The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, November 24, 1911, Image 7

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" "' by, Body.
.IM .... b0l' OUl Wlll
Sod? Vtezt pr"'1 " ov,r
7. mor"h, n
m J"rS- lnI I-,wl- nrln. Main..
Hood s Har.aparlll. cure, bioodd ,
"" b""J "P th. .yatemT
OH It today In MguLI f,,rn. or
.'buvoUtol tablets cauea irtuo.
Bt and cheapest
... iHtt4, ....... aj ii'ttrn
ill n'l'iiir automobile.
wlhorne Ave, Portland, Or.
,4tfin Ml at! (Tlrt(V far hvUS
M.I m h.jwl h"tirif.
Id Market Sl. I'urtland. Or.
Ask your dealer for it. If ha doe
not handle It drop ua a tiostal card
ami we will furnish you the nam of
dealer who ilora
' : i! !
'3.C0, '3.50 &M.00 SHOES
IS wear W.L Douglas ttyliah, perfect
(air walking boot a, bacaua they gi
ar, Mm aa W.LDouglat Meo'tahoea.
wotknuiiiliipwlikh hat made W.L.
iIkk-i famous die world) over ia
fc-d in every luff.
L Douglas iliocs are warranted to
Irif iliaie, fit an J luck better anj
h frt tlun oilier nukes lor llie price.
MJ lh KfMMllI ttaVO W. IH IhttialM
name ttiid irlr .lMid M IhiIium
bt Erarywhert - All Charges Prepaid.
l 1 1 rl r r hy all. If w I. I u
rt a'r i. a.-li lit fimt Inth a",! dir.. to
i. I m.miiMma f fi-rt aa tH,iait
M.I M.I- Mil Iwii-l; ai.a ami wi.HIi
T "i". pU'll or ! I f . inwllura
I 'III J It, -A I
'wrj.rliwlii In IA vr44.
V. I..,
1i-rHiHiklH..Ir.ku.a, law.
osr: caiKol mr mitv i.aj.iuior
l ixl KiniKa alll xwiiifiiTuuiar
1V I' A I Hi r nrUlnsrT l)i'ilmt
atm Hl. It, ho tnoiifr h-m 'V kt-t t from dm nig ikw d.a
. by uoiiitf hit ill NH l.lMl ll l'l-T Mil H I UK (titviiB
th ioiiiut ur la raa. an llaa llard Bnl artt or all
f.irmaiif ! toiaai mr. Hr rr-.nnd y w-r f-f atana In foal.
Cm Kll a.irrntaHi ti rur tint raaa. anrl Ihi!i f. V and
lid atatiaia. ur truaHit ami narnairalr. tiraanl aaprwa (tai-t 19
a aaiifawlurvr! Iil aii h- t Millr tkruafa. Our Fraa
li..Bli (iiti arfHlai I r"l aavnVoxL aLaraaal llla
uraa rauw; In ai II-mi -t atwt (mn.
ta and BacUriolocitla, GOSHEN, IND U. S. A.
illy School Chlldran.
Iral in unlnullon of 3.219
ilrrn In threo countlva In
ipil 2.:SS of thorn auffur-
(llncnue or another. Moat
it were mn'h aa adenolda,
di fri tlvn tiyitalKht, hoarlng
In tho time not coming
imliltr Ki hiHil aa much at-
! I" ialil to the iihyatcal
if the rhlldran aa to any-
Khould It not b donaT
Jnurnnl and Tribune.
Truth or Repota.
f to viry man hla cholc
ihatid rapoao. Halph Wai-
Hl,lo, Norton. Or.. Mr i
' "t M. ,. nn Muln l.ln
''"I liHMiirnl. I hav uartl
'ill H'lm.iu nil alwaT,
itlorv i, ., It a raim lallt
if Irill.immi.f.irv kilui&
Hcitm, i I Uiiiirucaa.''
f I akottl. . Draa aV Caa'l Sum
A b UUL,
' 'to
Alumaacrfrauik TVaa Q. 1
rmm nnKiprrrntrt 4ral.
ti...nt of Hra-aana,rHaa,
H-alla-llBUalM ItaialM
'ii',' 'I"' h'v ' i-t.rin wIlK
. 'Hi. I l,, h.rt ol.laliiMa -r-ai.,.
