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    Appeal Tribune Wednesday, June 29, 2016 3A
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an asthma attack during
his second dive and had to
abort. Another Salem Scu-
ba instructor saw Burns
using as inhaler on the
On March 22, Laharty
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ies around the region. Pro-
gram officials specified
that the performance is
part of this year’s annual
Summer Reading pro-
gram’s “On Your Mark,
Get Set, Save!,” a state-
wide campaign that en-
courages kids and teens to
participate in summer
reading at their local li-
OCSP is underwriting a
series of free special per-
formances in libraries in
communities with a popu-
lation of 10,000 or less to
engage and motivate
young readers.
“Summer reading al-
lows kids to pursue their
individual interests while
maintaining and strength-
ening reading skills like
comprehension and vo-
cabulary,” said Michael
Parker, executive direc-
tor of the Oregon 529 Sav-
ings Network. “Those are
skills that can prevent a
child from struggling aca-
demically during the
school year, and help bet-
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photo collections.
“I’m focusing on peo-
through major catastro-
phes, and their photo-
graphs may have been
damaged,” Traver said. “I
love photos. I know the
impact a photo has. If I
can help bring people that
little bit of healing, that’s
His restoration proc-
ess can include drying,
demineralizing, scanning,
retouching and reprinting
photos. “Sometimes they
took Burns for a deep
dive. Within minutes of
reaching 60 feet, Burns
indicated he was out of air.
Laharty performed an
emergency uncontrolled
ascent to the surface, but
failed to safely maintain
control of Burns. Laharty
had to swim back down to
grab Burns.
Upon surfacing, Burns
was barely responsive.
Laharty called for help.
When medics respon-
ded, they were not able to
revive Burns. An autopsy
revealed Burns suffered
from chronic bronchial
asthma with early pneu-
monitis, dilated cardio-
myopathy and chronic
A forensic pathologist
said cause of death was
cardiac dysrhythmia as-
sociated with scuba div-
ing and an enlarged heart
with chronic asthma be-
ing a contributing factor.
The suit alleges that
both the doctor, medical
office, instructor and scu-
ba business were all negli-
According to the law-
suit, Neumann should
have performed tests
which would have dis-
If you go
ter prepare them for high-
er education in the fu-
The summer reading
campaign runs from May
1 through Aug. 26. Oregon
State Library counts
206,425 youth, ranging
from infancy through age
18, who signed up the pro-
gram last year at public li-
braries throughout Ore-
gon. Collectively, regis-
trants read 144,643 books,
achieved their reading
goal and completed the
2015 summer reading pro-
OCSP officials encour-
age parents to pick up an
entry form at the library
for a chance to win a $529
Oregon College Savings
Plan account, plus $500
for the winner’s library.
Up to 15 winners will be
selected in a random
drawing at the conclusion
of the program. The pro-
gram is a partnership be-
tween the Oregon College
Savings Plan, Oregon
State Library and the Ore-
gon Library Association.
To participate in the
campaign, Oregon par-
ents must first enroll
their children in the 2016
summer reading program
at their local public li-
brary, then fill out a post-
age-paid entry card, avail-
able at the library, and
drop it in the mail. All en-
tries must be postmarked
by Aug. 26 and received
by Sept. 1.
jmuch@Statesman or 503-769-
6338, cell 503-508-8157 or
follow at
Children's musician Rich Glauber will visit three local, east-Willamette Valley libraries in July:
Mt. Angel, Lyons and Jefferson.
come out better than they
were in their original con-
dition,” he said.
Clients with undam-
aged photos may be inter-
ested in having their hard
copies digitized and ar-
With 12 years as a pro-
fessional photographer,
videographer and jour-
nalist, Traver will con-
tinue to work his Mid Val-
ley Photography busi-
Sharing the space at
202 Jersey Street is Jesse
Rodriguez Construction,
a 12-year-old company
specializing in utility
work for cities, counties
and the state. The compa-
ny also installs septic sys-
Rodriguez, originally
from Scotts Mills, has
worked in construction
since the 1990s, opening
his own business in 2004.
His shop is located on Cas-
cade Highway, but this is
the first time he’s staffed
an office in Silverton.
community has grown
with the addition of Grat-
itude Yoga & Movement
Space at 211 West C
Street. Most recently, the
1,300-square-foot space
was a Mexican food mar-
ket, said owner Bridget
Clients pay monthly
fees to attend classes of
their choosing, most of
What: “Music in Action!”
with children’s musician Rich
Where: Performances at
several mid-Willamette Valley
libraries as part of the
Summer Reading Program
When: 3:30 p.m. Tuesday,
July 12, at Mt. Angel Public
Library, 290 E. Charles St.; 3
p.m. Thursday, July 21, at
Lyons Public Library, 279 8th
St.; 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, July
26, at Jefferson Public Library,
128 N Main St.
Web: visit www.richglauber
.com/ or www.oregon
qualified Burns from div-
ing, reviewed the diving
guidelines, known that the
blood pressure medicine
prescribed was inadvis-
able with diving and that
symptomatic asthma was
inadvisable with diving.
The lawsuit says the in-
structors should have
known Burns was at risk
of severe injury or death
if he continued diving af-
ter having an asthma at-
tack; didn’t safely moni-
tor Burns’ air supply and
allowed him to consume
air too quickly which cre-
ated an out-of-air emer-
gency; and didn’t main-
tain control of Laharty’s
backup regulator and
buoyancy compensatory
device which allowed
Burn’s backup regulator
to fall out of his mouth.
which are offered morn-
ings and evenings. Four
instructors teach yoga, Pi-
lates and Zumba and offer
personal training.
