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0"ly IS dkys more
Only 15 days more
Annual Clearance Sale
Only 15 days of our great annual clearance sale
gone by, during which time we simply surprised our
selves at the wonderful patronage the prices we are
selling merchandise brought to ns, and there are still
For the public to secure the greatest values ever of
fered in Union County at prices so extremely lo
that com petition-is not a comparison
' i
you tradb elsewhere. We simply think you are
misguided or have not investigated. Take an hour
off and let us show you some of the advantages to be
gained by tradiug'htre. Within the last twelve
month cotton has advanced 55 per cent. You'd hard
ly thiuk ii to see our present prices on cotton goods.
wwm ime w am
During this sale up to date, we have sold i more
mens suits than we anticipated and we can eandidly
state that every department in our store has moved
likewise . tf the people who have not seen the bar
gains offered by us during this sale were to call at the
store and compare prices and values, lliey would go
away with their arms full. We are positive of this
from our sales during the past 15 days. Remember
yru have 15 more days to get in on these
' Every article in our store reduced except thread,
Patterns, Douglass and Reed shoes. See our
$5 MensSuits $5
$1 Shoe counter $1 $1 Shoe Counter $1
The Chicago Store,
1209 Adams Ave. La Grande, Oregon
Chas. Holland Arrested
For Stealing Double
trees. Marshal takes
Possession And is
Himself Arrested.
There vat something doing in Jai
tiee Urant's court yesterday,
Tbe whole matter wu over a double
tree tbet wu uken from Jok Hill's
wagon. Investigation led Hill to be
lieve tbat it waa taken by Obarlea Ba
llad of tbe Old Town, Iu company
witb Mareball Rayburn tbejr found
tbe property in bin possession and Bo
land waa arrealed and the Marebal
took possession of tbe doubletrees.
Bolaud waa releated on bia own reoog-
niance the trial waa ael for 4 o'olook
in tbe afternoon but waa postpones! to
7;30 in the evening and again post
poned lintil 10 o'olock this morning.
10 toe aiiernoon a warrant waa eerv
ed on Jack Hill and Marabal Bay-
barn, ohargiog tbem witb the laroeny
of the above property. They Siave
not been arraigned yet.
When court open tbia morning
Justice Graot will require a bond to
cover eoata by tbe plaintiff in both
eaaea, aa tbe value of tbe double-tree
la only about $5 ' What effect tbia mfy
haw remaint to be aeen
Tbe basis of the trial againat Sir
Hill and Marahal Rayburn ia that
tbey had no authority to take the
prop uly.
Were Re-elected.
Iandianapolis, Jan 20 John Mitchell
waa re-elected president, Lewis vice
Annual Inventory Sale lasts until
T ANUARY 25th.
Heavy cuts on goods you want more and also on
goods you will need after awhile.
We have quoted no prices yet but tin bargains
we have already turned out in our Men's Furnishings
and Suit department, and our Ladies' Suit Depart
ment speak for themselves.
Men's Wear
Any Suit in the house " " " $10.00
$16.00 and $18.00 Overcoats " " $12.00
Everything in Men's Fumithiugs reduced.
Ladies' Wear.
Ladies' Tailer Suits One-half prioe. All Silk
Waists at COST. Ladies' Jackets One-half price.
All Dress Goods at one-fonrth off. All ladies' Furn
iehings reduced in prices.
BOYS WEAR $10 Suits for $7.50; $8.50 Suits $7.00
$5 00 Suits at $3.00 and up.
CHILDRENS WEAR Reduced oue-half, and many
reduced to cost.
SHOES. A lively reduction on Men's, Ladies' and
Children's SHOES.
We defy competition on this sale. Prices talk
and everything mnrked in plain figures. Avail your
self of the mauy bargains offered.
The Wao"e Failure
The Hon. James H. Raley wbile It
Portland on tbe 24th tboe talked
about tbe Wade failure to the Journal
"The failure of O. B. Wade," said
the oolonel, "la atlll . the main
topio of diaousaioo In Pendleton.
However, I do not believe Wada'a lot
aea ere aa great as is generally
thought, and while tbe failure waa
a great ehook to Wade and be la a
very aiok man, I feel be will pull
through all tight."
Deputy United States
Marshal Al Roberts
After the Postmaster
at Greenhorn in Ba
ker County.
Deputy United States Harahall Al
Roberta arrived In Baker Oity tbia
morning and went to Gwenhorn to
get Defrauder Postmaster Kelly, wbo
will be taken to Portland for a bear
ing before tbe United States author!
It will be remembered tbat Kelly
waa recently found to be a defaulter
ia tbe turn of about $1000.
The Sheriff of Tillamook
County is Short In
His Accounts and At
tempts to Strike a
Ballance by Suicide
Tillamook, Jan 26-finer IB Henry H
Alderman, of Tillamook County, phot
and killed himself in hia barn here yes.
terday morning. He bad been ill lor a
month and there had alto been trouble
about a discrepancy in bia official booka
which he had previously declared he
, could make good. A warrant had been
; issued fur his arrest for a shortage of
Pendleton Man Cuts His Wife's Throat and
Shoots Himself-Attend the Play and Then
Enact a Tragedy of Their Own.