. ."'' naiiim lii-alxr !).
" 't. r. r "'i" "'"'
''I Inl "
k "tli. r... fn.n, ,ii.r. nr-
fc..,.; ' ' In Hi.'
ik nd'T.l "?'' mil. "Tlt fn
I """". u.'lilii 4ota m
S..ror. Morrhon
To Oat Rid of Unalla.
A friend whoaa large garden waj be
ing overrun with analla wroto to the
bureau of agriculture at Waahlngton
for a ramrdy. Bho waa told to put
large plecoa of cut raw potato on tho
undur aide of a board, rained at one
nd, a few Incbea from the ground.
Thla ah did. with the raault that In
on week a thouannd analla bad col
lncted In that one apot.
Welcome Patting. N
It looka a If tho day were put
when all that waa required to make a
certain atylo of artreaa waa unpleas
ant notoriety and a nervy manager.
Flrat Raqulalte.
On of the Drat chararterletlea ne
eeeaary to a woman that aha may
band on her Influence la that abe ahall
be willing and glad to be ht-raelf.
Tie Yew !' Kye lTt
Apply only fnun Am-ptio Tiin Jo
rrrvent Infr-i-tliin. Murine Ky Hlv la
Tuhra Now Ki 2f-. Murine Kye Uq
Uld a&o-IiOo. Kyt lluuka In each l'ktt.
Hat Maaoullne and Feminine.
lt w thank haven that tho hat
naacullne la no worae than It la and
of tho hat feminine paraphraao tho
words of HamU't when ho hold In hla
hand tho grinning skull of Yortck:
"Now get then to my lady's chamber
and tell hor that no matter what bor
hat to thla complexion aho must como
at last-
bee's Sting.
Tho moat practical and altogether
effectual remedy for ee stings Is to
put ammonia on them Immediately;
thla Is a simple remedy, but th ap
plication of ammonia will glv instant
rollof and prevent swelling.
affect of WellUecorated Room.
A well-diicorated room makes Its
tmpreaalon flrat as a whole, as a
beautiful piece of color, aa a unity
within which all the part aro hap
pily related to each other. School
Arts Hook. .
Csllfornla Trees for Egypt.
Fruit trees from California will be
plantod In Kgypt by an English com
pany which has secured a large tract
of land with a view to engaging In th
fruitgrowing Industry on an extensive
scale. ;
Good In Skytcraper.
"These akyscrapora are a great con
venience," said the man who Is en
grossed In business. ''In what wayT
"When your doctor orders you to
higher altitude, all you have to do la
to take the elevator."
Their Hiding Place.
Some of the prettle.1 romancea will
remain unwritten, became they are)
safrtly looked up In the breaata of
angelic old maMe
r-J RKMCMa.aT.ff
f '-""-"g r' COLD 3
A Bequeau
1 rl to good fathers and mothers
in truat for thnlr children, all good
little words of praise, and encourage.
nmni, ana all quaint pet namee and
endearments, and I charge aald par
ents to uie them Justly and generous
ly, aa the needs of their children may
require. From the last will and tea-
lament or l.'harlos Iounaburr. In
which he distributes his "Interest In
the world" to succeeding men.
London Putt Faith In r.t.
London still depends upon Its army
of cats to handle th rats among th
ships thst com up th Thsmes. The
port of London authority has mad
known Its estlmat for cata' milk for
the year. Th appropriation la for
By taking Lydia E. Pinkharn'a
Vegetable Compound
Hib following- letter from Mrs.