“I really wanted a
place that’s non-competi-
tive and body-neutral,”
Shook said. “I think it’s so
important to be in that
space of gratitude.”
In other business news,
over at Body Theory Fit-
ness, owners Janae Sen-
ter and Kristy Ward have
added a yoga studio and
new instructors to their
fitness space at 106 N.
First Street. And con-
struction continues at the
new O’Reilly Auto Parts
store at 120 C Street.
Notice of Preliminary Determination for
Water Right Transfer T-12228
T-12228 filed by James B. Roth, 7558 Indigo St
NE, Salem, OR 97305, proposes a change in
point of appropriation under Certificate 42212.
The right allows the use of 0.4 cubic foot per
second from a well in Sec. 2, T7S, R2W, WM for
irrigation in Sects. 2 and 3. The applicant
proposes to move the point of appropriation to
Sec. 3, T7S, R2W, WM. The Water Resources
Department proposes to approve the transfer,
based on the requirements of ORS Chapter 540
and OAR 690-380-5000.
Any person may file, jointly or severally, a
protest or standing statement within 30 days
after the last date of newspaper publication of
this notice, 06/29/2016 . Call (503) 986-0807 to
obtain additional information or a protest form.
If no protests are filed, the Department will
issue a final order consistent with the
preliminary determination.
Silverton Appeal June 22 & 29, 2016
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comments for Willamette
National Forest should be
emailed to Willamette-
mailed to ATTN: Recrea-
tion Fees, 3106 Pierce
Parkway, Suite D, Spring-
field, OR, 97477.
Zach Urness has been
an outdoors writer, pho-
tographer and videogra-
pher in Oregon for eight
years. He is the author of
the book “Hiking South-
ern Oregon” and can be
reached at zurness@ or
(503) 399-6801. Find him
on Zach Urness or @Zachs
ORoutdoors on Twitter.
A fisherman sets up for a still morning of fishing outside his campsite on Mt. Hebo Lake in the
Siuslaw National Forest. The popular fishing hole and recreation center northwest of Salem
would see its camping fee jump $6 to $18 per night.
Marion County Fair =;<A
Adults (& youth over 11)
Seniors (62 & older)
Youth (6-11)
Youth 5 and under
Thurs: 10am - 10pm
Fri: 10am - 11pm
Sat: 10am - 11pm
Sun: 10am - 6pm
Carnival Opens: 11am daily
Compliments of
Fair Office: 503-585-9998
Marion County Fair Highlights
Veterans with valid ID get in FREE
Seniors (62+) get in FREE
Health Screenings
Military Uniform Display
Free Professional Photos
Bean Bag Baseball
Dairy Women Cheesecake contest
Old-Fashioned Cake Walk
Quilting and Spinning Demos
Awesome 3000 day: kids wearing
this year’s Awesome t-shirt get
Social Media Contests and Prizes
Break the Chain Monster Truck
Contests and Giveaways
Benny Beaver (OSU)
Live Music: Showdown—6:15pm
and Reckless Kelly—8:30pm
Linn Benton Tractor
Home Depot Kids Workshop
FlyBall Dog Competition
4-H & FFA Market Auction
Live Music:
Melissa Mikelson—4pm
Briana Renea—5:40pm
High Valley—8:30pm
Fitzpatrick Painting
FREE Admission—children under 12
FREE Kids Activities
Home Depot Kids Workshop
BBQ Grill Off
FFA tractor driving contest
KBZY Pretty Baby contest
Meet Superheroes: Iron Man,
SpiderPan and More
Rough Stock Rodeo 7:00pm
Home Depot Kids Build
Review Body : Planning Commission
Hearing Date & Time : July 12, 2016. 7:00 p.m.
Hearing Location : Council Chambers, Silverton
Community Center; 421 South Water Street.
Agenda Item #1:
File Number VC-16-02.
Vacation application to vacate 12 alleys
generally bounded by North Second Street,
Whittier Street, Mill Street, and Lincoln Street
and zone the property R-1, Single Family
Residential. The title to the alley area vacated
shall attach to the lands bordering on such area
in equal portions. In essence, each property
will receive 5 additional feet of rear yard. The
application will be reviewed following the
criteria found in Silverton Development Code
(SDC) section 4.13.140.
Agenda Item #2: File Number ZC-16-01. Zone
Change application change the base zoning of
the Eugene Field School site from Downtown
Commercial Fringe to Downtown Commercial
at 410 South Water Street. The application will
be reviewed following the criteria found in SDC
section 4.7.300.
All interested persons and the general public
will be given an opportunity to be heard relative
to the application either by submitting material
in writing to City Hall or providing oral
testimony at the Public Hearing. Failure of an
issue to be raised in a hearing, in person or by
letter, or failure to provide enough detail to
afford the decision maker an opportunity to
respond precludes appeal to LUBA based on
that issue. Additional information and/or review
of this application, including all documents and
evidence submitted, may be obtained at
Silverton City Hall, 306 South Water Street, or
by telephoning Jason Gottgetreu at (503)
874-2212. Copies of the staff report will be
available seven (7) days prior to the public
hearing and are available for review at no cost
at City Hall, a copy can be provided on request
at a reasonable cost.
Silverton Appeal June 29, 2016
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