Mr. Smith: Hra, Brown and 1
have gat tired nl life and you will find
us on the hill south or southeast of
her. Pleats aee tbat my ttfteis
reach my mother at Reinbeok, ' lowc
Address Mrs. M. A. Brown.
truly, John T. Brown,
Tbia aot wai voluntary with both
Beit Whitman can explain.
them slightly aa Mrs, Brown bad
worked lor Hra. Lowell for some time.
: Bulletin No. 50 .
The Observer., reoeived r yesterday
Bulletin No. 60 January 1804 conta.n-
jng 218 pages. ..... i-;.-
- Pendleton, Jan. -36 (Special to the
Observer) Tbe above note is prebapa
the only explametion the world wil
ever receive regarding tbe murder a- d
suicide which occuied here early this
Tbe facta in tbe ease as they ; p
pear warrant the aup;oaition chat
John T. Brown killed hie wife and
then killed himself.
Tbe bodies were found just as tbe
note indicated, on the high hill neni
town, reposing iu a pool of blond.
Tbe womant throat waa tnjt Ironi ear
to ear, and a pistol ba'l bad penetrat
ed ber heart. The man had evidently
first cut her throat and then fearing
tbat bit gastly work wae not complete
bad ahot her in oider to maka sure.
There were trud stains upon his knees
and handa which would indicate that
he had firmly held hor until she bad
ceased to struggle. After satisfying
himself that tbe waa dead he had
gently placed bis ovorcoit over tOo
body and plaoing himsoll beside her
with her outstretched arm for a pil
low eent a ahot dashing into his
brain. In this ondition . they were
found early this morning by UheiiiT
iro. He was employed as teacher for
' munay sanooi, wiuie ma wife was
crkhig in tbe houvebold of Mr. and
Mrt.E. L Smith Thry were young
people, apparently about Si) or 36
Yours y8' of air-, and tbe woman Waa good
looking and had a refined face and
earner. She was studying under the
tugelage oi lier b (if band to fit bereell
lor a position in the schools and seem
ed to be ohcer.'ul and happy. As far
as known titers was no trouble of any
mud between tier husband and her
self. ... '
E. L.'Rmith, at whose home Mr
and Mrs. Brown .had been : rooming
for sum time says that at far as could
be seen t'lere waa no lack of harmony
between theiouplo.
J Salvation Army
Major Dobbin will -tlbld a speoinl
meeljng here at the Salvation Army
Hall, Tbunday night 8 p. m. Jan. 28.
Also meetings here every night at 8
p. m. .s;v- '"
Every one invited. -"
1 h's morning a letter waa found
in Hie stove in the room used by
Drown and his wife that casts a dif
ferent light mi the sulj-ot. : The let
ter was written hy Mri. Browo to h. r
brother Tom, and told him that by
the ti mo lie received Ilia letter she
would be dead. That a orisis had
come in her life tbat only tragedy
oould settle, and that aiie had deoided
.u euu it. nn. sue nan tound a man
in this state that she, loved better
than her litirbaud. Here the letter1
tnded nbrutly ar.d :iad been lorn Into!
pieoea and thrown into tbe stove.
FELL 1500
Fifteen Miners Killed by
Falling of a Cage
Cable Broke Identi
fication of Any of
the Victims is - Im
possible. :
Victor, Col, Jan 20 Fearlaen uiort
I were instantly killed this ; morning In
I the Stratton Independence mine by a
falling cage. The car became unmanago
able in the ascent and crashed into thu
sheaves at the top, brake tbe cable and
fell 1600 feet At the bottom was a
sickening spectacle, It being almost ini
posalUo to identify any victim as all
were completely dlauiembered. -
President Mine Workers' Federation'
president and Wilson secretary of the
Mine Workers' Federation, this morning.
Mr. Brown and hia wife went to
tbe play "Human Heaits." After the
play they returned to their room
about 12 o'clock, and remained
there until perhapj 2 o'clock, when
they were heard to leave the houvo
and did not return,
Tbia rooming when Mrs. Brown did
not eome down staire, Mrs. Smith
went to .the room to see il any word
bad been left In explanation, and
found the letter addreteed to Mr.
Smith, telling what to expect.