Orvillo Hock will prove how unwise
it is for women to inbuilt to the
(lungers of a surgical ojieratlon when
It muy be avoided by taking Lydia
J', l'inkliam's Vegetable Compound,
hlio m four week in the hoNpital
unit I'ltme) homo ulferiiif worse
iiiiiii uviorc.
Hew In her own stntemenf-
I'aw j-aw, Mich. "Two yirs ag
I suffered Very Reverely with a dis.
il:ieeuieiit. I could
not lie on my feet for
a long tune. My
physician treated
me fur seven months
without much relief
and t.t lust sent uia
to Ann Arbor for
:in oiieration. I was
there four week sand
aine home surTerlng
worse than before.
My mother advised
me to trv I. villa
1C. I'tiikhaiu'A Tecetable Comnoiind.
uuil I did. Today I am well and stronit
- e l)
v.:r - - ur i
unit do all my own housework. I (
my health to Lydia K. i'inklia
Vegetable Compoimil and advise my
friends who are uillicted with any
female complaint to try it." Mrs.
nvi i.i.k Kock, 1L U. 2io, 5. Taw l'aw,
If you are ill do not drag along until
an operation Is necessary, but at once
take Lydia L. l'inkham's Vegetable
l-'or thirty years it lias been the stan
dard remedy for women's Ills, and has
jMisitively restored the health of thou
aaudsof womeu. NVhy duu'tyou trf it?
Stayed to the End.
A fine example of coolness was given
the other day by a telegraph operator
at Kennes. France, while the poatof
flee was burning. The Central pout
office In Parla received from them th
following message: "The postofflce is
en fire on tho floor below us, wher
the telephone cablna have been
burned. We will leave when th
flames reach our floor." Boon after
all war obliged to escape to the
What She Suppoaed.
Shortly after Sir Lawreno Alma
Tadema. R. A., was knighted, he and
Lady Alma-Tadoma gave an "at home
at St. John's Wood. Everybody pres
ent was congratulating them, and one
lady was very profuse. "Oh, dear Sir
I-awrence," ahe said. '1 am awfully
glad to hear of the honor you have re
ceived. I suppose now that you ar
knighted you will give up painting
and live like a gentleman."
Appeal for Native Talent.
A New York hotel man, who ha
luat returned home after scouring Eu
rope for rooks, complains that they
are a scarce commodity abroad. Tne
condition Is ono for which hotel men
themselves are largely to blame. Why
don't they encourage native talent In
the cooking line Instead of filling their
kitchens with foreigners? Rochester
Democrat and Chronicle.
Indian Aristocracy.
Among tho guests nt an Indian
u-ere Mr. and Mrs. Walslngham
Ktek-R hole-In the Teiwe. Misses C.wen
doyn and Cleopatra lluffalo -Fat, Miss
llayxelle Kaw-the Hear Go Into a-IIole
and her brother. Algernon, and Char-Fuli.riAMIie-Itrlilue.
and his sisters.
Clatiilltt and l'enclope. Washington
Falling, of the Rses.
The advice of tho old lawyer to his
son was that no matter what his re
lations with womankind he should
never write a love letter and never
destroy one. It Is probable that this
counsel of perfect wisdom fell on deaf
ears for when any particular man Is
consumed by a fever for any particu
lar woman he at once commences
writing love letters.
Lead to Fall of Man.
nu.iivn magistrate ha decided
va ,.,, mhert are fruit. If they
would grow on a tree thla would es
tablish a workable tneory inn
mnii.hed the fall of man. They
have frcouently done so since.
Coming of Autumn,
a.nniiimpi autumn may be per
ceived ven In th early days of July.
There Is no other feeling Ilk that
caused by this faint, doubtful yet real
perception, or rather prophecy, of the
Aaw'a it ana a V. MCI dellclously sweet and
sad at th same time. Nathaniel Haw
Influence of Clot net.
