveyor J I) Zuioher, Coroner Dr E :
RSeeley, , ,. j , "
The delegates to the State Conven
tion are: ' " ,' - " ' ' ,
Geo Hyatt, J A Rumble, J H Dot
bin. E A Holmes, w. H Allen and w H
Baker. T -
J Whlby, Mr and Mrs A V Oliver, Mr .
aod Mrs J K Wright, Mr and Mrs
jonn jininony. mrs u w i nomas ana
Miss Berger. Quests who were enter
tained were Mr and Mrs H B Halsten -
and Mr Jas flaUten., ,v. ....
. Birthday Dinner;,-
Russell W Cross, wife, daughter and v
granddaughter all dtped yeaterdaj at
the 'home o( Mr and Mra WB Campbell
In hoiKir or. Mr. jCampbell's birthday,
An elegant dinnef was served nd Mr
and Mra Campbell related many Inter
eating incidents of their -travels in Ar .
Isoua an I California during tie past
winter. After a 'most enjoyable day
gocd byes were said and good wishes
expruHsod. The day-was ono long to be
reniomliernil. f . , '
; " Whist Club'
The VVblat Club was entertained
Thursday afternoon at tl.e home of
Mra Book, by Mrs -Book - aod Mrs
Oavana. Thn firl prize waa won by
Mrs White and the second by Mrs
. Those present . were ' Mesdsme
Knoil, Pattiaon, Remilard, Erloksonj
Given, Molden, . Hoetcb, ; Bargee tj
While, Dunn, Ormond and Bnodgrassi
The next meeting will be at tL4
home of Mrs Sargent who will be
assisted in entertaining by Mrs Ori
long pants suits
In fitnoy mixed wool suit-jfl
ingA, CBRBiruere and obevfV
raugiug from ages JQ K yf g.
suits -that havv
been regarded" .. .";
values at M'l.tu
-S3"-, -