Mr, and Mrs. Brown were ncw
oooiers to this City, having reached
bare from Iowa about three morn Is
Birthday Party
Little Mifs Betta Bramwtll invited
a few of ber friends yesterday aftcr-
COKONEH'S JUKY IMPANELED j noon to the home of her parents Mr
The coroner, W. O. Oole impaneled ",d M f 8 Bramwelt tbe cocassion
a jury, owing to the f.ot tbat some! beiDg hr n",th blrthday nisary.
witnesses who were wanted could not ' T'iey " 4 '0,ook nd hd ,uoh
be found by that tinie, however tbe!io"5' ,ln,e ' PMng games, singing ,
inquest was postponed until 7 o'clook ! ,0nB' "d f"ukla ol dainty rofresb
thia evening. menta tbat Mrs Bramwell phoned the
Bnrt Whitman ii.n . ; parente of tbe little onea piesent si -
in!he , und o ! ' 7 "tmU.ion to keep them un-
1 t T ! .,' "J! 1 "T "id their little bet
rioay was see n and aaid that be kn
nothing i hat would cinee thorn to do
anoh an act, AH that he knew about
tbe couple w !s th:i' thry had lived at
his m other's place tor some time,
whilo Mr. Browo taught Boliool."'
Judge Stephen. A. Lowell knew
ea goodnight and hoped she would
live to aee many many more adver
saries. . Those piesent were Edna
Monnon, Naomi Kirtley, Erma Oeddus
Fern Geddes, Nora Arbuckle,' Edith
Rot so h, Alice Hill, lues Knowles and
Helen Currey. - , - A ;'
Club Committee
At a meeting of tbe board of direct
ors of tbe La Grande Commercial Olub
last night the following standing com
mltteewaa appnioted for the year;
House committee F L Meyers Wm
Miller and John 0 l t r,
Athletics J H Peare J B Oilbam C 8
Williams and J P Donnelly'
Entertainment J M Murpby A V
Andrews C A Vurpillat.
Finance J W Scriber T Oliver and
A S Geddes.
Preaident T W Walsh requests tbat
members of the above commiteet will
please consider tbie aa official notice.
W. 0. w.
All members of the La Grande
Camp No. 169 W. O. W. are requested
to be at tbe regular meeting, Wednes
day night, the 27th. inst. as matters
I importance to all members of the
O nip will be up for eonsideration.
Come at neighbors and tee what is
being done.
Yours faternally,
J. K. Wright.
Clerk of Camp No. 169.
Union County's Share is $1599.31 Great In
crease Over Amount Received Last Year
Money Go s to Schools.
Shop: P. SL between 3d and 4t
The State Treasury of Oregon baa
received from tbe United States Treat
ury the sum of 990,135.24 as the state
bare of the United States land tales
fund for the yetr 1904. Yesterday
afternoon the Secretary of State ap
portioned tbia fund Among tbe differ
ent counties of tbe state according to
the aoerage of eaob county. Tbe to
tal aoreage of the 8 lata of Oregon ia
60,957,760, end the apportionment per
acre ia $0,0014786508 Tbe fund this
year exceeds tbat received last year
from tbe government sale of land al
most fourfold, tbe amount received
last year beiog $23.865 90. Tbe $90.
185 received tbit year it apportioned
among the counties of the state as
- County Acerage
Baker 1,914 880
Brntoo 415,680
ileckama 1,107,2)0
Clatsop 62!,520
Columbia 431,040
Coca 1,004,480
CnrrT M
Economical Buyers
Are dtiligl.tor with the values
wo il Muiikfts.
we are ofleriug in fine
tionment $2,831.44
614 65
1,485 S8
Crook 6,122,500 7,674 4b
Douglas 3,203.300 4.825 37
Gilliam 659.200 974 73
Grant 2,874,500 4,'i'M 47
Harney 6,780,100 10,026.4'J
Jackson 1,786,880 2,042.17.
Josephine 1,099 620 1,02581
Klamath 3.914,240 6,787.79
Lake 5.130,240 7,.-85.83
Lane 2,004,100 3,8.'li.(54
Lincoln 037 440 Qiiii
Linn 1,451,620 2.1 10,i9
Malhuer f, "77 440 9 282 14
Marion 703.08 ) 1 ,04O.fi0
Moiruw 1289,240 1919.04
Multnomah.... 281.920 416.86
Polk 424,640 627 89
Sherman 613,280 76890
Tillamook 762,000 1,111.9.')
Cnatilla 1,879.680 2,779.39
Union 1,081,600 1,599,31
Wallowa 2,142,720 3,108.33
Wasc 1 950,080 2,88119
Washington.... 4(7,300 0 1 49
Wheeler 1,04,800 ' f.WM.fn'
Yamhill.,. 460,660 660,22
The total acreage is 6'l,l''.7,7rO ai d
appropriation $9 .136 24.
Witn n very few exceptions tbey ere all Pendleton Woo'
en Milh lilut'.ke's, Tlifse bluukets are well known for their
xfi lieiit. j:i ,iny, superior workmenship and finish. They
,,r" '' seseutHii Oregon Wool and all colored blank-
:ia iui-giiii-untrtoil absolutely fust colors. 'y
1 lie wlii c bluukets ere made from specially selected
wiml iifni will rrtufn their creamy white appearance.
All Blankets Are
Reduced 25 per cent.
Bear in mind that our tenth semi-annual Sale will list
only a few days longer.
Come now. It means saving
. ;;,;:'.-."-.te'