Clothes have a most surprising In
fluence on the mind. If you don't be
lieve It, aome day when you ar tired,
or perhaps blue, or even cross, take a
bath, put on something dainty fresh
from top to toe, and your best go-to-meeting
gown, and you'll feel as if
g fairy wand had suddenly touched
you with some wonderful, tranaform
Ing power. You'll find yourtelf look
ing at th world through a rosy mist.
Instead of clouds of dull gray. It will
be easy to smile. Suburban Life.
The troublesome problem of wash
day solved by It ED CKOS3 BALL
liLI K. The blue that la all blue.
Solid package; no liquid to leak or
spill. No adulteration. Made for 20
years and used every w here.
A large package onjy 10 cents.
Makes the chithcs enow white. Less
bother, less waste. More satisfactory
results and practical economy. ASK
Permanent Institution.
W ar getting th Information from
Paris right along now that th corset
Is going to be abandoned th coming
season. Every few years something
of this kind Is given out, but it doesn't
appear to affect the corset. Faria can
do almost anything with tho faahions,
but it has never yet been able to put
the corset out of business.
Constipation cnunes many serious dis
eases, ft is thoroughly cured by Doc
tor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. One a
laxative, three for cathartic.
Arsenle for Baking Powdtr.
To uae arsenic Instead of baking
powder while she waa making bread
was the terrible mistake made by a
native woman recently, at La Orange
Ray, W. A. Five natives died from
eating a portion of the loaf, and two
others are recovering.
Superfine Strategy.
"Strategy In war," explained th
Irish military Instructor, "la whin y
don't let the lnimy dlacover that the
ammunition is run out, but just kape
on firing."
Hits Himself In Hesd With Hammer.
It is just as reasonable to hit your
self in the head with a hammer to
cure a headache as it is to try to cure
rheumatism with alcohol. Salgrene
contains absolutely no alcohol. Pro
curable at all druggists.
Medical Dlnnsr
Sallle, a darky cook down in Vir
ginia, has been taught by her mistress
to cook chickens en casserole an ao
compllshment in which she take
great pride It is always done on oo
castons of state, and Sallle hunts up
company to show her prowess. Sun
day morning recently she came In
gleefully with the remark: "Yonder
come Mr. Clifford up de road to see
Miss Judith.- Hadn't I better cook the
chicken in castor oil?"
Waterproof Glue.
To make an Impermeable glue, soak
ordinary glue In water until It softens.
and remove it before it has lost its
primitive form. After this dissolve
It in linseed oil over a slow fire until
it is brought to the conslstenoe of a
Jolly. This glue may be used for Join
ing any kind of material. In addition
to strength and hard note, It baa too
advantage of restating th action of
Sloan's Liniment has a
soothing effect on the
nerves. It stops neural
gia and sciatica pains in
stantly. Here's Proof
Mr. C. M. Dowkerof Iohannhtiry,
Mull., writes r ' hloan l.munenl u
tha best medicina In world. It hats
reltcviil roeoi NruraliA. Those pains
htvt ll gns and 1 can truly say your
ijniment did stop them."
Mr. Andrew K. Lsiroi fiOGar Street,
Cumberland. Mi, writes: I have
tried Moan's Liniment lr Neuralgia
aud I csruiuiy do praiM it very snuta."
is the best remedy for rheu
matism, backache, tore
throat and sprains.
At all dealers.
Price 75c.,SOc.and $I.OO
Slotn'a book on
tlnraa. i'attlr'
Hia and Kmi
try tanl lie.
EariS. Sloan
r JrffHS9PV Horses, lattlrl
aaW- f- a. VW
Women and Love Latter.
It Is one of the settled facts In the
history of love letters that men will
write and women will keep. A woman
cherishes her love letters as she cher
ishes her mirror or her powder puff.
She kisses them before she goes to
bed, and presses them to her bosom
before she does her hair up In th
morning. She reads them for weeks
and knows where to find them for
years; and about the only safe thing
the man who has written them can do
la to marry her.
Glass 8idewalk.
For some time the city of Lyons,
France, haa been using glass for side
walks Instead of brick or atone. It it
laid In blocks eight inches square,
each block containing sixteen squares,
resembling a checkerboard. It has
proved more lasting than stone, and
much cheaper. Denver Municipal
Wesley's Cup Filled.
On one occasion Wesley said, while
preschlng In Dublin: "All crimes have
been laid to my charge of which a
human being Is capable, except that
of drunkenness." Whereupon a woman
arose and shouted: "You old villain!
And will you deny that you pledged
your bands to Mrs. lilank for a noggin
o' whisky, and didn't she sail them to
our parson's wife?" After a moment
of amazed silence on the part of the
audience, Wesley calmly "thanked
God that hla cup was now full."
Recentdlscoveries have shown
that falling hair is caused by
germs a: the roots of the hair.
Therefore, to stop failing hair,
you must first completely de
stroy these germs. Ayer'sHair
Vigor, new improved formula,
will certainly do this. Then
leave the rest to nature.
Doei n chanve the color of the hair.
formula wit u ash botti
fihow it to your
Atk him about It,
than do aa ha aara
Recent discoveries have also proved thst
dandruff is caused by germs on the scalp.
Therefore, to cure dandruff, the first thins;
to do is to completely destroy these dan
druff germs. Here, the same Ayer'a Hair
Vigor will give the same splendid results.
Mtdt b j tat J. a Aytr Co Lowell, 1
Doctors' Privileges.
In the year 1513 the city of London
contained only thirteen surgeons and
doctors all told. They were exempt
from serving on Juries and from bear
ing arms In time of war.
I r
Is only of many symptoms which aome women ear
dure through weakness or displacement of the womanly
organs. Mrs. Lizzie White of Memphis, Tean., wrote
Dr. R. V. Pierce, as follows s
"At times I was hardly able to be oa my feet. ;
I believe I had every pain and ache a woman
could have. Had a very bad eat. Internal .'
org ana war very much ditcatcd and my back
was very weak. I Buffered a great deal with
ncrvoua headachee. in fact, I tuffcrad all over.
Tbit was my condition when I wrote to you for
dvioa. After taking your Favorite Pretcrip
tion' for about three months can say that my
health waa never batter."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
It a positive cure ior weaknete and ditcate of the feminine orginiim. It allays
inBarnmetion. healt ulceration and toothet nain. Tonet and builds un the nervet.
Do not permit a dithonett dealer to subttitute for this medicine which haa
record oi 40 years of cure. " No, thank you, I want what I atk for."
Dr. Pfm't PiMuat Pvllttm Imducm mlU mmturml bowl mmnmemt oace a dap.
Old Cornwall Ceremony.
Dancing Is a part of a setnl-rellg-lous
ceremony held at St. Ivea, Corn
wall, on the day of the feast of St
James. The people dance the old
Cornish "Flurry" dance and "The Girl
I Left Dehlnd Me," and then sing the
"Old Hundredth." After that they
have a banquet and small sums of
money are distributed. The custom
dates from a century ago, when a
fund was established for the purpose
by a man named Knill. It la known
aa the Knill ceremony.
Motbert WIS tiid Mrs. WIntloWt Soothing
ftymp tue treat roraedv to utefoi tAeirciiUdraa
luring tbt tetUuug period.
Monumental Majority. ,.:
If one could get the vote of thos
who feel worse the day after a holiday
than they did the day before, he prob
ably could be elected. Atchison Globe.
Paper Drinking Cups.
In the schools of Austria the chil
dren are taught to carry several sheets
of writing paper In their pockets at
all times. Then, when a child Is
thirsty, he can roll one of the sheets
Into a cone and make a perfectly serv
iceable cup which may be placed,
after being used, in the nearest waste
paper box. How to roll the cones
deftly is taught the children. The
tearing of a notch about half an inch
long near one end before rolling the
cone serves to make th Improved
cup stronger.
Free to Oar Readers
Write Murine Kye Remedy Co., Chlcairo, for
t8-pire llluatratrd Eye Book Free. Write all
about Your Eye Trouble and they will adyiae
aa to tbe Proper Application of the Murine
Kje Remedies la Your Hpeeil Ce Y'our
Drug-Klnt will tell TOU that Murine Kellere
Bore tea, 8trenrtueus Weak Kjres Doenn t
Kmart, Soothes Eye Pain, and ells tor 60,'.
Try It la Your Eyes and in Bnbjr's Eyes for
Scaly Ejelidt and Uranulallon.
His Resl Meaning.
When a bad-tempered man grows
emphatic in his remarks and says hd
does not care a "curse" he means, or
should mean, to be correct, that he
does not care a cross, the lingual
metathesis here being similar to that
which makes "gooseberries" out of
gorsebc tries.
For over fifty years Rheumatism and
Neuraliria sufferers have found trreat
relief in Hamlins Wizard Oil. Don't
wait for inflammation to set in. Get a
bottle today.
An Old Team.
Th Hlttltes were an ancient nine
of more than local fame. Their In
side play was very fine; they studied
well the game. They bested Babylon
one year by twenty points or so; left
Tyre and Sidon In the rear, and beat
out Jericho. Washington Herald.
Shake Into Tour Sno
Allen's root-Etna, a powder for the feet. It rare
painful, swollen, smarting, tweatlng feet. Makea
new ehoM eaay. Sold by all Drusirinta and Shoe
Store. Pon t accept any tubatilute. Sample
r'KKK. Addraaa A. 8. Olmated. L Hoy, N. Y.
On a Higher Plan.
Love letters will be on a much high
er plane when the malls are carried
br airships. Washington Post.
i . .
Then by all means get a
bottle of
this very day. It makes
weak stomachs strong,
keeps the liver and bow
els active.
Not Really Camel's Hale.
Camelshalr brushes are not mad -from
the hair of camels, but from th- t
tads of Russian and Siberian squir
rels. '
As a rule, a few doom of Munyon's Cold Rcmeily
will break up any colt) and preront prmimenia. It
relieve the hmi, throat and lunga almost in
stantly. Price Zi cent at any druvirist'a or sent
If you wed Medical advic write to MtinyoTTa
Doctors. They will carefully diasmoHa yoarcasw '
and irive you at I vice by mail, absolutely free.
Addrem Profefwtr Munyon, &U1 awl JeffersoA
streets, 1'hiLadetphia, i'a. -
te rVwttlvele lre.
author) KseJt T In
in ui'auev "ms
iot!t.s(i c I real at.
Rheumatism, Skin Diseasa StorMck
and Lung Troubles
Otred rraanfntlr at rmiall mat. NO FAKK.
$1 H trial pat'km 'J?V ctnT. Aditre-t latng'a Mia
ral Homier lu.. U Mam Ht., Portland. Ore.
fttf Broadway. Oakland. Oat.
H. W. l ane Son. )aj 1.. Nil. ,
1'ortUnd, Ore..
Gantlfine-n:- I must exprpan m anrjtriaa and
plfaaMir at eha witra of jtmr Mineral Vvomleria
tv I at ion lo mya-lf. The itai-kaw I rtfivHi frura
Jour r'iirt"tntat fi e htr. all hoiiarh satl tut for a
c wHka. haa wrt ittciit iMirprinwl? lrnfant re-
as a am iif ana Mawtiwr
nlt in ntjr mmhltou,
rtvanar It ts atni
Very reapevtfnlly.
V . K.
.. .J
No 47-MI
UKlt writing to avdvartlMTS pis
msntioa atiis paps
Color mort goods brtftMar and faster color than any other dv. One loc package colors silk, wocl and cottot equally wU
and ia guaranteed to give perfect reaulta. Asa deader, oi w w- ti send postpaid at 10c a package. Write lor tree booka
how W d c, t ieacJi JLd ; colon. MONSOE SHUO CO MP ANT, Qulncy, tlllnol.
"W. Or.,-,